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 Executive Branch

January 8 - 2018 Legislative Preview: Agriculture
January 8 - 2018 Legislative Preview: Appropriations
January 8 - 2018 Legislative Preview: Authorization for Use of Military Force
January 8 - 2018 Legislative Preview: Border Security
January 8 - 2018 Legislative Preview: Criminal Justice
January 8 - 2018 Legislative Preview: Defense Appropriations
January 8 - 2018 Legislative Preview: Defense Authorization
January 8 - 2018 Legislative Preview: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
January 8 - 2018 Legislative Preview: Dodd-Frank
January 8 - 2018 Legislative Preview: Energy
January 8 - 2018 Legislative Preview: Federal Aviation Administration
January 8 - 2018 Legislative Preview: Federal Communications Commission
January 8 - 2018 Legislative Preview: Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
January 8 - 2018 Legislative Preview: Health Care
January 8 - 2018 Legislative Preview: Infrastructure
January 8 - 2018 Legislative Preview: Legal Immigration
January 8 - 2018 Legislative Preview: Lobbying
January 8 - 2018 Legislative Preview: Midterms Overpower the Agenda
January 8 - 2018 Legislative Preview: National Monuments
January 8 - 2018 Legislative Preview: On-the-Job Training Builds Trump's Clout
January 8 - 2018 Legislative Preview: Russia
January 8 - 2018 Legislative Preview: State Department
January 8 - 2018 Legislative Preview: Taxes
January 8 - 2018 Legislative Preview: Toughest Issue Is Biggest One - Budget
January 8 - Common Defense: Being First Could Make Us Lonely
January 8 - Lizards, Cranes and Rest Stops: Weird Things Named for Politicians
January 16 - Anatomy of a Vote: Confusion Ahead of Surveillance Vote
January 16 - Burrowing-in at Consumer Bureau Targeted
January 16 - Confidence Grows in Coal Country Under Trump
January 16 - Consent Machine: 'Advice' Dwindles in the GOP's Rush for Judges
January 16 - Eye-Popping Statements from the President: The New Normal
January 16 - Maverick McCain Is GOP Senator Least Supportive of Trump
January 22 - An Uncertain Year for Immigrants
January 22 - Anatomy of a Vote: The Song Remains the Same
January 22 - Article One: In Search of the Hill GOP's Limit for Tolerating Trump
January 22 - At Odds With His District, Walz Sticks With Impeachment Push
January 22 - Here Are the Democrats Who Plan to Skip the State of the Union
January 22 - Immigration Crackdown Raises Fears of Seeking Health Care
January 22 - In Case You Missed it, We Passed a Tax Bill
January 22 - Medical School Blues: Too Few Basic Doctors
January 22 - Parting Words for Steve Bannon: Good Riddance!
January 22 - U.S. Nuclear Arsenal Stands at a Critical Crossroads
January 22 - Undocumented Kids Get Health Care in Six States, D.C.
January 29 - 'Hands Off' President Gives Congress a Chance to Regain Power
January 29 - Anatomy of a Vote: Democrats Can't Derail Vote on Health Chief
January 29 - Common Defense: What We've Got Here Is Failure to Communicate
January 29 - Melania Is the Most Popular Trump
January 29 - That Thingy Trump Will be Standing On for the State of the Union
January 29 - The Shutdown by the Numbers
January 29 - U.S. Lag in Agricultural Research Described as 'Spirit Killing'
February 5 - Breakdown at Civil Service Disciplinary Board
February 5 - Checks and Balance: The Appetite for Pork May Not Satisfy the Hunger for Change
February 5 - If You Think Nuisance Calls Are Bad Now, Just Wait
February 5 - Intelligence Language in Stopgap Marks Rare Balance-of-Power Dispute
February 5 - The ICE Man Cometh, Prompting a New Look at E-Verify
February 5 - We're Not There Yet, But Some Say a Constitutional Crisis Looms
February 12 - 'Salad and a Martini' and Other Things Overheard in the Capitol
February 12 - An Abundance of Sanctions Bills May Be Constraining Foreign Policy
February 12 - Article One: What Else Can Trump Say About the Hill's Democrats?
February 12 - Celebrating an Impeachment, But Not the One You Think
February 12 - CQ Vote Studies: Party Unity
February 12 - CQ Vote Studies: Presidential Support - Trump Divided, Conquered
February 12 - K Street Reinvents Itself in the Era of Trump
February 12 - Statisticians Defend Government Data From Trump
February 12 - With Lobbying World's Increased Diversity, More Voices Are Heard
February 12 - You Probably Don't Love Animals as Much as Lincoln Did
February 26 - Adding Barriers to Aid for the Needy Could Put More People at Risk
February 26 - Common Defense: Cyberattacks are the IEDs of Modern Conflict
February 26 - Has 'Reform' of Public Assistance Programs Made Poverty Worse?
February 26 - Mounting Threats of a Trade War Between the U.S. and China
February 26 - The Never-Ending Crisis at the Indian Health Service
March 5 - 18 to Watch in '18: Andy Koenig
March 5 - 18 to Watch in '18: Ben FitzGerald
March 5 - 18 to Watch in '18: Bijan Koohmaraie
March 5 - 18 to Watch in '18: Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark.
March 5 - 18 to Watch in '18: William Wehrum
March 5 - CQ's Annual People to Watch: 18 for '18
March 5 - Poll Offers Warning For White House on Domestic Abuse
March 5 - Porn Still Turning Up in the Federal Workplace Despite Bans
March 5 - Q&A: Avery Gardner of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
March 12 - 2019 Budget: Can't We All Just Get Along ... Without a Debt Limit?
March 12 - 2019 Budget: Discretionary Programs Bear the Brunt of Cuts
March 12 - 2019 Budget: NASA
March 12 - 2019 Budget: Programs Scorned by Presidents and Loved by Congress
March 12 - 2019 Budget: The Battle Over Mandatory Spending Begins
March 12 - 2019 Budget: Treasury
March 12 - 2019 Budget: Worries Fade as Debt Grows
March 12 - Common Defense: The State Department Phones It In on the Budget
March 12 - Undocumented, and Visiting the White House
March 19 - Anatomy of a Vote: On Guns, Congress Goes Small-Bore
March 19 - Common Defense: Pompeo and Circumstance - Brakeman or Wingman?
March 19 - Evangelical Christians Stick With Trump Despite Transgressions
March 19 - Growing Debt and China's Ambitions Threaten U.S. Might
March 19 - Mainland Missiles Anchor China's Defense
March 19 - The Last Thing Anyone Wants to Talk About is a Porn Actress
March 19 - U.S. Relationship With China Is Very Carefully Defined
April 9 - If It Wanted to, South Korea Could Build Its Own Bomb
April 9 - Poll: Public Perplexed by McCabe Firing
April 9 - South Korean Conservatives' Idea for Deterring the North: Nukes
April 16 - Checks and Balance: Bedlam on Pennsylvania Ave. Causes Headaches on K Street
April 16 - It's Trump's Party Now, as Ryan Prepares to Step Aside
April 23 - Federal Employees Staying Put Under Trump
April 23 - New Studies Reveal Surprising Effects From Climate Change
May 7 - 'Can We Text?' Trump's Campaign Emails Get Personal
May 7 - Growth in Domestic Oil and Gas Poses New Policy Issues
May 7 - Pollution an Added Burden for Low-Income and Minority Communities
May 7 - Talk About an Identity Crisis Or: Name That Agency
May 14 - Article One: A Breach of a Barrier Between the Branches
May 14 - What's Their Line? Point/Counterpoint
May 21 - Common Defense: Trump's Finger to Europe Brings Ominous Response
June 4 - A Commemorative Coin for Any Occasion
June 4 - Checks and Balance: The Scent of Money Has Left Some With a Swampy Stench
June 4 - Conversation With Jenny Town, Tracker of North Korea Developments
June 4 - On TV, There's No Escape From Trump's Face
June 4 - The Blue State Democratic Senator Who Most Often Sides With Trump
June 4 - Turmoil in Trade Groups in the Trump Era
June 11 - Anatomy of a Vote: First Minibus Pulls Out of the Garage
June 11 - Article One: Where Have All the Howard Bakers Gone?
June 11 - Conversation With Migration Policy Institute's Ariel Ruiz Soto
June 11 - Donald Trump Is Making It Easier to Fire Federal Workers
June 18 - CQ Poll: GOP Congressional Aides Come Around to Trump
June 18 - Insiders Survey: Polling Pelosi and Working With Trump
June 18 - Life Is Good for Banks in the Trump Era
June 18 - Senate Democrats Lighten Up Slightly on Opposition to Trump
June 18 - Wall Street Regulator Coddles Big Banks But Clobbers Small Firms
June 25 - Senate Democrats From Same State Often Split on Trump Nominees
July 9 - 'Mr. No Comment' and Other Curiosities of the Mueller Probe
July 9 - A Visit to the Balkans Casts Light on the Divisions in America
July 9 - Conversation With Dan Stein, President of Koch Immigration Group
July 9 - Court-Packing, Long Scorned, Sparks Curiosity and Skepticism in Congress
July 9 - Maybe Congress Should Meet on the Moon
July 9 - Q&A With NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine
July 9 - Some Cracks in Senate Democrats' Resistance to Trump
July 9 - The President's Mission to Mars Is a Real Long Shot
July 16 - Civil Service Unions Turn to Old Playbook in Fight Against Trump
July 16 - Common Defense: A Dangerous Dalliance for the Disruptor in Chief
July 16 - Russia Report: Dangerous Liaisons
July 16 - Russia Report: Unpunished for Meddling, Moscow Gears Up Again
July 16 - Tariffs Meant to Protect America Could Have the Opposite Effect
July 16 - That Time a President Invoked a Turnip to Call a Session of Congress
July 23 - Depending on Where They Live, Some Civil Servants to Get a Raise
July 23 - Divide Over Israel Widens in Democratic Party
July 23 - The Baby Trump Balloon is Coming to America
July 30 - 2019 Appropriations: Bipartisanship May Not Be Enough
July 30 - A Real Negotiator Assesses the Real Trump
July 30 - Democrats Urge Trump to Keep Social Security Offices Open
July 30 - Just How Bumpy a Road Will Kavanaugh Face?
July 30 - Trump's Threat to Leave the WTO Alarms Many, Even in Congress
September 4 - The Week Ahead in Washington
September 10 - The Week Ahead in Washington
September 10 - Trump, a Soccer Ball, and Tapes: The Podcast  
September 10 - What's Their Line: Supreme Court on Their Mind
September 17 - Counting all the Kavanaugh-Related Arrests
September 17 - Former Justice Official Deplores Attacks on the Department
September 17 - It's a Trump Tweet! Run!
September 17 - The Revolving Door Is Spinning as Washington Braces for Elections
September 17 - The Week Ahead in Washington
September 24 - For Kavanaugh, Two Important Swing Votes on Reproductive Issues
September 24 - The Week Ahead in Washington
October 1 - Highlights from Trump's White House Lawn Videos
October 1 - Republicans in Trouble Going Into Midterms. Let Us Count the Ways.
October 1 - Ten Senate Republicans With the Most Votes Against Trump Nominees
October 1 - Trump Administration Acknowledges a Coming Climate Catastrophe
October 1 - Voter-Suppression Concerns Raised by Citizenship Backlog
October 9 - Where in the World is the Baby Trump Balloon?
October 15 - Capitol Insiders Assess the Pressing Issues Heading Into Midterms
October 15 - The Week Ahead in Washington
October 22 - Protesting a Rule That Could Curb Protesting
October 29 - Endless Love: Republicans Poised to Stand by Trump, Win or Lose
October 29 - Enormous Stakes for Both Parties in the Midterm Elections
November 12 - 116th Congress: Both Legislating and Investigating Will Be Tough
November 12 - 116th Congress: In the Senate, the 'Resist Caucus' Prepares for 2020
November 12 - 116th Congress: Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee
November 12 - 116th Congress: Will a Divided Congress Be Able to Work With Trump?
November 26 - Proponents of a Stronger Congress Seek a Major Makeover
November 26 - USDA Plan to Move Agencies Delights Farm Country, Worries D.C.
December 3 - A Love-Hate Relationship Between Trump and the Bureaucracy
December 3 - Trump Loves Space Force. Can He Convince Skeptical Lawmakers?
December 10 - A Simple Wooden Box to Place an Important Casket Upon
December 10 - Can You Run for Congress and President? It Depends Where You Live.
December 10 - In Oversight Role, House Democrats Aim for Both Check and Balance
December 10 - New Life for Stifled Investigations in the Next Congress?
December 10 - Postal Service Prayer: Deliver Us From Fiscal Doom
December 10 - Success in the Effort to Make American Flags American-Made

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