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 Executive Branch

January 4 - 2016 Legislative Preview: Short-Term Potential in Congress
January 4 - Checks and Balance: Revolving Door Culture Skirts Obama's Rules
January 4 - Education: No Congress Left Behind
January 4 - Energy: A Jolt Likely for Power Grid
January 4 - Environment: Toxic Chemicals Bill Nears Finish Line
January 4 - From the CQ Archives: A Supreme Court Vacancy Could Be Too Late for Obama
January 4 - Health Care: Beyond Obamacare
January 4 - Iran: Sanctions Talk Still Bubbles
January 4 - Taxes: A House (and Senate) Divided
January 4 - Trade: Pacific Pact in Rough Waters
January 4 - Trading Visas for Cash Targeted by Lawmakers
January 11 - Article One: The Pulpit Meets the Purse Strings
January 11 - Farm Lobbyist Gets Salute From Agriculture Department
January 11 - For Latest Medicare Fix, Congress Moves Quickly
January 11 - NIH's Fauci: Seeking an End to AIDS
January 11 - State of the Union: Obama's Final Pitch
January 11 - The Trouble With Political Polling
January 11 - Uncle Sam Cuts His Energy Bill Under Obama
January 25 - Ask the Author: Trent Lott on 'Crisis Point' in Politics
January 25 - Immigration Critics Split Over Scope of Problem
February 8 - 2015 Vote Studies: Party Unity Remained Strong
February 8 - 2015 Vote Studies: Presidential Support Hits Low for Obama
February 8 - Article One: When the Senate Is Best for the Also-Rans
February 8 - Ask the Author: Richard L. Hasen
February 8 - Congress Hatches the Presidential Nest Eggs
February 22 - 'Supreme Showdowns': The Bork Battle
February 22 - Fierce Fight but No Meltdown Expected Over Court Vacancy
February 22 - Groups Say Obama Is So '1984'
February 22 - Hope for Some Elements of Obama's Last Budget
February 22 - Mission Implausible for Obama on Nomination
February 29 - Obama's Point Man in Havana
February 29 - Public Lands Battle Escalates in Utah
March 7 - 2016 Influencers: Clean Power Plan
March 7 - 2016 Influencers: Encryption
March 7 - 2016 Influencers: Hospital Payments Overhaul
March 7 - 2016 Influencers: International Business Tax Overhaul
March 7 - 25 Powerful Influencers for 2016
March 7 - Article One: Could a Trump-Hill GOP Marriage Be Saved?
March 7 - Great Lakes Steamship Gets Both Honor and Criticism
March 7 - Heat Builds for Grassley Over Court Vacancy
March 7 - Let's Be Clear: Bureaucrats Need Some Writing Help
March 7 - Some Howls About Obama Efforts on Endangered Species
March 21 - Data Bank: Fresh Faces on High Court Inevitable
March 21 - Grassley Says Bring on the Heat in Court Nomination Battle
March 21 - Obama's Nomination Could Alter All Three Branches of Government
April 4 - Anatomy of a Vote: Divided House Moves on Merger Reviews
April 4 - Government Hack of iPhone Opens New Front in Encryption Battle
April 4 - Merrick in the Middle: Both Sides Use Court Vacancy to Target Campaigns
April 11 - Data Check: The Confirmation Process is More Partisan than Ever
April 11 - Fear and Loathing Among Latinos in the 2016 Campaign
April 11 - OMB Watch, For 33 Years an Advocate of Tough Regulation, Shuts Down
April 18 - Staff Director for House Budget Committee Democrats Leaves for Labor Union
April 25 - British Procurement Guru to Teach Agencies How to Save
April 25 - Despite Union's Hopes, Big Civil Service Pay Raise Unlikely
May 16 - Data Bank: How the Administration Wants to Fund the Zika Response
May 23 - Alliance With Japan Being Redefined as Obama Prepares for Visit
May 23 - America Still Tops Russia in Defense Spending by Tenfold
May 23 - Red Alert: Russia Looms Large as a Security Threat
May 23 - Revisiting Hiroshima
May 23 - The Common Defense: With Trump and Putin, the Generals Must Take Command
May 23 - The Making of an Arms Race
May 23 - U.S. Intelligence Playing Catch-Up on Russia
May 23 - Utah Strikes Again at Bears Ears Land Proposal
June 6 - Data Bank: Testing the President's Promises
June 6 - Obama Has Changed the Judiciary in More Ways Than One
June 20 - Dire Straits in Coal Country
June 20 - The Politics of Fear
June 20 - While Politicians Criticize Federal Workers, Agency Bosses Praise Them
June 27 - Obama No More Aggressive Than Bush on Mega-Mergers
July 11 - Cuban Migration Soars as Relations Thaw
July 11 - Data Bank: Measuring Members' Legislative Success
July 11 - The IRS Is Once Again a GOP Punching Bag
July 25 - Bill Clinton: Candidate's Spouse Plays a Unique and Unpredictable Role
September 6 - Article One: 'I Alone Can Fix It' ... or Not
September 6 - Republicans Try to Head Off 'Burrowing In' by Obama Political Appointees
September 19 - Anatomy of a Vote: Guantanamo Drama Stays Alive
September 19 - Conversation: Former Defense Policy Chief Michele Flournoy
September 19 - Data Bank: Women in Charge
September 26 - Article One: Clinton's Balancing Act With Feet on Two Branches
September 26 - Backers of Pacific Trade Pact Cling to Slim Hopes for Passage
September 26 - Next Battle Begins in War Between the States Over Climate Rules
October 3 - The Supreme Court's New Maestro
October 17 - Checks and Balance: For Now, Disclosure Rules Are Just a Bargaining Chip
October 17 - Clinton and Trump Take Different Roads to Highway Improvements
October 17 - CQ Vote Studies: 2016 Party Unity
October 17 - CQ Vote Studies: 2016 Presidential Support
October 17 - Drug Companies Hope Better Data-Crunching Can Speed FDA Approvals
October 17 - New Advocate for Civil Service Executives Enters Fight with Congress
October 17 - No Matter Who Is Elected President, A Divided Congress Would Make Lawmaking Difficult
October 31 - DOJ Official Who Oversaw Same Sex Marriage Case Heads to Gibson, Dunn
November 10 - Trump's Challenge: Unified Congress, Divided America
November 14 - The GOP's Do-It-All, All-in-One Bill
November 28 - Civil Servants Fear Reconciliation Bill Will Hit Their Pensions
November 28 - Data Bank: United We Rule, or Not
November 28 - Trump's Call on CFPB's Cordray: Should He Stay or Should He Go?
December 5 - Article One: Marks on a Pig's Ear Come Back in Fashion
December 5 - Data Bank: Tough Midterm Looms in 2018 for Senate Democrats
December 5 - Hard-Liners Confident Headed Into Immigration Battle
December 5 - Trump Picking Current Members for Administration Posts at Fast Clip
December 12 - Checks and Balance: Big Business Welcome, but Not Their Lobbyists
December 12 - Nuclear Threats Rising in Concert With Trump's Ascension
December 12 - Obamacare Goes Under the Knife
December 12 - The Obama Legacy: 2008 Supporters Say They're Better Off Today
December 12 - The Obama Legacy: Black Pride Fosters Loyalty to 44th President
December 12 - The Obama Legacy: Fear and Loathing of Trump Among Obama Voters

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