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 Executive Branch

January 12 - Bush Starts a Strong Record Of Success With the Hill
January 12 - Recess Appointments by Bush For Conservatives Reich, Scalia
January 12 - The Compassion Campaign
January 19 - Dispute May Heat Up Again Over Cheney Energy Task Force
January 19 - Hollings Fights Administration Antitrust Plan
January 19 - Lieberman Pushes for Bill to Reduce Number of Posts Subject to Confirmation
January 26 - Dealmaking Between Bush and Kennedy Galvanizes Managed-Care Lobbying Groups
January 26 - Naming of Accountants to Serve on SEC Raises Questions in Light of Enron Woes
January 26 - The Duel of Bush and Daschle: Men of Genteel Steel
February 2 - 'Secure', but Not Too Far
February 2 - A Closer Look at GAO vs. Cheney: Politics and Separation of Powers
February 2 - Daniels' Domestic Austerity Drive May Further Strain Relations With Hill
February 2 - Some Republicans See Hill Watchdog As Biting the Hand That Nurtured Him
February 2 - The Challenges at Home
February 2 - Will a New Era of Deficits Be Bush's Budget Legacy?
February 9 - GAO's Walker Says He Hopes To Avoid Court Fight With Cheney Over Energy Task Force Documents
February 9 - Lawmakers Call Bush Request for Authority To 'Transfer' Appropriations Beyond the Pale
February 9 - Parsing the Assumptions
February 16 - Another Reagan Alumnus Returns, Welcomed by Old Democratic Critics
February 16 - Bush's Private School Tax Credit Reignites the Voucher Debate
February 16 - Bush's Private School Tax Credit Reignites the Voucher Debate
February 16 - Bush's Selection of Hall For Humanitarian Position Creates Opportunity for GOP
February 16 - GAO's Fuller Disclosure
February 16 - Lack of Carbon Dioxide Regulation Spurs Criticism of Bush's Clean-Air Plan
February 23 - Appellate Courts at Center Of Fight for Control of Judiciary
February 23 - Charles W. Pickering Sr.
February 23 - Editor's Notebook: It's All Connected
February 23 - Lack of Judicial Controversy Belies Tumult Surrounding Pickering
February 23 - New Tools to Change Rules
February 23 - Regulating the Rule-Makers: John Graham at OIRA
February 23 - White House May Try to Broaden President's Privacy Privilege As It Fights GAO Suit Over Papers
March 2 - Bush Renominates Controversial State Department Appointee
March 2 - Bush's Bipartisan Welfare Proposal Paves Way for Congressional Action
March 2 - Editor's Notebook: Domestic Dilemmas
March 2 - Either Side Could Prevail On the Legal Merits, Scholars Say
March 2 - Judge John D. Bates
March 2 - Risk Enough for All In Walker v. Cheney
March 9 - Bush Breaks With Position, Moves to Protect Steel Industry
March 9 - Hatch Launches Plan B As Democrats Remain Unyielding On Pickering's Judicial Nomination
March 9 - Hill Warning: Respect Level From White House Too Low
March 9 - In Search of Lost Power
March 9 - John Podesta Hired by Nevada To Fight Nuclear Waste Dump
March 9 - Parker Loses Corps Post In Battle Over Earmarks
March 16 - Editor's Notebook: Assessing Motives
March 16 - Past Rows Over Nominees
March 16 - Pickering's Defeat Escalates War Over Confirmation Process
March 23 - Acrimony Over Judicial Confirmations Begins to Spill Into Other Issues
March 23 - Helms Pushing for Arms Deals To Be Exclusive Property of Senate
March 23 - Insurance Liability Stalls Talks
March 23 - Lawmakers Might Put Some Muscle Behind Call for Ridge Testimony
March 23 - OIRA Directs Guidelines on Data Quality
March 30 - New Homeland Security Duties Spotlight Service's Juggling Act
March 30 - Senate Mum on Bush Nominees
April 6 - Bills to Overhaul Beleaguered INS Moving Ahead in Both Houses of Congress
April 6 - Daschle: No Fast Track Without TAA
April 6 - How to Resurrect Congress After a Debilitating Attack
April 6 - Senate Appropriators Dissatisfied That Ridge Will Not Testify Formally; Homeland Security Spending on the Line
April 6 - The Heat Is On
April 6 - White House Considers 'Unsigning' U.N. Treaty to Create International Court
April 13 - Congress Challenged by Soaring Cost Of Transportation Security Agency
April 13 - Congress, White House Rift Much in Evidence On Capitol Hill
April 13 - GOP Cranks Up Complaint Level In Judicial Confirmations Debate
April 13 - Governors Step Up Lobbying Against Bush's Welfare Proposal
April 13 - INS Bill Running Afoul Of Bush Administration's Plan
April 13 - Security Costs Skyrocket
April 20 - New Medical Privacy Rules Blasted as 'Telemarketer's Dream'
April 20 - Reich's Role in Handling Venezuela Coup Could Cost Him State Department Post
April 20 - White House Silence May Help House Pass Bill to Overhaul INS
April 27 - Bush to Call for Mental Health Parity Over Objections from Key Allies
April 27 - House Votes to Abolish INS, Re-Create It as Two Bureaus
April 27 - Turf Wars Take Toll on Ridge
May 4 - Anniversary Score on Judicial Nominees: Three Confirmed, Eight Still in Limbo
May 4 - Bill Narrows 'Virtual' Porn Definition
May 4 - DeLay Flexes Muscles On Middle East Issue
May 4 - House Moves to Boost Numbers In Supplemental Spending Bill
May 4 - INS Bills Set House Against Senate With Bipartisan Support for Both Plans
May 11 - Crusader Down: First Salvo In Cancellation Wars
May 11 - Lawmakers Say Intelligence Network Is 'Slow-Walking' Inquiry Into Lack of Sept. 11 Preparedness
May 18 - Dodd Blasts State Dept.'s Reich For Response to Venezuelan Coup
May 18 - Editor's Notebook: The Public Interest
May 25 - Committee Democrats Cross Over To Advance Smith Judicial Nomination But Remain Committed to Tough Process
May 25 - Democrats Not Satisfied With Enron Memo Turned Over by the White House
May 25 - Impatient Senate Drafts Its Own Homeland Security Plan
May 25 - Senate's Crusader Plans on Hold
May 25 - Senators Differ With Powell On Releasing Serbian Aid
May 25 - Senators Want to Extend Sept. 11 Fund to Victims of Past Terrorism
May 25 - The Next Possible Trade Deals
May 25 - White House Pushing Draft Terrorism Insurance Proposal
June 8 - Bush's Swift, Sweeping Plan Is Work Order for Congress
June 8 - President to U.S. Citizens: Press Congress for New Department Of Homeland Security by Year's End
June 15 - Editor's Notebook: Stop Making Sense
June 15 - Intelligence Committees Tussle With Task Of Assigning Domestic Spy Responsibilities
June 15 - Security Plan Gets Solid Backing But No Rubber Stamps on Hill
June 22 - GAO Watches FOIA Suit For Energy Documents
June 22 - Judicial Nominees Deal in the Works
June 22 - Political Rival, Unlikely Ally
June 22 - Proposed Divisions and Duties Of New Security Department
June 29 - Burton Renews Quest For Presidential Records
June 29 - Fate of INS Remains Uncertain Under Plans for New Department
June 29 - Homeland Security Bipartisanship Launches Treasury-Postal Spending Bill, But Tough Issues Remain Unsolved
June 29 - Some in GOP Join Democrats In Questioning Homeland Plan
July 6 - Burton Resurrects Debate Over Release of Presidential Records
July 6 - Corporate America Faces Shift in Legislative Landscape
July 6 - GOP Leaders See Some Benefit In Lame-Duck Spending Session
July 6 - Homeland Security Revamp Hung Up On 'Dual-Purpose' Agencies
July 6 - McHale Tapped For Homeland Security Post
July 6 - President Bush Takes Key Issues on the Road
July 13 - Editor's Notebook: Backhanded Salute
July 13 - Gantlet of House Committees Greets Homeland Security Plan
July 13 - Highlights of Panels' Input On New Security Department
July 13 - Jeffords Not Satisfied With EPA's Release of Records
July 13 - Surgeon General Nominee Vows To Use 'Bully Pulpit'
July 13 - Treasury-Postal Service Spending Bill Tempts Veto With Cuba Travel Provision
July 20 - Bush's Domestic Security Blueprint Includes Possible Role for Military
July 20 - FEC Nomination Snarl Could Ensnare Carmona
July 20 - House Bill on Utah Land Swap Called Too Hasty by Democrats
July 20 - House GOP Keeps the Faith
July 20 - House Homeland Security Bill Bends Strongly Bush's Way
July 20 - Intelligence Center to Stay Right Where Murtha Put It
July 20 - Key Issues of Security Debate
July 20 - Lawmakers Irked as Spy Agencies Move Slowly to Alleviate Problems
July 27 - Hall's Confirmation Hits Snag
July 27 - Homeland Security's Big Hurdle: Ceding Power to White House
July 27 - House Gives Thumbs Up To Normal Trade With Vietnam
July 27 - McCain Deal Speeds Up Nominations
July 27 - No Opposition as Senate Confirms Carmona as U.S. Surgeon General
August 3 - Bush Wins Key Victory Before Recess: Fast-Track Trade Negotiating Authority
August 3 - Byrd Prepared to Slow Bill
August 3 - Harkin Declares Nomination Of USDA Undersecretary 'Over'
August 3 - Intelligence Members Say No Polygraphs
August 3 - More Judges Confirmed, But Disputed Nominee On Hold Until After Recess
August 3 - No Badge, No Break? Cabinet Secretary Joins the Herd
August 3 - Philosophical Conflicts Complicate Iraq Debate
August 3 - Rep.Tony Hall Confirmed for U.N. Position
August 3 - Work Rules Throw Wrench In Homeland Security Bill
August 10 - Duo's Contentious Battle Features Patriotism and Homeland Security
August 10 - Federal Regulations Face Assault on Their Foundation
August 10 - President Appoints Dorr To Agriculture Post
August 10 - Provisions of the Corporate Fraud Bill
August 10 - Tiny Rider Has Major Impact on Federal Rules
August 31 - Congress Changing Tone Of Homeland Security Debate
August 31 - New Department, Old Issues
August 31 - The White House vs. the Hill
September 7 - Editor's Notebook: Role Reversals
September 7 - Evaporating Terrorism Insurance Makes for Cautious Contractors
September 7 - For Congress, a New World -- And Business as Usual
September 7 - Workers' Rights Issues Looming Over Homeland Security Debate
September 14 - Banking Committee Approves Housing Bills, Backs Nominee
September 14 - Editor's Notebook: Room to Move
September 14 - Lawmakers Try to Balance Security And the Public's Right to Know
September 14 - Other Disputed Issues
September 14 - Senators Band Together to Reconcile Labor Rules and Homeland Security
September 21 - Bush Takes Page From Clinton In Appropriation Showdown
September 21 - Chafee Holds Key to Decision on Union Rights for Homeland Staff
September 28 - 'One Voice' Lost in Debate Over Iraq War Resolution
September 28 - Bush Nominee To Head FDA Widely Backed
September 28 - Cheney's Lawyer Claims Lawmakers Have Plenty of Ammo in Hunt for Information
September 28 - Independent Intelligence Commission Caught in Hill-White House Wrangling
September 28 - Personnel Differences for Homeland Security Plan
September 28 - Personnel Issues Have Senate Stumbling on Homeland Security
October 5 - Appropriators Parry Bush Move To Bypass Printing Office
October 5 - Moderates Vow to Keep Working On Homeland Security Deal
October 12 - Bingaman Puts Hold on FDA Nomination
October 12 - Broad Resolution Allows Bush To Set Terms of War Without Review
October 12 - Concerns Linger for Lawmakers Following Difficult Vote for War
October 12 - Editor's Notebook: Anxiety Levels
October 12 - Homeland Security Department Adrift in Appropriations Doldrums
October 12 - OMB Burns Midnight Oil Trying to Plan For Homeland Security Department
October 12 - Senate Judiciary Panel Agenda Hostage to Parties' Showdown Over Bush Appellate Nominees
October 12 - White House Communications Aide Joins SEC as Adviser to Embattled Chief
October 19 - EPA May Set New Air Pollution Rules During Hill Recess
October 19 - Judiciary Chairman Leahy Shrugs Off GOP Barbs
October 19 - McClellan Confirmed as Head of Food and Drug Administration
October 19 - North Korea Presents Congress With New 'Axis of Evil' Issues
October 19 - Parties Use Judicial Standoff To Play to Core Constituents
October 19 - Senate's Failure to Resolve Personnel Management Issue Stalls Homeland Security Bill
October 19 - Thinking Outside the House: Democrats Guess at Gephardt's Plans
October 19 - Thomas Wants to Halt Medicare Cuts for Doctors
November 16 - Bush Team in Driver's Seat on Fiscal Policy
November 16 - Homeland Security Department Another Victory for Administration
November 16 - Intelligence Authorization Clears, Creating Independent Panel To Probe Sept. 11 Terrorist Attacks
November 16 - Nuances Run Deep in Homeland Bill
November 23 - Conclusion of 107th Congress Does Not Put an End To Judicial Nomination Woes
November 23 - Fielding the Possible Candidates For Homeland Undersecretaries
November 23 - Iraqi Scientists Visa Bill on Hold
November 23 - McSlarrow, Adelstein Confirmations End Bickering
November 30 - Homeland Security Department Details Continue Unresolved
November 30 - Kissinger, Mitchell Tapped for Panel
November 30 - Trade Proposal Draws Fire From Steel, Textile States
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Faith-Based Initiatives
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Fiscal 2003 Budget Resolution
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: GAO Lawsuit Against Vice President Cheney
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Homeland Security Department
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Nuclear Waste Repository
December 7 - O'Neill's Departure Signals Change of Style, Not Policy
December 14 - Calio's Assertive Style Moves Legislation, But Hill Republicans Have Paid a Price
December 14 - Court Ruling for Cheney In Lawsuit Seeking Records Threatens GAO's Stature
December 14 - President Bush's Hill-Savvy Lobbying Team
December 14 - Presidential Support Vote Study: Bush Readies Strategies for Legislative Success in 2003

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