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 Executive Branch

January 7 - A President's Death Transforms The Tone of Government
January 7 - WHITEWATER: Banking Panel's GOP on Altman: 'An Aggravated Case of Lying'
January 21 - Clinton's Speech May Be Chance To Reclaim National Spotlight
January 21 - Gore's Royalties
January 28 - Lack of New Proposals Reflects New Dynamic on the Hill
January 28 - REPUBLICAN RESPONSE: Whitman Speech Reflects Upon Revolution
January 28 - THE STATE OF THE UNION: Clinton Speech Envisions Local Empowerment
February 11 - FUNCTION BY FUNCTION: The President's Proposals, Listed by Categories
February 11 - President Swings and Misses At Baseball Strike
February 11 - PRESIDENT'S BUDGET MESSAGE: Clinton Outlines Priorities For Fiscal 1996 Spending
February 18 - Theme of a 'Do-Nothing' Congress Does the Trick for Truman
February 25 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Choosing Cooperation Over Confrontation
March 11 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Clinton and Truman: A Political Lesson
April 1 - CQ Roundtable: Proposed Power Shift Recalls Nixon Move
April 15 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: At 71, Dole Confronts An Ageless Issue
May 13 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Presidents Often Get Just One Chance
June 3 - Clinton Holds His Veto Power Over Heads of Republicans
June 3 - Veto Threatened
June 10 - APPROPRIATIONS: Clinton, GOP Hope for Compromise On the Vetoed Rescissions Bill
June 10 - APPROPRIATIONS: Vetoes - A History of Conflicts
June 10 - Congress Bucks White House, Devises Its Own Bosnia Plan
June 10 - CQ 50th ANNIVERSARY: Fulfilling the Great Society
June 10 - PRESIDENTIAL VETO: President Clinton's Veto Of Rescissions Bill
June 10 - SPENDING POWERS: Clinton Criticizes Republicans For Line-Item-Veto Delay
June 17 - PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: Clinton Presents Proposal For Balanced Budget
July 1 - THE BUDGET: 1993: A Nail-Biter for the White House
July 22 - 'Senator Sam' and the President's Men
July 22 - PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: Clinton: Mend, Don't End, Affirmative Action
August 5 - Clinton Says Congress Is on 'Wrong Track'
August 5 - Clinton's Order
August 12 - PRESIDENTIAL VETO: Clinton Says Lifting Embargo Would Americanize War
August 12 - The High Drama of Impeachment
September 23 - Panel Restricts Clinton's Control in Negotiations
September 30 - APPROPRIATIONS: Clinton Hedging on Veto Threat For Legislative Branch Bill
October 7 - APPROPRIATIONS: Clinton's Veto Message
October 14 - SECTION NOTES: House Republicans Decide Against Veto Battle
October 21 - Clinton Affirms He Will Veto GOP's Medicare Plan
October 28 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Republicans Targeting Clinton's Few Wins
November 18 - APPROPRIATIONS: Congress Clears Defense Bill; Democrats Predict Veto
November 18 - PRESIDENTIAL VETO MESSAGE: President Clinton Vetoes Continuing Resolution
November 18 - PRESIDENTIAL VETO MESSAGE: Temporary Rise in Debt Limit Is Vetoed by President
December 2 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: A Lesson of History: Truman and Clinton
December 2 - Problems in Opening Round Could Signal Bigger Woes
December 9 - APPROPRIATIONS: Clinton Expected To Veto Commerce-Justice Bill
December 9 - PRESIDENTIAL VETO MESSAGE: Profound Differences' Cited In Veto of Budget Plan
December 16 - INVESTIGATIONS: Panel Presses Court Action On Whitewater Notes
December 23 - Clinton Vows To Veto Overhaul Measure
December 23 - PRESIDENTIAL VETO MESSAGE: Clinton Points to Lack of Money For Technology, War on Crime
December 23 - PRESIDENTIAL VETO MESSAGE: Conservationist Concerns Mark Clinton's Veto of Interior Bill
December 23 - PRESIDENTIAL VETO MESSAGE: Investor Risk Is Major Concern In Veto of Litigation Overhaul
December 23 - PRESIDENTIAL VETO MESSAGE: Public Health and Environment Cited in Veto of VA-HUD Bill

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