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 Economic Affairs

January 4 - White House Must Keep Delicate Balance When Drafting Latest Tax Cut Package
January 11 - Can Tax Cuts Pay Their Way?
January 11 - Editor's Notebook: Seeing Red
January 11 - Republican Pick for CBO Director Heats Up Budget Feud
January 11 - White House Tax Cut Package Gets a Wary Hill Reception
January 25 - Democrats Splinter on Stimulus Alternative As Daschle's Plan Fails to Unite Caucus
February 1 - Bush Holds Steady Fiscal Course Even as Deep Deficits Take Hold
February 1 - Investor Class Flexes New Political Clout In Debate Over Bush's Dividend Tax Cut
February 1 - Snow Confirmed for Treasury; Democrats Note His History Of Urging Deficit Reduction
February 8 - Budget Rewrite Pens at the Ready
February 8 - Congressional Fine-Tuning Ahead For Bush Economic Stimulus Plan
February 8 - Fiscal 2004 Budget: Other Agencies
February 8 - Fiscal 2004 Budget: Small Business Administration
February 8 - Fiscal 2004 Budget: Treasury
February 8 - Senate Panel Applauds Pledge of Bush Nominee Donaldson To Shake Up SEC, Wall Street
February 15 - Fiscal 2003 Omnibus: Treasury, Postal Service
March 1 - A Textbook Case: Bush Pick to Head Economic Advisers Is 'On Message'
March 1 - Yin to Head Joint Tax Panel
March 8 - Aggressive White House Finds Hurdle in Grassley
March 8 - The Senate's 'Iowa Farmer' Relies on His Own Judgment
March 15 - Backers Vow to Keep Abortion Provision Off Battle-Worn Bankruptcy Rewrite
March 15 - Democrats Take a Sudden Liking To Opponents' Fiscal 'Gimmick'
March 15 - Tax Cut Agendas Compete in Senate As War Clouds Breed Deficit Fears
March 22 - House Panel Advances Measure To Ease Hiring Rules at SEC
March 22 - Long-Term Impact on Economy One of War's Big Unknowns
April 5 - GOP Pushing To Pass Debt Limit Bill
April 5 - Republican Economic Pitch Gets Short Shrift in Wartime
April 12 - Concessions to Moderates Imperil Early GOP Tax Cutting Accord
April 12 - SEC Powers Could Get Boost From Charity Bill
April 12 - Voinovich Waves Conservative Banner In Answer to Fighting Word: 'Moderate'
April 26 - Editor's Notebook: The Ghost of 1992
May 3 - Deadlocked Tax Cut Proposals Expose Rift in GOP Ideology
May 17 - GOP Struggles With State Aid In Effort to Pass Tax Package
May 24 - Plan Changes States' Cut of Highway Fund
May 24 - Under the Gun, GOP Hustles to Clear Just-in-Time Extension of Federal Jobless Benefits
June 7 - House Squares Off With Rumsfeld Over Change in 'Buy America' Policy
June 7 - Supermajority Amendment Wearing Down Its Backers
June 7 - White House Carries the Day on Base Closure Issue
June 14 - GOP Bids to Claim Victory on Democrats' Signature Issue
June 14 - Hotly Challenged Exemption For State-Regulated Wagering Still in Internet Gambling Bill
June 14 - Outsourcing of Flight Control, Expanded D.C. Airport Slots Headline FAA Bill Conference
June 28 - House Bill Calls for Creation of New Regulating Agency for Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae
July 12 - Small Business Administration Reauthorization Moves in Senate
July 19 - Amendments Expected to Help Financial Information Bill Sail Through House Committee
July 19 - White House Line on Deficits: Big, Bad -- and Bearable
July 26 - GOP Gears Up to Sell Economic Plan at Home
August 2 - Senate Clears New Extension of Farm Bankruptcy Provisions
August 30 - Fall Agenda: Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae Oversight
August 30 - Fall Agenda: Pension and Retirement Savings
September 13 - 'Jobs, Jobs, Jobs' Mantra Returns to Haunt GOP
September 13 - Bill Threatens California Privacy Law
September 13 - Manufacturing Lobbyists Find Renewed Sense of Purpose
September 27 - Bush Mulls Pros, Cons Of Steel Import Tariffs
October 11 - House Pension Liability Bill Gives Companies a Break In Funding Obligations
October 25 - Crane-Rangel Alliance Succeeds in Shaping Corporate Tax Bill
November 8 - GOP Wants to Play Santa on Jobless Benefits This Year
November 22 - Airlines, Others Find Pension Relief in Bill
November 22 - Financial Privacy Rules Set To Clear
December 6 - Relations With Russia: Punishment or Perestroika?
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Child Tax Credit Expansion
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Debt Limit
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Deposit Insurance
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Oversight
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Pension Funding Rules
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Transportation, Treasury Appropriations
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Unemployment Benefits
December 13 - GOP Nixes 13-Week Extension of Unemployment Benefits, Saying Tax Cuts Will Lift Economy

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