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 Economic Affairs

January 20 - O'Neill Cautions Against Notion Of Tax Cut as Economic Cure-All
January 20 - OMB Nominee Under Pressure To Make the Numbers Work
January 27 - A Senate of Singular Personalities and Possibilities
January 27 - Miller: Why So Surprised?
January 27 - Writing Size of a Cut in the Budget Looms as Tax Turning Point
February 10 - GOP, With Bush's Tacit Support, Puts Bankruptcy Bill on Fast Track, Hoping to Stave Off Amendments
February 10 - The Republican Challenge: Roping the Fiscal Strays
February 10 - This Week in Congress
February 17 - Bush's Fiscal Policy Proposals Close In on GOP Budget Writers
February 17 - House Passes Bill to Use Social Security, Medicare Surpluses for Debt Reduction
February 17 - Proposals to Alter Bush's Tax Plan Multiply Despite White House Appeals for Unity
February 24 - Bush's Trade Agenda Starts Out Between Big Steel and a Hard Place
February 24 - Byrd Law Bogs Down
March 3 - A Budget Glossary
March 3 - Budget Schedule
March 3 - Bush Says Budget Would Pay Down Debt While Aiding Schools, Retirees, Military
March 3 - Bush's Sunny Budget Picture Leaves the Details Shaded
March 3 - Debt Reduction: Not So Fast
March 3 - Democratic Rebuttal to Bush's Speech Emphasizes Social Security, Medicare While Decrying Tax Cut Plan
March 3 - Tax Fight Energizes Democrats
March 3 - This Week in Congress
March 10 - 'Blue Dog' Democrats Get Hackles Up At GOP and Business' Tax Bill Tactics
March 10 - Byrd Seeks a Way to Stop Tax Bill From Passing by Simple Majority Vote
March 10 - Democratic 'Ayes'
March 10 - Fed Vice Chairman Ferguson Nominated for Full Board Term
March 10 - Tax-Cut Bipartisanship Down to One Chamber
March 10 - This Week in Congress
March 10 - Victories and Consequences
March 17 - House Panel's Budget Resolution Will Include Flexibility for Larger Tax Cut
March 17 - Tax Cut's Viability Lies In Deep Dealmaking
March 24 - Big Breaks for Married Couples Offered in Latest House Tax Bill
March 24 - Deal on State Consultations Eases Path for Brownfields Bill
March 24 - House Budget Resolution Provides Leeway; Senate Talks of Rebating Part of '01 Surplus
March 24 - Nussle's Dueling Responsibilities
March 31 - Bush's Budget Now Before the Senate, Where Moderates Wield the Critical Votes
March 31 - Education Is Budget's Biggest Winner, But School Allies Still Aren't Happy
March 31 - House Presses Bush's Tax Agenda While Senate Talks of Stimulus
April 7 - Baker Makes Headway on Bill to Tighten Regulation of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac
April 7 - GOP Pays Price for Collapse of Deal With Jeffords on Special Education Funds
April 7 - It's the Day of the Centrist As Bush Tax Cut Takes a Hit
April 7 - Law Designed for Curbing Deficits Becomes GOP Tool for Cutting Taxes
April 14 - Bush's Frugal Bottom Line Ensures a Rough Conference
May 5 - Budget Deal's Ungainly Pause Is Inches From the Finish Line
May 12 - Budget Resolution Highlights
May 12 - GOP Budget Resolution Squeaks By, But Implementation Will Be Tougher
May 19 - Treasury: More for IRS, Enforcement
May 26 - Commerce: Power-Sharing Leadership
June 2 - A Top High-Tech Tax Wish
June 2 - Tax Debate Assured a Long Life As Bush, GOP Press for New Cuts
June 2 - Tax Package's Timetable
June 9 - House Leaders Refuse to Take Up Senate-Passed Bankruptcy Bill
June 23 - Bankruptcy Law Rewrite Remains at an Impasse Despite Senate Power Shift
June 23 - Congress Chafes at States' Slow Progress In Streamlining Insurance Regulation
June 23 - Leaders Vow Supplemental Bill Will Set Example of Restraint
June 30 - Bill to Cut SEC Fees Is Stalled By New Concern About Cost
June 30 - Durbin Lifts Hold on Nomination Of Graham to Regulatory Office
June 30 - House Committee Adds Privacy Protections To Insurance Fraud Bill
June 30 - House Panel's CJS Spending Bill Would Scale Back Bush's Cuts For SBA, Law Enforcement
June 30 - Wellstone Vows to Resist Action on Bankruptcy Bill
June 30 - Wielding the Waiver: PAYGO Rule, Budget Cap As Political Weapons
July 14 - Defense Budget Boost 'in Play'
July 14 - Shrinking Surplus Promotes Restraint As Supplemental Heads to Conference
July 14 - Trust Funds Take Center Stage As Talk of 'Deficits' Is Revived
July 21 - Bankruptcy Bill Calls for More Judges
July 21 - Panel Backs Normal Trade With Vietnam
July 21 - Senate Clears Way for Conference On Bankruptcy Overhaul Bill; Timetable Remains Uncertain
August 4 - Railroad Bill Passes House, Budget Hurdle
August 11 - 'Extenders' Could Be Up Next
August 11 - Pressure Building for Congress To Tackle Tax Simplification
August 11 - Rewriting Business Depreciation Rules: Economic Stimulus vs. Budgetary Cost
September 1 - Armed Services Panels Go Out on Limb In Trying to Enact Bush's Full Request
September 1 - Blame Laid, Promises Revisited As Surplus Estimates Shrink
September 1 - Fresh From a Set of Hill Victories, Can Labor Keep the Momentum?
September 1 - Hoffa Seeks End to Oversight
September 1 - Immigration Debate Gains Intensity As Hill Awaits Details From Bush
September 1 - Trade and Consequences: Taking 'Fast Track' Debate on the Road
September 8 - Between the Lockbox And a Hard Place
September 8 - Bush Calls Issue 'Incredibly Complex' After Mexico's Fox Urges Haste On Revised U.S. Immigration Policy
September 8 - Wariness of Farm Bill's Long-Term Cost Could Set Tone for Budget Debates
September 15 - Cautious on the Economy
September 15 - Emergency Funds to Be Divided Between Recovery and Retaliation
September 15 - Obey Sounds a Solitary Warning Against Carte Blanche
September 15 - Quiet Tension Over Spending
September 15 - Tax Relief for Victims' Families
September 22 - A Cautious Start for Stimulus
September 22 - Insurers Seek Protection
September 22 - Markets Survive Shocks
September 29 - Hill Deciding Stimulus Is Needed, Even if a Deficit Is the Result
September 29 - Infrastructure: On the Drawing Board
September 29 - Tentative Spending Deal Reached As Politics of the Surplus Recede
September 29 - War Bonds to the Rescue?
October 13 - Appropriators Make Two Solid Strides Toward Finishing Spending Bills
October 13 - Hill Looks for Fed's Blessing In Forging Stimulus Package
October 20 - Looming Policy Expirations May Help Bush's Terrorism Insurance Plan Overcome Cool Response in Congress
October 20 - Sharply Divergent Stimulus Proposals Taking Shape in House and Senate
October 20 - Tax Break for Multinationals Decried, But Probably Destined to Pass
October 20 - The Bush Insurance Proposal
October 27 - Bush Plan to Bolster Insurance Industry Likely to Be Curbed by Congress
October 27 - Byrd's Plan for Stimulating Economy: $20 Billion in Public Works Spending
October 27 - Polarizing Social Issues Resurface In Debate Over Jobless Benefits
October 27 - Rising Unemployment Claims Drive Policy Debate
October 27 - War Bonds Bill Passes House; Senate Unsure
November 3 - Economists Differ on Whether Stimulus Matters Much to Markets or Economy
November 3 - Online Gambling Curb Approved
November 3 - Senate at Impasse on Stimulus Bill As Pressure for Action Grows
November 3 - Terrorism Insurance Bill's Prospects For Passage This Year Are in Doubt As Committees Take Differing Approaches
November 10 - As Terrorism Insurance Bills Advance, Much Compromising Remains to Be Done
November 10 - ECONOMICS & FINANCE: Swing Democrats Exact a Price For Supporting Stimulus Bill
November 10 - ECONOMICS & FINANCE: Thinly Backed Stimulus Bill Moves to Hostile Senate Floor
November 17 - ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Stimulus Deal May Materialize Amid Smoke of Partisan Warfare
November 17 - LAW & JUDICIARY: As Economy Sags, So Do Prospects For Bankruptcy Bills Prompt Enactment
November 24 - Bush-Daschle Summit May Be Only Hope for Stimulus Bill
November 24 - ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Stimulus Deadlock: Will Bush Intervene?
November 24 - Editor's Notebook: Measures of Confidence
November 24 - INDUSTRY & REGULATION: Terrorism Insurance Safety Net Bill Set for Floor Action in House; Senate Measure Still on Drawing Board
December 1 - ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Added Pressure Has Little Effect On Stimulus Bills Glacial Pace
December 1 - INDUSTRY & REGULATION: House Passes Insurance Bailout, But Curbs on Right to Sue Cloud Bills Prospects in Senate
December 1 - Tax Holiday: A Welcome Icebreaker
December 8 - GOP Offer of Concessions in Stimulus Bill Fails to Avert Another Breakdown of Talks
December 8 - Health Care, Other Domestic Issues Expected Back for Second Session
December 8 - IRS, Businesses Warn of Difficulties With Plans for Tax 'Holiday' and Rebates
December 8 - Reappearance of Red Ink Foreshadows Fiercely Partisan Exercise Of Raising the National Debt Limit
December 8 - Students Set Out to Form a Perfect Union: The Constitution and the Dollar Bill
December 15 - Business Hopes for a Boost
December 15 - In Stimulus Bill Negotiations, It's Time to Deal or Die
December 15 - No Urgency on Debt Ceiling
December 22 - 2001 Legislative Summary: Economic Stimulus
December 22 - House Key Vote: Tax Cuts (Vote 45)
December 22 - Stimulus Bill Succumbs, Taking Tax Issues With It

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