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 Economic Affairs

January 2 - BUDGET: GOP Faces Fiscal Quandary
January 2 - SOCIAL SECURITY: A Rare Opportunity Ahead
January 2 - TAXES: Only Small Issues Need Apply
January 9 - Clinton's String of Modest Proposals Softens Focus on Impeachment Trial
January 16 - Tax Cuts Are in the Air, But Consensus May Be Elusive
January 23 - EXECUTIVE BRANCH: A Manifesto for 2000
January 23 - SOCIAL POLICY: Opportunity Is in the Air
January 30 - As the Economy Goes, So Goes The Presidency -- or Vice Versa?
January 30 - BUDGET: Projection of Larger Surplus Boosts Republicans' Hopes For Across-the-Board Tax Cut
January 30 - From the Editor
February 6 - A Budget Glossary
February 6 - BUDGET: A Closer Look at the Budget
February 6 - BUDGET: A Geyser of Black Ink
February 6 - BUDGET: Clinton's Strength Portends A Tough Season for GOP
February 6 - Chart: Administration Economic Assumptions
February 6 - Chart: Budget Authority, Outlays by Agency
February 6 - Chart: Fiscal 2000 Budget by Function
February 6 - Even a Modest Supplemental Won't Coast on the Hill
February 6 - Members Struggle With the Nuances Of Social Security and the Surplus
February 6 - TAXES: Clinton Pushes Limited Cuts
February 13 - BUDGET: GOP Leaders' Tax Cut Plan Hits Rank-and-File Resistance
February 13 - SMOKE & MIRRORS: PAYGO Loses Its Sting, Easing Way for Tax Cuts
February 20 - BANKING: Gramm's Financial Services Rewrite Attacked as Coming Up Short On Community Investment, Insurance
February 20 - What's Ahead
February 27 - BANKING: Fuzzy Battle Lines Complicate Effort To Overhaul Financial Services
February 27 - BUDGET: Spending Caps Sure To Crumble As On-Time Budget Resolution Heads GOP Leaders' Wish List
February 27 - TAXES: GOP Tax Cut Plans Yield to Political Reality: Not Much and Not Now
February 27 - Who Wants What
March 6 - BUDGET: GOP Leaders Push Strict Spending Caps, Untouchable Social Security Surplus
March 6 - Would Switching to Two-Year Budgets Mean Liberation -- or Abdication?
March 13 - BANKING: House Panel's Struggle for Accord Moves Financial Services Rewrite
March 13 - BUDGET: GOP Consensus on Budget Blueprint Holds; Supplemental Spending Bill May Falter
March 13 - Medicare Panel's Surprise Sticking Point: The Role of Budget Surpluses
March 20 - BUDGET: Republicans Unite on Fiscal 2000 Plan, Vow To Cut Taxes While Keeping Caps
March 27 - BANKING: House Bankruptcy Bill Debate Centers on Credit Card Issuers
March 27 - Budget Plan Skirts Tough Decisions On Social Security Overhaul
March 27 - BUDGET: Unity and Wishful Thinking Yield GOP Budget Resolution
April 3 - APPROPRIATIONS: GOP Precept on Supplemental: Think Offsets, not Emergency
April 3 - Chart: Supplementals Compared
April 3 - SOCIAL POLICY: Better Outlook for Medicare, Social Security Could Further Slow Overhaul Efforts
April 10 - Americans' Response to Tax Cut Polls: A Resounding 'Maybe'
April 10 - April 'Shower' Unlikely
April 10 - BUDGET GAMESMANSHIP: For Tax Cuts, Timing Is the Crux
April 10 - From the Editor
April 10 - TAXES: Has the Tax Cut Crusade Lost Its Appeal?
April 10 - Warring Parties Often Find Common Ground on Tax Credits
April 17 - BUDGET: Adoption of GOP Budget Resolution Is Small Victory With Big Asterisk
April 17 - Constitutional Amendment On Tax Increases Is Rejected
April 24 - A Modest Renaissance For Two Faded Boom Towns
April 24 - BANKING & FINANCE: Bankruptcy Bills Move In Partisan Fits and Starts
April 24 - BANKING: The House That CRA Built: Redlining Law Revisited
April 24 - BUDGET: Senate Filibuster Blocks Social Security 'Lockbox' Keyed to National Debt
April 24 - From the Editor
April 24 - Where Gramm Draws the Line
May 1 - BANKING & FINANCE: House, Senate Bankruptcy Bills Leave Showdowns for the Floor
May 1 - Filibuster Keeps Its Grip On Social Security 'Lockbox'
May 1 - On-Budget or Off? Aviation Trust Fund Has Lawmakers Calculating
May 1 - SOCIAL POLICY: Archer, Shaw Push Private Accounts As Social Security Overhaul Stalls
May 1 - TRANSPORTATION: Small Airports' Ambitions Steer Transportation Bill
May 8 - BANKING & FINANCE: House Passes Bankruptcy Overhaul Bill
May 8 - BANKING: Senate Passes Banking Overhaul Bill Vulnerable to a Clinton Veto; House Version Divides Committees
May 8 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: Congress Still Skeptical Of 'Kinder, Gentler' IRS
May 15 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: GOP's Great Expectations For '99 Fade to Modest Hopes
May 15 - FINANCE: 'Rigorous' Hearings Ahead For Summers
May 15 - FINANCE: Open Outcry: Commodity Traders Seek Regulatory Relief
May 22 - Can the GOP Keep Budget Train on Track?
May 22 - LET'S MAKE A DEAL: Banking Bills Evolve Behind the Scenes
May 22 - TAXES: Bill To Expand Education IRAs Gets Committee's Approval As Senate Support Grows
May 29 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Republicans Grope for Strategy To Avert Collision Over Spending Bills
May 29 - BANKING: GOP Thwarts Democrats' Effort To Toughen Privacy Protections In Financial Services Overhaul Bill
May 29 - Bills Would Reauthorize CDFI, Aid Low-Income Entrepreneurs
May 29 - ETIOLOGY OF HILL JARGON: The Key to the Mysterious 'Lockbox'
May 29 - Truck Industry Circles the Trailers As Chafee Tries To Revise Excise Taxes
June 5 - BANKING AND FINANCE: Bankruptcy's Platinum Issue: Are Credit Cards To Blame?
June 5 - Correction: Financial services
June 5 - TAXES: Picked-Over Code Yields Little As Tax Writers Hunt for Offsets
June 12 - BANKING & FINANCE: Industry Prepares for Floor Fight Against Privacy Protections In House Financial Services Bill
June 12 - BANKING: Republicans Fault Clinton For Long-Running Vacancy On Federal Reserve Board
June 12 - Senate Prepares To Vote On Social Security Lockbox That Echoes Existing Rules
June 12 - SOCIAL SECURITY: Archer Mounts Last-Ditch Effort To Overcome Political Inertia On Social Security Overhaul
June 19 - BUDGET: Overhauling the Budget Process Promises Pitched Turf Wars Among Committees, Chambers
June 19 - BUDGET: Senate Remains at an Impasse Over Social Security Lockbox As Votes To Spend Surplus Continue
June 19 - COMMERCE: Senate Passes Loan Subsidies For Steel Companies, Some Oil and Gas Producers
June 19 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Senate's Serenity May Not Last In the Face of Budget Caps
June 19 - FINANCE: Summers Faces Tough Questions On Taxes and Monetary Policy, But Confirmation Appears Secure
June 19 - SOCIAL POLICY: Speaker Showcases Support For Archer's Effort To Craft Social Security Compromise
June 26 - BANKING & FINANCE: Financial Services Overhaul Bill Heads for House Floor
June 26 - BANKING & FINANCE: Senate Likely To Confirm Summers
June 26 - BUDGET: House Revamp of Budget Process Meets Discord at the Starting Line
June 26 - Chart: Financial Services Bills Compared
June 26 - IN THE MONEY: What To Do With a Treasury Brimming With Political Gold?
June 26 - Uncommon Honor
July 3 - BANKING & FINANCE: Vote Margin on Financial Services Rewrite Gives House Leverage on Privacy Issues
July 3 - Brake That Metaphor
July 3 - BUDGET: Despite Ballooning Surplus, Budget Deal Is Not at Hand
July 3 - Political Maneuvering May Give Campaign Finance Issue a Boost
July 3 - Republicans Turn Up the Volume On Tax Cut Refrain
July 3 - Senate Confirms Summers At Treasury as Rubin Departs
July 3 - Special Counsel Rules Unveiled
July 10 - BANKING: Financial Services Overhaul Sees Home Stretch at Last
July 10 - BUDGET: Members Confront the Reality Behind the Rosy Surplus Numbers
July 10 - Chart: Financial Services Bills Compared
July 10 - Chart: What a Difference A Year Makes
July 10 - New Tax Proposals Released
July 17 - Chart: Tax Bills Compared
July 17 - ENVIRONMENT: Archer's Plan for Superfund Would End Tax on Industry But Leave Liability Issue Open
July 17 - History of Recent Tax Bills
July 17 - MILLENNIAL ISSUES: More Cash To Squash Year 2000 Bug?
July 17 - STOP WORK ORDER: This Dollar Bill Not Coming to a Wallet Near You
July 17 - TAXES: Big, Party-Defining Tax Cut Holds GOP's Hopes for 2000
July 17 - TAXES: Clinton, GOP Hope To Make History Out of Their Differences
July 17 - The Elusive 'Lockbox'
July 24 - 'WE GOT WHAT WE WANTED': GOP Moderates Hang Tough on Taxes And Savor a Rare Victory
July 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: GOP Finds Caps and Cuts Cramp Its Spending Style
July 24 - Bumping Ever Harder Against Caps, GOP Sticks With Its Story
July 24 - Conference Intrigue
July 24 - TAXES: No Time To Compromise: GOP Tax Cutters Charge Ahead
July 31 - BANKING & FINANCE: SEC Fees Hand Government An Embarrassment of Riches
July 31 - BANKING: Export-Import Bank Logjam Continues
July 31 - Tax Bills Compared
July 31 - Tax Bills Offer Something for Everyone, Especially Core GOP Constituencies
July 31 - TAXES: Hasty Conference, Certain Veto Face Senate-Passed Tax Cut Bill
August 7 - APPROPRIATIONS: Budget Caps Breathe Their Last As Both Sides Join in Assault
August 7 - BANKING: Conference Roster Dispute, Shelby's Defection on Privacy Cloud Financial Services Outlook
August 7 - BUDGET: Parties' Post-Veto Game Plan: Do Nothing Rather Than Yield
August 7 - Dole vs. Lott: Who's Tougher With Tax Bills?
August 7 - Greenspan Gratifies Both Parties
August 7 - Highlights of the Tax Bill
August 7 - Shuster's Use of Budgetary 'Firewalls' Takes Other Chairmen by Surprise
August 7 - TAXES: GOP Content To Clear Tax Bill And Show It Off Back Home
August 14 - 'Cash Balance' Controversy
August 14 - LABOR & EMPLOYMENT: Pension Rewrite Handcuffed To Dead-End Tax Cut Bill
September 4 - BANKING: Clamor Over Consumer Privacy Has Banks on the Defensive
September 4 - BANKING: With Economy Thriving, Hill's Attitude Toward the Fed Remains Relatively Laissez Faire
September 4 - BUDGET: GOP Gropes for a Way Out of Appropriations Morass
September 4 - DEFENSE: Conferees Boost Defense Budget, Stressing Readiness, Innovation
September 11 - BANKING & FINANCE: Minimum Wage Backers Target Bankruptcy Bill
September 11 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Forced To Abandon Big Tax Cut, GOP Takes On Federal Spending
September 11 - Newspapers Take Special Interest
September 11 - TAXES: Eager To Hack at Estate Tax, Foes Welcome New Allies
September 18 - Correction: Budget
September 18 - PASS THE ASPIRIN: GOP Mulls Pre-emptive Strike on Fiscal 2001 Caps To Avoid Pre-election Showdown With Clinton
September 18 - TAXES: GOP's Hopes for Unity Dim As Impending Clinton Veto Fails To End Tax Cut Debate
September 25 - Banking Bill Conference Off To Slow Start
September 25 - Goals and Costs of Extenders
September 25 - TAXES: Spotlight Turns to 'Extenders' As GOP Seeks Tax Strategy
September 25 - VETO MESSAGE: Clinton Declares Republican Tax Bill 'Would Leave America Permanently in Debt'
October 2 - BANKING: New Strategy Debated for Banking Bill
October 2 - Business and Society Notes
October 2 - Senate Confirms Fed Nominee; Ex-Im Nominee in Trouble
October 9 - Banking Deal Appears at Hand As White House Reissues Veto Threat
October 9 - BANKING: United at Last, Financial Industry Pressures Hill To Clear Overhaul
October 9 - TAXES: Roth Urged To Scale Back His Tax Extenders Proposal, Rethink Stand-Alone Status
October 16 - BACK-SCRATCHING: Seeing a Political Advantage Through a Budget Loophole
October 16 - BANKING: Compromises Give a Big Boost To Financial Services Rewrite
October 16 - Budget Experts Follow the Paper Trail Of Social Security Trust Funds
October 16 - BUDGET: Buying Down the Debt: Policy by Stalemate
October 16 - BUDGET: The Weapon of Choice
October 16 - Chart: Emerging Financial Services Accord
October 16 - LABOR: Minimum Wage Bill's Prospects Uncertain as Opinions Form Over Timetable, Tax Provisions
October 23 - BANKING: Who Wins if Barriers Fall?
October 23 - Decades of Efforts To Change The Glass-Steagall Act
October 23 - LABOR & EMPLOYMENT: House Stymied On Minimum Wage Increase
October 23 - TAXES: Senate Tax Extenders Bill May Be 'Tempting Vehicle' For Floor Amendments
October 30 - APPROPRIATIONS: Hill Digs Deeper Than Ever Into Bag of Budget Tricks
October 30 - BANKING: Banking Bill Conference Grinds Along
October 30 - Federated Makes Deadline
October 30 - SOCIAL POLICY: Social Security: Next Salvo
October 30 - TAXES: Marital Status and Taxes: Irreconcilable Differences?
October 30 - TAXES: Senate Passes Tax 'Extenders'; House To Vote
October 30 - The Marriage Penalty: A Brief History
November 6 - BANKING: Bankruptcy Bill Teetering In Senate
November 6 - BANKING: Financial Services Overhaul Bill Clears After Final Skirmishing Over Community Reinvestment
November 6 - BANKING: Wall Street's Concerns Slow Patent Bill
November 6 - BANKING: With Broad Religious Backing, Third World Debt Forgiveness Wins House Panel's Approval
November 6 - House Passes Payment Guarantee For Untaxable Timber Land
November 6 - LABOR: Senate To Vote On Raising Minimum Wage
November 13 - APPROPRIATIONS: Clinton Gives Republicans A Gentler Year-End Beating
November 13 - BANKING & FINANCE: Senate Bankruptcy Bill Mired in Amendments, Minimum Wage Rider
November 13 - LABOR: Minimum Wage Bill Stalls Over Issue of Business Offsets
November 13 - TAXES: GOP Struggles For Agreement On 'Extenders'
November 20 - BANKING: Bankruptcy Rewrite Dead For the Year
November 20 - Financial Services Overhaul
November 20 - TAXES: Tax 'Extenders' Bill Clears Despite Down-to-the-Wire Grappling Over Additions
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: A Year of Grudging Compromises And Unfinished Business
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Banking and Finance - Bankruptcy
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Banking and Finance - Financial Services
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Budget - Budget Process
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Budget - Budget Resolution
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Budget - Social Security 'Lockbox'
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Employment and Labor - Minimum Wage
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Taxes - Extenders
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Taxes - GOP Tax Cuts
December 4 - TAPPING INTO THE FUTURE: Social Security Reserves Untouched?

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