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 Economic Affairs

January 3 - COVER STORY: Budget Crunch Has a Service At War With Itself
January 10 - At Diner, Too Much Government on Menu
January 10 - BANKING: Request for Billions for IMF Fund Highlights Debate Over Bailouts
January 10 - Clinton's Child Care Proposal Draws GOP Supporters and Critics
January 10 - HEALTH: Can Promise To Keep Costs Low Give Clinton's Plans a Boost?
January 10 - Hill Feels the Big Clout Of Small Business
January 10 - King of the Highways Plans Big Year, Despite Efforts to Tar His Record
January 10 - Purchasing Plan Finds Few Friends
January 10 - RECESS NOTES: Congressional Tax Lawyer Kies Announces Resignation
January 10 - THE BUDGET: Galvanized by Rosy New Numbers, Both Sides Prepare To Skirmish
January 10 - The IMF in Brief
January 10 - TRANSPORTATION: Budget Surplus Whets Debate On More Highway Spending
January 17 - America's Favorite Bad Idea
January 17 - COMMERCE: Criticism of 'Corporate Welfare' Heats Up in Congress
January 17 - HUMAN SERVICES: Child Care Proposal Sparks Debate Over Working, At-Home Mothers
January 17 - Kasich's 'Dirty Dozen'
January 17 - Personal Savings in the United States
January 17 - Personal Savings Rates by Country
January 17 - Rainy Days Get No Respect As Savings Rate Droops
January 17 - RECESS NOTES: IRS Debate Escalates After Agency Admission
January 24 - 'Till Death (or Taxes) Do Us Part'
January 24 - Chambliss' 'IRS Horror Story' Show Yields Lots of Heat, Few Conclusions
January 24 - EDUCATION: Commission on College Costs Comes Back With a Warning
January 24 - SPACE: Pressure on NASA Intensifies As Space Station Struggles
January 24 - TAXATION: Ready Opposition to Tax Overhaul Means No Chance for Quick Fix
January 24 - THE PRESIDENCY: Clinton's Latest, Worst Troubles Put His Whole Agenda on Hold
January 24 - TRANSPORTATION: Many Legislators Are Placing Hope In New Amtrak Board, President
January 24 - Winners, Losers and Big Problems With Either Tax Overhaul Plan
January 31 - COVER STORY: Clinton Succeeds in Slowing Scandal's Momentum
January 31 - ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: IMF Contribution Finds Enemies Across the Political Spectrum
January 31 - History of Contested Contributions
January 31 - How Much From Tobacco?
January 31 - IMF Money Flow: Not So Simple
January 31 - Kasich's Quandary
January 31 - Key Clinton Proposals
January 31 - PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: Clinton Stresses Accomplishments, Calls State of the Union 'Strong'
January 31 - REPUBLICAN RESPONSE: Lott: Fighting for the Family Is GOP's Top Priority
January 31 - THE BUDGET: Clinton Budget Reaffirms Stand Against Broad GOP Tax Cuts
February 7 - A Budget Glossary
February 7 - Abundant Foes Say 'No Chance' To Clinton's Chosen Tax Breaks
February 7 - Administration's Rosy Scenario Has Few Doubters These Days
February 7 - Chart: Administration Economic Assumptions
February 7 - Chart: Budget Authority, Outlays by Agency
February 7 - Chart: Fiscal 1999 Budget by Function
February 7 - Clinton's Fancy Budget Work Upstages Skeptical GOP
February 7 - EDUCATION: Student Loan Program May Break the Bank
February 7 - How Each Agency and Department Would Fare Under Clinton Budget
February 7 - IMF Request Hits Snag
February 7 - REGULATION: White House Says Immunity For Tobacco Is an Option
February 14 - Concerned Businesses
February 14 - ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Battle Over IMF Funding Looms As Business Steps Up Pressure
February 14 - EDUCATION: Latest Savings Account Bill Draws More Veto Threats
February 14 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: Hill Weighs Federal Yard Sale To Pay Down National Debt
February 14 - THE BUDGET: GOP May Scale Back Tax Cuts, Adhere to Spending Caps
February 14 - Untapped Sources of Wealth?
February 21 - The Rocky Relationship of Housing and Welfare
February 21 - Tribes To Get Block Grants, More Power
February 28 - A Farm-Friendly Chapter
February 28 - APPROPRIATIONS: $287 Million in Projects Restored to 1998 Bill
February 28 - COMMERCE: Governors Offer Alternative To Hill's Internet Tax Bills
February 28 - Congress Courts Corporate Leaders To Support Education Proposals
February 28 - DEFENSE: Congress Might Not Seek Cuts To Offset Bosnia, Gulf Costs
February 28 - ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Overhaul of Bankruptcy Law Has Real Chance This Year
February 28 - EDUCATION: White House Banking on Latest Student Loan Formula
February 28 - TRANSPORTATION: Governors' Pleas Nudge Senate Into Action on Highway Bill
March 7 - BANKING: House Panels Inch Toward Deal On Financial Services Overhaul
March 7 - Chart: Do-Nothing Session?
March 7 - Chart: Senate Transportation Spending Plans
March 7 - ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Leach's Even Hand at the Helm Wins IMF Funding a Big Boost
March 7 - HOUSING: Block Grants Bill Passes House
March 7 - In U.S., No Shortage of Short Memories
March 7 - Rough Going for Supplemental Bill
March 7 - TAXATION: Once Again, New Complexity In Simplifying the Tax Code
March 7 - THE BUDGET: Differences May Prompt GOP To Leave the Surplus Alone
March 7 - TRANSPORTATION: Senate's Solution to Road Wars: Deliver More Money
March 14 - BANKING: House Deal Offers Bit of Hope For Glass-Steagall Overhaul
March 14 - Changes Planned for Subsidy Program
March 14 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Military's 'Can-Do' Budget Stance Heightens Hawks' Frustrations
March 14 - Growth States Stake Their Claims
March 14 - Highlights of House Banking Bill
March 14 - Hill Goes To Bat for Credit Unions
March 14 - SPACE: Panel Clamps Price Cap On Space Station
March 14 - THE BUDGET: GOP Splits Supplemental Request, Stalling Funds for U.N. and IMF
March 21 - FOREIGN POLICY: GOP Plan To Challenge Clinton On Abortion Still Lacks Votes
March 21 - GOP Touts 'One-Stop Shopping' As Key Benefit of Overhaul Bill
March 21 - In Canada, Consolidation Rules
March 21 - LEADERSHIP: Offsets Spat Marks Latest Chapter In House GOP's Struggle To Govern
March 21 - SECTION NOTES: 'Debt-for-Nature' Incentive Easily Passes House
March 21 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Moratorium on Internet Taxes Wins Local Groups' Approval
March 21 - THE BUDGET: Tobacco Revenue Drives Debate As GOP Champions Medicare
March 21 - TRANSPORTATION: Shuster Prepares for Onslaught Against Members' Projects
March 28 - Bankers' Group Opposes Bill
March 28 - BANKING: House Credit Union Bill Responds To Court's 'Common Bond' Ruling
March 28 - EDUCATION: Senate Agrees on Debate Terms For Savings Accounts Bill
March 28 - HUMAN SERVICES: Congress To Debate Restoring Food Stamps to Immigrants
March 28 - Reinvestment Act Again in Cross Hairs
March 28 - SPACE: New Price Tag, Russian Shake-Up Cloud Space Station's Future
March 28 - THE BUDGET: Split Supplemental Divides GOP As Chambers Go Separate Ways
March 28 - TRANSPORTATION: Road Wars and Special Projects Ensure House Bill's Rough Ride
April 4 - BANKING: House Floor Says 'No Thanks' To Financial Services Bill
April 4 - COVER STORY: Environmental Bills Hitch a Ride Through the Legislative Gantlet
April 4 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: The Revolution At Twilight
April 4 - Credit Union Bill Sails Solo
April 4 - DEFENSE: Pentagon Enlists New Statistics In Push To Close More Bases
April 4 - ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Tighter Bankruptcy Laws Win Senate Panel Approval
April 4 - HUMAN SERVICES: Senate Shifts Food Stamp Aid To Increase Road Spending
April 4 - Lagging Do-List
April 4 - LEADERSHIP: On the Hill and at Home, GOP Is Torn by Internal Strife
April 4 - SECTION NOTES: House Backs $147 Million For Anti-Missile Defense
April 4 - TAXATION: Senate IRS Overhaul Advances Despite Strong Cost Concerns
April 4 - THE BUDGET: House Emergency Spending Measure Heads for Collision With Senate
April 4 - THE BUDGET: Senate Skirmishes Don't Deter Domenici's Budget Resolution
April 4 - The Money, State by State
April 4 - TRANSPORTATION: House Sets Up Battle With Senate In Passing $219 Billion Roads Bill
April 11 - REGULATION: Move To Halt Rise in Cable Rates May Be Running Out of Time
April 11 - SECURITIES INDUSTRY: Huge Financial Services Merger Puts Pressure on Hill To Lead
April 18 - Considering Back-Road Route For Middle-Class Mortgages
April 18 - DEFENSE: Picking the Best Missile Defense: Cold War Treaty or New Weapons
April 18 - IMF Official Prepares To Defend Against Policy Attacks
April 18 - Lew Clinton's Choice To Replace Raines at OMB
April 18 - Missile Defense Systems
April 18 - Russia's Space Station Funding Remains in Doubt
April 18 - The Art of Business Lobbying Finding Profit in Regulation
April 18 - Transportation Bills Compared
April 25 - Disability Payments
April 25 - Lack of Pension Benefits Adds Urgency To Finding a Fix
April 25 - Road Bills Keep Republicans Divided While Clinton Plays Budget Hawk
April 25 - SOCIAL POLICY: Proposed Fixes Could Widen Social Security Gender Gap
April 25 - TAXES: Amendment On Tax Hikes Fails Again
April 25 - THE BUDGET: As Others Celebrate Deficit's Demise, Kasich Tilts at Budget Dragon
April 25 - TRANSPORTATION: Conference Gets To Work Deciding Where To Spend Money, Where To Find It
May 9 - House and Senate IRS Overhaul Bills Propose More Oversight, Add Rights
May 9 - IRS Overhaul Wins Big in Senate Despite Democrats' Cost Concerns
May 9 - PROGNOSIS: Few Are Betting Money On Banking Overhaul
May 9 - SCIENCE: Space Station Backers Warn NASA To Bring Costs Down to Earth
May 9 - THE BUDGET: As Kasich Trolls for Votes, Appropriators Dust Off Plan B
May 9 - TRANSPORTATION: Clinton Administration Sets Conferees in Motion With a Road Plan of Its Own
May 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: Appropriators Embark on Punishing Year
May 16 - BANKING & FINANCE: Financial Services Overhaul Squeaks By in House
May 16 - BUDGET: Kasich Drops Specific Cuts After Appropriators, Senate Flay His $100 Billion Plan
May 16 - Conferees Trim Bill, Near Agreement, But Clinton Still Threatens Veto
May 16 - PROCESS: Today's Tax Term
May 16 - TRANSPORTATION: America Hits the Highways, And Congress Must Navigate
May 23 - ANATOMY OF A VOTE: Gingrich the Whip Saves Financial Services Bill
May 23 - BUDGET: Kasich's Moderated Spending Cut Drive Faces GOP Disunity, Democratic Scorn
May 23 - FINANCE: Bankruptcy Bill Wins Bipartisan Approval, But Coalition Shows Signs of Weakness
May 23 - TRANSPORTATION: Congress Clears Huge Transportation Bill, Restoring Cut-Off Funding to States
May 30 - AGRICULTURE: Economic Slump Leaves Farmers Disgruntled With Congress, '96 Farm Law
June 6 - Authorizers Balk at Herculean Task Of Finding Kasich His Savings
June 6 - BUDGET: House Budget Resolution Wins Passage But No Real Vote of GOP Confidence
June 6 - TAXES: Critics Say Hill May Overstep In Pressuring IRS To Ease Up
June 13 - Anti-Drug Provisions Added
June 13 - BANKING & FINANCE: House Backs Holocaust Commission
June 13 - BANKING & FINANCE: House-Passed Bankruptcy Rewrite Demands More From Debtors
June 13 - BUDGET: GOP Leaders Face Factional War As Conservative Senators Back House-Passed Tax Cuts
June 13 - CORRECTION: Tobacco
June 13 - EDUCATION: Conferees Hope Compromise Wins Democratic Support For Education Savings Accounts
June 13 - FINANCE: Panel Acts On Class-Action Securities Suits
June 13 - REGULATION: Tobacco Debate Rages On, Keeping Bill Alive, If Unwieldy
June 20 - BUDGET: Hill Budget Office's Caution Creates Surplus of Skepticism
June 20 - TAXES: House Vote To Revoke Tax Code, Though Largely Symbolic, May Foreshadow Pitched Battles
June 20 - TAXES: Resounding Votes for a Tax Cut May Amount to Little This Year
June 27 - 'TECHNICAL CORRECTIONS': As Chairman Archer Sees It, A Tax Break Is No Mistake
June 27 - BUDGET: Few in Congress Grieve as Justices Give Line-Item Veto the Ax
June 27 - DEFENSE: Democrats Parry GOP Thrusts On China Policy, Bosnia Mission
June 27 - EDUCATION: Education Savings Account Bill Clears Senate by Too Few Votes To Override an Expected Veto
June 27 - Excerpts From the Opinions
June 27 - JUDICIARY: Doubts Linger As Securities Fraud Bill OK'd
June 27 - TAXES: IRS Overhaul Passes House On Way to Speedy Enactment
June 27 - TAXES: Republicans Set Their Sights On Further Reduction In Capital Gains Tax Rate
June 27 - What the IRS Bill Does
July 4 - FINANCE: Plan To Expand FHA Mortgages Finds a Haven in the House
July 11 - BANKING: Old Argument Stalls Effort To Mend Fences
July 11 - IRS Overhaul On Its Way To President
July 18 - BANKING: House Clears Mortgage Insurance Bill
July 18 - BUDGET: Even Brighter Budget Forecast Renews GOP's Hope for Tax Cuts
July 25 - BUDGET: Social Security Surplus Shaping Up As an Election Year Battleground
July 25 - FINANCE: Securities Suits Bill Moves To Conference
July 25 - IRS Overhaul Correction
August 1 - BANKING & FINANCE: Senate Passes Credit Union Bill, But Differences Remain With House Over Minority Loans, Other Issues
August 1 - BANKING: Industry Groups Give Senate Banking Bill A Cautious Embrace
August 1 - BUDGET: Chambers Find No Accord on Budget, Taxes
August 1 - Endangered Provisions
August 1 - TAXES: Much Loved and Left To Die: Tax Credits May Fall to Politics
August 1 - TAXES: Vote Bodes Ill For Internet Tax Agreement
August 8 - BANKING & FINANCE: House Clears Credit Union Expansion Bill
August 8 - BANKING: Bill Would Widen Penalties For Fraudulent Practices Of 'Information Brokers'
August 8 - BANKING: Inclusion of 'Killer' Amendment Leaves Little Hope For House Regulatory Bill
August 8 - FINANCE: Troubled Fund Wins Support In House
August 22 - FINANCE: Bankruptcy Overhaul: Seeking an Elusive Balance
August 22 - From the Editor
August 22 - Passion and Compassion From Bankruptcy Trustees
September 5 - BANKING: Sen. Gramm's Maneuvers Temporarily Derail Financial Services Overhaul
September 5 - BUDGET: 'Digestible' Tax-Cut Bill Gains House GOP Favor As Budget Year Winds Down
September 5 - GOP Senators Seek a Vote on Bankruptcy Bill
September 12 - BANKING: Financial Services Overhaul Bill Makes Progress in Senate With Nudge From Industry
September 12 - FINANCE: Bankruptcy Bill Advances In Senate
September 12 - TAXES: GOP Seeks Pre-Election Vote On a Tax Cut Package Despite Long Odds
September 19 - FINANCE: Differences Grow Between Senate, House Bankruptcy Bills
September 19 - Highlights of the House Tax Bill
September 19 - TAXES: Archer's Tax Bill Moves in House; Democrats Dig In on Social Security
September 26 - FINANCE: Chambers' Differing Bankruptcy Bills Promise No Coasting for Conferees
September 26 - How Bankruptcy Code Would Change
September 26 - Minimum Wage Measure Fails
September 26 - TAXES: Tax Bill's Chances Fade As Senate Democrats Savor An Opportunity To Unite
September 26 - TECHNOLOGY: Internet Tax Moratorium Set Back
October 3 - BANKING: Financial Services Rewrite Wins Bank-Insurance Deal But Faces Senate Floor Fights
October 3 - TAXES: Hill May Try For Minimal Tax Package
October 10 - BANKING: Financial Services Overhaul Appears To Die in Senate, A Victim of Friendly Fire
October 10 - FINANCE: Bankruptcy Law Rewrite Hangs in the Balance As Senate Democrats Balk
October 10 - TAXES: Senate Bill To Place Moratorium On New Internet Taxes
October 10 - TAXES: Timely Deal On Tax Credits Questionable
October 17 - APPROPRIATIONS: This Year's Surplus-Spending Binge Will Compound Next Year's Headaches
October 17 - BANKRUPTCY: Bankruptcy Code Overhaul Slips Away
October 17 - EXCERPTS: Clinton Says Budget Reflects Wise Choices In 'This Moment of Prosperity'
October 17 - EXCERPTS: GOP Calls Budget Deal a Victory For Constitutional Government
October 17 - GOODIES: These Are a Few of Their Favorite Things
October 17 - House Clears Measure To Combat Money Laundering
October 17 - Thwarted by Split Over Taxes, GOP Looks To Next Year
October 24 - PROVISIONS: Tax Provisions
October 31 - BUDGET: Fiscal 1998 Budget Surplus: $70 Billion
October 31 - BUDGET: Reappointment Unlikely, CBO Chief Bows Out
October 31 - HOUSE: Speaker, Other Leaders Help Their States
November 14 - Legislative Summary: Business and Society
November 14 - Legislative Summary: Washington Focus
December 5 - Four Prominent Privatization Plans
December 5 - Lessons From Britain and Chile
December 5 - Social Policy: The Quest for Leadership On Social Security Overhaul
December 5 - SOCIAL POLICY: The Risky Business Of Privatizing Social Security
December 12 - SOCIAL POLICY: Clinton Backs Investing in Market To Strengthen Social Security
December 19 - The Politics of Prosperity

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