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 Economic Affairs

January 9 - 'Non-disclosure' Agreements Suspended: Treasury-Postal Funding Adds New Staff for Customs Service
January 9 - Budget Submission Delayed Until February
January 9 - Fiscal 1988 Treasury, Postal Funding (chart)
January 9 - Major Provisions of the Fiscal 1988 Reconciliation Bill
January 9 - Nursing Homes, Vaccine Injuries, Rural Health: Reconciliation Bill Includes Several Key Health Changes
January 16 - Iacocca, Rohatyn Named to Commission on Deficit
January 30 - Democrats Lining Up Behind 'Family' Banner
January 30 - Organized Labor a Major Lobby Force Behind Many So-Called 'Family' Issues
January 30 - Reagan Puts Capital Gains Tax Back on Table
February 6 - Budget Committee Leaders Battle Over Top CBO Post
February 6 - CBO Gives Gloomy Deficit Forecast
February 6 - Leave-Transfer Bill Also OK'd: Second House Panel Approves Parental-Leave Legislation
February 6 - Market Crash Studies: Key Recommendations
February 6 - Most Urge New Market Regulations: Hill Gets Conflicting Advice On Averting Another Crash
February 6 - Senate Labor Votes Ban on Polygraph Use
February 6 - Senate OKs Two International Labor Pacts
February 20 - Baseline Budget Projections (chart)
February 20 - Budget and Deficit Targets (chart)
February 20 - Budget Authority and Outlays by Agency (chart)
February 20 - Conflicting Deficit Estimates: Economic Forecasts: Why the Numbers Matter
February 20 - Conservatives See Stalking Horse for Tax Hike: Critics Take Aim at New Deficit Commission
February 20 - Deficit Limits Reagan's Options in 1989 Budget
February 20 - Effect of Economic Assumptions on Deficit Projections (chart)
February 20 - Elections, Summit Deal Suppress Strife: Congress Will Evade the Usual Budget Battles
February 20 - Fiscal 1989 Budget by Function: $1.1 Trillion in
February 20 - Lame Ducks Circling Over Budget Scene
February 20 - Major Proposals in Reagan's Fiscal 1989 Budget
February 20 - Medicaid: A Safety Net Riddled With Holes
February 20 - Reagan Administration Economic Assumptions (chart)
February 20 - Reagan's Annual Budget Message: Fiscal 1989 Budget Highlights Past Success, Future Reforms
February 20 - The Fiscal 1989 Budget: Terms and Process
February 20 - White House Expects a Calm Budget Year
February 27 - Congress Set to Consider New Banking Powers
February 27 - House Panel Seeks Bipartisan Budget
February 27 - Indexing Provision a Focus of Concern: Bill to Boost Minimum Wage Encounters Resistance, Delays
February 27 - Promises Vigilance on Inflation: Greenspan Vows Independence, Avoids Detailed Commitments
February 27 - Reagan to Submit Supplemental 1988 Request
February 27 - The Banking System: Multiple Regulators
March 5 - CBO Pegs Deficit at $165 Billion
March 5 - Indexing Plan Dropped: House Panel Agrees to Minimum-Wage Hike
March 5 - Major Provisions of Polygraph Protection Act
March 5 - Senate Panel Approves Bank Deregulation Bill
March 5 - Senate Passes Bill Limiting Lie Detector Tests
March 12 - A Bargaining Chip for Future? House Labor Adds 4th Year To Minimum-Wage Increase
March 12 - Budget Panel Finds Little Room for Maneuver
March 12 - Community Health: A Case Study
March 12 - ECONOMICS NOTES: Baker Promises No 'Fed-Bashing,' If...
March 12 - ECONOMICS NOTES: Reagan Suggests $1.5 Billion in 1988 Cuts
March 12 - Fiscal 1989 Domestic Discretionary Programs (chart)
March 12 - House Clears U.S. Mint Authorization
March 12 - Not Enough to Keep Up Current Services: Summit Accord Squeezes Funding for the Poor
March 19 - Complying With the Budget Summit: House Panel Turns Creative To Craft Fiscal 1989 Measure
March 19 - Congress Still Seeking Stock Market Reforms
March 19 - House Panel Caucuses on Bank-Deregulation Bill
March 19 - Members Focus On Single-Premium Plans: Use of Life Insurance as Tax Shelter Draws Fire
March 19 - Minimum-Wage Boost Ready for House Vote
March 19 - Reagan Seeks Supplemental Spending
March 19 - Senate Fight Looms on Risk-Notification Bill
March 19 - Senate Finance Approves Plan to Protect Taxpayers
March 26 - Banks Upset by Price Tag on Deregulation Bill
March 26 - FY '89 Budget Resolution by Function (chart)
March 26 - House Adopts Bipartisan Fiscal 1989 Budget
March 26 - House Budget Resolution: Major Assumptions
March 26 - Losses Matched With Revenue-Gainers: Senate Panel OKs Curbs on IRS, Tax Relief on Fuel for Farmers
March 26 - OSHA: The Agency Nobody Loves: Old Business Nemesis Now Draws Labor's Fire
March 26 - Senate Battling Over Risk-Notification Bill
April 2 - Bank Failures, Scandals Spurred Passage... ...Of the Depression-Era Glass-Steagall Act
April 2 - Business Lobbyists Prevail Over Labor: Risk-Notification Measure Derailed by GOP Filibuster
April 2 - FY '89 Domestic Discretionary Budget* (chart)
April 2 - Key Provisions of the Senate Bank-Deregulation Bill
April 2 - Regulators Resist Early Action: Proxmire Offers Plan to Coordinate Markets
April 2 - Senate Easily Approves Bank-Deregulation Bill
April 2 - Senate Panel OKs Fiscal 1989 Budget Measure
April 2 - Unemployment Drops to Lowest Level Since 1979
April 9 - House Banking-Deregulation Bill Under Scrutiny
April 9 - Lawmakers Resist Costly 'Correction': 'Notch Baby' Dilemma a Legacy Of Quirk in Social Security Law
April 9 - Uphill Battle Seen for New World Bank Funding
April 16 - Bank Deregulation: A Debate Over 'Fire Walls'
April 16 - CBO's Unwelcome Cost Estimate Vanishes
April 16 - Conservative Coalition Forming: Bill to Boost Minimum Wage Faces Rough Sailing in House
April 16 - FY '89 Budget Resolution by Function (chart)
April 16 - House, Senate Budget Assumptions Compared (chart)
April 16 - More Funds for Space, Anti-Drug War: Senate Adopts 1989 Budget, Skirts Summit Funding Limits
April 23 - Appropriators Could Take the Lead: Budget Conferees in Dispute Over Priorities, 'Scorekeeping'
April 23 - House Panel OKs Wider OPIC Role
April 23 - House Set to Act on 1988 Supplemental
April 23 - OSHA: This Time, It Draws Fire From the Ranks
April 23 - Specific Prescriptions Avoided: Panel in Discord Over State of the Economy
April 30 - Budget Conference Breaks Up in Acrimony
April 30 - CBO Draws More Fire on Minimum-Wage Report
April 30 - Chief Differences on Fiscal 1989 Budget (chart)
April 30 - House Committee OKs 'Portable Pensions'
April 30 - Rep. Obey Skeptical on World Bank Funds
May 7 - Expanded Powers: The View From Three Banks
May 7 - House Appropriations Panels Start 'FY 89 Markup
May 7 - Labor's Allies Prevail in House Face-Off Over Changing Davis-Bacon Wage Law
May 7 - What Glass-Steagall Does
May 14 - Banking, Product-Liability Lobbying Increase
May 14 - Divisions Hinted in First Session: Deficit Commission Gets Lesson on the Budget
May 14 - Does Reagan Already Have a Line-Item Veto?
May 14 - House, Senate Budget Panels Agree to Disagree
May 21 - 'Quick Fix' Seen as Unlikely: Senate Panel Gets Bad News On S and L Insurance Fund
May 21 - Alternative Sought to Walker Drug Measure
May 21 - First (and Only) Labor Bill to Prevail: Conferees Vote Polygraph Ban For Private-Sector Employers
May 21 - Hill Reluctant to Take Lead on Market Regulation
May 21 - Minimum-Wage Measure in Trouble in House
May 21 - Must Fully Disclose Terms: House Banking Panel Approves Limits on Home-Equity Lenders
May 21 - Senate Allocations: Budget Vs. Appropriations (chart)
May 21 - Spending Bills Advance Without a Blueprint: Budget Conferees Again Fail to Reach Accord
May 21 - The Securities Markets: Terms and Definitions
May 21 - The White House Group's Recommendations
May 28 - Bill to Protect Retirees' Benefits Sent to Reagan
May 28 - ECONOMIC NOTES: Balanced Budget Amendment
May 28 - ECONOMIC NOTES: Fed, SEC Appointments
May 28 - ECONOMIC NOTES: FSLIC: More Troubles
May 28 - ECONOMIC NOTES: Market Bill Promised
May 28 - ECONOMIC NOTES: Panel Approves Coin Redesign
May 28 - FY '89 Budget Resolution by Function (chart)
May 28 - Real Spending Battles Are to Come: Conferees Agree on Budget, House Gives Its Approval
June 4 - 'Dear Colleague,' Please Stop Writing
June 4 - Anti-Takeover Bill Heads for Floor: Senate Showdown Expected Over Shareholder Rights
June 4 - For Lobbyists, Wage Fight Is 'a Holy War'
June 4 - House OKs Conference Report on Polygraph Ban
June 4 - Major Assumptions of FY 1989 Budget Agreement
June 4 - Panel OKs Defense, Treasury Spending Bills
June 4 - The Idiom of Corporate Takeovers
June 11 - Appropriators Inherit Disputes: Senate Approves Fiscal 1989 Budget Resolution
June 11 - Congress Clears Lie-Detector Ban
June 11 - Markup Set on 'Technical Corrections': Costly Add-Ons Complicate Prospects for a 1988 Tax Bill
June 11 - Objections Raised to Abortion Language: House Committee Approves Labor-HHS Spending Measure
June 11 - Sen. Dodd Scales Back Parental-Leave Bill
June 18 - ECONOMC NOTES: Banking Deregulation
June 18 - ECONOMIC NOTES: Corporate Takeovers
June 18 - Economic Notes: Senate Backs S and L Moratorium; Progress Seen on 1988 Tax Bill
June 18 - ECONOMIC NOTES: Technical Corrections
June 18 - Includes $1.2 Billion to Combat AIDS: House Passes $135.8 Billion Labor-HHS Bill
June 18 - Labor/HHS/Education Funding (chart)
June 18 - Members Exclude Themselves From Pay Raise: House, Senate Committee OK Treasury-Postal Service Funds
June 18 - Senate Labor to Mark Up Minimum-Wage Bill
June 18 - Treasury, Postal Service Appropriations (chart)
June 25 - Abortion Language Brings Veto Threat: Senate Committee Approves Labor-HHS Funding Measure
June 25 - Anti-Takeover Bill Pulled From Senate Floor
June 25 - Fines to Aid L'Ambiance Plaza Victims
June 25 - Forecast Improves for 1988, but Not 1989
June 25 - House OKs S and L Moratorium
June 25 - Is What's Good for Raiders Good for Country?
June 25 - Labor/HHS/Education Funding (chart)
June 25 - Lenders Must Reveal Terms: Limits for Home-Equity Loans OK'd by House
June 25 - Pay Raise Included for Federal Workers: Senate Weighs Treasury-Postal Funding Bill
June 25 - Senate Labor Begins Minimum-Wage Markup
June 25 - Several Breaks Extended Through 1990: Tax Panel Tries to Keep Corrections Bill Trim
June 25 - Trade Bill Hangs in Balance: Senate Debates Plant-Closing Bill As Republicans Try to Amend It
July 2 - $6 Billion in Revenue-Raisers Added: Tax Panel Nears Completion Of 'Technical Corrections' Bill
July 2 - Difficult Road Ahead: House Banking Panel OKs World Bank Funds
July 2 - Moratorium Sought on Cashouts: Pension Surpluses: A Corporate Piggy Bank?
July 2 - Pension Plan Terminations, 1980-87 (chart)
July 2 - President Signs Polygraph-Limit Bill
July 2 - Senate Committee OKs Minimum-Wage Boost
July 2 - Senate OKs Treasury-Postal Funding
July 2 - Senate Stalled on Plant-Closing Notification
July 2 - Suit Filed Against Teamsters Union
July 9 - Davis-Bacon Revision Pulled From Defense Bill
July 9 - ECONOMIC AFFAIRS NOTES: Markey Presses Market Bill, SEC Backs One Vote Per Share
July 9 - House Panel Nears Action on Bank Regulation Bill
July 9 - Life Insurance Industry 'On Notice'
July 9 - Minimum Wage: Too Hot to Handle?
July 9 - Senate OKs Advance Notice of Plant Closings
July 9 - Who Switched Votes in the Senate?
July 16 - Both Votes Seen as Veto-Proof: Trade, Plant-Closing Bills Win Strong House Backing
July 16 - Congress Clears S and L Moratorium Extension
July 16 - Economic Affairs Notes: Ruling Yields Windfall to S and Ls, Panels Back Canada Trade Bill
July 16 - House Panel OKs Tax Bill; Senate Outlook Dim
July 16 - Outlook Improved for House Bill: Senate Committee Approves Parental-Leave Legislation
July 23 - 1988 Technical-Corrections Bill: Major Provisions
July 23 - Congress Stalled on Market-Regulation Bills
July 23 - Securities Issues Confronting Congress
July 30 - $5.9 Billion Left for All New Programs: OMB Fiscal '89 Budget Report Puts Hill Democrats in a Bind
July 30 - Bentsen Gets Panel Support for Narrow Tax Bill
July 30 - Highlights of the House Bank-Deregulation Bill
July 30 - House GOP Adopts Old Democratic Plan: Tax Credit Pushed as Alternative to Wage Hike
July 30 - Penalty Urged on Pension Cash-outs
July 30 - Senate Banking OKs Two S and L Bills
July 30 - Senate Panel OKs International SEC Action
July 30 - Some Consider Vote Fruitless: Judiciary Members Reluctant To Deal With Insurance Issue
July 30 - Weary House Panel OKs Bank-Deregulation Bill
August 6 - Continuity With Baker Era Expected: Nicholas Brady Named to Top Treasury Post
August 6 - Economic Affairs Notes: Canada Trade Bill Moves Ahead, Panel Backs Insider-Trading Bill
August 6 - House Passes 'Technical-Corrections' Tax Bill
August 6 - House Seeks to Boost LIHEAP Funding
August 6 - Reagan Bows to Politics on Plant-Closing Bill
August 6 - Text of Reagan's Statement: Plant-Closing Bill Enacted Without President's Signature
August 6 - Treasury-Postal Conference Stalls
August 13 - Accord Reached on Treasury-Postal Funding: Conferees OK Pay Raise, but Not for Congress
August 13 - Agreement Reached on All Other Points: Labor-HHS Conference Ends; Abortion Issue Still Unsettled
August 13 - Dukakis' Endorsement of Space Station Sought
August 13 - House Committee OKs Portable-Pension Plan
August 13 - House Panel Approves Insider-Trading Bill
August 13 - OK'd by Committees in Both Chambers: ABC Child-Care Legislation Now Ready for Floor Action
August 27 - OMB Issues Warning for Fiscal '89:
August 27 - Sen. Melcher to Seek Revised Price Index: Study Spurs New Look at COLAs for Elderly
August 27 - Social Security: Alternative COLAs (chart)
September 3 - 100th Congress Will Finish on a Partisan Note
September 3 - Early Debate on the Aim of Deposit Insurance
September 3 - Family Income Up; Poverty Rate Unchanged
September 3 - FDIC and FSLIC: How the Funds Deal
September 3 - Options Range From Studies to Total Overhaul: S and L Crisis Forcing New Look at Deposit Insurance
September 10 - First Time Since 1980: Congress Clears Treasury-Postal Funding Bill
September 10 - FSLIC Bailout Looms; Dollar, Debt Stir Fears
September 10 - House Panel Scores Bank Board on Thrift Crisis
September 10 - Labor Plan Imperils Transportation Bill
September 10 - Next Move Is Up to Senate: Abortion Fights Stall Action on Labor-HHS Bill
September 10 - Options Considered to Speed Glass-Steagall Bill
September 10 - Senate Panel Outlines Plan for Modest Tax Breaks
September 10 - Thoughts Turning to Year-End 'CR'
September 17 - Brady Confirmed by Lopsided Senate Vote
September 17 - Consumer Aid, 'Firewalls' Among Key Issues: Protagonists Take Up Positions For Battle Over Bank Powers
September 17 - Drexel Case Seen Spurring Support: House Votes 410-0 to Stiffen Penalties for Insider Trading
September 17 - ECONOMIC AFFAIRS NOTES: Senate Passes Coin Redesign
September 17 - Final Fiscal 1989 Labor-HHS Appropriations (chart)
September 17 - Senate Caves on Abortion Funding: Congress Clears Labor-HHS Spending Bill
September 17 - Senate Completes Work: Democrats Will Skip Conference To Speed Action on Textile Bill
September 17 - Senate Opens Debate on Minimum-Wage Hike
September 17 - Thirteen Spending Bills: Halfway There
September 24 - Bill Makes Compromise More Difficult: Energy/Commerce Panel Seeks Tight Reins on New Bank Powers
September 24 - But Backers Remain Hopeful: Time, Election-Year Caution May Hinder Senate Tax Bill
September 24 - Conferees Reach Agreement: Funding OK'd For Commerce, Justice, State
September 24 - FSLIC Bailout Talk Escalates
September 24 - GOP Seeks Action on Judgeships: Minimum-Wage Bill Snared In Partisan Power Struggle
September 24 - Hill Moves Forward on World Bank Funding
September 24 - Reagan Vows Not to Sign 'CR': Wright, Byrd Pushing to Finish All 13 Spending Bills by Oct. 1
October 1 - Congress Races to Complete Spending Bills
October 1 - Consumer Issues, Turf Battles Stall Action: Prospects for New Bank Powers Fade in Congress' Final Days
October 1 - Economic Affairs Notes: Reagan Vetoes Textile Quotas, Signs Canada Free-Trade Bill
October 1 - Election-Year Politicking: Senate Fills Its Spare Time Feuding Over 'Family Issues'
October 1 - House Banking Votes to Set Up FSLIC Panel
October 1 - Reagan Shares Thoughts on Budget
October 1 - Regular Appropriation Bills Cleared by Start of Fiscal Year
October 1 - Senate Approves Anti-Pornography Language
October 8 - Adjournment Delay Keeps Work Going: A Flicker of Life Remains In Drive for New Bank Powers
October 8 - Congress Clears Spending Bills at Last Minute
October 8 - Deficit Score Card: Fiscal 1989 (chart)
October 8 - Economic Affairs: House Backs Foreign Disclosure; Textile-Quota Veto Sustained
October 8 - Education Tax Break Adopted: Senate Works to Complete Technical Tax Bill
October 8 - No Cap on Interest Rates: Conferees Approve Credit-Card Disclosure Bill
October 8 - Parental-Leave, Child-Care Measure: Senate Democrats Are Stymied On So-Called 'Family Issues'
October 8 - S and L Crisis Gets Last-Minute Attention: House Advances Thrift Bills; Wall Raises Bailout Estimate
October 15 - Any Added Spending Doesn't Count: Gramm-Rudman Deficit Curbs Are Now Moot for Fiscal 1989
October 15 - Negotiators Find Tax-Bill Compromise Elusive
October 15 - Other Measures Linger: Hopes for Thrift-Bailout Bill Dashed for Year
October 15 - Some Pieces May Move Separately: Caught in House Turf Battle, Banking Deregulation Bill Dies
October 22 - Bicentennial Coin Bill Cleared
October 22 - Congress Struggles Over Tax Bill in Final Hours
October 22 - Economic Affairs Notes: Bill on New Banking Powers Dies, Taking Thrift Commission With It
October 29 - Excise Tax on Pension 'Reversions' Is Boosted
October 29 - Final Provisions of the 1988 Tax Bill
October 29 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Banking
October 29 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Economic Affairs
October 29 - Senate Clears Insider-Trading Bill in Last Hours
November 5 - Higher Benefits, More Uniform Taxes: Railroad Unemployment Fund Overhauled by New Tax Bill
November 12 - Deadlock Blocks Early Recommendations: Deficit Panel Delays Report, Seeks to Heal Image With Bush
November 26 - Administration Issues Sunny Economic Forecast (Chart)
November 26 - August Registrations Show Industry Splits: Banks Follow Glass-Steagall, Thrifts Watch FSLIC Rescue
November 26 - Cutting the Deficit: Tougher Than It Looks
November 26 - Is Anyone Really Trying to Balance the Budget? (Chart)
November 26 - The Social Security Surplus: A Snare Or an Incentive for Deficit Reduction
December 3 - Riegle to Head Senate Banking Committee
December 3 - Seidman Would Revise Deposit Insurance: Debate on Thrift Industry Crisis Shifts to Search for Solutions
December 10 - Bush's Social Policy: Big Ideas, Little Money
December 10 - Tax Options for 1989: Revising Capital Gains Rates
December 17 - Budget Timetable for Fiscal 1990 (chart)
December 17 - GAO Says FSLIC Needs $85 Billion Bailout
December 17 - New Budget Chairmen: Ready for the Spotlight
December 17 - Sunshine Too Bright for Deficit Commission?
December 24 - Bush Appoints Two to Deficit Commission
December 24 - Legislative Outlook: Economic Affairs
December 24 - Legislative Outlook: Labor
December 24 - Savings and Loan-Sponsored PACs Rank Near Top of Financial-Industry Givers
December 24 - Thrift Industry to Congress: Don't Send Us the Bill
December 31 - Another Benefit Under Siege
December 31 - Employee Benefits Rules: Unexpected Costs

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