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 Economic Affairs

January 12 - Baker-Regan Trade: Change in Means, Not Ends
January 12 - Comptroller of the Currency Leaving
January 12 - GOP Budget-Cut Options: Main Targets And Other Potential Deficit Reductions
January 12 - In Conjunction With Blanket Freeze: FY 1986 Budget-Trim Options Aired by Senate GOP Leaders
January 12 - White House Weighing Cuts: State and Local Officials Fear Federal Budget, Tax Changes
January 19 - Senate GOP Leaders Awaiting Committees' Deficit-Cut Ideas
January 19 - Senior Staff Changes at Tax-Writing Committees
January 26 - Baker Hears Tax Revision Complaints
January 26 - Budget Resolution by March: Shape of Fiscal 1986 Budget Eludes GOP Senate Leaders
January 26 - Special Report: Women's Agenda Women Renew Drive for 'Economic Equity'
February 2 - Chairmen's Views Remain Divided: Banking Deregulation Issues Await Action; Hurdles Remain
February 2 - Deficit Reductions: The Search Continues
February 2 - Record-Keeping Requirement Sparks Action: Congress Reacts Quickly to Taxpayer Outcry
February 2 - Schedule Uncertain for Tax Reform
February 2 - The Test for the Coalition-Builder: New House Budget Chief Gray Weighs Local, National Claims
February 9 - $15.5 Billion for Education Proposed: Reagan Calls for Major Cuts In Student Loans and Grants
February 9 - $24.7 Billion Proposed: DOT Budget Drops Amtrak, Slashes Mass Transit Funding
February 9 - Administration Forecast: Economic Optimism Tied to Steady Growth
February 9 - Boost in Arms Assistance: Foreign Aid Programs Escape Deep Cuts by Administration
February 9 - Budget Authority and Outlays by Agency
February 9 - Budget Drops SBA Loans, Mail Subsidy
February 9 - But Welfare Programs Largely Spared: Reagan Again Seeks to Curb Medicare, Medicaid Growth
February 9 - Congressional Opposition Is Swift: Pay, Pension Cuts Proposed for Federal Workers
February 9 - Consensus on the 3 Percent Solution?
February 9 - Defense Up; Other Agencies Down: Increase Sought in Federal Research Spending
February 9 - Departure From Tradition, Law: Reagan Wants 10% Cut in Legislative Budget
February 9 - Elimination of Ex-Im Loans Proposed
February 9 - Emphasis on Hazardous-Waste Control: Reagan Boosts EPA Funding, Slashes Interior Spending
February 9 - Farmers Would Pay for Some Services: Budget Seeks Big Reductions In Fiscal 1986 Farm Spending
February 9 - Fights Likely on MX, Space Weaponry: Pentagon Asks $313.7 Billion for Defense Buildup
February 9 - Fiscal 1986 Budget by Function: $973.7 Billion in Expenditures, $1.06 Trillion in Spending Authority
February 9 - Friedersdorf Returns as White House Lobbyist
February 9 - FY '86 Funding Assured: Future Payments to Development Banks Put Off
February 9 - Higher Fees for VA Mortgages Sought: VA Budget Asks 'Means Test' For Access to Medical Care
February 9 - How Much for Defense? The Fiscal 1986 Reagan Budget: The Realities of Deficit-Cutting
February 9 - HUD Fiscal 1986 Funding Cut Sharply: Reagan Proposes Two-Year Housing Freeze
February 9 - Job Corps on the Block: Labor Budget Seeks Trimmed Employment Aid
February 9 - Local Aid Programs Dropped or Cut
February 9 - New Strings Attached to Food Aid
February 9 - Nuclear Weapons Dominate Spending: Non-Defense Energy Programs Face Deep Budget Reductions
February 9 - Other Justice-Related Spending Up Slightly: Law Enforcement Spending Remains Level
February 9 - President's Budget Message to Congress -- Feb. 4, 1985
February 9 - Proposals on Hill Offer Differing Views Of How Much Food Aid Africans Need
February 9 - Reagan Administration Economic Assumptions
February 9 - Slow Deficit Reduction Forecast: FY '86 Budget Projects Small Rise in Spending
February 9 - Space Station's Launch Pushed Back: NASA Budget Up, But Some Programs Cut
February 9 - States Fueling Budget Amendment Drive
February 9 - Stockman Flays 'Scandal' of Military Pensions
February 9 - The Budget: Mastering the Language
February 9 - The Reagan Budget-Cutting Program
February 9 - To Develop Exotic Space Arms, $3.7 Billion
February 9 - User Fees Proposed: Reagan Budget Avoids Taxes As Solution to Spending Gap
February 16 - Action Called Political Retaliation: Union Chiefs May Be Punished For Supporting Mondale in '84
February 16 - Administration Would Drop Federal Funds: Amtrak Survival Without Subsidies Debated
February 16 - American Conservation Corps
February 16 - Following the State Example: Taxpayer Amnesty Promoted To Collect Lost Federal Funds
February 16 - Major Reductions in Grants to States, Cities
February 16 - Members Await Details of Tax Code Revision
February 16 - Members of Tax-Writing Committees Reap PAC Money
February 16 - State Tax Amnesty Programs (chart)
February 16 - Tax Hikes, Service Reductions Likely: Cities, States Say Cuts in Aid Will Create an Unfair Burden
February 23 - Can They Improve Their Fiscal Reputation? Wary, Split House Democrats Seek an FY '86 Budget Strategy
February 23 - Monetary Affairs Report
February 23 - Senate GOP Laboring to Salvage Budget Pace
February 23 - Sprinkel Named CEA Chairman
March 2 - A Victim of Economic Recovery? Expiration of Extra Jobless Aid Sparks Debate on Alternatives
March 2 - American Conservation Corps
March 2 - Program Targeted for Budget Cuts: 39,000 Local Officials Await Decision on Revenue Sharing
March 2 - Rostenkowski Makes Pitch for Tax Overhaul
March 2 - Round Three for 'Imputed Interest': Complicated Real Estate Taxes Likely to Confound Hill Again
March 2 - Uncertain Senate GOP Sets Budget Sessions
March 9 - Statue of Liberty Coins
March 9 - Tax Overhaul: The Crucial Lobby Fight of 1985
March 9 - Unemployment Rate Dips
March 16 - Budget Plan Highlights
March 16 - Comptroller's Office Criticized
March 16 - Donovan Resigns; Must Stand Trial in New York
March 16 - Reagan Names Babson, Johansen to NLRB
March 16 - Report From Financial Forecasters: No Vote of Confidence
March 16 - Senate Panel's Party-Line Vote OKs Budget
March 23 - Democrats, Elderly Will Oppose: Bid to Rein In Social Security Faces Senate Floor Challenge
March 23 - Major Provisions of the Senate Budget Committee Plan for Fiscal Year 1986
March 23 - Reaction to Reagan Plan: House Panels Offer Budget, Deficit-Cut Ideas
March 23 - Reagan Opposes Extending Extra Jobless Benefits
March 23 - Senate Budget Committee - FY 1986 Plan
March 23 - Senate GOP Budget Plan Spreads Uneasiness
March 23 - Social Security, Defense at Issue: Shape of '86 Budget Proposal Still To Emerge in the House
March 23 - Ways and Means Hearings on Tax Simplification
March 30 - Fiscal 1986 'Views and Estimates': Reports Filed With House Budget Committee
March 30 - Index of Economic Indicators Up in February
March 30 - Meetings, 'Hard Choices' Continue: Much Talk, Little Action on Fiscal 1986 Budget
March 30 - Prognosis Good for Medicare Fund
March 30 - Unemployment Aid Extension Pressed on Hill
March 30 - While Awaiting Reagan Plan: Tax Overhaulers' Next Chore Is Generating Public Support
April 6 - Collyer Confirmed
April 6 - Minimum Tax Proposal
April 6 - Phase-Out of Extra Unemployment Aid Clears
April 6 - Reagan, Senate GOP Reach '86 Budget Accord
April 6 - Unemployment Rate Holds Steady
April 6 - Use of Autos, Computers: House, Senate Overturn Record-Keeping Rules
April 6 - Youth Wage Back Again
April 13 - More Poverty Seen If Social Security COLA Is Cut
April 13 - Perspective: Tax Reform: Getting Hung Up on Details
April 20 - American Conservation Corps: Bucking Anti-Spending Mood, House Panels Approve Jobs Bill
April 20 - Deregulation Debate Clouded: Bank Scandals Prompt Review To Reassure Investors, Public
April 27 - '86 Budget Hung Up In Senate Floor Squabble
April 27 - Brock Confirmed as Labor Secretary
April 27 - Budget Spurs Divisions in Corporate Lobby
April 27 - Joint Committee Assesses State of Economy
April 27 - Response Uneven to President's TV Appeal
May 4 - Conferees OK Record-Keeping Repeal
May 4 - Defense Cut, Social Security Boosted: Republican Budget Package Picked Apart on Senate Floor
May 4 - Deficit Reduction, Tax Equity Stressed: Corporate, Individual Minimum Taxes Gain
May 4 - Democrats Striving for Budget Consensus
May 4 - Extra Funds for Food, Veterans Approved
May 4 - Key House Democrats Prefer to Wait: Farm Bill Markup Is Slowed By Incomplete Budget Action
May 4 - State Department Bill Ready for House Vote
May 11 - 'Contemporaneous' Logs: House Drops Tax-Diary Rules, Rapid Senate Action Expected
May 11 - Budget Squeaks Through Senate Floor Vote
May 11 - Panel Votes 'Imputed Interest' Bill
May 11 - Trade-off for Pentagon Cut? Social Security Hikes Divide House Democrats
May 11 - Uncertainty Awaits Administration Tax Plan
May 18 - Banks Find Ways to Dodge Interstate Ban
May 18 - Connecticut Vote One of Several Setbacks: Balanced Budget Amendment Advances Here, Loses There
May 18 - Constitutionality Challenged: Court Decision Looms Over Debate on Regional Banking
May 18 - House Budget Committee Fiscal 1986 Plan
May 18 - House Committee, Senate Budget Highlights
May 18 - House Panel Gives Quick OK to '86 Budget
May 18 - Minor Social Security Changes
May 18 - President Delays Tax Plan Release Until May 28
May 18 - Record-Keeping Repeal Cleared for Reagan
May 18 - Senate Fiscal 1986 Budget Resolution
May 18 - Summary of Senate's Fiscal 1986 Budget
May 25 - Employing Inventive Tactics: Democrats Force GOP Support For Aid to Development Banks
May 25 - Fight to Reap the Political Advantage: Successful Tax Code Overhaul Dependent on Reagan's Pitch
May 25 - General Revenue Sharing Targeted
May 25 - House Centrist Bloc: Still Waiting to Happen
May 25 - House Votes to Ease Tax on 'Imputed Interest'
May 25 - Summary of the House's Fiscal 1986 Budget
May 25 - Trouble Awaits in Conference: House, With Little Difficulty, Passes '86 Budget Resolution
May 25 - Water Projects Draw OMB Flak: Appropriations Panel Votes $13.49 Billion Supplemental
June 1 - Battle Looms Over State, Local Tax Issue
June 1 - BUDGET CONFERENCE OUTLOOK - Administration's Deep Cuts Rejected: House, Senate Divided on Student Aid Cuts
June 1 - BUDGET CONFERENCE OUTLOOK - Budgets Seek Veterans Administration Savings: Senate Cuts Deep Into Health Care Programs
June 1 - BUDGET CONFERENCE OUTLOOK - Conflicting Priorities: House and Senate Budgets
June 1 - BUDGET CONFERENCE OUTLOOK - Could Affect Deficit Total: House, Senate Budgets Differ Over Oil Revenue Estimates
June 1 - BUDGET CONFERENCE OUTLOOK - House, Senate Split on Oil Reserve
June 1 - BUDGET CONFERENCE OUTLOOK - Senate, House at Odds on COLAs
June 1 - BUDGET CONFERENCE OUTLOOK House Would Increase Funding: Two Plans Disagree Sharply on Food, Housing for Poor
June 1 - BUDGET CONFERENCE OUTLOOK Policy Issues, Big Dollars at Stake: Senate, House at Odds Over Health Spending
June 1 - BUDGET CONFERENCE OUTLOOK Programs Senate's Budget Would Eliminate
June 1 - BUDGET CONFERENCE OUTLOOK Senate Budget Includes Major Cuts: Chambers Differ on Highways, Mass Transit
June 1 - BUDGET CONFERENCE OUTLOOK Tough Task: Reaching An '86 Budget Accord
June 1 - Key Terms of the Federal Tax Code
June 1 - President and CBO at Odds: The Basis for Budget Options, Forecasts Are Rarely Reliable
June 1 - Prior 'Reforms' Sometimes Have Gone Awry
June 1 - Tax Lawmakers Will Leave Fingerprints On Any Overhaul of the Federal Code
June 1 - Tax Reform Debate Opens With Reagan Plan
June 8 - Budget Conference to Begin; Clashes Likely
June 8 - Health-Benefits Tax in Contention: Issue of Fringe-Benefit Taxes Only Partly Defused by Reagan
June 8 - Imputed Interest
June 8 - Influencing the Tax Bill: Lobbyists Shift Their Attention to Capitol Hill
June 8 - Legislators Begin Sifting Through Tax Proposal
June 8 - Panel Approves Interstate Banking Measure
June 8 - Senate Votes to Restrict Federal Wage Law
June 8 - State, Local Tax Deduction Benefits
June 15 - Budget Conference Gets Off to a Slow Start
June 15 - Economists, Labor Criticize Reagan Tax Plan
June 15 - Rules, Floor Fight Expected: House Committee Easily OKs Nationwide Banking Measure
June 22 - Conferees Debate, Reject Budget Alternatives
June 22 - Seger Confirmed for Federal Reserve Board
June 22 - Senate Rules OKs Line-Item Veto Bill
June 29 - 'Imputed Interest' Rules Change: Senate Votes to Ease Tax Loss On Loans for Property Sales
June 29 - Bill Protects Unionized Building Jobs
June 29 - Business, GOP Assail Plant-Closing Aid Bill
June 29 - House, Senate Divided: Foreign Aid, Water Disputes Delay Talks on Supplemental
June 29 - New Tax Revenues Suggested: Budget Negotiations Resume As Senators Offer New Plan
June 29 - Statue of Liberty Coin Bill Cleared
June 29 - Tax Plan Revenue Figures Challenged
July 6 - Bipartisan Support on Hill: Reagan Critics Praise Tax Cuts for the Poor
July 6 - Enlarging Oval Office Power? Senate Will Again Debate Item-Veto Authority
July 6 - Impact on Deficit, Middle Class Studied: Tax Panels Stay Their Course Despite Concerns About Plan
July 6 - Jobless Rate Unchanged in June
July 6 - Leaving Some Things Unchanged: Packwood: Leading Skeptics on Senate Finance
July 6 - Supplemental Funding Bill Awaits Conferees
July 6 - Veteran Dealer: Rostenkowski: A Firm Grip on Ways and Means
July 13 - Charities Find Support to Preserve Deductions
July 13 - Hearings Planned on Federal Deposit Insurance
July 13 - House Approves Conservation Corps
July 13 - Loss of Stockman, the 'Young Slasher,' Seen as Blow to Deficit-Cutting Efforts
July 13 - Packwood Retracts Tax Bill Threat
July 13 - Political Problems Abound: Two Balanced-Budget Plans Approved by Senate Judiciary
July 13 - President Fails to Unsnarl Budget Deadlock
July 13 - Severe Loss of Funding Feared: School Groups Scramble to Protect Tax Breaks
July 13 - Sports Teams, Restaurants, Theaters Affected: Tax Writers Weigh Benefits Of Entertainment Deductions
July 20 - Budget Negotiations Collapse for Second Time
July 20 - Fed Eases Money Limits as Economy Lags
July 20 - Filibuster Keeps Item Veto Off Senate Floor
July 20 - Miller Named to Succeed Stockman at OMB
July 20 - Railroad Unemployment Insurance
July 20 - Waivers Voted for Appropriations Bills
July 27 - Construction Industry Bill Approved
July 27 - Estimate Is Double That of Treasury: Tax Plan Would Cost $25.1 Billion, Panel Says
July 27 - House Committee Approves Plant-Closing Bill
July 27 - Imputed Interest Talks Continue
July 27 - Medicare Savings Approved: $19 Billion Deficit-Reduction Package Wins Committee OK
July 27 - Senate Budgeteers Tie Tax Hike to COLA Delay
July 27 - Social Security Issue Splits Each Party As House Opposes Senate on Budget
July 27 - Three Cloture Attempts Fail: Item Veto Filibuster Succeeds In Thwarting Senate Action
July 27 - Treasury/Postal Service Bill Debated: House Votes to Cut Spending on Ex-Presidents
August 3 - 'Imputed Interest' Bill Stalls in Senate
August 3 - Angry Senate Republicans Bear No Grudges
August 3 - Congress Adopts a Budget and Goes Home
August 3 - Congress Clears Water Project, 'Contra' Funds
August 3 - Congress Cuts Budget by More Than $55 Billion
August 3 - Government Securities Regulation Bill Approved
August 3 - Highlights of First Concurrent Budget Resolution
August 3 - Hill Funds: Big Battles Over Small Potatoes
August 3 - Rostenkowski Outlines Possible Changes: Tax Plan Hurt by Senate-Reagan Budget Feud
August 10 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Banking/Commerce
August 10 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Economic Affairs
August 10 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Labor
August 17 - CBO Sees Hopeful Signs in Deficit Reduction
August 17 - Congress Asked to Referee: Labor, Local Governments At Odds on Overtime Pay
August 17 - Tax Reform Winners: Rich and Poor
August 24 - A Balancing of Interests: Members Struggle to Weigh Regional Impact of Tax Plan
August 31 - Battle to Protect Tax Breaks: Bankers Back Reform Idea, Not Specifics
August 31 - Construction Down, Costs Up: Real Estate Industry Predicts Dire Harm From Reagan Plan
August 31 - FDIC, FSLIC Divide Responsibilities
August 31 - Finding the Will to Use the Budget Act: Budget Decisions Still Breed Discontent But Fewer Calls To Restructure the Process
August 31 - Fiscal 1986 Budget Authority and Outlays
August 31 - Major Economic Assumptions Calendar Years 1984-88
August 31 - New Treasury Tax Proposals
August 31 - Panel Expects to Rewrite Tax Code in Private
August 31 - President Continues Push for Enterprise Zone Tax Breaks
August 31 - Protecting Banking Customers: Pressure Grows for Overhaul Of Federal Deposit Insurance
August 31 - Reconciliation Instructions to Senate, House Committees
August 31 - Restructuring of Pension Program Debated
August 31 - Summary of Fiscal 1986 Budget Resolution
September 7 - Beilenson Tries to Seize Political Initiative: House Democrats May Seek Further Budget Cuts
September 7 - Hearing Set on Overtime Pay
September 7 - Members Find Little Support for 'Reform': Tax Panel Postpones Markup, Still Hopes to Report This Fall
September 14 - Fight Brewing in Senate Over Debt-Limit Hike
September 14 - Medicare, Veterans, Federal Pay Affected: House Committees Approve Deficit-Reduction Measures
September 14 - Rule Helps House Avoid Debt-Limit Fight
September 14 - Special Report: Congress and OMB 'Toughest Kid' Miller Has Big Shoes to Fill
September 14 - Special Report: Congress and OMB Budget Office Evolves Into Key Policy Maker
September 14 - Special Report: Congress and OMB Budget Office Has Grown Since 1921
September 14 - Special Report: Congress and OMB Controlling the Budget Process: Stockman Left as His Legacy Enhanced OMB Involvement
September 14 - Special Report: Congress and OMB Policy and Regulatory Review: Growth in Legislative Role Sparks Concern in Congress
September 14 - Special Report: Congress and OMB Reagan Gave OMB a Regulatory Veto But Decision is Being Tested in Court
September 14 - Tax Bill Markup Schedule Seen as Ambitious
September 14 - Would Be Effective Until Nov. 14: House Panel OKs Stopgap Funding Resolution
September 21 - Cuts Spending in Deficit-Reduction Actions: House Panel Deletes Synfuels Program Funds
September 21 - Debt-Limit, Stopgap Funding Measures Advance
September 21 - Doubts Growing Over Prospects for Tax Bill
September 21 - Extends Cigarette Tax, Cuts Medicare: Panel Adds Tobacco Supports To Deficit-Reduction Package
September 21 - House Democrats Initiate Plan: Housing Bills May Be Added To Reconciliation Measures
September 21 - Labor-HHS Funding Bill Advances in Senate Panel
September 21 - Members Cut Student Loan Spending
September 21 - Prospects for Key Issues During Tax Markup
September 21 - States Win Share of Drilling Revenues
September 21 - Tobacco Lobby Still Has Allies on Hill But Its Influence Is Slowly Burning Out
September 21 - Treasury Says Tax Cut Aided Economy
September 21 - Ways and Means Bill Blocked: Trouble Brewing as Congress Moves to Reduce Spending
September 28 - Budget Suggestion Rejected: Coast Guard User Fees Nixed By House, Senate Committees
September 28 - Change in Tax Liability by Income Class (chart)
September 28 - Committee Boosts State Oil Revenue
September 28 - Congress Makes Uneven Progress on Deficit
September 28 - International Efforts to Weaken Dollar Receive Mixed Reviews on Capitol Hill
September 28 - Panel Begins Review of Compromise Tax Plan
September 28 - Panel Trims Student Loan Spending
September 28 - Rejects Attempt to Block Court Decision: House Panel OKs $105 Billion For Labor-HHS Spending Bill
September 28 - Rejects Effort to Kill Synfuels Program: Energy Panel Divides Offshore Drilling Funds
September 28 - Senate Highway Cuts Exceed Budget
September 28 - Senate Panel Freezes Federal Wages
September 28 - Senate Panel's Deficit-Reduction Plan: Means Test Voted for Veterans' Health Care
October 5 - Administration Puts Fresh Focus on World Bank
October 5 - Budget Leaders Force Cuts in Spending Bills
October 5 - Congress Extends Dairy Price Supports
October 5 - Floor Fight Expected on Spending Increases: House Panels Surpass Deficit-Reduction Target
October 5 - House Reconciliation Bill Spending Provisions
October 5 - House, Senate Committees Complete Their Required Reconciliation Actions: Senate Banking Saves $8.2 Billion
October 5 - House, Senate Committees Complete Their Required Reconciliation Actions: Student Loan Spending Trimmed
October 5 - House, Senate Committees Complete Their Required Reconciliation Actions: Trust Funds Taken Off Budget
October 5 - Increased Funds for AIDS Research: House, Senate Panel Approve Labor-HHS Bill
October 5 - Labor Laws Affecting U.S. Agricultural Workers
October 5 - Major International Banks: What They Are. . .
October 5 - Miller Confirmed as OMB Director
October 5 - New Exemption for 'Life-Care' Facilities: Congress Relaxes Tax Rules On Deals Financed by Sellers
October 5 - Protections for Workers Urged: Foreign Farmworker Issue Moves to House
October 5 - Sen. Rudman: Taking the Deficit Personally
October 5 - Senate Reconciliation Bill Spending Provisions
October 5 - Support Grows for Balancing Federal Budget
October 5 - Tax Plan for Hazardous-Waste Cleanup Sparks Debate Among Business Groups
October 5 - Trade Assistance, Medicare Payments Covered: Congress Extends Cigarette Tax for 45 Days
October 5 - Unemployment Edges Higher in September
October 5 - Ways and Means Gets Down to Real Business
October 5 - Would Cut Deficit $85.7 Billion Over Three Years: Senate Reconciliation Bill Ready for Floor
October 12 - Controlling the Budget: An Old Idea
October 12 - Controversial Issues Still Ahead: Partisan Pressures Building As Tax Bill Markups Continue
October 12 - House Committee Votes to Clarify Bank Bribery Law
October 12 - House, Senate Reconciliation Bills Await Floor Action
October 12 - Legislation Moving Quickly: Accord Reached on Overtime For State and Local Employees
October 12 - Members Seek to Protect Affirmative Action Order
October 12 - Senate Banking Authorizes U.S. Gold Coin
October 12 - Senate Passes Plan to Balance Federal Budget
October 12 - Senate's Initiative Leaves Democrats Frustrated at Leadership, Republicans
October 12 - Treasury Maneuvers Allow Government to Cover Checks
October 19 - Congressional Leaders Predict Passage: Conferees Strive To Fathom Senate Budget-Balancing Plan
October 19 - Emergency Charges on Savings and Loans Sought
October 19 - Key Elements Face Challenges: Reconciliation Bills Headed For House, Senate Passage
October 19 - New Comptroller of Currency Chosen
October 19 - Panel Votes Breaks for Banks, Charitable Gifts
October 19 - Seidman Confirmed for FDIC
October 19 - Vote Set on Including Housing in Reconciliation Bill
October 26 - Bill Would Restrict Polygraph Tests
October 26 - Budget-Balancing: Decisiveness vs. Caution
October 26 - House Also Acting: Senate Passes Bill to Change Government Worker Overtime
October 26 - Leaders Hope to Finish by Nov. 1: Difficult Questions Unresolved In Budget Measure Conference
October 26 - Narrow Vote Leaves Major Housing Bill in Reconciliation
October 26 - Senate Approves Fiscal '86 Labor/HHS Funds
October 26 - State, Local Tax Deduction Could Be Retained
October 26 - Textile Amendment Is Roadblock: House Passes, Senate Defers Major Deficit-Cutting Bills
October 26 - Textile Forces Make a Show of Strength
October 26 - Treasury Puts Off 'Drop-Dead Day' to Nov. 15
November 2 - Fiscal 1985 Deficit Near $212 Billion
November 2 - House OKs Democrats' Budget-Balancing Plan
November 2 - Markup Nearly Half Finished: Panel Confident of Reporting Tax-Overhaul Measure This Fall
November 2 - Part of Package Totaling $80.6 Billion: House OKs Deficit-Cutting Bill That Would Save $19.5 Billion
November 2 - State, Local Employee Overtime
November 9 - 'Check in the Mail' Galls Consumers
November 9 - Comparison of House, Senate Budget-Cutting Plans (chart)
November 9 - Debt Crisis Politics Ensnare Social Security
November 9 - Fiscal Crisis, Partisanship Push Budget Conferees
November 9 - Labor Wins Round on Wage Rules: Senate Approves Military Construction Bill
November 9 - Last-Minute Battle Expected on New 'CR'
November 9 - Members Urge Cap for Credit Card Interest
November 9 - Michigan Rejects Convention Call
November 9 - Programs With Indexed Increases
November 9 - Provisions of House Deficit-Reduction Bill
November 9 - Reagan Criticizes 'Waterings Down': Tax Code Rewrite Continues; Panel OKs Pension Revisions
November 16 - Administration's Concerns Largely Ignored: Senate Passes $85.7 Billion Bill To Cut Deficit Over Three Years
November 16 - Business Opposition to Tax Overhaul Grows
November 16 - Dramatic Alterations of Process and Power Could Be Legacy of Budget-Balancing Plan
November 16 - Expiring Programs Extended Again
November 16 - Hill Fight Brewing Over States' Taxing of Multinationals
November 16 - Plant Closing Bill Pulled From Floor
November 16 - Public Employers, Unions Join Forces: Fast Congressional Action Solves Worker Overtime Issue
November 16 - Subcommittee Limits Check 'Hold' Time
November 16 - Temporary Extension Averts Default: Conference Accord Is Possible On Budget-Balancing Measure
November 23 - Committee Works Hard to Finish: Tax Overhaul Measure Faces An Uncertain Future in House
November 23 - Conferees Approve Labor/HHS/Education Bill
November 23 - Conferees Near Agreement on Budget Measure
November 23 - House Has Four Bills, Senate One: Key Differences to Be Resolved In Deficit-Reduction Measures
November 23 - Industry Hopes to Modify Bill: House Banking Panel Votes Limit on Bank Check 'Holds'
November 23 - Plant Closings Bill Fails in House
November 23 - Senate Approves Minting U.S. Gold Coin
November 30 - Business Defeats Labor on Plant-Closing Bill
November 30 - Calendar Casts Doubt on Reconciliation Bill
November 30 - Major Provisions of Ways and Means Tax Bill
November 30 - Opponents Formulate 'Kill Strategy': Business Groups Still Divided As Tax Bill Heads to the Floor
November 30 - Ways and Means Finishes Tax Code Overhaul
November 30 - Ways and Means Tax Bill Compared With Other Plans (chart)
December 7 - Billions of Dollars Lost Currently: States Seek Power to Collect Taxes on Mail-Order Sales
December 7 - Both Sides Lobbying on Affirmative Action
December 7 - Budget Conference Leaders Agree on Key Points
December 7 - Constitutional Test Hangs Over Budget Plan
December 7 - Fiscal 1986 Labor-HHS-Education Funding (chart)
December 7 - Gold Coin Authorization Sent to President
December 7 - GOP Is Opposed, Democrats Are Split: Success for Tax Bill in Doubt Despite Mild Reagan Support
December 7 - Labor, Health and Human Services: $106.5 Billion Social Spending Measure Clears
December 7 - Tax-Writing Process Leaves Freshmen Cold
December 7 - Up to $85 Billion in Savings Projected: Conferees Begin to Reconcile Versions of Deficit-Cutting Bill
December 7 - Ways and Means Vote on Tax Bill
December 14 - Commerce/Justice/State Funding Bill Clears (chart)
December 14 - Congress Enacts Far-Reaching Budget Measure
December 14 - Doubts About Enactment Remain: Conferees Make Some Progress On Deficit-Reduction Measure
December 14 - Farm-Credit Negotiators Near Agreement
December 14 - Four-Day Extension Voted: Congress Continues Working On Stopgap Funding Measure
December 14 - GOP Defeats Attempt to Consider Tax Bill
December 14 - Highlights of Budget Plan (chart)
December 14 - House Republicans Outflank White House As Frustrations with the Tax Bill Boil Over
December 14 - Reagan's Statement on Balanced Budget Bill
December 14 - Revisions to Budget Process Timetable
December 14 - Short-Term Tax, Program Extensions Cleared
December 14 - Synar Sues to Block Automatic Cuts
December 21 - $368.2 Billion Omnibus Spending Bill Cleared
December 21 - Chronology of Tax Overhaul Bill
December 21 - Credit for Campaign Contributions Altered, Extended
December 21 - Deficit-Reduction Bill Goes Down to the Wire
December 21 - Effort to Repeal Key Provision Fails: Congress Begins to Feel Pinch Of Gramm-Rudman-Hollings
December 21 - Highlights of Funding Bill
December 21 - House Reverses Self, Passes Major Tax Overhaul
December 21 - House Votes to Extend Cigarette Tax, Medicare Fee Limits
December 21 - Oil-State Members Gamble All - And Lose
December 21 - Perspective: Out of the Budget Debate, Some Good Will
December 21 - President's Fabled Power of Persuasion . . . . . . Switches GOP Votes, Resurrects Tax Bill
December 21 - Reagan's Letter on Tax Bill -- Dec. 17, 1985
December 21 - Reagan's Remarks on Gramm-Rudman-Hollings -- Dec. 17, 1985
December 21 - Stevens: In the Thick of the Fight
December 21 - Switched Votes on the Tax Bill Rule (chart)
December 28 - Special Report: Legislative Summary BANKING/COMMERCE
December 28 - Special Report: Legislative Summary ECONOMIC AFFAIRS
December 28 - Special Report: Legislative Summary LABOR

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