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 Economic Affairs

January 14 - Congress Plans Mop-up of 1984 Budget
January 14 - President's Budget Awaited: Deficit-Cutting Prospects Dim As Red Ink Forecasts Worsen
January 14 - Prospects for Passage Slim: Congress Reviewing Last Year's Tax-Hike Bills
January 21 - Proposal Would Amend Constitution: Reagan's Deficit-Cutting Bid May Spotlight Line-Item Veto
January 21 - Summary of Major Issues Facing Congress in 1984: BUDGET/ECONOMIC AFFAIRS
January 21 - Summary of Major Issues Facing Congress in 1984: LABOR
January 28 - Administration Expresses Opposition: Social Security Bills Again Ask Revision of Disability Review
February 4 - 1985 BUDGET: $305 Billion for More of the Same: At the Pentagon, an Emphasis on Investment
February 4 - 1985 BUDGET: $8 Billion Total Cost Expected: Planning Funds Requested For Manned Space Station
February 4 - 1985 BUDGET: 3.5% Raise for Federal Civilians: Reagan Again Wants Workers to Kick in More for Pensions
February 4 - 1985 BUDGET: Administration Moderates Cuts: Expanded Voucher Program Sought for Housing the Poor
February 4 - 1985 BUDGET: Aid Recipients to Get a Boost for Buying Arms
February 4 - 1985 BUDGET: Big Increase for Border Crackdown: Reagan Again Urges Boost In Law Enforcement Budget
February 4 - 1985 BUDGET: But No Acid Rain Control: Selected Increases Proposed In Environmental Spending
February 4 - 1985 BUDGET: Department of Commerce: Reagan Seeks to Discontinue EDA, Some Broadcast Grants
February 4 - 1985 BUDGET: Few Changes Proposed: Labor Budget Counting on Joblessness Drop
February 4 - 1985 BUDGET: Financed by User Fees: Increased Funding for Highways, FAA Sought
February 4 - 1985 BUDGET: Fly in the Economic Ointment: Economic Report Hits Deficit As a Threat to Steady Growth
February 4 - 1985 BUDGET: Helping Hand to Farmers Stressed: Agriculture Budget Forecasts Large Crops, Continuing Aid
February 4 - 1985 BUDGET: IDA Gets Less From Administration: For Development Agency, a Cut Confirmed
February 4 - 1985 BUDGET: Modest Food Program Cuts Sought
February 4 - 1985 BUDGET: More for Pay, Building Renovation: Congress Seeks Extra $194 Million in FY 1984
February 4 - 1985 BUDGET: Move Toward Conservation, Renewable Energy: New Energy Budget Shows Shift in Priorities
February 4 - 1985 BUDGET: Reaction to Education Crisis: White House Reverses Field, Asks Modest School Aid Hike
February 4 - 1985 BUDGET: Social Security, Medicare: Entitlements Drive HHS Spending Up Again
February 4 - 1985 BUDGET: Some Agencies Escape Cuts
February 4 - 1985 BUDGET: Three Years, $33.7 Billion: Modest Rise in Tax Revenue Charted in Fiscal 1985 Budget
February 4 - Congressional Budget Process
February 4 - Fiscal 1985 Budget (Chart):
February 4 - Fiscal 1985 Budget by Function (Chart):
February 4 - Large Deficits Projected: President's Fiscal 1985 Budget Faces Election-Year Pressures
February 4 - Reagan Administration Economic Assumptions
February 4 - White House Officials See Risks in Budget
February 11 - Budget Recommendations
February 11 - Conable's Retirement to Leave House Gap
February 11 - Hill Warned of Economic Dangers: Progress Eludes Negotiators In Deficit Reduction Efforts
February 11 - Plan Includes Bank Proposal: House Panel Approves Industrial Policy Bill
February 18 - Deficits Are Another Factor: Congress' Election-Year Rush May Sideline Budget Process
February 18 - Economic Indicators Climb
February 25 - Congressional Panels Intent On Reducing Budget Deficit
February 25 - Cultural Authorizations Raised
February 25 - High Court Bankruptcy Ruling Deals Major Setback to Unions
March 3 - After Bipartisan Talks Stall: Ways and Means, Finance Panels Fashion Deficit Reduction Bills
March 3 - New Negotiations Under Way: Labor Issue Complicates Bankruptcy Snarl
March 3 - Talks With White House Stall: Congress Takes Serious Steps Toward Budget-Deficit Cuts
March 10 - Balanced Budget Lobbying
March 10 - Congress' Panels Ask Rise in Reagan Budget
March 10 - Flush Retirement Plans Draw Hill Notice
March 10 - House Democrats To Act Quickly: Senate Republican Leadership Pressuring Reagan on Deficits
March 10 - Retirement Income at Stake: Established to Resolve Crisis, Federal Pension Corporation Finds Itself in Financial Straits
March 17 - Budget Committee Chairman Jim Jones: Will He Come in From the Cold in 1984?
March 17 - Democrats Eyeing Larger Reductions: Reagan Achieves GOP Unity By Agreeing to Deficit Cuts
March 17 - Generally Seek More Spending: Most Congressional Panels Report on Reagan's Budget
March 17 - Members Await Others' Reductions: Senate Panel Votes Tax Boosts, Spending Cuts
March 17 - Shifting Numbers Complicate Deficit Cutting
March 17 - Tax Lobbyists Converge on Senate Panel
March 24 - Administration Also Concurs: Congress Displays Rare Harmony Over Taxes
March 24 - Federal Reserve Bills Approved
March 24 - Reagan's 1985 Budget Reviewed by Panels
March 24 - Split Over Defense Budget: House, Senate Leaders Favor Varying Deficit-Cutting Plans
March 31 - Easy House Passage Seen: House Ways and Means Panel Approves Pension Overhaul
March 31 - House Votes to Ease Tough Disability Reviews
March 31 - Precedent Worries Opponents: Olympics Checkoff Plan Moving in Congress
March 31 - Sharp Partisanship on Budget: House, Senate Brace for Vote On Deficit-Cutting Proposals
April 7 - A Prominent 'New Idea': Individual Training Accounts Eyed to Assist the Dislocated
April 7 - House Adopts Budget Resolution: House, Senate Move Forward On Deficit-Cutting Measures
April 7 - Senate Approves 1984 Reconciliation Bill
April 7 - Social Security, Medicare Report
April 7 - Tax Break Sought for Past Interest-Free Loans
April 7 - Tax Breaks for Lebanon, Grenada Victims
April 7 - The Budget at House Rules: A Foregone Conclusion
April 14 - As Part of Deficit-Cutting Schemes: House, Senate Approve Tax-Hike Measures
April 14 - Banking Panel Approves Federal Reserve Changes
April 14 - Budget Still Faces Hurdles: House, Senate Quicken Pace In Deficit-Reduction Efforts
April 14 - Defense Production Clears
April 14 - Long-term Coverage Backed: Longshore Compensation Act Revamped by House Measure
April 14 - Panel Approves U.S. Industrial Bank
April 14 - Pentagon Cites Soviet Moves: Reagan, Critics Square Off on Space Weapons
April 21 - Tax Credit Could Be Only 'Jobs' Bill in 1984
April 21 - Tight Spring Schedule: Congress Facing More Action To Cut Federal Budget Deficit
April 28 - Conference Likely on Measure: Bill Permits Church Exit From Social Security
April 28 - Flat Tax Proposal Introduced
April 28 - Part of Deficit-Reduction Package: Effort to Pass Spending Cuts Off to Torpid Start in Senate
April 28 - Special Report: The 1985 Tax Bill Laying the Groundwork: Special Interests Now Working On Next Year's Tax Legislation
May 5 - Banking Bill May Emerge: Interstate Forays by Big Banks Revive Interest in Legislation
May 5 - Two Alternatives Defeated: Senate Poised for Showdown On GOP Deficit-Cutting Plan
May 12 - Critical Issues Remain: Delicate House-Senate Tax Conference Looms
May 12 - Feldstein Departing as Chief of Economic Advisers
May 12 - Grants Administration's Request: Senate Panel Backs Trade Bill To Allow Canada, Israel Talks
May 12 - HUD Rules Dispute Detains IDA Bill
May 12 - National Labor Relations Board: Democrats Force a 2nd Look At Reagan's Labor Appointee
May 12 - Sharp Discord Remains: GOP Leaders in Senate Rebuff Attack on Deficit-Cutting Plan
May 19 - Debt Limit Increase Pending
May 19 - Deficit-Cutting Debate Sidelines Lobbyists
May 19 - Labor Opposition Remains Strong: White House Resurrects Youth Summer Wage
May 19 - Massive Continuing Resolution Likely: Hill Budget Game Shifts Gears As Money Bills Start to Move
May 19 - Second House Panel OKs Industrial Policy Bill
May 19 - Tough Budget Conference Ahead: Senate Ends Deficit Marathon, Approves Reagan-Backed Bill
May 19 - Two-Year Deadlock Broken: Disability Program Overhaul Wins Finance Panel Approval
May 26 - Administration's Program Hit: Senate Agrees to Limitations On Disabled Worker Reviews
May 26 - Bell System Pension Rights Approved
May 26 - Bipartisan Banking Bill Offered in House
May 26 - Budget Act Waived for Spending Bills
May 26 - Deficit-Reduction Conference Set
May 26 - Election-Year Legislating: Pension 'Equity' Bill Breezes Through House
May 26 - Enough Until Mid-June: Congress Votes to Increase Debt Ceiling by $30 Billion
June 2 - Deficit Reduction: Conference Could Stall Over Health Issues
June 2 - Deficit-Reduction: The Big Conference: Getting to Be Old Hat
June 2 - Senate-Backed 'Caps' Are Central: Hill Deficit Reductions Hinge On Conference Deliberations
June 9 - Easy Tax Issues Resolved: Deficit-Reduction Conferees Put Off the Tough Decisions
June 16 - Budget Conference Meets, and Deadlocks
June 16 - House, Senate Panels OK Pension Revisions
June 16 - Members Scramble to Limit Bond Ceilings
June 16 - Nearing $50 Billion Target: Tax Hike Conferees Press On; Difficult Issues Still Pending
June 16 - Public Criticism Is Muted: Budget Deficits, Interest Rates Hit at Annual Economic Parley
June 23 - Acts Before House Committee: Senate Subcommittee Votes $94.3 Billion Labor/HHS Bill
June 23 - Congress Gropes Toward Deficit Reduction
June 23 - Senate Passes Three: Fiscal '85 Appropriations Bills Pick Up Speed as Recess Nears
June 30 - $63 Billion in Cuts, Taxes: First Installment of 'Down Payment' Clears
June 30 - Budget Process Revamping
June 30 - Debt Limit Held Temporary Hostage: Effort to Reach Budget Accord Mired in Defense Money Spat
June 30 - Federal Reserve Nomination
June 30 - Labor-HHS Money Measure: Senate Panel Agrees to Relax Federal Abortion Restrictions
July 7 - Congress at Mid-Year 1984: Economic Affairs/Budget
July 7 - Congress at Mid-Year 1984: Labor
July 7 - Perspective: Division in the Ranks, Defeat on the Hill
July 21 - Deficit-Reduction Bill Signed
July 21 - Democratic Platform Text 1984: Chapter I: Economic Growth, Prosperity, and Jobs
July 28 - House Panel OKs Labor-Welfare Bill
July 28 - Seger Renominated to Fed Seat
July 28 - Volcker: No Fed Plans to Tighten Money Supply
August 4 - A Revised 'Pension Equity' Bill Is Reported
August 4 - Calls From Reagan, 32 States: Congress Under New Pressure On Balanced Budget Measure
August 4 - Panel Backs $2 Billion for Youth Jobs
August 4 - Senate Democrats Block Appropriations Bills
August 11 - Congress Approves Pension 'Equity' Measure
August 11 - House Panel Delays Action on Social Security Rise
August 11 - Senate Panel Convenes Tax Revision Sessions
August 11 - Will Impasse Be Broken? Hill Leaders Agree to Summit To Set Defense Spending Cap
August 18 - Administration Cuts Deficit Estimate
August 18 - Changes Being Considered: Hill Budget Process Working To Force Economic Decisions
August 18 - Fate of Disability Insurance Bill in Doubt
August 18 - Hard Defense Choices Forced by Budget Act Congress' Equivalent of the 'Locked Room'
August 18 - The Reagan Record: Flip-Flops on Taxes
August 25 - Text of 1984 Republican Party Platform: ECONOMIC FREEDOM AND PROSPERITY
September 8 - Budget Negotiations Still Stalled
September 8 - Cloture Vote Set: Critics Block Senate Action On Banking Deregulation Bill
September 8 - Tax Simplification Hearings Set
September 15 - Balanced Budget: Setbacks Outweigh Progress
September 15 - Banking: To Decontrol, Or Not Decontrol?
September 15 - Decifit Reduction Group Plans Lobby
September 15 - Economics: Spotlight on the Budget Deficits
September 15 - First Overhaul Since 1972: Conferees Approve Revamp Of Longshore Compensation
September 15 - Residential Energy Conservation
September 15 - Senate Endorses Further Banking Deregulation
September 15 - Special Report: Banking Deregulation Bailing Out Banks: How Much Is Too Much?
September 15 - Strategic Petroleum Reserve Test Sale
September 15 - The Regulators: More Than One Watchdog
September 22 - After Impasse, Budget Plan May Move
September 22 - Disability Measure Wins Unanimous Approval
September 22 - Hill Leaders, Reagan Break Defense Stalemate
September 22 - Longshoremen's Compensation Bill Cleared
September 22 - Senate Starts Work on Labor/HHS Funding Bill
September 22 - St Germain Jettisons Bank Deregulation Bills
September 22 - Welfare, Other Tax Bills Reported: Tax Breaks for Fringe Benefits Reinstated by Ways and Means
September 29 - Hawkins Succeeds Perkins: A Change in Style, Not Goals, Expected at Education-Labor
September 29 - Hill Confronts Budget, Debt Limit
September 29 - Reagan Address to Meeting of World Bank and IMF Delivered September 25, 1984
September 29 - Senate Action Likely to Be Overturned: Abortion Ban Eased in Labor-HHS Money Bill
October 6 - Budget Resolution Adopted: Congress Wraps Up Deficit-Reduction Efforts
October 6 - House Approves Cost-of-Living Hike
October 6 - Labor Secretary Takes Temporary Leave: Charges Traded Over Donovan Indictment
October 6 - Last-Minute Maneuvering: House OKs Budget Measure; Avoids Constitution Change
October 6 - Late Bid to OK Conservation Corps
October 6 - Will Consider Again Oct. 9: Senate Fails to Finish Action On Public Debt Ceiling Hike
October 13 - Baker Frustrated by Delays: Senate Has to Vote Two Times To Clear Debt Ceiling Increase
October 13 - Congress Clears Revised Conservation Corps
October 13 - Labor, Health Spending Bill Clears
October 13 - Miscellaneous Tax Measures Cleared
October 13 - Private vs. Public Sector: Reagan and Mondale at Odds Over Jobs, Unions, Pay Issues
October 13 - Social Security COLA Assured
October 20 - Collyer Named NLRB Counsel
October 20 - Labor, Health and Human Services: 104.6 Billion Social Spending Measure Clears
October 20 - Labor-HHS-Education Funding
October 20 - Summary of Major 1984 Congressional Action: ECONOMIC AFFAIRS
October 20 - Summary of Major 1984 Congressional Action: LABOR
October 27 - Key is Presidential Backing: Wholesale Tax Reform Faces A Rough Congressional Road
October 27 - Taxing Issues: The Major Plans Compared
November 3 - Cites Cost, Policy Objections: Reagan Vetoes Health Bills, Conservation Corps Proposal
November 3 - Fiscal 1984 Deficit Second Highest Ever
November 3 - Jobless Rate Unchanged in October
November 3 - More 'Non-Bank Banks' Approved
November 17 - Budget Review
November 17 - Lobbying Against Tax Hikes
December 1 - More Concern for Deficit Reduction on Hill: Treasury Tax Overhaul Excites Little Interest
December 1 - Pressuring the President: Legislators Offer Conditions For '85 Budget-Cutting Effort
December 1 - The Obey Overhaul: House Democrats to Consider Restructured Budget Process
December 1 - Treasury Plan Cuts Real Estate Tax Benefits
December 8 - Reagan's Budget Plan Subject to Hill Revision
December 8 - Success in the States: National Lottery Is Long Shot For Reducing Federal Deficit
December 15 - Deficit-Cutters Weigh Military Reductions
December 22 - Lawmakers Skeptical of Reagan Defense Cuts
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda BUDGET/ECONOMIC AFFAIRS
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda LABOR
December 29 - Budget, Tax Plans Arouse Lobby Community
December 29 - Organized Labor Braces for 'Four More Years'

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