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January 10 - Congress Likely to Remain Silent On 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
January 10 - Many Lawmakers Unswayed By First Efforts of Libya, Iran To Mend Relations With West
January 10 - White House Revises Details Of Iraq Reconstruction Plan
January 17 - Defense: A Deficit Driver
January 17 - Despite Cost Overruns, V-22 Osprey Program Survives
January 17 - Lawmakers Call for Cuts, But Not in Their Programs
January 17 - With Half-Trillion in Red Ink, U.S. Inc. Looks Bad on Paper
January 24 - Commerce Watchdog Growls at Industry's 'Revolving Door'
January 24 - Critics Play Force Card in Questioning Bush's Handling of North Korea Crisis
January 31 - Kay's 'We Were Wrong' Admission Invigorates Call for New Probe
January 31 - Pentagon Plans for Bigger, Better Army With 'Spike'
January 31 - Proposals to Aid Citizen-Soldiers Put Political Motives in Play
January 31 - Rangel Legislation Stirs Draft Debate
February 7 - Bush Hands Tight Budget To an Unhelpful Congress
February 7 - Bush Reverses Course on Prewar Intelligence Probe
February 7 - Fiscal 2005 Budget: Defense
February 14 - Fiscal 2005's Intractable Budget Takes Halo Off Defense Funding
February 14 - Pentagon Prepares for Midyear Deployment of Anti-Missile System
February 21 - GOP Finds Electoral Fodder In Kerry's Defense and Foreign Policy Votes
February 21 - Kerry Votes Republicans Are Pointing Out
February 21 - Less Money for Threat Reduction Program Prompts Complaints
February 21 - Opponents See New Arms Race In Push for Nuclear Research
February 28 - A Lesson in Raptor's Story: Downsized but Not Out
February 28 - New and Harsh Uncertainty For Big Weapons Programs
February 28 - Weapons: F-35 Joint Strike Fighter
February 28 - Weapons: F/A-22 Raptor Fighter
February 28 - Weapons: Missile Defenses
February 28 - Weapons: Other Systems That May Be on the Block
February 28 - Weapons: V-22 Osprey Tilt-Rotor Aircraft
February 28 - Weapons: Virginia-Class Submarine
March 6 - Debate Intensifies as Deadline Nears For Interim Government in Iraq
March 6 - Deficit Hawks, Appropriators Set to Clash Over Spending
March 6 - Delayed Supplemental Attacked For Disguising Iraq War's Cost
March 6 - Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Struggles to Regain Relevance
March 13 - Already Bumpy Budget Process Roiled by Anti-Deficit Stands
March 13 - Deciding Which Bases to Close Down Takes on a Global Perspective
March 13 - Opponents Vow Last-Stand Battle Over Next Base Closure Round
March 20 - Changes of Heart on the Iraq War
March 20 - Debate on Iraq War Resolution A Test of Campaign Potshots
March 20 - GAO Says Fighter Jet Costs Coming in Over Budget
March 20 - Hobson Steps Up Fight Against Funding for Nuclear Weapon
March 20 - Pentagon Spending Levels Preserved
March 27 - High Cost, Plentiful Critics Fail to Clip Raptor's Wings
March 27 - Intelligence Panels' Mission Corroded by Air of Distrust
March 27 - Intelligence: Hill's Oversight Role at Risk
April 3 - Boeing Tanker Deal Backers Play French Airbus Card To Blunt Critical Report
April 10 - Editor's Notebook: After the Resolution
April 10 - Uneasy Republicans at Bush’s Side as Insurgency in Iraq Intensifies
April 10 - Verdict on Rice Testimony Splits Along Party Lines
April 17 - Foreign Relations Panel Expected to Scrutinize Bush's Iraq Strategy
April 17 - Rough Fiscal Waters Ahead for Navy Ship Contractors
April 24 - Congress Steps Up Questioning On Spending Schedule for Iraq
April 24 - Lugar Soldiers On With Hearings Despite Unhelpful White House
May 1 - A History of Congressional Travel, From Bimini to Baghdad
May 1 - Authorizers Seek to Re-Establish Influence on Defense Spending
May 1 - Balancing Security With Oversight: The Challenge of Visiting a War Zone
May 1 - Defense Authorization: Top Issues
May 1 - Democrats Want a Full Accounting Of Bush's Supplemental Spending
May 1 - Editor's Notebook: Case Study
May 1 - GOP Factions Split on Hill Role in Setting the Defense Agenda
May 1 - Negroponte Gets OK From Senate Panel
May 1 - Shays Shuns Pentagon Tour to Seek Answers in Iraq
May 8 - 'Private Army' Blurs the Lines
May 8 - Bush Admits Higher War Cost With Request for $25 Billion
May 8 - Contractors Hover in Gray Area Regarding Legal Liability
May 8 - Defense Authorizations Considered in Shadow of Iraq Abuse Scandal
May 8 - Editor's Notebook: The T-Word
May 8 - Negroponte Appointed Ambassador to Iraq
May 8 - Pentagon Outsourcing of Chaplains 'A Bad Idea' Says Rep. Jones
May 8 - Racing Against Terrorism to Thwart a 'Nuclear 9/11'
May 8 - Rumsfeld Scrambles to Defend Plan as Hill Calls for Force Upgrade
May 8 - Stunned by Abuses, Congress 'Must Now Be Involved'
May 8 - The Nuclear Age Generated Heat Throughout Its History
May 8 - Unfolding Story of Abu Ghraib
May 15 - Changes to White House Script Likely As Chambers Take Up Defense Bill
May 15 - Congress Gropes for Next Move In Response to Abuse Scandal
May 15 - Editor's Notebook: Photo Opportunity
May 15 - Graham's Hard Questions
May 15 - Hill to Bush: Strings Attached
May 15 - Members React to More Prison Photos With Sorrow, Revulsion, Concern
May 22 - Background and Timeline: Sen. John W. Warner, R-Va.
May 22 - Base Closure Dispute Diverts Defense Authorization's Path
May 22 - Congress as Watchdog: Asleep on the Job?
May 22 - Duty and Honor's Tightrope: Sen. Warner and the Military
May 22 - Oversight Goes Back More Than 200 Years
May 22 - Three Watchdogs and What They Have Done
May 29 - Boeing Air Tanker Acquisition Delayed Past November Election As Senate Critics Challenge Deal
May 29 - Comparing the House and Senate Defense Bills
May 29 - GOP Lawmakers Question Ideology vs. Reality on Iraq
May 29 - Rhode Island Maverick Questions Middle East Policies
June 5 - Defense Spending Will Stay on Schedule
June 5 - Intelligence Overhaul Debate Fueled by Tenet Resignation
June 5 - Lawmakers Aim to Avoid Posturing, Ensure Quick Passage of Defense Funding
June 5 - Military Construction: Lawmakers Look to Beef Up Bush Request
June 5 - Senate Defense Authorization Stops, Starts, Stops Again
June 5 - Young: War Cost Underestimated
June 12 - Amendment-Rich Defense Bill Faces Slow Going in Senate
June 12 - Bush's Vision Echoes Reagan
June 12 - Defense Spending Bill Highlights
June 12 - Energy Subcommittee OKs Major Reduction in Funding For Yucca Waste Facility
June 12 - Guard and Reserve Units Scramble for Equipment in Short Supply
June 12 - House Republicans Rely On Democrat Murtha's Clout For Defense Bill's Success
June 12 - Reagan Renaming Plans Go On
June 19 - Most Bush Defense Requests Approved
June 19 - Partisanship Bogs Down Debate Over Fiscal 2005 Defense Authorization
June 19 - Senate Defense Bill in Limbo as House Version Zips to Floor
June 26 - Appropriations: House Panel OKs Foreign Aid Package
June 26 - Appropriations: Stevens Sets Dizzying Pace in Senate To Push Defense Funding Through
June 26 - Defense Appropriations: Same Goals, Different Paths
June 26 - Leahy Prevails in Amendment On Protections for Prisoners
June 26 - No Easy Season for Conferees Handed Differing Defense Bills
June 26 - Senate Democrats Parry GOP On Debt Limit Maneuver
July 3 - Despite Dawn of Iraqi Sovereignty, U.S. Commitment Remains Heavy
July 3 - Iraq Security Needs Feed Troop Strength Concerns
July 3 - Lawmakers Seek Viable Solutions to Sudan's Humanitarian Crisis
July 3 - Supreme Court Hands Congress the Lead in Rewriting Terror Suspect Detention Rules
July 3 - Two Ways to Finance the Iraq War
July 10 - Military Construction Bill's Authorization Language Faces Test on House Floor
July 17 - Coast Guard Authorization Increases
July 17 - Conferees Make Quick Work of Defense Spending Bill, Bush to Sign Before Recess
July 17 - Lawmakers May Try Budgetary End Run to Maintain Bipartisan Momentum on Military Construction Spending Bill
July 17 - Names Touted for CIA Chief Show a Mix of Skills and Strengths
July 17 - Senators Display Sharp Differences Over Depth of Intelligence Overhaul
July 24 - Bush Gets Most of Request in Defense
July 24 - Cap-Busting Housing Provision in Military Construction Bill Ignites Budget Battle in House
July 24 - Defense Authorization on Slow Track as Spending Bill Sped to Enactment
July 24 - GOP Leaders Feel Home-State Pinch of Fiscal 2005 Budget Limits
July 24 - Largest Discretionary Spending Bill Wins Easy, Bipartisan Support in Both Chambers
July 24 - Sept. 11 Commission's Proposals Spur Urgency, Caution in Congress
July 24 - Sept. 11 Commission's Recommendations Need Legislation
July 31 - Three Pentagon Programs Targeted for Cuts
July 31 - Wary Congress Slashes Programs Topping Pentagon Transformation Agenda
August 7 - Defense Earmarks: Vital to Security or a Case of Parochial 'Pork'?
August 7 - Drug Interdiction Follows the Money
August 7 - Highway Fund Controversy Quelled in Compromise
August 7 - In Eye of Overhaul Storm, Collins Seeks Oct. 1 Bill
August 7 - Many Lawmakers Loath to Agree That Reform Begins at Home
August 7 - Police Vehicle Checkpoints Surround Capitol Hill
September 4 - Hill Finds Intelligence Shake-Up Daunting Task From Step One
September 4 - House and Senate Differences on Fiscal 2005 Defense Authorization
September 4 - President's Redeployment Plan Fuels Debate Over Base Closures
September 4 - Prisoner Abuse Findings Released
September 4 - Prisoner Abuse Hearings on Tap, But No Legislative Fix in Sight
September 11 - Critics Blast Thinness of Testing On Alaska Missile System
September 11 - Debate Yields to Deployment As Missile Defense Takes Off
September 11 - Intelligence Overhaul Gets Boost From Bush Support for NID
September 18 - For Warring Nations, a Tradition Of Armies Bought, Not Built
September 18 - Private Affair: New Reliance on America's Other Army
September 18 - Radiation Compensation on Election-Year Agenda
September 18 - Senate Avoids Conflagration Over Cap on Military Family Housing Program -- For Now
September 25 - Military Construction Measure Passed by Senate, but Conferees Inherit a Roster of Problems
September 25 - Next Presidency: 'An Extremely Difficult Term'
September 25 - Next Presidency: A Long War on Terrorism
September 25 - Next Presidency: A World of Hot Spots
September 25 - Next Presidency: Iraq -- The Crushing Question
October 2 - House Leaders Take the Reins on Intelligence Overhaul
October 2 - Panel OKs Bill to Protect Military From High-Cost Insurance, Funds
October 2 - Pentagon Wields an Iron Hand In National Director Debate
October 2 - Quandary Over Base Closings Hampers Defense Bill Conference
October 9 - Conferees Look to Move Past Military Construction Bill Delays Involving Housing, Disaster Relief
October 9 - Defense Conferees Give House the News: No Delay on Next Base-Closing Round
October 9 - GOP Play in Exhuming Bill to Revive Military Draft Has Democrats Crying Foul
October 9 - Key Defense Authorization Provisions Reconciled
October 16 - Ample Earmarks Ease the Way for Military Construction Bill
October 16 - Conference Without Compromise Threatens Intelligence Rewrite
October 16 - Dispute Over Tanker Language Continues Even After Defense Authorization Clears
October 16 - House vs. Senate Intelligence Overhaul Plans
October 16 - Hurricane Relief Highlights
October 16 - Settling the Hot-Button Issues on Defense Authorization
October 23 - A Few Lines in Intelligence Bill Raise Controversy
October 23 - GOP Splits Over Liberalization Of Military Technology Rules
October 30 - More Money for Iraq -- Soon
November 13 - Chances for Intelligence Rewrite Grow Slim as Pentagon Digs In
November 20 - Intelligence Authorization: 'Nice, but Not Must-Pass'
November 20 - Intelligence Overhaul's Fate Still Mired in Turf Disputes
November 27 - Troop Safety at Heart of Debate Over Stalled Intelligence Bill
December 4 - 2004 Legislative Summary: Defense Appropriations
December 4 - 2004 Legislative Summary: Defense Reauthorization
December 4 - 2004 Legislative Summary: Intelligence Reorganization
December 4 - 2004 Legislative Summary: Military Construction Appropriations
December 4 - 2004 Legislative Summary: Project Bioshield Authorization
December 4 - 2004 Legislative Summary: War Supplemental
December 4 - 2004 Legislative Summary: Wartime Prisoner Abuse
December 4 - Rep. Jones Worries That Media Presence On Battlefield May Affect Soldiers' Actions
December 4 - The Tentative Intelligence Overhaul Deal
December 11 - Recommended, and Actual, Intelligence Reorganization

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