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January 4 - Rangel: Share Sacrifice By Reinstating Draft
January 11 - New House Armed Services Committee Chairman: Duncan Hunter, R-Calif.
January 11 - Republicans Mix It Up When Assigning House Chairmen for the 108th
January 11 - War: Deficit-Maker Supreme
January 18 - Eroding Support Leaves Bush In Foreign Policy Minefield
January 18 - White House Feelers to Iran Employ Lawmakers' Touch
January 25 - Lawmakers Scan Possibilities For Peaceful Nuclear Solution
February 1 - Criticism Getting Louder About Looming Attack on Iraq
February 1 - Democrats Holding Administration To High Standard of Proof
February 1 - Pentagon's Proposed Changes Strike Some As Difficult, Dangerous and Destabilizing
February 8 - Democrats Say Votes Against Iraq Resolution Led to More Engagement
February 8 - Fiscal 2004 Budget: Army Corps of Engineers
February 8 - Fiscal 2004 Budget: CIA
February 8 - Fiscal 2004 Budget: Defense
February 8 - Senate Democrats Press for Diplomatic High Ground on Iraq
February 8 - Shuttle Disaster Opens Dialogue On NASA's Future and Funding
February 15 - 'Mobile Offshore Base' Proposal Has Slew of Powerful Opponents
February 15 - Fiscal 2003 Omnibus Completed, But More Budget Chores Loom
February 15 - Lawmakers Likely to Limit New High-Tech Eavesdropping
February 15 - Light, Swift Military Units Face First Test on Capitol Hill
February 15 - Stealth Operating Budget For Homeland Command?
February 22 - Bush Promises War Spending Largess, But Lawmakers Say Otherwise
February 22 - Democrats' Anti-War Lawsuit Faces Daunting Legal Precedent
February 22 - Making a Case Against War
March 1 - Design for Agile Combat Ships Reflects New Face of Sea War
March 1 - Navy's Plans for Smaller Ships Put Big Yards on Lobby Alert
March 1 - Second Thoughts on Iraq Resolution Not Enough to Prompt a Revote
March 8 - Democrats Reluctantly Join in Senate's Approval of Treaty on Nuclear Arms Reduction
March 8 - GOP Tax Cutters Stumble Out of the Gate, Bloated Military Bill Pulled From House Floor
March 8 - Pentagon Seeks Expanded Exemptions From List of Environmental Laws
March 8 - Policies Need to Catch Up With Data-Tracking Tech
March 8 - The Pentagon's Exemption Wish List
March 15 - Lugar Calls Course on Iraq a Threat To Worldwide Weapons Reduction
March 15 - Lugar's Mission: Put North Korea at Top of Foreign Policy Agenda
March 15 - The War Agenda: Congress Attends to Business, Waits for Word
March 15 - The War Agenda: Military Operations
March 15 - The War Agenda: Spending
March 15 - War Won't Unify Congress
March 22 - Congress Seeks to Find Its Voice as Iraq War Rages
March 22 - Democrats Divided Over Voicing Anti-War Sentiments
March 22 - Democrats Win One Battle On Anti-Missile Effectiveness
March 22 - Democrats' Blame Campaign Finds Few Sympathetic Ears
March 22 - Editor's Notebook: War Watch
March 22 - Lawmakers Offer Perspective in the Final Hours Before War
March 22 - War Voices: Daniel K. Inouye
March 22 - War Voices: John J. Duncan Jr.
March 22 - War Voices: John Shimkus
March 22 - War Voices: Stephen F. Lynch
March 22 - War Voices: Ted Stevens
March 22 - War Voices: Tim Johnson
March 29 - 'Shock and Awe' Optimism Yields to Slogging Reality
March 29 - Bush Supplemental Hits Hill In a Fog of War Uncertainty
March 29 - Editor's Notebook: Week to Week
March 29 - Hill Rumbles of Aid Reprisal Follow Turkey's 'No' to U.S.
March 29 - Q & A With Paul Wolfowitz on Turkey Policy
April 5 - Debate Over Military's Future Will Top Postwar Agenda
April 5 - Editor's Notebook: War Powers
April 5 - Lawmakers Get in a Few Digs At Non-Allies in Iraq War
April 5 - White House-Hill Battle Hinges on Flexible Spending
April 12 - A Familiar Budget Battle
April 12 - A Swelling Supplemental
April 12 - Has Congress Given Bush Too Free a Spending Hand?
April 12 - Iraq Rebuilding Costs Add Up
April 12 - Popular Tax Breaks for Military Remain Trapped in Argument Over Wealthy Expatriate Flight
April 12 - White House Wins Flexibility In Planning for Postwar Iraq
April 19 - Defense Request Seen as Avenue Into Endangered Species Rewrite
April 19 - Lawmakers Not Eager to Revisit Iraq Supplemental Debate Soon
April 19 - Pentagon Wants Congressional Blessing for Major Civilian Auxiliary Force
April 19 - Rumsfeld's 'New Military' Plan Seeks Unprecedented Flexibility
April 26 - Base Closures Could Top List of Defense Funding Clashes
April 26 - Pentagon Officials Hope to Expedite Lessons Learned in Iraq
May 3 - Iraq Victory Leaves Little Taste For More Pre-Emptive Wars
May 3 - Middle East 'Road Map' May Have Wrinkles for GOP
May 3 - Senate Poised for NATO Invitation To Seven Eastern European States
May 10 - Bush Fly-In Launches Democratic Charges of Political Opportunism
May 10 - Congress Lumbers Toward Developing an Agile Military
May 10 - Environmental Exemptions Prove to Be Tough Sell for Military
May 10 - For U.S. and Oil Producers: A Lubricated Diplomacy
May 10 - House Panel OKs Federal Personnel Bill
May 10 - House Updates Military Act's Compensations
May 10 - Rumsfeld's Personnel Plan Questioned
May 10 - Senate Backs NATO Expansion
May 10 - Young's Proposed Shift of Funds From Defense to Domestic Accounts Must Get Past Republican Hawks
May 17 - Mutual Needs, Benefits Still Prevail In U.S.-Saudi Relationship
May 17 - Rumsfeld Wins a Few in Overhaul Initiative, But Victory for Federal Programs Is Elusive
May 24 - Air Force 767 Lease Deal Has Backers, But Opponents Call It a Boeing Bailout
May 24 - Chambers Agree on Funding, Not on Pentagon Operations
May 24 - It's Memorial vs. Monk Seal In New Battle of Midway
May 24 - Pentagon Seeks More Waivers From Environmental Laws
May 31 - Controversial Cuts Pay For Defense Panels' Add-Ons
May 31 - Waste in Nunn-Lugar Program Prompts Calls for Clampdown
June 7 - Absence of Weapons in Iraq Pulls Democrats Together
June 7 - Foreign Policy Credibility Gap Worries Many in Congress
June 7 - House Squares Off With Rumsfeld Over Change in 'Buy America' Policy
June 7 - White House Carries the Day on Base Closure Issue
June 14 - Closed Markup For Homeland Security Panel
June 14 - Defense: 'Fast' Bill Could Stall on Two Programs
June 14 - Military Bill's Budget Is Tight In House Panel
June 14 - Military Construction: Little Disagreement Expected on Spending Priorities
June 14 - Peace Initiatives' Progress
June 14 - Pentagon Tiptoes Into Its Role Of Defending From Within
June 14 - Warner Again Pitches Plan For NATO Mideast Buffer
June 21 - Defense Panel Struggles With Shortfall in Funding For Overseas Campaigns
June 21 - House Military Construction Bill Runs Into Tight Spending Caps, Emerges 'Woefully Underfunded'
June 21 - Rumsfeld Faults Civil Service Rules For Problems in Defense Hiring
June 21 - Tough Conference Looms For Defense Authorization
June 28 - A Political Timetable Awaits the Incomplete War in Iraq
June 28 - Banking on a Supplemental
June 28 - Bob Stump, Best Known for Veterans Support, Mild Manner, Dies at 76
June 28 - Iraq War Creates New Challenges Abroad
June 28 - Lawmakers Make Do With Diminished Defense Package
June 28 - Military Construction Bills Synch Up
June 28 - On Iraq, Bush Has a Full Reservoir of Trust
June 28 - Will Iraq War Matter in '04?
July 5 - Levin Starts His Own Iraq Inquiry
July 12 - Conference Set On Military Construction
July 12 - Hobson's Homework Pays Off In Energy and Water Measure, Drawing Bipartisan Praise
July 12 - Lawmakers Brace for Long, Expensive Haul in Iraq
July 12 - With Overseas Operations in Mind, Chambers Accelerate Defense Bill
July 19 - Highlights of FY 2004 Energy and Water Appropriations Bill
July 19 - Hill Demands More Answers On Iraq -- Not a Fall Guy
July 19 - Nuclear Research Funding at Center Of Energy and Water Bills Dispute
July 19 - Senate Defense Spending Bill Survives Democrat Skirmishes
July 26 - White House Intelligence Gaps Targeted by New 9/11 Commission
August 2 - Hill Clamors for Report's Full Release, Repairs to Declassifying Process
August 2 - McCain's Nose Out of Joint Over Boeing Tanker Deal
August 2 - Thomas Cool to Cold War As Park Service Concern
August 2 - Two Years Later, Lawmakers Still Adjusting to Role of Consoler
August 2 - Undermanned and Overdeployed? Congress Debates Expanded Army
August 30 - Democrats See Seizable Ground in Taking Up Soldiers' Cause
August 30 - Fall Agenda: Defense Authorization
August 30 - Military Absentee Ballots An Issue in California Recall
August 30 - Plans for Military Personnel, Their Families
September 6 - Air Tanker Deal Turns Spotlight On Murky Procurement Process
September 6 - GOP Starting to Waver On Support for Iraq
September 6 - Latest Iraq Supplement Soars to New Heights
September 13 - Bush's Iraq Spending Request Puts Focus on Budget Priorities
September 13 - Efforts to Stabilize Foreign Nations Brought U.S. Kudos, Resentment
September 13 - From 'Cradle of Civilization' to Dictatorship
September 13 - Funding for Afghan Campaign, Reconstruction Called Too Thin To Block Resurgence of Taliban
September 13 - Iraq Funding Will Come Slower Next Time Around
September 13 - Postwar Iraq: A Hard Path to Stability
September 13 - Senate Democrats Promise To Fight Nuclear Weapons Plan
September 13 - The Reservists Dilemma
September 13 - Under Fire From Angry Vets, Divided GOP Yields Ground
September 20 - Closer Scrutiny Expected On Latest Supplemental
September 20 - Conferees Send 'Very Strong Signal' In Rushing Through Defense Bill
September 20 - Details of New Spending Request Arrive
September 20 - Energy and Water Spending Bill Leaks Animosity as It Heads to Conference
September 27 - Congress Clears Bare-Bones Defense Appropriations Bill
September 27 - Defense Authorizers Losing Authority
September 27 - Defense: Big Tickets and the Small Print
September 27 - Iraq Supplemental Will Pass, But Many Say Well Is Going Dry
October 4 - Accord on 'Concurrent Receipt' A Long-Awaited Win for Vets
October 4 - Defense Authorization Bill Hits Impasse in Conference Over Buy America Provisions
October 4 - Defense Authorization: The Veto Threat
October 4 - Disturbing Prospect of 'Hollow Force' Has Lawmakers, Pentagon Scrambling
October 4 - How Guard, Reserves Fit In
October 4 - Lawmakers at Loose Ends Over Form of Supplemental
October 4 - Popular Tax Cut for Military Shackled By Conference Standoff Over Offset
October 11 - Bush Plays Lobbyist in Chief To Keep Iraq Funds as Grants
October 18 - Democrats Struggle for Consensus In Opposition to GOP's Iraq Plans
October 18 - Senate Rejects White House Plea, Adopts Iraqi Loan Amendment
October 18 - Veterans Call 'Concurrent Receipt' Deal A Good First Step, Vow Further Action
October 25 - Defense Budget Needs Boost To Cover Personnel, Weapons
October 25 - GOP Rebellion on Nature of Iraq Funds Augurs Further Grief for White House
October 25 - Painful Task of Cutting Funds Holds Military Construction Bill From Accustomed Cakewalk
October 25 - Warner Plan Could Resolve Tanker Dispute
November 1 - Bush Wins Supplemental Battle, May Face Loss in War on Terror
November 1 - Military Tax Breaks Reweighed After Unanimous House Vote To Double Death Gratuity
November 8 - Defense Authorization Bill's Highlights
November 8 - GOP Leader Uses Holiday Deadline As Spur on Defense Authorization
November 8 - Intelligence Panel's Amity Endangered
November 8 - Military Tax Breaks Measure Emerges Victorious After Nine-Set House-Senate Volley
November 8 - Negotiators Grind Out Agreement on Military Construction Bill
November 8 - Supplemental Sans Roll Call Provides Cover All Around
November 15 - Fights Over Policy, Not Hardware Shape Defense Bill's Passage
November 15 - Growing Chorus Tells Bush To Get Out of Iraq Sooner
November 15 - Senate Clears Military Construction
November 22 - Alternate Proposals to Mideast Peace Could Detract from Bush's 'Road Map'
November 22 - Titanium Suppliers Stand Tough On Defense Bill Trade Provisions
November 29 - Nuclear Bomb Sites Could Get Special Park Designation
December 6 - Scandal Puts Boeing Tanker Deal on Hold As Pentagon, Hill Investigate Impropriety
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Defense Appropriations
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Defense Authorization
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Fiscal 2003 Defense Supplemental Appropriations
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Fiscal 2004 War Supplemental Appropriations
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Intelligence Authorization
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Military Construction Appropriations
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Military Tax Cuts
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Reviews of Prewar Iraq Intelligence

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