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January 13 - Anti-Missile Debate Ignites
January 13 - Talking Points: Anti-Missile Defense
January 27 - Rep. Tauzin Attacks Contract To Manage Nuclear Labs
February 10 - Bush's Budgetary Caution Shocks Pentagon's Supporters
February 10 - The Republican Challenge: Roping the Fiscal Strays
February 10 - Wolfowitz Tapped as Deputy Defense Secretary
February 17 - Bush Promises Troops 4.6 Percent Raise, Billions for Health Care Improvements
February 17 - Bush's Hints About Spending Level Ease Defense Hawks' Concerns
February 17 - Mexico Drug Certification Could Ease
February 17 - State, Defense Officials Named
March 3 - Agency by Agency: Where the Money Would Go
March 3 - Bush Says Budget Would Pay Down Debt While Aiding Schools, Retirees, Military
March 3 - Defense Spending Is Strong Suit Of Cheney Ally Sean O'Keefe, Confirmed for No. 2 Spot at OMB
March 10 - NATO, Russia Appear Ready To Discuss Missile Defense
March 17 - Safety Reviews Take Hard Look At Troubled, Tenacious Osprey
March 24 - GOP Senators Seek Assurances That White House-Backed Export Curbs Would Not Weaken National Security
March 24 - Macedonian Unrest, Serbian Aid Force a Renewed Focus on Balkans
March 31 - Maintaining the Presence
March 31 - Navy Under Pressure to Rethink Reliance on Big, Expensive Ships
March 31 - Norman Sisisky Dead at 73; A Builder of Bipartisanship And Aircraft Carriers
April 7 - Tension With China May Revive Hill Debate Over Trade, Taiwan
April 14 - Congress Gives Bush High Marks For Resolution of China Crisis
April 21 - Maintaining China Trade Status No Longer a Done Deal
April 28 - No Deal Near On High-Tech Export Rules
May 5 - ABM Treaty Places Several Roadblocks In the Way of U.S. Anti-Missile Plan
May 5 - Gutierrez's Vieques Arrest To Be Probed
May 5 - Senate Democrats Vow to Resist Bush's Anti-Missile Policy
May 5 - U.S.-China Relations Remain Tense
May 12 - Members Welcome Bush's Plan For Strengthening Counterterrorism And Urge More Concrete Action
May 12 - The Rumsfeld Mandate: Invent the Military's Future
May 19 - Defense: Waiting for Rumsfeld
May 19 - Military Construction: Marking Time
May 19 - Veterans, Housing: HUD Face-Off
May 26 - Armed Services: Missile Defense Skeptic
May 26 - Intelligence: Dealing From the Center
June 2 - Appropriations Lineup
June 2 - No Big Pentagon Spending Boost In Bush Supplemental Request
June 9 - Bush's Policy Evolution
June 9 - Moderate Democrats Hold Key To Bush's Anti-Missile Program
June 9 - Non-Proliferation Programs Could Get Boost From Democrats
June 16 - Administration Begins Hinting At Defense Plan Particulars
June 16 - Bush's Decision On Vieques Assailed on Hill
June 16 - Supplemental Spending Bill May Be A Picture of Bipartisan Restraint
June 23 - Leaders Vow Supplemental Bill Will Set Example of Restraint
June 23 - Pentagon Likely to Ease Away From 'Two War' Capability
June 30 - Boeing's Chicago Move Has Political Upside
June 30 - Members Assail Pentagon Budget's Spending Levels, Priorities
June 30 - Rumsfeld Leaves Democrats Uneasy About Intentions Toward ABM Treaty
June 30 - Trim Supplemental Spending Bill May Bulk Up on Senate Floor
July 7 - Personnel and Maintenance Dominate Defense Requests
July 14 - Defense Budget Boost 'in Play'
July 14 - Pentagon's Plan to Accelerate Anti-Missile Program Heightens Tension Over ABM Pact
July 14 - Shrinking Surplus Promotes Restraint As Supplemental Heads to Conference
July 14 - Trust Funds Take Center Stage As Talk of 'Deficits' Is Revived
July 21 - Midyear Spending Package Clears After Daschle Heeds Cheney's Appeal
July 21 - Rumsfeld's Effort to Remodel Military Caught Between Ideal and Status Quo
July 21 - Talks With Russia Seen as Chance For Averting ABM Showdown
July 28 - Fall Clash Over Spending Priorities Could Set Course for Rest of 107th
July 28 - Fiscal Pinch Keeping Armed Services Panel From Adding Much to Pentagon Budget
July 28 - Russian Agreement to Negotiate Boosts Bush's Missile Defense Plan
August 4 - Battle of Business vs. Security Over Rewrite of Export Controls Will Be Joined Anew in the Fall
August 4 - House Armed Services Panel Backs Bush's Full Budget Request
August 11 - Base-Closing: Hill Plays Defense
August 11 - Specter of Force Reductions Roils Defense Bill Debate
September 1 - Democrats Will Seek to Steer Funds Away From Anti-Missile Program
September 1 - Rep. Spence Dies at 73; Helped Lead the Charge For Military Preparedness
September 8 - Armed Services Democrats' Move To Shackle Anti-Missile Program Sets Up Fierce Senate Showdown
September 8 - House Military Construction Bill Advances
September 8 - Senate Intelligence Bill Advances After White House Drops Effort To Criminalize Classified Leaking
September 8 - Tension Between Defense and Business Over High-Tech Export Regulation Makes Deal Unlikely Before Spring
September 15 - Defense Debate Redrawn
September 15 - Emergency Funds to Be Divided Between Recovery and Retaliation
September 15 - In for the Long Haul
September 15 - Obey Sounds a Solitary Warning Against Carte Blanche
September 15 - Quiet Tension Over Spending
September 15 - Tax Relief for Victims' Families
September 22 - Arms for a New Kind of War
September 22 - Beneath Capitol's Harmony, Debate Simmers Patiently
September 22 - Levin Drops Missile Test Curb
September 22 - Making Law in an Easy Target: Capitol Goes on 'High Alert'
September 22 - Military Construction Bill Passes House; Pentagon Protection Raises Concern
September 29 - Congress and the President: A Recalibration of Power
September 29 - Congress Fearful of Ceding Too Much Foreign Policy Control
September 29 - Construction Bill Heads To Conference
September 29 - Defense Bill Wins Solid House Passage; Side Issues Delay Senate Action
September 29 - Defining Homeland Security
September 29 - Tom Ridge
October 6 - Backers of Israel Voice Concern
October 6 - Defense Bill Conferees Face Sharp Division Over Base Closings
October 6 - Fixing U.S. Intelligence: A Cultural Revolution
October 6 - Foreign Operations Spending Bill On Choppy Course in Senate
October 6 - Intelligence Highlights
October 6 - Lawmakers Start Work on Measures To Protect Infrastructure, Population
October 6 - Precision Weapons Against Terrorism: Covert Operations and Special Forces
October 6 - Review Backs Technology Investment To Counter Asymmetric Threats
October 6 - Warnings and Recommendations From Recent Commissions on Terrorism
October 13 - Congress Maintains its Right To Remain in the Loop
October 13 - Daschle Blocks Markup of Energy Bills As Panel Democrats Threaten to Bolt
October 13 - Defense Bill Takes a Step
October 13 - Lawmakers Struggle to Define New Office of Homeland Security Without Appearing Confrontational
October 13 - Once-Shunned Countries Now Get Close Attention on Hill
October 13 - Weapons Makers Forgo Lobbying In 'Reverse Ambulance Chase'
October 20 - A Closer Look at Anthrax
October 20 - Amtrak Security Bill Must Shake Off Riders To Advance in Senate
October 20 - Bill to Waive Pakistan Sanctions Clears Over Protests From Appropriators And Supporters of India
October 20 - Changes to Defense Bill Modest Despite Focus on Anti-Terrorism
October 20 - Disabled Veterans Fight for Repeal Of Ban on Concurrent Retirement Pay
October 20 - From 'What-Ifs' to Reality
October 20 - Military Construction Bill Clears After Compromise on Funding For Scheduled Base Closures
October 20 - Threats and Priorities
October 27 - Already-Strapped Postal Service Now May Need Billion-Dollar Bailout
October 27 - Bush's Deferral of Anti-Missile Tests Buys Time for ABM Treaty Workaround
October 27 - House Panel's Military Spending Bill Likely to Grow by Tens of Billions For Homeland Defense
October 27 - Parties Debate How to Build A Defense Against Bio-Terrorism
October 27 - Probing Sept. 11: In Due Time
November 3 - A Deep Partisan Schism
November 3 - Bush's Appeal Gives GOP Victory on Airline Security Bill
November 3 - Does Ridge Have the Clout To Carry It Off?
November 3 - Goss May Seek to Punish Leakers
November 3 - Homeland Security Key Players
November 3 - Kennedy, Frist Vow to Cooperate On Bill to Defend Against Bio-Terrorism
November 3 - Rep. Goss Has Everyone's Ear When Subject Is Intelligence
November 10 - ADJOURNMENT: A Different Kind of Rush for the Holidays
November 10 - As Spy Agencies' Budgets Rise, Debate Begins on Restructuring
November 10 - Chemical Vulnerabilities
November 10 - Drug Industry Seeks Incentives For Taking On Vaccine Challenge
November 10 - Port, Rail Safety Also Studied
November 10 - Postmaster Seeks $5 Billion
November 10 - TRANSPORTATION & INFRASTRUCTURE: White House, Aviation Safety Conferees Grope Their Way Toward Compromise
November 17 - Armed Forces' New Workload Heats Defense Funding Debate
November 17 - DEFENSE: Reflections on War From a Senator Who Survived One
November 17 - HEALTH: Kennedy-Frist Bio-Terrorism Bill Gets Qualified White House Backing
November 17 - Key Provisions Of Security Bill
November 17 - SOCIAL POLICY: Policymakers Struggle With Issues Of Fairness and Frugality In Compensating Terrorism Victims
November 17 - TRANSPORTATION: Cleared Aviation Security Bill Is Crippled Industrys Best Hope
November 24 - DEFENSE: Lawmakers See Potential For New Spy Technology to Detect Weapons of Mass Destruction
November 24 - GOP Misjudged Public Sentiment With Hard Line on Aviation Bill
November 24 - Lawmakers See Potential For New Spy Technology to Detect Weapons of Mass Destruction
November 24 - More Lawmakers Turn Attention To Protecting Nuclear Power Plants And Responding to a Radiation Release
November 24 - Provisions of the Aviation Security Law
November 24 - Transportation Security Office Has a Broad Mandate And a Tight Timetable
December 1 - APPROPRIATIONS: Supplemental Spending Package Moves Toward Senate Floor And Likely Showdown With Bush
December 1 - House-Passed Bill Boosts Pentagon Funds For Heavy Weapons, More Agile Forces
December 1 - Lieberman Out in Front of His Party In Urging Bush to Topple Saddam
December 1 - Supplemental Defense Funds
December 1 - TRADE: House Backs Extension Of Export Act
December 8 - Conferees on Intelligence Bill Toss Out Provision for Creating Panel to Probe Intelligence Lapses
December 8 - House Panel Floats Bill on Bio-Terrorism
December 8 - More Than Military Funding Hinges on Base-Closure Dispute
December 8 - Senate Nears Passage of Defense Bill With Controversial Aircraft Leasing
December 15 - Bush's Move to Void ABM Pact Has Democrats Looking for Options
December 15 - Conferees on Defense Spending Face Substantial Differences Over Shipbuilding and Overhaul
December 15 - Congress Compromises on Base Closings, Delaying Pain--and Savings--Several Years
December 15 - House Bill Provisions
December 15 - Intelligence Authorization Calls for Greater Reliance On Spies and New Technology
December 15 - With Bio-Terrorism Funds in Place, Will Powers and Policies Fall by the Wayside?
December 22 - 2001 Legislative Summary: Airline Bailout
December 22 - 2001 Legislative Summary: Aviation Security
December 22 - 2001 Legislative Summary: China's Trade Status
December 22 - 2001 Legislative Summary: Defense Appropriations
December 22 - 2001 Legislative Summary: Defense Authorization
December 22 - 2001 Legislative Summary: Export Administration Act
December 22 - 2001 Legislative Summary: Intelligence Authorization
December 22 - 2001 Legislative Summary: Missile Defense
December 22 - B-2's Success in Afghanistan Reinvigorates Proponents
December 22 - Bill Takes Incremental Approach Toward Reshaping the Military
December 22 - Congress Clears Defense Bill; Boeing Wins Plan to Lease New Tankers for Refueling
December 22 - Expansion Planned For Arlington Cemetery
December 22 - Homeland Security Measures, Including Bio-Terrorism Programs, To Head to Conference in January
December 22 - House Demands Iraq Allow Inspections
December 22 - House Key Vote: Anti-Terrorism (Vote 398)
December 22 - House Key Vote: Aviation Security (Vote 423)
December 22 - House Key Vote: Defense (Vote 342)
December 22 - Navy Anti-Missile Program Fails Nunn-McCurdy Price Check
December 22 - Senate Bills Would Create Commissions to Probe Sept. 11
December 22 - Senate Key Vote: Base Closings (Vote 286)
December 22 - Senate Key Vote: Use of Force Resolution (Vote 281)

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