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January 4 - Compromises Tempered Key 1985 Decisions
January 11 - Defense Ups and Downs (chart of change in defense spending since 1977)
January 18 - Reductions in Hundreds of Pentagon Programs: 'Star Wars,' Military Payroll Dodge Cutbacks
January 25 - Israel Returning $51.6 Million in Foreign Aid
February 1 - President Taps Turnage to Head VA
February 8 - 75 Percent Boost for 'Star Wars' Program: Pentagon Seeks to Continue Weapons Buildup
February 8 - For Embassy Security, $4.4 Billion
February 8 - Largest Hike for Defense: President Proposes Increase For Research, Development
February 15 - Perspective -- Sam Nunn: A Critic to Be Reckoned With
February 22 - Clark, Subic on the Line: What to Do About the Bases? Congress Looking at Options
February 22 - Reagan Faces Challenge on Test-Ban Treaty
February 22 - Tying Up Aid: Sending a Signal to Marcos
March 1 - Advisory Panel Backs Pentagon Reorganization
March 1 - As Delivered Feb. 26: Text of President Reagan's Televised Address on His Fiscal 1987 Defense Budget
March 1 - Gutting Substitute Fails: House Hands Reagan a Defeat On Test-Ban Treaty Resolution
March 1 - Skepticism Prevails on Capitol Hill: President Bids for Support on Defense Budget
March 1 - U.S., Soviet Arms Control Offers
March 8 - Changes Draw Protests From Pentagon Brass
March 8 - Reviewing the Division of Labor
March 8 - Stiff Opposition From Defense Officials: Pentagon Reorganization Bill Approved by Goldwater Panel
March 15 - House Members Take Swing at 'Revolving Door'
March 15 - President Denounces House Test Ban Measure
March 22 - Cutting the Pentagon Budget: Tough Choices
March 22 - Defense Budget Cut Estimates (chart)
March 29 - House Panel Backs Military Pension Cutbacks
March 29 - Military Retirement: Three Options (chart)
March 29 - Turnage Confirmed to Head VA
April 5 - Panels to Probe TWA Bombing
April 12 - Bill Introduced Allowing Yarmulkes in Military
April 12 - Chappell Next in Line on Defense Subcommittee: Rep. Addabbo's Death Opens Key Post on Appropriations
April 12 - Deadline for Trims Approaches: Hill Panel Considers Changes In Military Retirement System
April 12 - Keeping Track of Contractors' Labor Tab
April 12 - Nuclear Test Ban, SALT II Compliance: Hill Pressing Reagan on Arms Control Issues
April 12 - Senate Panel Rejects Malone
April 12 - Vietnam Veterans of America Charter Approved
April 12 - Will Back Procurement 'Czar': Reagan Orders Some Changes In Management of Pentagon
April 19 - Allegations of Violations by the Soviets Of Strategic Arms Treaty, Other Pacts
April 19 - Congressional Role in Military Conflicts: After Raid on Libya, New Questions on Hill
April 19 - Upcoming SALT Decision: A Turn in the Debate
April 26 - Billions Trimmed From Defense Spending In Latest Round of Committee Turf Fight
April 26 - Gearing Up for 'Procurement Reform'
April 26 - House Votes Bill to Trim Military Retirement
April 26 - Reagan Tentatively Backs SALT Compliance
May 3 - Other Shifts Follow Addabbo's Death: Rep. Chappell in Line to Chair Defense Appropriations Panel
May 10 - Comfortable Margin on Third Try: House Approves $1.7 Billion Supplemental Spending Bill
May 10 - Goal of Coordinating Policy: Senate Backs Major Changes In Organization of Pentagon
May 10 - House Panel Demands 'Contra' Bank Records
May 10 - Major Provisions of House-Passed Supplemental
May 17 - Reagan Lobbying on Saudi Arms Sale
May 17 - Too Much of a Good Thing? Pentagon 'Inflation Dividends' Prompt Scrutiny on Capitol Hill
May 24 - Conferees Face Difficulties on Defense, Taxes
May 24 - Floor Fight Expected in June: Senate Defense Panels Poised For Battle Over Jurisdiction
May 24 - New Doubts in Time of Tight Budgets: Senators Eyeing a Hefty Cut in SDI Program
May 24 - Questions of Independence, Management: Senators Square Off Over Weapons Testing
May 24 - Senate Panel Dry-Docks Navy Port Plan
May 24 - Veto Message and Letter on Saudi Arms Sale -- May 21, 1986
May 31 - Reagan's Statement on Arms Treaty Policy -- May 27, 1986
May 31 - Reagan: No More 'Extra Mile' For Compliance With SALT II
June 7 - House Challenge Likely Over SALT II Compliance
June 7 - Senate Committee OKs Navy's 'Homeport' Plan
June 14 - Foreign Relations Committee Weighs Manila Aid
June 14 - Help From Some Savvy Specialists (Senate Armed Services Committee staff members)
June 14 - Major Provisions of Senate-Passed Supplemental
June 14 - Sam Nunn: The Careful Exercise of Power
June 14 - Supplemental Conferees Fail to Reach Pact
June 14 - Taking Aim at the 'Bigeye' Bomb
June 14 - Two-Step Strategy: Reagan Repudiation of SALT Prompts Hill Legislative Effort
June 21 - Boosting Authority of Senior Military Commanders: House Panel Moves on Pentagon Reorganization
June 21 - House Passes Job Protections for Veterans
June 21 - Panel Acts on Military Construction
June 21 - Reagan's Letter on AWACS Aircraft for Saudis -- June 18, 1986
June 21 - Taking a Swing at the SDI Budget
June 21 - Veto Possible for Supplemental Spending Bill
June 21 - Warm-Up for a Tougher Bill? House Vote Urges President To Continue to Observe SALT
June 28 - Hill Panels Make Cutbacks in Defense Budget
June 28 - House Balks at Navy's 'Homeporting' Plan: $8.4 Billion Approved For Other Projects
June 28 - Military Construction Funds, Fiscal '87
June 28 - Military Retirement Bill Is Cleared
June 28 - President Reagan's Address on 'Contra' Aid -- June 24, 1986
June 28 - Supplemental Funding Bill Sent to President
July 5 - Highlights of HR4515 (cleared by Congress June 27) (chart)
July 5 - Summary of FY 1986 Supplemental Appropriations
July 19 - Behind the 'Star Wars' Cut: A Policy Battle
July 19 - House Panel Kills Judicial Review for Veterans
July 19 - Senate Committee Bill Chops SDI Program: Fresh Concerns About Conventional Balance
July 26 - Weighing the Options: Both Chambers Face the Task Of Further Trims in Defense
August 2 - Challenge to Aspin Prompts Counterplays
August 2 - Stage Set for Battles Over Reagan Arms Policy
August 9 - 'Disaster' Warnings Over Future Budgets
August 9 - 'High-Water Mark' for 'Star Wars': Senate Blunts Most Arms Challenges
August 9 - Procurement Reforms Win Strong Support: House Reverses Reagan on Nuclear Tests
August 16 - Close Calls for the Administration: Staying In on a Saturday, Senate Finishes Its Bill
August 16 - Companion Spending Bill Advances
August 16 - House Approves Defense Authorization Bill: A Sweeping Attack On Reagan Policies
August 16 - Military Construction Projects
August 23 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Defense
August 23 - Same as Authorization: Panel Includes Arms Control In Defense Appropriations Bill
August 30 - Conferees Confront Many Difficulties: House Could Win Big Victory On Partial Nuclear Test Ban
September 13 - Panel Backs $277 Billion Defense Spending Bill
September 13 - Pentagon Reorganization Bill Gains
September 20 - Major Pentagon Reorganization Bill Is Cleared
September 20 - Submarine Money Resurfaces Funds for 'Star Wars' Program Held to $3.4 Billion by Panel
September 27 - $10 Billion Difference Looms in Defense Bills
September 27 - Arms Control at Issue in Defense Conference
September 27 - Democratic Boycotts Bar Action on Ambassador
September 27 - Senate Fight Likely Over Aid to Philippines
October 4 - 'Pre-Summit' Snags Hill Arms Control Efforts
October 4 - Dividing the Difference on Funding
October 4 - Reagan, Gorbachev Set Surprise 'Pre-Summit'
October 11 - Democrats Back Off for Now: Impasse Over Arms Control Issues Resolved
October 18 - 'Contra' Aid Coincides With Incident
October 18 - A Floor 'Fly-Off' Over Training Plane Funds
October 18 - Authorization Bill: Hill Clears $291.8 Billion for Defense Programs
October 18 - In the Wake of the Summit: Proposals, Politics
October 18 - Text of Reagan's Speech on Iceland Summit -- Oct. 13, 1986
October 25 - 'Homeport' Plan Gets the Go-Ahead
October 25 - Defense Bill: 'Gimmicks' Made Some of the Cuts
October 25 - The 99th Congress Legislative Summary: Defense
November 1 - $274 Billion Appropriation: For the Second Year in a Row, Pentagon's Buying Power Falls
November 1 - Fiscal 1987 Congressional Appropriations for Defense (chart)
November 1 - Funding for Major Defense Programs, Fiscal 1987 (chart)
November 1 - Military Construction Funds Pared (chart)
November 8 - Senate Armed Services Committee: A Careful Expert Taking the Helm
November 8 - Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee: Panel Expected to Stay on Course
November 15 - As Delivered Nov. 13 From the White House: Text of Reagan's Address On Arms Shipments to Iran
November 22 - Text of Reagan's Nov. 19 News Conference
December 6 - Levin Denouces ABM Treaty Interpretation
December 6 - Soviets to Continue SALT II Compliance
December 13 - Pressure Increases for SALT II Compliance
December 20 - MXs to Be Put on Rails
December 20 - Reagan's Defense Budget Set
December 20 - Special Report: Legislative Outlook DEFENSE

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