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January 12 - Arms Talks May Not Spare Reagan Fights on Hill
February 2 - Arms Control Negotiator Nominations
February 2 - Kirkpatrick Exits U.N.
February 9 - Consensus on the 3 Percent Solution?
February 9 - Defense Up; Other Agencies Down: Increase Sought in Federal Research Spending
February 9 - Fights Likely on MX, Space Weaponry: Pentagon Asks $313.7 Billion for Defense Buildup
February 9 - Higher Fees for VA Mortgages Sought: VA Budget Asks 'Means Test' For Access to Medical Care
February 9 - How Much for Defense? The Fiscal 1986 Reagan Budget: The Realities of Deficit-Cutting
February 9 - Stockman Flays 'Scandal' of Military Pensions
February 9 - To Develop Exotic Space Arms, $3.7 Billion
February 16 - Armed Services Panel: Goldwater in the Cockpit
March 2 - Arms Negotiators
March 2 - Key Players: Chiles, Aspin Upcoming Arms Control Talks Used as Backdrop in MX Fight
March 2 - Pentagon Program Could Face New Controls
March 9 - GI Bill
March 9 - Road to Defense Cuts: Familiar, But Rockier
March 9 - The 'Promised Land' Slipping From View? Senate Budget Cuts Defense, Balks At Domestic Reductions
March 9 - U.S. Negotiators Head for Geneva
March 9 - Votes Later in March: Reagan Appears to be Gaining In Congressional MX Support
March 16 - Rudman: Cutting Payroll to Save the Buildup
March 16 - Senate to Vote on MX; Some Seek Farm-Credit Link
March 16 - The Defense Budget: Past Blueprints for Cuts
March 23 - Defense Authorization Markups Beginning
March 23 - Reagan Gets the Credit for MX Success As He Out-Communicated Opponents
March 30 - Defense Authorization Markups to Continue
March 30 - Democrats Unveil Long-Term MX Plan
March 30 - House Freshmen Play a Minor Role But Have Their Say on a Major Issue
March 30 - House Gives President the Go-Ahead on MX
March 30 - Switches and New Faces: Advantage, Reagan
March 30 - To Les Aspin, MX Victory Brings Some Pain
April 6 - Aspin Suggests $4 Billion Reduction: Military Retirement System Draws New Scrutiny
April 6 - Levin Would Slow 'Revolving Door'
April 6 - Senate Panel Votes 3 Percent Defense Increase
April 27 - Critics Take Aim at Reagan Anti-Missile Plan
April 27 - Hill Takes a Look at New Fighter Plane
May 4 - Chemical Weapons Panel Draws Fire
May 4 - Compromise Brewing on Future of MX Missile
May 11 - Battles Shaping Up Over Defense Procurement
May 11 - House Panel Trims $18.5 Billion From Defense
May 11 - Panel Defers Disability COLA Decision: Veterans' Health Bill Seeks Use of Low-Cost Treatments
May 11 - Senate Panel Pares Defense Bill But More Cutbacks Are Needed
May 18 - Further Reductions Loom: House Panel Cuts $19 Billion in Defense Bill
May 18 - Panel Makes Further Cuts in Defense Budget
May 25 - Overpricing, Billing Fraud and Abuses Prompt Calls for Procurement Reform
May 25 - Senate Votes New Limits on MX in Defense Bill
May 25 - Text of Senate MX Limitations
May 25 - Water Projects Draw OMB Flak: Appropriations Panel Votes $13.49 Billion Supplemental
June 1 - Panels Find 'Free' Cuts in Military Construction
June 1 - Treaty Compliance a Concern: Aspin Seeks to Slow and Alter Reagan's 'Star Wars' Program
June 1 - Weinberger's $4 Billion: Where Did He Find It? 'Midnight Surprise' Sparks Questions in Congress
June 8 - 'Star Wars' and the ABM Treaty
June 8 - House Democrats May Seek More Defense Cuts
June 8 - Senate Approves Defense Authorization Bill
June 8 - Senate Votes to Restrict Federal Wage Law
June 15 - 'Missilectomy' on Poseidon Submarine Would Bring Navy's Program Full Circle
June 15 - Closing the 'Revolving Door'
June 15 - Panel Pushes Judicial Review of VA
June 15 - Reagan Decides to 'Go the Extra Mile' for SALT
June 15 - Senate Panel Hopes to Cut VA Health Costs
June 15 - Text of Reagan's Statement on SALT II
June 22 - House Meets Reagan Partway on Defense Plans
June 22 - Reagan Gets Limited Go-Ahead on Nerve Gas
June 29 - ASAT Test Curb: Victory for Reagan Critics
June 29 - Few Major Changes From Committee Version: After a Welter of Amendments, House Passes Defense Measure
June 29 - House, Senate Divided: Foreign Aid, Water Disputes Delay Talks on Supplemental
July 6 - Supplemental Funding Bill Awaits Conferees
July 13 - Pentagon's Buying Practices: Battle Lines Drawn
July 20 - Controversial Weapons Programs: Conferees Make Compromises On Defense Authorization Bill
July 27 - Burgers on Bases? Burghers Win a Battle
July 27 - Separate Vote in House on Binary Provisions: Conferees Agree on Defense, But Nerve Gas Is Sticking Point
August 3 - Budget Dealing Derails Defense Bill in House
August 3 - Compromises on Procurement 'Reform'
August 3 - Congress Clears Water Project, 'Contra' Funds
August 3 - Senate Passes Bill to Improve VA Health Care
August 3 - Veterans' Court Review Approved
August 10 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Defense
August 10 - Lugar Warns Against Veto of South Africa Sanctions
August 24 - Aspin Wants MX Status Clarified
August 24 - Reorganizing the Military Chiefs Options Being Weighed in the House
August 24 - Revamping the Pentagon's 'Corporate Board'
August 24 - The New Chairman: A Real 'Purple-Suiter'?
August 31 - DIVAD Gun Canceled
September 7 - ASAT Test Postponed
September 7 - Conference Report Under Attack: House Democrats to Get a Vote On Reducing Pentagon Budget
September 14 - Budget, Procurement Issues: House Accord May Clear Way For Vote on Defense Measure
September 14 - Challenges to ASAT Test Rebuffed
September 21 - House Panel Cuts Military Construction by 19%
September 21 - Philippine Unrest Prompts Warning on Bases
September 21 - Strengthening Chairman's Role: House Panel Backs Compromise On Joint Chiefs System Changes
September 21 - Summit, Appropriations Forums Space Weapons Programs: New Fights Ahead
September 28 - Intelligence Bill Approved
September 28 - Reagan Confers With Soviet Official on Arms
September 28 - Reagan Requests More Anti-Terrorism Funding
October 5 - Concerns for Peace Process: Hussein Courts Wary Congress, But Arms Sale Is Uphill Struggle
October 5 - From Two Senators, Complaints Over a Lack of Notice
October 5 - Reagan Averts House Vote on Test-Ban Treaty
October 5 - Science of Measuring the Moving Earth Complicates the Policing of Test Blasts
October 5 - Total of $292 Billion: Defense Appropriators Back Spending Freeze
October 12 - Squaring Off Over ABM Treaty, 'Star Wars'
October 19 - ABM Treaty Interpretation at Issue: Reagan Team, Congress Jockey Over 'Star Wars'
October 19 - Military Construction Bills Passed
October 19 - Senate Study Urges Pentagon Reorganization
October 26 - 'Star Wars' Survives Proposed Appropriations Cut
October 26 - Legal Fine Points of the ABM Treaty Spur New Wrangling Over 'Star Wars'
November 2 - Authorization Measure Finally Clears
November 2 - Freeze in Defense Budget: After Brief Go-Round on MX, House Votes Appropriations
November 2 - Panel Votes on 'Star Wars,' Nerve Gas
November 2 - Reagan Makes New Arms Control Offer
November 2 - Stevens Panel, in Markup, Looks to Bargaining
November 9 - $288.1 Billion Appropriations: Rejecting a 'Star Wars' Study, Panel Approves Spending Bill
November 9 - Labor Wins Round on Wage Rules: Senate Approves Military Construction Bill
November 16 - Reagan Taking Wide-Ranging Road to Summit
November 16 - Schedule May Influence Defense Funding Fight
November 23 - Before a Joint Session of Congress: President's Nov. 21 Remarks After U.S.-Soviet Summit
November 23 - Gorbachev and Reagan: Accords, Agendas
November 23 - Green Light for New Ports: Hill Trims Almost 20 Percent In Military Construction Bills
November 23 - Parochial Interests at Issue: House Approves Bill to Boost Role of Joint Chiefs Chairman
November 23 - Senate Backs China Pact
November 23 - Summit Yields Warm Words, Little Agreement
November 30 - Shultz Opposes Special Israel Aid Benefit
December 7 - Weinberger Retreats on Joint Chiefs Reform
December 14 - Defense Add-Ons Revive Senate Turf Fight
December 21 - Benefits for Relatives of Crash Victims
December 21 - Defense Funds: Deferring the Painful Choices
December 28 - Despite Decline in the Budget, Defense Programs Will Survive
December 28 - Fiscal 1986 Appropriations for Defense (chart)
December 28 - Special Report: Legislative Summary DEFENSE

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