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January 21 - Council for a Livable World's John D. Isaacs: Behind the Scenes, Political Clout and Technical Savvy
January 21 - Reagan Faces Squeeze on Nuclear Arms Policy
January 21 - Summary of Major Issues Facing Congress in 1984: DEFENSE
February 4 - 1985 BUDGET: $305 Billion for More of the Same: At the Pentagon, an Emphasis on Investment
February 11 - Grenada Resolution
February 11 - Reagan Critics Take Aim at Weapons Requests
February 18 - Spreading Out the Cuts: Opening Shots Presage Rerun Of Past Years' Budget Battles
February 25 - Delay for Military, Boost for Economic Help: Panel Plans to Alter Formula for Philippine Aid
March 3 - Military Presence in Honduras Sparks Debate
March 10 - Echoes of 1980 Campaign: Debate Over Combat-Readiness Gets a Replay
March 10 - From Sen. Andrews, a Populist's Skepticism
March 10 - Pentagon Takes Aim at Arms Warranties Law
March 17 - Aid to El Salvador: How Much Is 'Urgent'?
March 17 - Israel's Friends on Hill Take Aim at Missile Sales to Jordan
March 24 - 'Bureaucrats Can Regulate a Law to Death': Pentagon Rules Rekindle Warranty Law Dispute
March 24 - A Political Odd Couple Seeks to Limit . . . . . . Political Fallout on Spare Parts Pricing
March 24 - Lawmakers Scrutinizing Spare Parts Practices
March 31 - Special Report: House Armed Services Committee Democrats' Panel Defends More for Defense
April 7 - Hill Confrontation Looms on Space Weapons
April 14 - Act of 'Collective Self-Defense': Administration Defends Mining of Harbors
April 14 - Defense Production Clears
April 14 - Discord Stalls Funding Bill
April 14 - Hill Presses Reagan on Central America Policy
April 14 - No Major Weapons Scrapped: House Committee Votes Cuts In Reagan Defense Request
April 14 - Pentagon Cites Soviet Moves: Reagan, Critics Square Off on Space Weapons
April 28 - U.S.-China Nuclear Pact
May 5 - $13.9 Billion Whittled Away: A Balky Administration Offers Cutbacks in Its Defense Budget
May 5 - 'Stealth' Bomber Faces Political Dogfight
May 5 - Floor Fight Looms on House Authorization Bill: Opponents Look to Another Chance to Kill MX
May 12 - 'Dial-a-Porn' Rings Wrong Bells on the Hill
May 12 - Compromise Sought to Prod Administration: Opponents of ASAT Weigh a Shift in Tactics
May 12 - GAO Report Raises Questions on MX
May 12 - Panel Denies Funds for Honduras Facilities
May 19 - House Approves MX With Cutback and Strings
May 19 - MX Lobbying: A Hard Fight by Both Sides
May 19 - Rep. Dymally in 'Toughest' Squeeze on MX
May 26 - $14.4 Billion Trimmed: Senate Panel's Authorizations Would Scrape Spending Ceiling
May 26 - 'Phantoms' and 'Leftovers': Defense Budget Cuts: The Invisible Approach
May 26 - House Erupts Over Central America Issue
May 26 - House Rebuffs Reagan on Anti-Satellite Tests
June 2 - $207 Billion Authorization Passed: House Toughens Restrictions on Production Of MX Missile After Prodding by Leadership
June 2 - Cuts Will Not Greatly Constrain Projects: House Panel Pares Military Construction Request
June 9 - Fights Loom on MX, Other Issues: Reagan Defense Program Faces Fresh Challenges in the Senate
June 9 - For Military Construction, a $1.2 Billion Cut
June 9 - Foreign Cruise Ships Find Safe Harbor
June 9 - Members Observe D-Day Ceremony
June 9 - On Warranties, More Pentagon Discretion
June 16 - Administration Opts for Compromise On First Test of Anti-Satellite Missile
June 16 - After Dickering, Senate Backs Limited GI Bill
June 16 - MX Survives in Senate as Bush Breaks Tie Vote
June 23 - After Long Session, Senate Finishes Bill: Difficult Conference Looms on Defense Issues
June 23 - House Passes Military Construction Bill
June 23 - Key Democrats Defect on Aid to Rebels: Vote Belies Eroding Support on Nicaragua Issue
June 23 - Nunn Loses Round on Burden-Sharing But Starts Serious Debate on the Issue
June 23 - Senate Passes Three: Fiscal '85 Appropriations Bills Pick Up Speed as Recess Nears
June 30 - Frustration With Allies Clear: Military Construction Funds For 1985 Approved by House
June 30 - Supplemental, Stripped of Latin Aid, Clears
July 7 - Congress at Mid-Year 1984: Defense
July 7 - Panel to Examine Who Should Pay for Bombs
July 7 - Space Weapons Talks: U.S.-Soviet Sparring
July 7 - Wrong Funding Sources Used: U.S. Spending in Honduras Called 'Improper' by GAO
July 14 - Overhaul of Pentagon Buying Practices Eyed
July 21 - Democratic Platform Text 1984: Chapter III: Peace, Security, and Freedom
July 28 - Conferees Now Moving on Authorization Bill
July 28 - Hill Report Cited: Administration, Critics Stage Rerun of 'Readiness' Debate
July 28 - On ASAT, Maneuvering at Home and Abroad
August 4 - Military Construction: Senate Panel Moves to Soften Cutbacks for Overseas Allies
August 4 - On MX Missile, the Jockeying Continues
August 11 - $9.13 Billion Authorization: With a Warning to NATO Allies, Military Construction Bill Clears
August 11 - Will Impasse Be Broken? Hill Leaders Agree to Summit To Set Defense Spending Cap
August 18 - Hard Defense Choices Forced by Budget Act Congress' Equivalent of the 'Locked Room'
September 1 - Reagan vs. Mondale: How Much for Defense?
September 8 - Reagan Urges Approval of Genocide Treaty
September 15 - Group's Role in Nicaragua Raises Questions
September 15 - Meeting Set for Sept. 28: In Inviting Gromyko, Reagan Continues Conciliatory Tack
September 15 - MX a Major Sticking Point: O'Neill, Baker Seek to Break Stalemate on Defense Budget
September 22 - Foreign Relations Committee OKs Genocide Treaty
September 22 - Hill Leaders, Reagan Break Defense Stalemate
September 29 - Appropriations Panels Shape Defense Budget
September 29 - Gromyko Comes to the White House
September 29 - Overall Figure of $297 Billion Allowed: Congress Clears Defense Authorization Bill
October 6 - $400 Hammer Provided Impetus: Spare-Parts-Procurement Bill Seeks to Increase Competition
October 6 - Career Intelligence Officers Only: Goldwater, Moynihan Seeking New Rule on Future CIA Chiefs
October 6 - Senate Clears FOIA Exemption Bill
October 6 - Some Senators Reluctant to Leave Panel
October 6 - The Authorization Bill: A Series of Small Cuts
October 13 - Intelligence Bill
October 13 - On Defense Appropriations, Final Jockeying
October 13 - Preparing the Reserves for Combat
October 20 - $1.5 Billion for MX Not Counted: Holding to Agreed-on Ceiling, Conferees Craft Defense Bill
October 20 - Military Construction: Differences Are Split
October 20 - Summary of Major 1984 Congressional Action: DEFENSE
October 20 - Summary of Major 1984 Congressional Action: VETERANS
December 8 - In Line for Armed Services Panel: Goldwater Adds Voice to Call For Defense Budget Austerity
December 8 - Nitze named Adviser on Arms Talks
December 22 - Lawmakers Skeptical of Reagan Defense Cuts
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda DEFENSE

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