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October 1 - Europe's INF: The 'Other' Nuclear Debate
October 1 - NATO's Share Still an Issue: Military Construction Funds Cut $1.5 Billion
October 1 - Political Benefits May Outweigh Others: Reagan Admonishes Soviets, Suggests New Arms Formula At United Nations Speech
October 8 - Defense Panel Trims $9.8 Billion
October 8 - START Talks Resume With New U.S. Offers
October 22 - Appointment Angers Some Hard-Liners: McFarlane: Reagan Taps Experienced Insider
October 22 - House: No 'Covert' Aid to Nicaraguan Rebels
October 22 - Reagan Administration Opposes Measure: House Votes Increased Role For Chairman of Joint Chiefs
October 29 - Defense Appropriations (Senate Markup)
October 29 - House Stalls Vote on Lebanon Funds Cutoff
November 5 - Andrews Seeks Warranties on Weapons
November 5 - Chamber Debates $252 Billion Bill: Senate Panel Deletes Funding For New Nerve Gas Weapons
November 5 - Guatemala Arms Sale
November 5 - House Passes Defense Bill: MX Missile, in Close Vote, Heads for Production Line
November 5 - In First Test, Senate Rejects Nuclear Freeze
November 5 - Objectives Achieved, Reagan Says: Congress Examines Causes, Costs of Grenada Operation
November 5 - Strike Force Plan Killed
November 12 - Space Age Defense Plans
November 12 - Stalemate: Conferees Seek Nerve Gas Accord
November 19 - Congress Passes Defense Bill, Kills Nerve Gas
November 26 - Nerve Gas Only Major Program Cut: Congress OKs Most Funding For Reagan Defense Buildup
November 26 - Summary of Major 1983 Congressional Action: DEFENSE
November 26 - Summary of Major 1983 Congressional Action: VETERANS
November 26 - Supreme Court Granted Review Powers: Congress Approves Revisions In Code of Military Justice
December 3 - 1984-85 ACDA Measure Cleared
December 3 - Efforts to Delay Pershing II Deployment Fail
December 3 - House Panel OKs Funding for Base in Egypt
December 10 - But Rejects Unitary Tax Challenge: High Court Agrees to Review Linking of Student Aid, Draft
December 31 - U.S. Lebanon Policy Under Fire

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