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 Congressional Affairs

January 3 - Chart: 1997 Conservative Coalition Votes
January 3 - Chart: 1997 House Presidential Position Votes
January 3 - Chart: 1997 Senate Presidential Position Votes
January 3 - Chart: Breakdown of Conservative Coalition Votes
January 3 - Chart: Breakdown of Party Unity Votes
January 3 - Chart: Breakdown of Presidential Support Votes
January 3 - Chart: Clinton's Support and Opposition
January 3 - Chart: Leading Conservative Coalition Scorers
January 3 - Chart: Leading Party Unity Scorers
January 3 - Clinton Finds Support on Hill Despite GOP's Vocal Attacks
January 3 - CONSERVATIVE COALITION: Political Trends Come Together To Diminish Coalition's Clout
January 3 - COVER STORY: Budget Crunch Has a Service At War With Itself
January 3 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: The Hill: Same Old Tale With Modern Twists
January 3 - Despite Drop in Partisan Votes, Bickering Continued in 1997
January 3 - Editor's Note
January 3 - ENVIRONMENT: New Mexico Waste Site Awaits EPA Decision
January 3 - Members' Diligence in Casting Ballots Climbs to a 45-Year High
January 3 - RECESS NOTES: Gonzalez's Plans Are Unclear As Second Session Nears
January 3 - RECESS NOTES: Rehnquist Assails Congress For Judicial Vacancies
January 10 - At Diner, Too Much Government on Menu
January 10 - COMMUNICATIONS: Judge's Decision Casts Doubt On Telecommunications Act
January 10 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Could Gingrich Top GOP's 2000 List?
January 10 - Editor's Note
January 10 - FOREIGN POLICY: 'Tis the Season for Mixing Business With Pleasure
January 10 - FOREIGN POLICY: Disagreement Among Friends Strains U.S.-Israeli Ties
January 10 - Hill Feels the Big Clout Of Small Business
January 10 - King of the Highways Plans Big Year, Despite Efforts to Tar His Record
January 10 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Looking for Confirmation From His Peers
January 10 - NEW YORK: Ferraro Is Back, and So Is The Character Issue
January 10 - NEW YORK: Meeks Wins Democratic Spot In Race to Fill Flake Seat
January 10 - OBITUARY: Celebrity Lawmaker Wore Renewed Fame Lightly
January 10 - Purchasing Plan Finds Few Friends
January 10 - RECESS NOTES: Congressional Tax Lawyer Kies Announces Resignation
January 10 - RECESS NOTES: Critics Question Senate Costs Of $190 Million for Probes
January 10 - RECESS NOTES: Judges Head to Court For Raises
January 10 - RECESS NOTES: Smoother Nomination Bid Expected for Davidow
January 10 - REGULATION: Kyoto Agreement Complicates Electricity Deregulation
January 10 - RETIREMENT: House Democrats Face Losing Another Seat in the South
January 10 - SEPARATION OF POWERS: Administration Admits Loss In Line-Item Veto Lawsuit
January 10 - TEXAS: 29 House Incumbents Bolt Out of the Starting Gate
January 17 - A Bundle From Virginia
January 17 - CALIFORNIA: Another Costly Run May Prove Too High a Price for Feinstein
January 17 - CALIFORNIA: Rep. Riggs To Run For Senate
January 17 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: House GOP Casts a Wide Net In Renewed Scandal Hunt
January 17 - COMMERCE: Criticism of 'Corporate Welfare' Heats Up in Congress
January 17 - CORRECTION
January 17 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Offstage, Dole Winks at Lobbying Law
January 17 - Editor's Note
January 17 - House Investigating Committees
January 17 - HUMAN SERVICES: Child Care Proposal Sparks Debate Over Working, At-Home Mothers
January 17 - Kasich's 'Dirty Dozen'
January 17 - Rainy Days Get No Respect As Savings Rate Droops
January 17 - RECESS NOTES: Breaux, Thomas To Head Medicare Study
January 17 - RECESS NOTES: IRS Debate Escalates After Agency Admission
January 17 - RECESS NOTES: Political Advocacy Case Reaches High Court
January 17 - REGULATION: RJR Papers Cast Further Doubt On Settlement Prospects
January 17 - SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY: NASA Again Finds Space For John Glenn
January 17 - SECTION NOTES: Special Race in New York's 6th To Feature Dueling Democrats
January 17 - SECTION NOTES: Virginia Legislature Revisiting House Dstrict Map
January 17 - SEPARATION OF POWERS: Federal Judge To Rule Soon On Line-Item Veto Lawsuits
January 17 - SPECIAL ELECTION: California House Race Shapes Up As a Duel of Interest Groups
January 24 - CALIFORNIA: Mary Bono Willing To Succeed Spouse
January 24 - Chambliss' 'IRS Horror Story' Show Yields Lots of Heat, Few Conclusions
January 24 - Editor's Note
January 24 - ETHICS: Rostenkowski Hopes To Set Forth On the Road to Redemption
January 24 - Firebrand GOP Class of '94 Warms to Life on the Inside
January 24 - For Democratic Freshmen, a Tough Start
January 24 - GOP Factions in the House Class of '94
January 24 - Heavy Workload Exacted a Toll
January 24 - NEW YORK: Meeks Faces Fight For Flake's Seat
January 24 - Rebels of '94 and 'Watergate Babies' Similar in Class Size, Sense of Zeal
January 24 - RECESS NOTES: Former Rep. Oakar Sentenced In Campaign Finance Case
January 24 - RETIREMENTS: Stokes' Departure Recalls Career of Firsts
January 24 - Rostenkowsi: In His Own Words
January 24 - SCIENCE: Groups Fear Cloning Legislation Could Ban Significant Research
January 24 - TAXATION: Ready Opposition to Tax Overhaul Means No Chance for Quick Fix
January 24 - THE PRESIDENCY: Clinton's Latest, Worst Troubles Put His Whole Agenda on Hold
January 31 - Both Parties Focus on Speech Not Scandal, to Chagrin of Some
January 31 - COVER STORY: Clinton Succeeds in Slowing Scandal's Momentum
January 31 - ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: IMF Contribution Finds Enemies Across the Political Spectrum
January 31 - ETHICS: House Panel Gets Back to Business, Hoping To Put Rancor Aside
January 31 - FOREIGN POLICY: Cleland Warns Against Repeating Tonkin Gulf Mistake
January 31 - History of Contested Contributions
January 31 - Impeachment: How It Would Work
January 31 - INVESTIGATIONS: Long List of Its Own Trespasses Tempers Congress' Judgment
January 31 - Kasich's Quandary
January 31 - REDISTRICTING: High Court OKs Illinois 4th
January 31 - REPUBLICAN RESPONSE: Lott: Fighting for the Family Is GOP's Top Priority
January 31 - RETIREMENT: Colorado's Rep. Dan Schaefer Won't Seek Re-Election
January 31 - RETIREMENT: Rep. Schiff Says His Illness Rules Out a Campaign
January 31 - SECTION NOTES: Talks on Renaming Airport For Reagan Continue
January 31 - TECHNOLOGY: Congress Finds No Easy Answers To Internet Controversies
January 31 - THE PRESIDENCY: Starr's Inquiry Prompts Questions On Independent Counsel Law
January 31 - Three Probes Are Pending
February 7 - A Range of Reactions
February 7 - Administration's Rosy Scenario Has Few Doubters These Days
February 7 - AVIATION: Partisan Rancor Flares in Debate To Rename National Airport
February 7 - CALIFORNIA: Rep. Harman To Enter Governor's Race
February 7 - Chart: Administration Economic Assumptions
February 7 - Clinton's Fancy Budget Work Upstages Skeptical GOP
February 7 - Editor's Note
February 7 - ETHICS: Sentence Delayed For Rep. Kim
February 7 - FOREIGN POLICY: 'Big Stick' Approach to Iraq Masks Uncertainty on Hill
February 7 - How Each Agency and Department Would Fare Under Clinton Budget
February 7 - INVESTIGATIONS: Proof of Illegal Voters Falls Short, Keeping Sanchez in House
February 7 - MILITARY CONSTRUCTION: Senate Nears Climactic Vote On Line-Item Vetoes
February 7 - NEW MEMBER PROFILE: Profile: Gregory W. Meeks D-N.Y. (6)
February 7 - NEW YORK: Party Choice Wins Seat in Queens
February 14 - 25 Democratic House Seats to Watch
February 14 - 25 Republican House Seats To Watch
February 14 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Probe Reports Decry Abuses, But Overhaul Still Unlikely
February 14 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Oversight at Its Best Was Off Center Stage
February 14 - Departing the Hill
February 14 - Early Task for '98 Candidates Is To Find New Political Footing
February 14 - Editor's Note
February 14 - EDUCATION: Latest Savings Account Bill Draws More Veto Threats
February 14 - Excerpts From Panel's Reports
February 14 - From Arm's Length to Joined Hands
February 14 - GOP's Lack of Big-Name Candidates May Keep Brass Ring Out of Reach
February 14 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: Hill Weighs Federal Yard Sale To Pay Down National Debt
February 14 - HEALTH/HUMAN SERVICES: Senate Vote Blocks Debate On Bill To Ban Cloning
February 14 - HUMAN SERVICES: House Bill Supports At-Home Parents
February 14 - INTELLIGENCE: Senate Panel Votes To Protect Spy Agency Whistleblowers
February 14 - Issue Ads Often More Burden Than Blessing for Candidates
February 14 - Key Points of Hogan's Ruling
February 14 - SECTION NOTES: Appropriations Chairman Livingston May Retire
February 14 - SECTION NOTES: House Ends Investigation Of Sanchez's Election
February 14 - SECTION NOTES: House Judiciary Committee Adds New Members, Staff
February 14 - Senate GOP Roster Shows Few Soft Spots
February 14 - Senate Minority Hoping to Hold Even
February 14 - SEPARATION OF POWERS: Line-Item Veto Struck Down Again; Appeal to High Court Imminent
February 14 - Sioeng Sizzle Turns to Fizzle
February 14 - THE BUDGET: GOP May Scale Back Tax Cuts, Adhere to Spending Caps
February 14 - Where Tobacco's Money Goes
February 14 - White House Tempest May Swamp Party's Attempt To Retake House
February 21 - APPROPRIATIONS: Livingston Reverses Decision, Plans Run for 12th Term
February 21 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: McCain-Feingold Again Hobbled By Little Impetus for Change
February 21 - Chart: Departing the Hill
February 21 - COVER STORY: Housing Overhaul Still Looking For a Home in GOP Congress
February 21 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Net Surfing and E-Mail Clicking With Congress
February 21 - Editor's Note
February 21 - ENERGY: A Resurgence of Controversy Over Electricity Issue
February 21 - ENVIRONMENT: In Senate, Hope Springs Again For Endangered Species Law
February 21 - FOREIGN POLICY: Public's Worries About Iraq Policy Echo Concerns in Congress
February 21 - From Overhaul to Tax Credits
February 21 - GOP Centrists Get a Home of Their Own
February 21 - HEALTH: Lobbyists Intensifying Debate Over Health Care Regulation
February 21 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Beleaguered '96 Overhaul Hits Another Snag
February 21 - TEXAS: Hot House Races Steal Show In Nation's First Primary
February 21 - THE PARTIES: Democratic House Moderates Hope To Make More Suburban Inroads
February 28 - APPROPRIATIONS: $287 Million in Projects Restored to 1998 Bill
February 28 - Author of House Report on Iraqi Arms Finds His Credibility Under Siege
February 28 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Money Woes Leave FEC Watchdog With More Bark Than Bite
February 28 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Overhaul Gridlock on the Hill Contrasts With Action in States
February 28 - COVER STORY: Congress Looks to Kentucky For Lessons on Education
February 28 - DEFENSE: Congress Might Not Seek Cuts To Offset Bosnia, Gulf Costs
February 28 - ETHICS: Lawmaker-Doctors Must Abide By Outside Income Rules
February 28 - FOREIGN POLICY: GOP Finds Little To Applaud In U.N. Deal With Iraq
February 28 - HOUSE LEADERSHIP: From Coup to Coo: GOP's Paxon Dashes Hopes of Rebels
February 28 - REPUBLICAN PARTY: GOP Feels Warmth and Chill In the Shadow of Reagan
February 28 - RETIREMENT: New York GOP Has Contender For Seat Paxon Is Vacating
February 28 - Senators' Votes Seem Set in Stone
February 28 - States Pick Up Where Congress Left Off
February 28 - TRANSPORTATION: Governors' Pleas Nudge Senate Into Action on Highway Bill
March 7 - 1998 ELECTIONS: For House Members, Higher Office Seems Less of a Lure or a Lock
March 7 - An Alternative to Impeachment
March 7 - BANKING: House Panels Inch Toward Deal On Financial Services Overhaul
March 7 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Panel Releases 'Dueling' Reports, Remaining Partisan to the End
March 7 - Chart: Do-Nothing Session?
March 7 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Somewhere on the Hill, Real News Is Happening
March 7 - Demand for Bigger, Thirstier Cars Puts Consumers in Driver's Seat
March 7 - Departing the Hill
March 7 - Editor's Note
March 7 - FOREIGN POLICY: Senate Poised To Approve NATO Expansion
March 7 - House Committee Rosters
March 7 - HOUSING: Block Grants Bill Passes House
March 7 - ILLINOIS: GOP Has Heated Fight To Pick Challenger for Moseley-Braun
March 7 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Hyde Staying Above Clinton Fray But Tries To Raise Panel Profile
March 7 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Prayer Amendment Advances Toward Floor Vote
March 7 - LAW/JUDICIARY: When Congress Decides a President's 'High Crimes and Misdemeanors'
March 7 - LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Productivity Likely To Be Low As GOP Sets Slow Pace
March 7 - Puerto Rico: Bill on Island's Political Status Skirts Trouble in House
March 7 - RETIREMENT: Torres Retires, Seeks To Anoint Son-in-Law as Successor
March 7 - Senate Committee Rosters
March 7 - TAXATION: Once Again, New Complexity In Simplifying the Tax Code
March 7 - TECHNOLOGY: Microsoft Hearing Explores Whether Antitrust Laws Need Upgrade
March 7 - THE BUDGET: Differences May Prompt GOP To Leave the Surplus Alone
March 7 - TRANSPORTATION: Senate's Solution to Road Wars: Deliver More Money
March 14 - CALIFORNIA: Kim Escapes Prison Sentence But Still Faces Ethics Panel
March 14 - Chart: March 10 Texas Primary Results
March 14 - COMMERCE: Panel Approves Bill To Promote Competition to Cable TV
March 14 - DEFENSE: Computer-Reliant U.S. Society Faces Growing Risk of 'Information War'
March 14 - Editor's Note
March 14 - Environment: Future of Superfund Overhaul Looks Anything but Bright
March 14 - FOREIGN POLICY: Seeking Showdown With Clinton, Gingrich Gets One With GOP
March 14 - From the Family Tobacco Fields, They Eye the Hill With Unease
March 14 - Hill Goes To Bat for Credit Unions
March 14 - INTELLIGENCE: Whistleblower Protection Bill Gets Strong Push From Senate
March 14 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Senate Measures Would Limit Minors' Access to 'Cyberporn'
March 14 - NEW MEMBER PROFILE: Profile: Rep.-elect Lois Capps, D-Calif.
March 14 - RETIREMENT: Departing from Tradition, A Kennedy Calls a Halt
March 14 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Approves McGovern For U.N. Agriculture Post
March 14 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Calls for U.N. Resolution To Criticize China on Rights
March 14 - SPECIAL ELECTION: Capps Succeeds Her Husband
March 14 - TRANSPORTATION: In Race To Meet April Deadline, Senate Passes Highway Bill
March 21 - Blacks in Congress
March 21 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Burton's Request for Funds Stalls As Investigations Fatigue Hits GOP
March 21 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Having Something for Everyone Spells Trouble for Overhaul Bill
March 21 - COVER STORY: Surface Racial Harmony on Hill Hides Simmering Tensions
March 21 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Where Does the Public Draw the Line?
March 21 - DEFENSE: House Bill Would Expedite Anti-Missile Defenses
March 21 - EDUCATION: With a Steady Hand, Coverdell Has His Fingers in Many Pots
March 21 - FOREIGN POLICY: GOP Plan To Challenge Clinton On Abortion Still Lacks Votes
March 21 - FOREIGN POLICY: House Presses Administration To Keep Up Heat on China
March 21 - FOREIGN POLICY: House Shies Away From Conflict With Clinton Over War Powers
March 21 - FOREIGN POLICY: Senate Suddenly Defers Action On NATO Expansion
March 21 - GOP Initiatives Hamper Efforts To Reach Out To Minority Groups
March 21 - GOP Touts 'One-Stop Shopping' As Key Benefit of Overhaul Bill
March 21 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Massiah-Jackson's Journey Ends in Withdrawal
March 21 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Panel Tries Putting the Bite Back Into the Juvenile Crime Bill
March 21 - March 17 Illinois Primary Results
March 21 - REGULATION: McCain's Panel Hunkers Down To Work on Tobacco Bill
March 21 - REGULATION: Small-Business Bill Waives Some Fines
March 21 - Senate Deal Still Eludes Education Bill
March 21 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Moratorium on Internet Taxes Wins Local Groups' Approval
March 21 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Panel Approves Bill To Promote Competition For Cable TV
March 21 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Panel Moves To Privatize Satellite Organizations
March 21 - TRANSPORTATION: Shuster Prepares for Onslaught Against Members' Projects
March 28 - A Look at the National Labor Relations Board
March 28 - A Montana Man's Senate
March 28 - AGRICULTURE: Forest Policy Bill Sparks Debate
March 28 - BANKING: House Credit Union Bill Responds To Court's 'Common Bond' Ruling
March 28 - CALIFORNIA: Bono, Lee Look Poised To Join Largest Female Delegation
March 28 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Despite Leadership Opposition, Overhaul Issue Remains Potent
March 28 - COVER STORY: Labor Wants Out of the Limelight After Glare of Probes, Backlash
March 28 - Editor's Note
March 28 - ELECTION '98: Clinton Scandal, Starr Probe Trickle Down Into Elections
March 28 - ELECTRICITY: White House Deregulation Plan Generates Scant Interest
March 28 - ENVIRONMENT: Superfund Rewrite Advances, But Accord Remains Unlikely
March 28 - Finding the Funds
March 28 - FOREIGN POLICY: Senate Rejects Effort To Impose Drug Sanctions on Mexico
March 28 - FOREIGN POLICY: Wolf's Faith in Religious-Freedom Bill Is Rewarded With Panel's Approval
March 28 - HUMAN SERVICES: Congress To Debate Restoring Food Stamps to Immigrants
March 28 - INVESTIGATIONS: Board Monitoring Teamsters Criticized by Republicans
March 28 - INVESTIGATIONS: Starr Report May Create Legal, Political Minefield in House
March 28 - Labor Picking Its Big Fights for '98
March 28 - LABOR: GOP, Labor Board Lock Horns Over Union Elections Policy
March 28 - LABOR: Hoekstra's Labor Probe Attracts Criticism From Both Sides
March 28 - LABOR: House Narrowly Votes To Ban Union Practice of 'Salting'
March 28 - NEW MEXICO: Democrats Off to a Fast Start In Race To Succeed Schiff
March 28 - Reinvestment Act Again in Cross Hairs
March 28 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Satellite Service Privatization Gets House Panel's Approval
March 28 - THE BUDGET: Split Supplemental Divides GOP As Chambers Go Separate Ways
March 28 - TOBACCO: McCain Optimistic Measure Will Get Panel Approval
April 4 - BANKING: House Floor Says 'No Thanks' To Financial Services Bill
April 4 - CALIFORNIA: Rep. Kim Must Remain East For Most of Campaign
April 4 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: All-But-Doomed Overhaul Bill Meets Its Expected End
April 4 - COVER STORY: Environmental Bills Hitch a Ride Through the Legislative Gantlet
April 4 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: The Revolution At Twilight
April 4 - Credit Union Bill Sails Solo
April 4 - DEFENSE: Pentagon Enlists New Statistics In Push To Close More Bases
April 4 - Departing the Hill
April 4 - ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Tighter Bankruptcy Laws Win Senate Panel Approval
April 4 - Editor's Note
April 4 - INVESTIGATIONS: Decision in Paula Jones Case Leaves Starr Determined, Congress Uneasy
April 4 - Lagging Do-List
April 4 - LAW/JUDICIARY: House Panel Approves Update Of Copyright Liability Laws
April 4 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Visas for Skilled Immigrants Finds Home in the Senate
April 4 - LEADERSHIP: On the Hill and at Home, GOP Is Torn by Internal Strife
April 4 - REGULATION: GOP Likely To Sidestep Overhaul, Fearing Environmental Showdown
April 4 - SECTION NOTES: House Backs $147 Million For Anti-Missile Defense
April 4 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Approves Protections For Biomaterials Suppliers
April 4 - SECTION NOTES: Peace May Be Worth Keeping In Caucasus, McConnell Says
April 4 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Clears Bill To Toughen Laws on Cell Phone Fraud
April 4 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Declines To Take Up Bill On Puerto Rico's Status
April 4 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Leaders Plan Action On State Department Bill
April 4 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Passes Bill To Create Waste Site for Three States
April 4 - TAXATION: Senate IRS Overhaul Advances Despite Strong Cost Concerns
April 4 - TEXAS: District Runoff for Gonzalez Seat Could End With Favored Son
April 4 - THE BUDGET: Senate Skirmishes Don't Deter Domenici's Budget Resolution
April 11 - CALIFORNIA: Bono, Lee Victories Set House Record
April 11 - COVER STORY: As Majority Leader, Trent Lott Discovers His Pragmatic Side
April 11 - Editor's Note
April 11 - HEALTH: Managed Care Causes Groups To Spend an Arm and a Leg
April 11 - Is Lott's Tobacco Recusal for Real?
April 11 - NEW MEMBER PROFILE: Barbara Lee, D-Calif.
April 11 - NEW MEMBER PROFILE: Mary Bono, R-Calif.
April 11 - RECESS NOTES: Child Support Enforcement Bill Heads to Conference
April 11 - RECESS NOTES: Ex-Shuster Aide Indicted On Bribery Charges
April 11 - RECESS NOTES: Group Says Bill Would Increase Some Portability Premiums
April 11 - REDISTRICTING: Federal Panel Throws a Curve To North Carolina With Remap
April 11 - REGULATION: Industry Exit From Tobacco Talks May Incur Further Hostility
April 11 - REGULATION: Move To Halt Rise in Cable Rates May Be Running Out of Time
April 11 - SECURITIES INDUSTRY: Huge Financial Services Merger Puts Pressure on Hill To Lead
April 18 - April 14 Texas Runoff Results
April 18 - Chart: Rayborn's Contributions
April 18 - Chuck Hagel, Business Internationalist
April 18 - COMMERCE: Big Tobacco, Big Government And the Senate's Nicotine Plan
April 18 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Livingston Straddles Republican Fault Line As He Hunts for Votes for Speaker's Job
April 18 - Editor's Note
April 18 - EXECUTIVE BRANCH: Democrats on the Hill Appear Underwhelmed by Probe, Await Starr Report to House
April 18 - Funds for Others -- Or Maybe Themselves
April 18 - Gingrich's Lessons: Some Mea Culpas, But a Lot of Blame-Spreading
April 18 - Industries Get a Boost From Their Overseers
April 18 - Livingston, Never Shy About Money, Fights for Higher Congressional Pay
April 18 - POLITICS: Bayh Likely To Pick Up Senate Seat in Indiana; Fundraising Troubles GOP
April 18 - POLITICS: North Carolina To Postpone Elections
April 18 - POLITICS: Ohio Is Testing Ground For Parties' Plans To Keep or Capture House
April 18 - Status of Major Legislation 105th Congress -- Second Session
April 18 - Transportation Bills Compared
April 18 - What's Ahead
April 25 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: House Oversight May Get Clinton Fundraising Probe After Burton Brouhaha
April 25 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Petition Pushes House GOP Leadership To Schedule Campaign Finance Debate
April 25 - GOP Poses Little Challenge In West Virginia
April 25 - Odd Couple: Norwood and Bliley
April 25 - PLAYERS: 'Wildcat' Baesler Draws On Hoops Past
April 25 - POLITICS: Four Walk Out of the Closet And Toward the House
April 25 - Rep. Rocket Man
April 25 - Republican Prospects Strong In Nebraska
April 25 - SCIENCE: Critics: Glenn Flight a Boost For NASA, not Science
April 25 - Social Security: A Range of Proposals
April 25 - Status of Major Legislation 105th Congress -- Second Session
April 25 - THE BUDGET: As Others Celebrate Deficit's Demise, Kasich Tilts at Budget Dragon
April 25 - What's Ahead
May 2 - An Infuriating Effectiveness
May 2 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Gingrich, Leading Attack on Clinton, Takes off Gloves, Goes out on Limb
May 2 - DEFENSE: House Panel Votes To Force Greater Segregation of Sexes In Military's Basic Training
May 2 - Editor's Note
May 2 - EDUCATION: Republicans Send D.C. Voucher Program To Certain Clinton Veto
May 2 - ELECTIONS: Arkansas Republicans Try To Further Erode Democratic Stronghold
May 2 - ELECTIONS: GOP Battle in Oregon Centers on Which Candidate Is 'Conservative Enough'
May 2 - ELECTIONS: Tight Races for Goodling and Fox Test Influence of Ideology, Money
May 2 - Group Aims Its Ads -- Even If It Means Stealing Its Candidates' Show
May 2 - RETIREMENT: Solomon To Retire; Oklahoma Democrats Hope To Recapture Watkins' Seat
May 2 - Status of Major Legislation 105th Congress -- Second Session
May 2 - Thrust and Parry: Gingrich vs. Clinton
May 2 - TURNING DOWN THE HEAT: Fundraising: A Kinder, Gentler Probe?
May 9 - Appropriators Getting Antsy for Work
May 9 - Burton's Blunders
May 9 - Chart: Primary Results
May 9 - Chart: Status of Major Legislation 105th Congress -- Second Session
May 9 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Hubbell Tapes Imbroglio Puts GOP Finance Probe on the Defensive
May 9 - FOLLOW-UP: Here's One Bill Gingrich Wants No Part Of
May 9 - House and Senate IRS Overhaul Bills Propose More Oversight, Add Rights
May 9 - IRS Overhaul Wins Big in Senate Despite Democrats' Cost Concerns
May 9 - POLITICS: Campaign Finance Issue Could Be Key to Expensive Kentucky Battle
May 9 - POLITICS: Leading GOP Contender For Idaho's 2nd District Says No to Term Limits
May 9 - PROGNOSIS: Few Are Betting Money On Banking Overhaul
May 9 - The Webster Hubbell Tapes: Comparing Versions
May 9 - What's Ahead
May 16 - Comparison of Campaign Finance Bills
May 16 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Dueling Campaign Finance Bills Threaten Overhaul's Chances
May 16 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: House GOP Struggles To Salvage Campaign Finance Probe
May 16 - ELECTIONS: Alabama, Mississippi Democrats Hope To Stem Rising GOP Tide
May 16 - ELECTIONS: Several Races Could Heat Up, But Status Quo Should Prevail In New Jersey
May 16 - PLAYERS: 'Senator No' Stays Quiet -- Perhaps Too Quiet
May 16 - POLITICS: Iowa Candidates' Coffers Swell As Presidential Hopefuls Crowd In on the Way to 2000
May 16 - Primary Results
May 16 - Status of Major Legislation 105th Congress -- Second Session
May 16 - The Elusive Eight Votes
May 16 - Thomas: Unfalteringly Loyal
May 23 - 105th Congress -- 2nd Session
May 23 - A Bitter Bluegrass Feud
May 23 - ANATOMY OF A VOTE: Gingrich the Whip Saves Financial Services Bill
May 23 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: White House's China Missile Scandal Energizes GOP, Subdues Democrats
May 23 - ELECTIONS: Brady Wins Pennsylvania's Special Election
May 23 - ESSAY: Neither Statesmanship nor Partisanship Seems To Trump a Beguiling Smile
May 23 - From the Editor
May 23 - HEALTH: Gingrich to GOP Task Force: Better Managed Care Without Over-Regulation
May 23 - New Member Profile: Robert A. Brady, D-Pa. (1)
May 23 - PAST AS PROLOGUE: Voting in the Dark
May 23 - PLAYERS: Cox: Turning to an Old China Hand
May 23 - POLITICS & ELECTIONS: Supporters of Campaign Finance Overhaul Grow Wary as House GOP Leaders Signal a Summer of Protracted Debate
May 23 - POLITICS: All in a Day's Battle: McCain, the Eager Warrior
May 23 - POLITICS: Opportunity for Democrats To Regain Majority Begins With New Mexico Election
May 23 - Primary Results
May 23 - Status of Major Legislation 105th Congress -- Second Session
May 30 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: The GOP's House Divided: Social Activists vs. Business
May 30 - What's Happening in the House
June 6 - A 'Clueless' Hill?
June 6 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Panel Approves Legislative Branch Funds With Little Discussion
June 6 - Art of the Filibuster
June 6 - Authorizers Balk at Herculean Task Of Finding Kasich His Savings
June 6 - BUDGET: House Budget Resolution Wins Passage But No Real Vote of GOP Confidence
June 6 - ETHICS: Gingrich Pays Fine's Second Installment
June 6 - INSIDE CONGRESS: Harvard Goes Republican To Lure Congress
June 6 - PAST AS PROLOGUE: A 'Do-Nothing' Congress Takes a Lot Of Doing, by Historical Standards
June 6 - POLITICS & ELECTIONS: D'Amato: A Streetfighter Prepares for Battle
June 6 - Recusal on Tobacco A Sweet Deal
June 6 - SCIENCE: Lost in Space: NASA's Quest For a New Direction
June 6 - Status of Major Legislation 105th Congress -- Second Session
June 13 - APPROPRIATIONS: CBO, Consultants and Cemetery Enliven Subcommittee Debate Over House Budget Increase
June 13 - Chart: Status of Major Legislation 105th Congress -- Second Session
June 13 - ETHICS: Measure DOA, But Debate Quite Lively
June 13 - House Ethics Panel To Rein In Probe of Shuster
June 13 - How Fannie Mae Wins Friends And Protects Its Business
June 13 - Rep. Corrine Brown Criticized Over Report of Gift to Daughter
June 13 - This Week in Congress
June 20 - APPROPRIATIONS: CBO Gets Vote of Confidence As Legislative Branch Bill Is Sent to House Floor
June 20 - Ashcroft Buddies Up to Lott -- For Now
June 20 - Chart: Legislative Branch Spending
June 20 - Chart: Status of Major Legislation, 105th Congress -- Second Session
June 20 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Despite Tougher Ethics Rules, Privately Funded Trips Flourish
June 20 - ETHICS: Campaign Finance Proposal Survives a Key Vote As House Debate Continues
June 20 - ETHICS: House Members Remain In the Dark About Progress of Starr Probe
June 20 - Speaking of Tobacco
June 20 - TRANSPORTATION: Shuster Says He Did Not Design Highway Legislation To Benefit His Family
June 20 - What's Ahead
June 20 - Who Went Where, at Whose Expense
June 27 - APPROPRIATIONS: GOP Preserves Special Fund for Future Probes
June 27 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Burton Panel Breaks Impasse, Immunizes Four
June 27 - Chart: Status of Major Legislation 105th Congress -- Second Session
June 27 - Correction: China Select Committee
June 27 - Heather Wilson, R-N.M. (1)
June 27 - PLAYERS: A Mellowing Neumann, Picking His Fights
June 27 - Riggs Intends To Get His Head Start Before His Big Finish
June 27 - She Who Shuns the Senate
July 4 - Chart: Status of Major Legislation 105th Congress -- Second Session
July 4 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Bucking Up: Many Democrats Thrive After Shock of '94
July 4 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: DeLay: A Pugilist Discovers The Demands of Governing
July 4 - Daschle Preaches the Gospel of Unity
July 4 - From the Editor
July 4 - Gephardt Broadens His Reach
July 4 - Gephardt Still Raking In the Money -- With an Eye Toward Presidential Race
July 4 - What's Ahead
July 11 - SHOP TALK: Lott and Daschle -- Men of Few Words
July 11 - This Week in Congress
July 18 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Lots of Inertia, Little Lawmaking As Election '98 Approaches
July 18 - LESSONS IN DEMOCRACY: Ex-Minority Gadfly Supports GOP Turnabout
July 18 - Public Laws
July 18 - This Week in Congress
July 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Manages To Avoid Controversy on Spending Bill For Legislative Branch
July 25 - BEHIND THE SCENES: GOP Supports Drug Testing for Members, But Some Party Leaders Said To Oppose It
July 25 - Capitol Incident Revives Security Issue
July 25 - Chart: Status of Major Legislation
July 25 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Campaign Finance Debate Gathers Steam
July 25 - POLITICS: Rep. Manton Of N.Y. 7th Will Retire
July 25 - Public Laws
July 25 - PUBLIC LIVES: While Hyde Hides, Hatch Opens Up
July 25 - This Week in Congress
August 1 - A Rebel Reconsiders
August 1 - An Illusion at the Library Door
August 1 - Chart: Status of Major Legislation
August 1 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Congress Grapples With Question Of Security in the 'People's House'
August 1 - House Ethics Panel Questions Rep. Corrine Brown
August 1 - In Memoriam
August 1 - Judge Dismisses Boehner's Lawsuit Against McDermott
August 1 - LEADERSHIP: Can the Revolutionary Resist Running for President?
August 1 - The Statesman and the Provocateur: Two Sides of Gingrich
August 1 - This Week in Congress
August 8 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Campaign Finance Gets Day in the Sun, But Senate's Shadow Is Looming
August 8 - Chart: Status of Major Legislation 105th Congress
August 8 - Congress in Recess
August 8 - LESSONS IN DEMOCRACY: Ambassador Recoils When News Media Use 'H' Word in Announcing Meeting
August 8 - Library of Congress Plans To Tighten Security
August 8 - Overhaul Bill's Highlights
August 8 - PAST AS PROLOGUE: Not Always Contemptible
August 8 - Senate Favors Memorials to the Living
August 15 - Chart: Status of Major Legislation 105th Congress -- Second Session
August 15 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Senate Caught in the Grip Of Its Own 'Holds' System
August 22 - Chart: Status of Major Legislation 105th Congress -- Second Session
August 22 - TURF FIGHTS: Panel on Nuclear Proliferation Goes Up in Smoke
August 22 - What's Ahead: Unfinished Work
September 5 - Chart: Status of Major Legislation, 105th Congress -- Second Session
September 5 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Skittish Congress Returns to Agenda Overshadowed by Scandal
September 5 - DANCING WITH WAVES: Sen. Kerry's Endless Summer
September 5 - From the Editor
September 5 - LAW & JUDICIARY: Alleged Trading Of Ads, Votes May Be Probed
September 5 - LAW & JUDICIARY: Along Clinton's Political Gantlet: A Panel Noted for Both Partisanship, Civility
September 5 - Lieberman's Speech, Response
September 5 - REAGAN (AIRPORT) WATCH: Parking Perquisite Persists
September 5 - Sen. Lieberman's Castigation of Clinton Could Be a Turning Point
September 5 - What's Ahead
September 12 - 'Reaping the Whirlwind'
September 12 - Chart: Status of Major Legislation 105th Congress -- Second Session
September 12 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Promises of Bipartisanship Will Be Put to an Early Test
September 12 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Will Congress' Hand Be Stayed By Fear of 'Glass Houses'?
September 12 - Falling by the Wayside?
September 12 - Gingrich Calls for Decorum
September 12 - PLAYERS: Rep. Conyers: Watergate Veteran On the Spot in Clinton Inquiry
September 12 - What's Ahead
September 19 - APPROPRIATIONS: Legislative Branch Bill Completed
September 19 - Chart: Status of Major Legislation 105th Congress -- Second Session
September 19 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: GOP Walks Tightrope On Way to Adjournment
September 19 - ETHICS: Dole Loan Not Needed, Gingrich Says
September 19 - From the Patriarch of the Senate, A Summons to Greatness
September 19 - IMPEACHMENT REDUX: Rep. Hastings Steps Up To Bat And Takes a Swing at Starr
September 19 - What's Ahead
September 26 - APPROPRIATIONS: Congress Increases Allotment For Capitol Police as It Clears Second of 13 Spending Bills
September 26 - Call for Censure -- 1974
September 26 - Chart: Status of Major Legislation 105th Congress -- Second Session
September 26 - From the Editor
September 26 - LEADERSHIP: Gingrich's Role Is Scrutinized In Impeachment Drama
September 26 - What's Ahead
October 3 - Chart: Status of Major Legislation 105th Congress -- Second Session
October 3 - Comparing the Resolutions
October 3 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Clinton Case Overshadows 105th's Legislative Legacy
October 3 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Impeachment Inquiry Vote May Signal Level of Partisanship To Come
October 3 - From the Editor
October 3 - PLAYERS: Senators Look Homeward But Keep an Eye on Al
October 3 - Task Force on Sanctions Comes Up Empty-Handed
October 3 - What's Ahead
October 10 - Both Sides Invoke History's Mandate In Contentious Floor Debate
October 10 - Chart: Status of Major Legislation 105th Congress -- Second Session
October 10 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Partisan Year Concludes With Impeachment 'Excursion' -- GOP's Next Task: Managing The Impeachment Juggernaut
October 10 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Politically Charged Vote Sets Tone For Impeachment Inquiry
October 10 - ETHICS: House Panel Issues Findings On Rep. Kim
October 10 - EXCERPTS: Considering Impeachment: 'Do We Have a Duty To Look Further or To Look Away?'
October 10 - From the Editor
October 10 - IMPEACHMENT: Are Judiciary Members' Jobs on the Line?
October 10 - Lawmakers Tackle Mountain of Issues In Pre-Adjournment Rush
October 10 - The House Resolution
October 10 - What's Behind
October 17 - Chart: Status of Major Legislation 105th Congress -- Second Session
October 17 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Clinton Probe Assumes Low Profile As Lawmakers Await Election Returns
October 17 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Riding the Omnibus Off Into the Sunset
October 17 - Correction: Impeachment Inquiry
October 17 - ETHICS: Panel Drops Final Gingrich Ethics Charges
October 17 - From the Editor
October 17 - GOODIES: These Are a Few of Their Favorite Things
October 17 - What's Ahead
October 24 - A Few More of Their Favorite Things
October 24 - Chart: Status of Major Legislation 105th Congress -- Second Session
October 24 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Lawyers Spar Over Rules for Clinton Probe
October 24 - What's Ahead
October 31 - Chart: Status of Major Legislation 105th Congress -- Second Session
October 31 - Daschle: Farmers, Indians
October 31 - DEMOCRATS: Byrd Targets New Prison
October 31 - From the Editor
October 31 - HOUSE: Speaker, Other Leaders Help Their States
October 31 - Louisiana Blockade
October 31 - SENATE: Lott Bags His Limit
November 7 - Chart: House Membership in 106th Congress
November 7 - Chart: Senate Membership 106th Congress
November 7 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Impeachment: Seeking Closure?
November 7 - ELECTION '98: Shakeup in the House
November 7 - From the Editor
November 7 - Hyde: A Farewell to Arms?
November 7 - Lott's Leadership Burden Grows
November 7 - MAJORITY LEADER: Steve Largent Seeks Return to Limelight
November 7 - Moynihan To Retire in 2000
November 7 - New House Panel Chairmen
November 7 - New Member Profile: Anthony D. Weiner, D-N. Y. (9)
November 7 - New Member Profile: Baron Hill, D-Ind. (9)
November 7 - New Member Profile: Blanche Lincoln, D-Ark.
November 7 - New Member Profile: Brian Baird, D-Wash. (3)
November 7 - New Member Profile: Charles E. Schumer, D-N.Y.
November 7 - New Member Profile: Charlie Gonzalez, D-Texas (20)
November 7 - New Member Profile: David Phelps, D-Ill. (19)
November 7 - New Member Profile: David Wu, D-Ore. (1)
November 7 - New Member Profile: Dennis Moore, D-Kan. (3)
November 7 - New Member Profile: Donald L. Sherwood, R-Pa. (10)
November 7 - New Member Profile: Doug Ose, R-Calif. (3)
November 7 - New Member Profile: Ernie Fletcher, R-Ky. (6)
November 7 - New Member Profile: Evan Bayh, D-Ind.
November 7 - New Member Profile: Gary Miller, R-Calif. (41)
November 7 - New Member Profile: George V. Voinovich, R-Ohio
November 7 - New Member Profile: Grace F. Napolitano, D-Calif. (34)
November 7 - New Member Profile: Greg Walden, R-Ore. (2)
November 7 - New Member Profile: Jay Inslee, D-Wash. (1)
November 7 - New Member Profile: Jim Bunning, R-Ky.
November 7 - New Member Profile: Jim DeMint, R-S. C. (4)
November 7 - New Member Profile: John B. Larson, D-Conn. (1)
November 7 - New Member Profile: John E. Sweeney, R-N. Y. (22)
November 7 - New Member Profile: John Edwards, D-N.C.
November 7 - New Member Profile: Joseph Crowley, D-N. Y. (7)
November 7 - New Member Profile: Joseph M. Hoeffel III, D-Pa. (13)
November 7 - New Member Profile: Judy Biggert, R-Ill. (13)
November 7 - New Member Profile: Ken Lucas, D-Ky. (4)
November 7 - New Member Profile: Lee Terry, R-Neb. (2)
November 7 - New Member Profile: Mark Green, R-Wis. (8)
November 7 - New Member Profile: Mark Udall, D-Colo. (2)
November 7 - New Member Profile: Michael D. Crapo, R-Idaho
November 7 - New Member Profile: Michael E. Capuano, D-Mass. (8)
November 7 - New Member Profile: Mike Simpson, R-Idaho (2)
November 7 - New Member Profile: Mike Thompson, D-Calif. (1)
November 7 - New Member Profile: Pat Toomey, R-Pa. (15)
November 7 - New Member Profile: Paul Ryan, R-Wis. (1)
November 7 - New Member Profile: Peter Fitzgerald, R-Ill.
November 7 - New Member Profile: Robin Hayes, R-N. C. (8)
November 7 - New Member Profile: Ronnie Shows, D-Miss. (4)
November 7 - New Member Profile: Rush Holt, D-N.J. (12)
November 7 - New Member Profile: Shelley Berkley, D-Nev. (1)
November 7 - New Member Profile: Stephanie Tubbs Jones, D-Ohio (11)
November 7 - New Member Profile: Steve Kuykendall, R-Calif. (36)
November 7 - New Member Profile: Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis. (2)
November 7 - New Member Profile: Thomas M. Reynolds, R-N. Y. (27)
November 7 - New Member Profile: Tom Tancredo, R-Colo. (6)
November 7 - New Member Profile: Tom Udall, D-N.M. (3)
November 7 - New Member Profile:Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill. (9)
November 7 - Other GOP Posts
November 7 - Some Senate Panels May Shift Focus As New Chairmen Come to Power
November 7 - SPEAKER WANNABE: Livingston Goes for the Golden Ring
November 7 - Voters' Plea for Moderation Unlikely To Be Heeded
November 14 - Behind the Pragmatism, A Conservative Core
November 14 - Chart: Status of Major Legislation 105th Congress -- Second Session
November 14 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Gingrich: Relentless Rebel In an Era of Limits
November 14 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: GOP Looks for Impeachment Course By the Light of a Single Starr
November 14 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: GOP Must Decide How Much Of Gingrich's Team To Keep
November 14 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Is Livingston the Manager The House Needs?
November 14 - From the Editor
November 14 - GOP Freshmen Say Unity, Balance Matter Most in Picking Leaders
November 14 - Hollow 'Victory': A Chronology of Rebellion
November 14 - LEADERS IN THE HOUSE: Well-Choreographed Campaign by Dunn
November 14 - Leadership Candidates
November 14 - LEGISLATING: Young: Here To Stay?
November 14 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Congress Compiles a Modest Record In a Session Sidetracked by Scandal
November 14 - Lewis' Base Hit
November 14 - The Day of Decision
November 14 - The Gephardt Guessing Game
November 14 - What's Ahead
November 21 - Armey, an Architect of the Revolution, Nearly Becomes One of Its Casualties
November 21 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: 105th's Final Vote May Be Against Impeachment
November 21 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Bipartisan Caucuses Elect Leaders
November 21 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Livingston's Voting Record: Staunchly Anti-Regulation But Moderate on Fiscal Policy
November 21 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: New GOP Leaders' Watchword Is Realism, Not Revolution
November 21 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Scandal and Statecraft: 12 Who Made a Difference in 1998
November 21 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Young, Combest, Dreier Ascend To Committee Chairmanships; House Gift Rule May Be Eased
November 21 - Corrections
November 21 - DeLay's Grip on His Job Proved As Tenacious as His Principles
November 21 - Erskine Bowles
November 21 - From the Editor
November 21 - He Came, He Spoke, He Succeeded: Julius Caesar Watts
November 21 - House Committee Leaders For the 106th Congress
November 21 - House Democrats Tie Their Fortunes to a Kennedy
November 21 - How Groups Rate The New Speaker
November 21 - Impeachment Hearing Excerpts: Hyde Launches 'Search for Truth'; Conyers Denounces 'Obsession'
November 21 - Kenneth W. Starr
November 21 - LEADERSHIP: Democrats Proclaim Party Unity, But Diversity Issues Simmer
November 21 - Members Focus Less on Clinton's Guilt Than on the Appropriate Punishment
November 21 - New Leaders: Frost, Menendez
November 21 - POWER CENTER: Bridging the Southern Gulf
November 21 - Rep. Bill Goodling, R-Pa.
November 21 - Rep. Bud Shuster, R-Pa.
November 21 - Rep. Dennis Hastert, R-Ill.
November 21 - Rep. John Conyers Jr., D-Mich.
November 21 - Rep. John R. Kasich, R-Ohio
November 21 - Rep. Nita M. Lowey, D-N.Y.
November 21 - REPUBLICAN LEADERS: Showdown at the NRSC Corral
November 21 - Sen. Alfonse M. D'Amato, R-N.Y.
November 21 - Sen. Connie Mack, R-Fla.
November 21 - Sen. Don Nickles, R-Okla.
November 21 - Sen. Joseph R. Biden, Jr., D-Del.
November 28 - Chuck Hagel, Economic Policy
November 28 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: All Seemed Quiet on the Senate Front, And Then Came Hagel's Challenge
November 28 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: From Panel Ratios to Paychecks: Parties Tackle the Nuts and Bolts Of Working Together on the Hill
November 28 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: GOP Pushes Toward a Vote On Articles of Impeachment
November 28 - Craig Thomas, East Asian and Pacific Affairs
November 28 - Gordon H. Smith, European Affairs
November 28 - John Ashcroft, African Affairs
November 28 - NEW LEADERS: From the Doghouse to the Speaker's Side
November 28 - Paul Coverdell, Western Hemisphere
November 28 - PLAYERS: Combest Rolls Up Sleeves
November 28 - Reid Prepares To Take Low-Key Style Into New Role as Minority Whip
November 28 - Rod Grams, International Operations
November 28 - Sam Brownback, Near Eastern and South Asian
November 28 - What's Ahead
November 28 - Young and Slade: Life-Affirming Friends
December 5 - AN 'UNDECIDED' PREROGATIVE: Impeachment: One Man, Two Votes?
December 5 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Hyde Leads Impeachment Drive In Growing Isolation
December 5 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Leaders Provide Little Guidance On Next Phase of Impeachment
December 5 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Senate Republicans Count On Old Team To Set New Agenda
December 5 - Correction: Senate Leadership
December 5 - ETHICS: Shuster's Ties to Developer Raise Questions of Favoritism
December 5 - From the Editor
December 5 - Public Laws
December 5 - Radical Republicans, Then and Now
December 5 - Search for an Alternative Punishment Continues Behind the Scenes
December 5 - Shuster Smooths Way for Expansion Of Son-in-Law's Employer
December 5 - What Can't Be Ahead
December 5 - WORK: 'THE BEST REMEDY': The Cook Conundrum
December 12 - 'William Jefferson Clinton . . . Warrants Impeachment and Trial'
December 12 - Clarification: Rep. Cook
December 12 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: An Aggressive Defense
December 12 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: House Opens Historic Drama Of Morality, Law and Politics
December 12 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Judiciary's 'Fateful Leap'
December 12 - CONGRESSIONAL WORKWEEK: The Livingston Pace
December 12 - Democrats Offer Censure Resolution
December 12 - Floor Procedures
December 12 - From the Editor
December 12 - Public Laws
December 12 - Who Is Ray LaHood and Why Will He Run the Impeachment Debate?
December 19 - A Decade of Upheaval
December 19 - A New Start for the House
December 19 - Against the Grain
December 19 - AND IN THIS CORNER. . .: Hastert: Calm Resolve And Controversial Calls
December 19 - Bonfire of Conflicting Moralities Engulfs the Capitol
December 19 - Chart: House Key Votes
December 19 - Chart: Senate Key Votes
December 19 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: 'William Jefferson Clinton . . . Is Impeached for High Crimes And Misdemeanors'
December 19 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Democrats Rally to Clinton's Side; President Vows To Stay in Office 'Until the Last Hour of the Last Day'
December 19 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Principle of Equal Justice Under Law 'Lies at the Heart of This Matter,' Judiciary Panel Report Says
December 19 - From the Editor
December 19 - House Accuses Clinton Of Perjury, Obstruction
December 19 - IMPEACHMENT OF THE PRESIDENT: A Conservative Juggernaut
December 19 - IMPEACHMENT OF THE PRESIDENT: Senate's Uncertain Course
December 19 - Key House Votes
December 19 - Key Senate Votes
December 19 - KEY VOTES: Members Made the Deals, But Scandal Made the News
December 19 - Senate Rules for Impeachment Trials Are Alternately Precise and Vague
December 19 - The Articles of Impeachment Considered by the House
December 19 - The Presidency in the Balance

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