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 Banking and Financial Services

January 8 - ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Renomination of Fed Chairman Wins Praise From Key Members, But Others Decry Rate Increases
January 22 - : The House
January 22 - BANKING: Democrats Likely to Succeed In Blocking Senate Cloture On Bankruptcy Overhaul Bill
January 22 - CYBER-TURF WARS: Banking Panels Want Their Stamp on E-Signatures Bill
January 22 - What's Ahead
January 29 - BANKING: Deal on Democrats' Amendments Clears Way for Senate to Vote On Bankruptcy Overhaul Bill
January 29 - ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: At Confirmation Hearing, Greenspan Rebuts Critics Of Rate Policies, Fed Secrecy
February 5 - BANKING: Conference-Unfriendly Riders Trail Senate Bankruptcy Bill
February 5 - BUDGET: A Legacy of Budget Surpluses And Thriving Markets
February 5 - BUDGET: One Who Gets Credit
February 5 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Rep. Vento To Retire; Cites Health
February 26 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Senators Unveil Satellite TV Subsidy Bill
March 11 - : Gramm Pushes for Changes at IMF
March 11 - : Prefab Housing Regulations Bill Advances in Senate
March 11 - BANKING FINANCE: Leach Likes Administration's Money-Laundering Plan, but Gramm Wants a Less 'Dictatorial' Bill
March 18 - : House Banking Panel Approves Fund to Provide AIDS Grants
March 18 - BANKING: Hedge Fund Disclosure Bill Advances
March 25 - Leaders Fail to Untangle Bankruptcy Law Rewrite, Minimum Wage Increase
April 1 - Repeal of Ban on Interest For Business Accounts Gets Good Start in House
April 15 - Bankruptcy Overhaul Slips Past Lott's Deadline, but Votes Are Expected in Early May
April 15 - House Votes to Allow Interest On Business Checking Accounts
May 6 - Bankruptcy Bill Negotiators Closer After Grassley Pulls Unpopular Pension Provision
May 20 - Republicans Settle Differences On Bankruptcy Overhaul Bill; Democrats Seek More Changes
May 27 - Leaders Work Behind Scenes To Settle Differences On Bankruptcy Overhaul Bill
June 10 - Bill to Combat Money Laundering Faces Tough Sell in Senate
June 24 - Senate Democrats Threaten To Kill Bankruptcy Overhaul
July 1 - House Votes to Extend Section 12 Of Bankruptcy Code for Farmers
July 1 - House, Senate Panels Approve Bills To Ease Rules on Futures Trading, But Jurisdictional Issues Loom
July 15 - Consumer Privacy Measure Succumbs in Senate Committee But Could Be Revived on Floor
July 29 - Commodities Exchange Bills Emerge From Two House Panels; Next Challenge Is Compromise
August 12 - Officials, Industry Push to Finish Commodities Law Rewrite
September 23 - End-of-Session Time Pressure Clouds Reauthorization Picture For Commodity Exchange Act
October 7 - Bankruptcy Overhaul Hung Up Over Provision Affecting Liability Of Certain Abortion Protesters
October 7 - Gramm: Clinton's Fed Appointments 'Finished'
October 14 - Bankruptcy Bill Heads for Final Vote; Veto a Near Certainty Over Omission Of Provision on Abortion Protesters
October 21 - Commodity Exchange Reauthorization Passes House, but Senate May Stall Over Swaps Exemption Issue
October 21 - Senate Poised to Clear Bankruptcy Overhaul Bill; Clinton Uncaps Veto Pen
October 28 - Broad Bill to Foster Home Ownership Passes House but Stalls in Senate As Time for Compromise Runs Out
October 28 - Commodity Law Rewrite Push Intensifies
October 28 - Oil Reserves Sole Subject Of Energy Bill
October 28 - Senate Girds for Showdown Vote On Bankruptcy Overhaul Measure; Other Key Changes May Move Separately
November 4 - Bankruptcy Bill Fails Cloture Vote
December 9 - Revived Bankruptcy Bill Clears Senate by Strong Margin
December 16 - 2000 Legislative Summary: Bankruptcy
December 16 - 2000 Legislative Summary: CTFC

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