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January 3 - Mad Cow Case Fuels Debate Over Labeling
January 24 - Healthy Forests Initiative Provisions
January 24 - Mad Cow Case in Washington State Pushes Labeling Issue to Fore
January 31 - Embattled Meat and Cattle Industry Finds Potent Ally in White House
January 31 - Food Pyramid: Built for Health or for Agricultural Interests?
January 31 - Recent Cattle Bills
February 7 - Fiscal 2005 Budget: Agriculture
February 14 - House Shows Some Support For Tobacco Buyout Plan But Senate Remains Opposed
March 6 - Transportation Legislation Target For Bevy of Add-On Tax Code Changes
March 20 - 'Sound Science' Debates Permeate Public Policy Issues
May 1 - Cotton Ruling Alarms Lawmakers
May 22 - Thomas' Corporate Tax Bill Gambit Aims to Link Tobacco Buyout
June 5 - Agriculture: Programs Again Facing Cuts in Funding
June 5 - Editor's Notebook: Security Blanket
June 5 - GOP's Point Man on Tobacco Finds Two Loyalties Tested
June 5 - Philip Morris, Tobacco Foes on Shaky Common Ground
June 5 - Short of a Magic Act, Thomas Tries to Expand Corporate Tax Bill's Appeal
June 5 - Top Billing in Southeastern Races Wins Tobacco Buyout New Allies
June 19 - House Appropriations Chairman Fails to Block Language to Legalize Imports of Prescription Medicines
June 19 - House Democrats Provide Edge for Super-Sweetened Tax Bill
June 26 - Appropriations: Smaller Programs Hit Hard By Farm Bill Spending Cuts, But Food Safety Gets a Boost
July 10 - Both Chambers Put Trade Deals With Morocco and Australia On Track for Pre-Recess Passage
July 17 - Corporate Tax Bill Inches Closer to Law With Senate Consensus on Tobacco; Though Cost Remains a Divisive Issue
July 17 - House Passes Agriculture Spending Bill; Tobacco and Drug Import Provisions Unlikely to Survive Conference
July 17 - Senate Bill Tightens Oversight of Tobacco and Tobacco Products
July 17 - Senate Passes Tobacco Regulation, But House Cool to Measure
July 24 - Labeling Plan Renews Farm Bill Fight
July 31 - Research Groups Ask for More Money To Combat Agriculture Terrorism
August 7 - Company Lays on Lobbying Cash So Goals Don't Go Up in Smoke
September 11 - Provisions in Agriculture Spending Measure To Ease Trade With Cuba Sets Up Battle Between Midwest, Florida Voters
September 18 - Election-Year Partisanship Leads to Rejection of Food Labeling Language In Agriculture Spending Bill
September 18 - Some GOP Leaders Avert Their Eyes as Drought Aid Added to Hurricane Bill
September 25 - Dairy Amendment a Fillip to Eclectic VA-HUD Spending Bill
September 25 - Next Presidency: Surprises Lie in Wait
October 2 - Corporate Tax Cut Bill's Math Faces Electoral Calculations
October 2 - Smokeless Tobacco Products Regulation Smolders in Tax Bill
October 9 - Congress Clears New Funding For California Water Program With Unusually Bipartisan Effort
October 9 - Opposition From Competitors Kills Philip Morris' FDA Bid
October 9 - Tax Writers' Winning Formula: Billions in Targeted Provisions
October 16 - Bankruptcy Bill Dies, but Farmers OK
October 16 - Lawmakers Go to the Well Again by Tapping Conservation Funding to Aid Drought-Stricken Farmers
October 16 - Victims of Withering Drought Join Hurricane Casualties in Aid Package
October 23 - Campaign Trail vs. Floor Votes
October 30 - Dairy Price Support Program Plays Into Presidential Race But Congress Isn't Cowed
November 6 - Long-Awaited Tobacco Buyout Gets Mixed Reaction From Farmers
November 6 - Senate Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry in the 109th Congress
November 6 - Senate Appropriations in the 109th Congress
November 20 - Alaska Delegation Scores Land Grab; Transfers 89 Million Acres
November 27 - Agriculture Appropriations: Safeguarding the Food Chain
December 4 - 2004 Legislative Summary: Agriculture Appropriations
December 4 - 2004 Legislative Summary: California Water Projects
December 4 - 2004 Legislative Summary: Disaster Aid Supplementals
December 4 - 2004 Legislative Summary: Tobacco Buyout

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