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January 6 - Agriculture Cabinet Nominee: Ann M. Veneman
January 20 - Confirmation Hearings Held on Other Bush Nominees
February 3 - Farm Report Urges Income Supplement
February 17 - Measure to Revamp Bankruptcy Law Heads for Action in House, Senate
March 3 - Agency by Agency: Where the Money Would Go
March 24 - House Budget Resolution Provides Leeway; Senate Talks of Rebating Part of '01 Surplus
March 24 - Nussle's Dueling Responsibilities
April 7 - Estate Tax Phaseout Passes House But May Be Scaled Back in Senate When Finance Panel Begins Work
April 28 - A Beneficial Harvest
April 28 - Biotech Foods:Trust Is On the Table
April 28 - Cultivating Confidence
April 28 - Hormone-Enhanced Dairy Production: A 7-Year Battle in the Marketplace
April 28 - The Origin of Engineered Food
May 5 - $79 Billion Boost for Agriculture Could Galvanize Farm Bill Renewal
May 19 - Agriculture: Pressure on the Margins
May 26 - Agriculture: Focus on Family Farms
May 26 - Spilled Milk in Vermont
June 9 - Agriculture Bill Would Spend Slightly More Than Bush Request, Reshuffle His Priorities
June 9 - Drug Records: Year's First Rider
June 16 - A Different Pork Fight
June 16 - Agriculture Spending Add-On Puts Fiscal Discipline to Early Test
June 23 - Divisions in House Over Size Of Agricultural Aid Package Presage Farm Bill Battles to Come
June 30 - Farmers Want More Aid Than House Offers
June 30 - House Agriculture Funding Bill Hangs Up Amid Renewed Debate Over Re-Importation of Drugs
June 30 - Push for 'Fast Track' Falters As Backers Fear Influence Of WTO on U.S. Farm Policy
July 7 - Farm Aid Disputes
July 7 - Farm Watch
July 7 - Getting Government Back Into the Farm Business
July 7 - Trade Negotiations May Constrain Farm-State Protection Plans
July 14 - Combest, Stenholm Unveil Proposal to Greatly Boost Crop Subsidies for Farmers
July 14 - House Passes Agriculture Spending Bill With Drug Re-Importation Language, Increases for Research and Farm Loans
July 21 - Agriculture Bill Heads for Senate Floor; Dorgan to Push Further Expansion Of Commerce With Cuba
July 21 - Partisan Stances Mold Fast-Track Debate, Hold Up Action on Jordan Trade Bill
July 21 - Rifts Over Price Supports and Conservation Will Complicate Work on Farm Bill
July 28 - House Committee Backs Farm Bill Boosting Subsidies for Primary Crops
July 28 - Senate Democrats Touch Off Fight In Voting to Tap Future Farm Aid Funds
August 4 - Both Parties Declare Political Victory As Senate Clears Farm Aid Bill
August 4 - Dairy Compact Withdrawn
September 1 - Farm Policy's Future Takes Shape In Chairmen's Disparate Visions
September 1 - The Past Four Farm Bills
September 8 - Wariness of Farm Bill's Long-Term Cost Could Set Tone for Budget Debates
September 22 - Administration Sees Conservation, Export Enhancement as Alternatives To Farm Subsidies Backed in House
October 6 - House Squares Off With Senate, Bush On Restructuring Farm Policy
October 6 - Senate Clears Bill to Allow Normal Trade Relations With Vietnam on Yearly Basis
October 20 - Will Cash Be Cropped if Farm Bill Stalls?
October 27 - Administration Asks Senate To Defer Farm Bill Until 2002, But Harkin Vows to Press Ahead
October 27 - Senate Passes Agriculture Spending Bill After Dropping Disputed Provisions On Cuba Sanctions, Drug Re-Importation
November 3 - Harkin Offers 'Balanced' Farm Bill Challenging House Subsidy Plan And Increasing Conservation Funds
November 10 - AGRICULTURE: Debate Over Subsidies vs. Conservation Continues to Plague Farm Bill
November 17 - Senate Farm Policy Bill: More Money, Modest Policy Changes
November 24 - POLITICS: N. Carolinas Clayton Says She Will Retire
December 1 - AGRICULTURE: Farm Bill Now Tops Senate Agenda But GOP Is Likely to Filibuster
December 1 - Vermont's Dairy Compact Fallback Plan Generates Broad Opposition
December 8 - Fear of Budget Constraints in 2002 Galvanizes Farm Bill Supporters
December 8 - Freshman Initiation: Putnam's Lonely 'No' Vote on Trade Bill
December 8 - Milk Provision Revisited
December 15 - Dairy Support Plan Reworked
December 15 - Farm Bill's Chances in Senate Fade As Republicans Maintain Filibuster
December 15 - House Bill Provisions
December 15 - With Bio-Terrorism Funds in Place, Will Powers and Policies Fall by the Wayside?
December 22 - 2001 Legislative Summary: Agriculture Appropriations
December 22 - 2001 Legislative Summary: Farm Aid
December 22 - 2001 Legislative Summary: Farm Bill Reauthorization
December 22 - Farm Groups' Intense Pressure Fails to Breach Partisan Walls
December 22 - House Key Vote: Farm Bill (Vote 366)
December 22 - Returning Issues
December 22 - Senate Key Vote: Farm Bill (Vote 273)

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