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January 21 - HOUSE COMMITTEES: Agriculture
January 21 - Senate Committees: Agriculture and Rural Development Subcommittee (Appropriations)
January 21 - Senate Committees: Agriculture, Nutrition and Foresty
February 11 - FUNCTION BY FUNCTION: Agriculture
February 18 - AGRICULTURE: Lugar Proposes Subsidy Cut
March 4 - SECTION NOTES: Subcommittee Approves CFTC Reauthorization
March 25 - 1995 SPECIAL COMMITTEES REPORT: House Agriculture
March 25 - 1995 SPECIAL COMMITTEES REPORT: Senate Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry
March 25 - Agriculture: Glickman Confirmation Hearing Hints Cuts Will Be Difficult
March 25 - Section Notes: Three Senators Offer Bills To Tax Tobacco Industry
April 1 - Section Notes: Glickman Confirmed Easily As Agriculture Secretary
April 8 - SECTION NOTES: House Passes Bill To Repay Fishermen For Fee
April 29 - AGRICULTURE: Farm Bill Will Set Off Battle Royal
April 29 - AGRICULTURE: Share of Gross Cash Farm Income
April 29 - Lugar's Farm Plan Poses Test For Fellow Republicans
May 13 - AGRICULTURE: A Fight From One of Florida's Own
May 13 - AGRICULTURE: Farm Subsidies May Survive Despite Proposed Cuts
May 13 - AGRICULTURE: Three Pillars Support Prices
May 13 - Florida Sugar Growers Edgy As Farm Bill Debate Nears
May 20 - APPROPRIATIONS SPECIAL REPORT: Agriculture - Examining Program Values Anew
May 27 - HUMAN SERVICES: At Odds Over Proposals
May 27 - REGULATION: Pesticides Bill Advances In Agriculture Panel
June 3 - AGRICULTURE: Acreage Equation Equals Confusion
June 3 - Longstanding Cropland Policy Is Fertile Field for Debate
June 10 - CORRECTION: Farm Acreage Set-Asides.
June 10 - Opposing Forces Prepare For Farm Bill Debate
June 17 - AGRICULTURE: A Fight Over Peanuts
June 17 - Freshman Republicans Attempt To Fence Off Farm Subsidies
June 17 - HUMAN SERVICES: Senate Agriculture Committee OKs Food Stamp Overhaul
June 17 - SECTION NOTES: Representatives Introduce Act To Abolish Farm Subsidies
June 17 - Subcommittee OKs Deep Cuts In Research, Preserves WIC
June 24 - In Farm Debate, GOP Risks Cultivating Enemies
June 24 - Panel OKs Pesticide Provisions, Puts Off Controversial Action
July 1 - APPROPRIATIONS: Agriculture
July 1 - SECTION NOTES: Committee Approves Bill On Produce Trade
July 1 - Surviving Food Policy Fights, Agriculture Bill Advances
July 15 - AGRICULTURE: Committee Studies Policy Change
July 15 - Panel Votes To Allow Purchase Of Vitamins With Food Stamps
July 22 - AGRICULTURE SPECIAL REPORT: Farm Bill's Initial Round Of Markups Goes Easily
July 22 - AGRICULTURE SPECIAL REPORT: Major Agricultural Issues
July 22 - AGRICULTURE SPECIAL REPORT: Quotas, Subsidies Keep Prices Level
July 22 - King Cotton's Legions Get Ready For Battle Royal on Subsidies
July 22 - The Land of Cotton
July 22 - Tobacco Conflict Smoldering As Critics Step Up Assaults
July 29 - AGRICULTURE: Farm Credit Bill Advances
July 29 - CORRECTION: Farm Politics: Special Report
August 5 - SECTION NOTES: Agriculture Chairman Roberts Announces Farm Bill
August 5 - SECTION NOTES: Bill To Revise Grazing Laws Tripped by Procedure
August 5 - SECTION NOTES: House Passes Legislation On Produce Marketing
August 5 - SECTION NOTES: House Subcommittee Renews Fisheries Management
August 5 - SECTION NOTES: Market-Oriented Dairy Plan Outlined by Gunderson
September 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: Agriculture.
September 2 - GOVERNMENT and COMMERCE: Farm policy.
September 2 - GOVERNMENT and COMMERCE: Grazing fees.
September 2 - GOVERNMENT and COMMERCE: Pesticides.
September 16 - AGRICULTURE: Divisions Widen Over Farm Bills
September 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: Agriculture Bill Eases Past Panel But May Hit Floor Trouble
September 16 - PUBLIC LANDS: Panel Approves Bill To Strike Tougher Grazing Regulations
September 23 - Agriculture Spending (chart)
September 23 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Passes Agriculture Bill At Odds With House
September 23 - Cotton Growers Block Republicans
September 23 - Panel Rejects Farm Overhaul In a Rebuke to Leadership
September 30 - Agriculture Committee's Slippery Sum Produces Some Unlikely Partnerships
September 30 - APPROPRIATIONS: Compromise on Agriculture Bill May Win President's Approval
September 30 - House Torn on Agriculture; Senate Makes Progress
September 30 - Revamping Farm Programs
October 7 - Agriculture Spending (chart)
October 14 - APPROPRIATIONS: $63 Billion for Agriculture Clears Senate Easily
October 21 - AGRICULTURE: Panel Approves Food Program
October 21 - RECONCILIATION: House, Senate Bills Differ Sharply
October 21 - RECONCILIATION: Rural Republicans Threaten Revolt Over Farm Subsidies
October 28 - Budget Bills Embrace Plans For Leaner Farm Policy
October 28 - RECONCILIATION: The Price of Compromise
November 4 - AGRICULTURE: Panels Studying Conservation
November 4 - RECONCILIATION: Allotments Cook Up Controversy
November 11 - AGRICULTURE: House Panel OKs Relaxing Cropland Regulations
November 11 - Key Farm Policy Changes Advance in Conference
November 11 - SECTION NOTES: House Clears Bill on Oils With Edible Bases
November 18 - RECONCILIATION: Roberts Rises From Defeat
November 25 - SECTION NOTES: New CBO Figures May Mean Further Farm Cuts
December 2 - AGRICULTURE: Under Fire From All Sides, Tobacco Program Thrives
December 2 - PUBLIC LANDS: Panel Approves Measure On Grazing Overhaul
December 9 - AGRICULTURE: The Downside of Strong Markets
December 9 - Clinton and Congress Divided Over Farmers' 'Safety Net'
December 16 - AGRICULTURE: Grain Supply Concerns Analysts, Bolsters Free-Market Cause
December 16 - AGRICULTURE: Panel Approves Bills To Ease Rural Lending Restrictions
December 16 - RECONCILIATION: Congress, White House Close On Farm Spending Cuts
December 23 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Passes Bill To Make Farm Credit Easier

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