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February 15 - Congress Poised to End Deadlock On Overhaul of Food Safety
February 15 - Overview of Bills
March 7 - CLARIFICATION: Food Safety.
March 7 - Congress Seeks to Rechannel Flow of Water in the West
March 7 - SECTION NOTES: Federal Policy Announced For Pacific Yew
April 4 - AGRICULTURE AID: Credits to Ex-Soviet Republics Near $5 Billion In Two Years
April 4 - AGRICULTURE: Animal Lab Protection Bill Advances to Judiciary
April 11 - AGRICULTURE: Lawmakers Tell Madigan: Cut the Fat at USDA
April 11 - Lugar's Proposed Hit List
May 2 - SECTION NOTES: Cost of Food Pyramid Art Brings on Indigestion
May 9 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Approves Changes In Food-Aid Regulations
May 9 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Approves Changes In Food-Aid Regulations
May 9 - SECTION NOTES: Terms for Bailout Repayment Set for Farm Credit System
May 16 - AGRICULTURE: Madigan Makes Last-Ditch Try To Stop USDA Closings
May 16 - Casey's Case
May 16 - Chemical Firms Run to Congress For Relief From Local Laws
May 16 - Panel Fells Timber Sales Bill
May 16 - SECTION NOTES: Agriculture Panel Revises Farm Loans and Credit
May 23 - AGRICULTURE: House Panel Approves Rewrite Of Disputed Pesticide Law
May 23 - Democrats Aim To Reignite Iraqi Aid Controversy
May 23 - Minor Uses, Growing Concerns
May 30 - INTERIOR: Bill Would Break Monopoly On Central Valley Water
June 6 - SECTION NOTES: WIC Pilot Project Wins Agriculture Approval
June 13 - SECTION NOTES: Agriculture Appropriators Finish in Closed Session
June 27 - APPROPRIATIONS: Agriculture Spending Bill Cuts Foreign Marketing Program
June 27 - SECTION NOTES: Agriculture Panel Approves Ex-Soviet Aid Bill
June 27 - SECTION NOTES: Panel OKs Bill Easing Credit For Novice Farmers
June 27 - SECTION NOTES: Two Sides Agree on Protection For Montana Forestland
July 4 - Agriculture Spending (chart)
July 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Approves Agriculture Bill With Core Programs Intact
July 4 - DEBT RELIEF: Agriculture Panel Approves Swap
July 4 - Interior Spending (chart)
July 11 - AGRICULTURE: Pesticide Decision Is Loss for EPA
July 25 - 'Urban' Agriculture Spending Passes Senate Committee
July 25 - CORRECTION: Agriculture appropriation
August 1 - Agriculture Spending (chart)
August 1 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Beats Back Three Assaults On Agriculture's $61.4 Billion
August 1 - Panel OKs Interior Spending Bill Packed With Special Projects
August 1 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Acts To Stop Food Stamp Cuts
August 8 - Bill Easing Credit Designed To Recruit Young Farmers
August 8 - Conferees Reach Agreement On Agriculture Spending
August 15 - Agriculture Spending (chart)
August 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: Agriculture Spending Clears; Bush's Signature Likely
August 15 - SECTION NOTES: House Clears Bill To Stop Food Stamp Reduction
September 19 - TRADE: Dole May Oppose China MFN If Wheat Sales Suffer
October 3 - AGRICULTURE: Five Farm Bills Hitch a Ride
October 10 - AGRICULTURE: Bill Aimed at New Farmers Would Ease FmHA Loans
October 10 - ENVIRONMENT: Water Bill Heads to Bush's Desk Over Farm Interests' Protests
October 10 - GSE's: Farm Credit System Payback Assured
October 10 - THIRD WORLD DEBT: Debt-for-Nature Swap Gets OK
October 31 - PROVISIONS: CFTC Reauthorization
December 5 - EXECUTIVE BRANCH: 'Food Fight' Ends, New Labels Should Be Easier To Digest
December 12 - The Source of Whitten's Power
December 19 - KEY HOUSE VOTES: 16. Western Water Bill
December 19 - KEY SENATE VOTES: 15. Western Water Bill

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