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June 5 - A City in Search of a Catchy Scandal Name
June 5 - A Short Primer on Seersucker Day
June 5 - Anatomy of a Vote: Democratic Gambit on Trump's Taxes
June 5 - Border Patrol Hiring Lags Trump Goals
June 5 - But What About Airport Trips?
June 5 - Capitol Hill Comings and Goings
June 5 - Common Defense: Failure to Modernize Keeps Army in the Tank
June 5 - Craft Beer Makers Look to Congress to Ease Brewing Anxieties
June 5 - Environmentalists Celebrate: Bison Range Will Remain in Federal Hands
June 5 - Lawmakers Who Do or Don't Support Federal Employees
June 5 - Mountaineers Climb the Hill to Defend National Monuments
June 5 - Obamacare in Alaska: A Red State Nervously Eyes GOP Health Talks
June 5 - Obamacare in Alaska: Cost-Control Plan Is Challenging But Working
June 5 - Obamacare in Alaska: The Sky's the Limit on Costs
June 5 - Roskam Says Success on Tax Overhaul Is Key to GOP Prospects in 2018
June 5 - Schumer Turns Down Film Role, But Praises the Movie
June 5 - The Debate Over Flood Insurance Reauthorization Heats Up
June 5 - The Demographics of Trump's Election Win Are Getting Clearer
June 5 - The Koch Brothers Put a Knife in Border Adjustment
June 5 - They Are Still Celebrating Gay Pride at the State Department
June 5 - Trump's Pledge of Military Buildup Not Seen in His Budget Proposal
June 12 - A Quest to Find More Hallowed Ground
June 12 - Anatomy of a Vote: Republicans Take a Whack at Dodd-Frank
June 12 - Capitol Hill Comings and Goings
June 12 - Checks and Balance: Lobbyists Sneaking Out of the Grand Old Party
June 12 - Even Some GOP Lawmakers Don't Like Trump's Cuts to Environmental Programs
June 12 - For Congress, a Highly Desired Trophy
June 12 - Here's a Highly Subjective List of Funny Lawmakers
June 12 - How Will Hill Reporters Greet Rep. Body Slam?
June 12 - Lobbyists' Expectations for 2017 Are Fading
June 12 - Minority Groups Fret About Census Funding
June 12 - Misinformed and Unschooled, Young People Are Failing in Civics
June 12 - New Immigration Director at ACLU Plans to Take on Trump
June 12 - NIH Drug Contamination Scandal Back Under the Microscope
June 12 - Reality Rocked: Info Wars Heat Up Between U.S. and Russia
June 12 - Republicans Who Bucked the Party on Rolling Back Regulations
June 12 - The Trump Hotline for Annoyed Veterans Is Still on Track
June 12 - The Trump-Comey Timeline
June 12 - The Yucca Mountain Nuclear Repository Is Back in Play
June 12 - Timely Topics at AFI Docs
June 12 - Trump's Immigration Enforcement Strategy Troubles Republican Privacy Hawks
June 12 - Trump's Toll Road Plan Faces GOP Opposition
June 12 - Trump-Russia Inquiry Turns Into High Drama
June 12 - Washington's Comey Eye-Opener
June 19 - A Conversation With the Economic Policy Institute's Lawrence Mishel
June 19 - A Memorable First Pitch After a Tough Week
June 19 - Acosta Praises Job Training Programs, but Wants to Cut Them
June 19 - Air Traffic Control Spinoff Runs Into Turbulence
June 19 - Anatomy of a Vote: A Glimmer of Bipartisanship on VA Bill
June 19 - Article One: Sustaining Symbiosis in a Stressful Season
June 19 - Back to the Drawing Board on Border Tax
June 19 - Bad News for Cash-Strapped Congressional Staffers
June 19 - Capitol Hill Comings and Goings
June 19 - Congressional Support Agencies Shrink
June 19 - Former Energy Secretary Moniz Seeks Nuclear Security
June 19 - New Bill Would Restrict U.S. Travel to North Korea
June 19 - Odd Bedfellows Assail Opioid Marketing
June 19 - Public Pans Trump Budget
June 19 - Rebuilding a Party: Democrats Groom for a Revival
June 19 - Rebuilding a Party: How a First-Time Candidate Pulled It Off
June 19 - Rebuilding a Party: Work to Do Before Redistricting
June 19 - So What Happened to the Rotunda Doughnut?
June 19 - The Trump Team's Private Road to Public Works
June 19 - Whipping Up the Tweets
June 19 - Without Reservation, Thoughts and Prayers for the Victims of the Alexandria Shooting
June 26 - Budget Cuts Would Sting in Trump Country
June 26 - Capitol Hill Comings and Goings
June 26 - Casinos Push to Legalize Sports Betting
June 26 - Common Defense: A Quagmire Just Gets Deeper and Deeper
June 26 - Democratic Infighting Follows Georgia Loss
June 26 - Dispatches From the Wipes War
June 26 - For 43 Years, He's Rung These Bells
June 26 - In Touting De-Regulation, FCC Chairman Pai Recalls Bill Clinton
June 26 - Insiders Survey: Step on the Omnibus
June 26 - Lawmakers Look to Roll Back 2013 Drug Safety Law
June 26 - More Turbulence for Trump's Air Traffic Control Plan
June 26 - No One Is Happy With Trump's Handling of 'Dreamers'
June 26 - Republicans Open the Door to Temporary Tax Cuts
June 26 - Republicans Rip Into Trump Budget
June 26 - Senators Push Back Against Cuts in Recidivism-Prevention Programs
June 26 - The 'Most Wasteful' Senators, According to Conservatives
June 26 - The Patent Troll Debate Is Back
June 26 - The Trump Budget: A Lot Riding on a Tax Plan
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Agriculture
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Army Corps of Engineers
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Commerce
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Defense
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Education
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Energy
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Entitlements No Longer Untouchable
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Environmental Protection Agency
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Health and Human Services
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Homeland Security
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Housing and Urban Development
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Interior
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Justice
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Labor
June 26 - The Trump Budget: NASA
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Nuclear Regulatory Commission
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Office of Management and Budget
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Republicans Push Back on Domestic Cuts
June 26 - The Trump Budget: State
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Transportation
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Treasury
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Veterans Affairs
June 26 - There's a New Leader at the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights

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