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October 3 - 'Miraculous' Effort to Aid Homeless in Utah Really Isn't
October 3 - A Healthy Array of Ballot Issues in the States
October 3 - Air Force Turns Off the Lights at Hawaiian Station to Protect Endangered Birds
October 3 - Alaska Lawmakers, Mining Proponents, Raise Environmental Concerns About Canadian Projects
October 3 - Anatomy of a Vote: A Veto Override for the Record Books
October 3 - Bicycling Trade Group Opposes Bill That Could Open More Federal Land to Bikes
October 3 - City Farming Takes Root
October 3 - Coats' Top Aide Lands on K Street
October 3 - Common Defense: This Bird Won't Fly in Defense Policy Bill
October 3 - Congress Torn Over Extension of Veterans Choice Program
October 3 - Data Bank: The Supremes, Side by Side
October 3 - Democrats Want Obama, Already Prolific, to Name More National Monuments
October 3 - Family Physicians Hire Hall; Defense Contractor Signs Jadotte
October 3 - GOP Crowdfunding Law Works to Democratic Advantage
October 3 - In the Spotlight: Henry Cuellar
October 3 - Journalism Film Fest Returns to Washington With Investigative Angle
October 3 - Telling It Like It Is About the Homeless
October 3 - The End of Homelessness? Some Communities Are Solving the Problem
October 3 - The Supreme Court's New Maestro
October 3 - Truckers Split on New Rules to Limit Highway Speed
October 3 - Trump Economic Adviser Stephen Moore Is A Longtime Washington Rabble-Rouser
October 3 - Trump's Spam Tactic
October 3 - Warning Signs Loom for State Budgets
October 17 - Amidst Concern About Concussions, New Football Caucus Stresses the Positive
October 17 - Arizona Candidate Babeu Faces Old Nemesis in Katherine Clark
October 17 - Baucus Returns to Washington to Promote Trans-Pacific Partnership
October 17 - Checks and Balance: For Now, Disclosure Rules Are Just a Bargaining Chip
October 17 - Clinton and Trump Take Different Roads to Highway Improvements
October 17 - Consumer Groups Challenge Federal Court Download Fees
October 17 - CQ Vote Studies: 2016 Participation
October 17 - CQ Vote Studies: 2016 Party Unity
October 17 - CQ Vote Studies: 2016 Presidential Support
October 17 - Data Bank: Skipping Work for a Job Interview
October 17 - Drug Companies Hope Better Data-Crunching Can Speed FDA Approvals
October 17 - Former Becerra Aide Lands on K Street; FTC Lawyer Heads Downtown
October 17 - In the Spotlight: Garret Graves
October 17 - New Advocate for Civil Service Executives Enters Fight with Congress
October 17 - No Matter Who Is Elected President, A Divided Congress Would Make Lawmaking Difficult
October 17 - Payday Lenders Rally Supporters to Protest New Regulatory Push
October 17 - Reid Torpedoes Animal Protection Bill
October 17 - States Struggle to Steer Driverless Cars
October 17 - Tracking Political Ads in a Whole New Way
October 31 - 'Death Panels' May Be Doomed
October 31 - Article One: They Shoot Speakers, Don't They?
October 31 - Both Clinton and Trump Plan Transitions With Insider Help
October 31 - Building a Border Wall Can Be Filled With Pitfalls
October 31 - Data Bank: Looking for Disclosure
October 31 - DOJ Official Who Oversaw Same Sex Marriage Case Heads to Gibson, Dunn
October 31 - Elections 2016, Gubernatorial Races: A Dozen Contests
October 31 - Elections 2016, State Ballot Issues: From Guns to Plastic Bags
October 31 - Elections 2016, State Legislatures: Chambers Up for Grabs
October 31 - Former Aide to Sherrod Brown Could Become Hot Commodity on K Street
October 31 - Government Caught Mishandling Indian Relics
October 31 - Harry Reid's Pugilistic Roots
October 31 - HUD Rule Aims to Help the Transgendered
October 31 - In the Spotlight: Erik Paulsen
October 31 - No Holds Barred in Super PAC Ads
October 31 - Parties May Regret Failure to Recruit House Candidates in 28 Races
October 31 - Power-Sharing: An Epic Challenge for a 50-50 Senate
October 31 - The Death that Led to the Shooting of Jackie Speier
October 31 - Wolf-Coyote Hybrids Become GOP Talking Point

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