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February 1 - A Tea Partier Who Supports the Filibuster
February 1 - An Ounce of Disaster Prevention Can Be Worth Millions to FEMA
February 1 - Anatomy of a Vote: The Final Showdown on Obamacare
February 1 - As Super Bowl 50 Approaches, Spotlight Shines on Fantasy Sports Sites
February 1 - Checks and Balance: Disgusted With Dialing for Dollars
February 1 - Data Bank: CQ Vote Studies Preview
February 1 - Flint Crisis Puts Focus on EPA Regulations
February 1 - Giuliani: Zeroing In on Cybersecurity
February 1 - How to Pick a Fantasy Winner in the Super Bowl
February 1 - Illinois and Pennsylvania: States of Fiscal Chaos
February 1 - Sopko: Last Man Standing in Afghanistan
February 1 - State Report: Dealing With Diabetes
February 1 - Thanks to Super PACS, Candidates Are in Your Face All Year
February 1 - The Next Big Disaster Could Get Ugly in Congress
February 1 - Transportation Wonks Get Into Driverless Cars
February 1 - Two Moves Off the Hill
February 1 - Where There's a Wildfire, There's a Budget Fight
February 8 - 2015 Vote Studies: A Packed House (and Senate)
February 8 - 2015 Vote Studies: Party Unity Remained Strong
February 8 - 2015 Vote Studies: Presidential Support Hits Low for Obama
February 8 - Article One: When the Senate Is Best for the Also-Rans
February 8 - Ask the Author: Richard L. Hasen
February 8 - Banker and Foreign-Policy Expert Land New Positions
February 8 - California Leak Puts Focus on Natural Gas Regulation
February 8 - Campaigns Play a Numbers Game on Immigration
February 8 - Coming Around to Cruz: Why GOP Lawmakers Could Embrace Him
February 8 - Congress Hatches the Presidential Nest Eggs
February 8 - Data Bank: How Obama's Past Budgets Turned Out
February 8 - Digital Farming Gets Some Green
February 8 - Former Lawmaker Involved in Appeal to Supreme Court
February 8 - Goo: Well-Traveled Energy Consultant
February 8 - He's Our Guy ... Most of the Time
February 8 - Obamacare Still Lurking as a Campaign Issue
February 8 - States Broaden Attacks on Agencies With Abortion Ties
February 8 - Trump to Hill Aide: 'You're Hired'
February 22 - 'Supreme Showdowns': The Bork Battle
February 22 - A Lonely Bid to Pierce the CRS Veil
February 22 - Al Almanza: Monitoring the Meat for USDA
February 22 - Budget Woes Threaten Football in Louisiana. Panic Ensues.
February 22 - Common Defense: Brave New World of Weaponry in Limbo
February 22 - Drones Pose Challenges For Congress, FAA
February 22 - Fierce Fight but No Meltdown Expected Over Court Vacancy
February 22 - Groups Say Obama Is So '1984'
February 22 - Hope for Some Elements of Obama's Last Budget
February 22 - Michigan Seeks Medicaid Waiver for Flint Crisis
February 22 - Mission Implausible for Obama on Nomination
February 22 - Obama's Budget: One More Go-Around on Taxes
February 22 - One Lobbyist Plans Retirement, Another Joins the Ranks
February 22 - Slow Progress in the Battle Against Homelessness
February 22 - Study Shows Drones Could Devastate Jet Engines
February 22 - Tiffany Moore: Emissary for Tech
February 29 - A Report Card on Religious Rights
February 29 - Brokered Political Conventions Were Once the Norm
February 29 - Checks and Balance: Wealthy Candidates Are Still 'Big Money'
February 29 - Data Bank: Where the Candidates Stand
February 29 - Delegate Balance: GOP Braces for Possible Contested Convention
February 29 - Family Research Council Tiptoes Around Cruz
February 29 - Finally, a Good Report Card for Congress
February 29 - Getting Serious About Money for Mars
February 29 - Lobbyists Pitch Policies and Candidates on the Campaign Trail
February 29 - Obama's Point Man in Havana
February 29 - Public Lands Battle Escalates in Utah
February 29 - Resistance Grows to 'Converting' Gays
February 29 - Schroeder: New Lobbyist Draws on Hill Experience
February 29 - Senate Budget Panel Reaches Out, Ex-Governor Joins Lobbying Firm
February 29 - Slavitt: Seeing Medicare/Medicaid Agency from Both Sides
February 29 - What If Paul Ryan Had Run?

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