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June 9 - Some Soldiers Left Behind
June 9 - Editor's Notebook: Racing for Defense Dollars
June 9 - EPA Easing on Summer Gas
June 9 - Sped-Up Process for Endangered Species Is Challenged
June 9 - For CPAs, a Taxing Matter
June 9 - Rectifying a VAWA Error
June 9 - Sugar by Another Name?
June 9 - On the Move, Banking: Sean Oblack, Alexey Levkov, Michael Donnelly
June 9 - On the Move, Think Tanks: John E. Herbst, Pat Collier IV
June 9 - Fiscal Diagnosis Only Gets Tougher for Health Care Law
June 9 - Housing Overhaul: A Will Without a Way
June 9 - Altered Spheres of Influence for Defense Lobbyists
June 16 - Editor's Notebook: A Tea Party Waxing
June 16 - Searchlight's Spotlight
June 16 - 911: Can You Find Me Now?
June 16 - DHS Fights Back Over FOIA Fees
June 16 - Farmers Go Nuts Over Pecan Rule
June 16 - Hard Line on Soft Drinks
June 16 - Taking Aim At Feral Pigs
June 16 - FDA New Rules, Not Yet Paid For
June 16 - Slow Growth Dogs Dems
June 16 - Associations: Julia Anastasio
June 16 - Lawfirms: Suzanne Kane
June 16 - Senate: Neal Patel
June 16 - Leahy, Feinstein Ponder Compromise on Spy Bill
June 16 - Same Side, Different Minds: Feinstein, Leahy Prepare for Intel Debate
June 16 - Spy Game With Israel Stalls Friendly Visa Plan
June 16 - Game of Thrones
June 16 - The Contenders
June 16 - Business Not as Usual for a Divided Conference
June 16 - GOP's Big Money Ties Roil the Tea Party
June 16 - A Different Type of Transition Team
June 23 - Editor's Notebook: Careful What You Wish For
June 23 - Has the DEA 'Gotten the Message' About Marijuana?
June 23 - Wayne Allard, the Pleader for the Pack
June 23 - A Gray Area On Marine Mammals
June 23 - For E-Cigarettes, Takeoff Aborted
June 23 - Extracting Financial Disclosures From Overseas Operations
June 23 - On the Move, Agencies: Brendan Daly
June 23 - On the Move, Senate: Mary Beth Schultz, Zach Rudisill
June 23 - On the Move, House: Megan O'Reilly, Brian Kennedy
June 23 - On the Move, Lobbying: Juanita Duggan, Lauren Reliford
June 23 - On the Move, Public Relations: Price Floyd, Chasity Cooper
June 23 - Navy Carriers Face Waves of Change
June 23 - Portman in the Storm: A Quiet Voice for Accord
June 23 - The Unruliness Of Open Rules
June 23 - School Lunches: A Debate Served Hot
June 23 - The Smallest of Steps for Senate Appropriators

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