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November 1 - Between the LinesPDF
November 1 - Bills to WatchPDF
November 1 - End PagePDF
November 1 - House Vote ChartsPDF
November 1 - Senate Vote ChartsPDF
November 1 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
November 1 - Editor's Notebook: CQ Politics Daily
November 1 - Edwards Hopes to Rise Above the Pack With 'College for Everyone' Platform
November 1 - What's Ahead: Week of Nov. 3
November 1 - CRS Reports Get De-Linked From Pilot Program
November 1 - Feinstein Takes On Weed Whackers In Latest States' Rights Skirmish
November 1 - Congress Weighs Pros, Cons Of the 'Omnibus' Approach
November 1 - Omnibus for the Ages
November 1 - Crafting an Omnibus Spending Bill: Power Trumps Popular Will
November 1 - Veto Threats Complicate Appropriations Process
November 1 - Corporate Tax Code Rewrite Threatened by House GOP
November 1 - Military Tax Breaks Reweighed After Unanimous House Vote To Double Death Gratuity
November 1 - GOP Leaders Ponder Payback For Democrats' Blocking Of Bush Judicial Nominees
November 1 - Drug Importation Language Likely Part of Medicare Bill
November 1 - Democrats Crash Medicare Conference Meeting
November 1 - White House Treading Lightly In Trying to Resolve Energy Dispute
November 1 - Party Differences Over Head Start Belie Unanimous Vote in Senate Committee
November 1 - Deleted Privatization Language In Aviation Conference Report Has Democrats Fighting Mad
November 1 - Defeat of Senate Global Warming Bill Highlights Worries Over Economic Impact
November 1 - Democrats Still Decry Bush Environmental Policy
November 1 - Senate Poised to Clear Interior Bill Over Objections in Both Chambers To Indian Affairs Provisions
November 1 - House Republicans Disappointed By Extensive Senate Compromises On 'Healthy Forests' Bill
November 1 - Citing Privacy, House Rejects Job Status Bill
November 1 - Pension Bill Advances To Senate Floor
November 1 - Bush Wins Supplemental Battle, May Face Loss in War on Terror
November 1 - Despite Republican Infighting, Senate Passes AIDS Relief Bill With Increase in Program Funding
November 8 - Between the LinesPDF
November 8 - Bills to WatchPDF
November 8 - End PagePDF
November 8 - House Vote ChartsPDF
November 8 - Senate Vote ChartsPDF
November 8 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
November 8 - Editor's Notebook: Politics of Last Resort
November 8 - Fletcher's Move to Kentucky Statehouse Leaves Voters Few Options in 6th District
November 8 - Party Unity Votes Show 'Mavericks' Stay With Herd
November 8 - Enzi Seeks Open Travel Down Havana Way
November 8 - GOP Wants to Play Santa on Jobless Benefits This Year
November 8 - What's Ahead: Week of Nov. 10
November 8 - Energy Overhaul: Not Much Difference After a Decade
November 8 - Ethanol Fix Is a Blend
November 8 - Electricity Deregulation Still a Live Wire for Some
November 8 - Energy Issues and Where They Stand
November 8 - Intelligence Panel's Amity Endangered
November 8 - Memo Outlines 'Best' Options for Intelligence Probe
November 8 - Sen. Roberts on the Record
November 8 - The Might of the Right
November 8 - GOP Corporate Tax Bill Hits Intra-Party Hurdle
November 8 - Military Tax Breaks Measure Emerges Victorious After Nine-Set House-Senate Volley
November 8 - Senate Plans Final Floor Debates On Stand-Alone Funding Bills Before Turning to Omnibus
November 8 - Graham's Exit Saddles Democrats With Open-Seat Fight in Florida
November 8 - Senate GOP Risks Backlash With 30-Hour 'Talkathon ' On Judicial Nominees
November 8 - Maneuvering to Pass Drug Bill May Leave Everyone Unhappy
November 8 - Managing Competition in the Medicare Bill
November 8 - Shelby Vows Senate Version Of Financial Privacy Bill Will Prevail in Conference
November 8 - Conservatives Balk at Cost, Impact on Death Penalty Of Senate's DNA Testing Bill
November 8 - House Moves to End Practice That Gives Preferential Treatment to Prison-Produced Goods
November 8 - Lawmakers Complete Work on Interior Bill, Paring Down Funds for Land Purchases
November 8 - Plethora of Partisan Issues Makes Agriculture Appropriations Vulnerable to Inclusion in Omnibus
November 8 - Tough Negotiation Wraps Up As Energy Conferees Compromise On Nuclear Waste, Weapons
November 8 - Bush Signs 'Partial Birth' Abortion Ban
November 8 - Internet Tax Moratorium Expires While Bill Languishes in Senate
November 8 - Coast Guard's Duties Expanded In House-Passed Legislation
November 8 - Congress Clears Compromise Vietnam Memorial Bill
November 8 - House Panel Approves Measure To Protect Marine Mammals
November 8 - Improved Emergency Services Funding Backed in House
November 8 - Supplemental Sans Roll Call Provides Cover All Around
November 8 - GOP Leader Uses Holiday Deadline As Spur on Defense Authorization
November 8 - Defense Authorization Bill's Highlights
November 8 - Negotiators Grind Out Agreement on Military Construction Bill
November 15 - Al Sharpton: Adding Issues That Broaden the Debate
November 15 - Between the LinesPDF
November 15 - Bills to WatchPDF
November 15 - Bob Graham: Critical Voice Is First to Say 'Count Me Out'
November 15 - Carol Moseley Braun: A Chance Not to Lead the Race But to Shape It
November 15 - Dennis J. Kucinich: An Iconoclast Well-Schooled in Long Odds
November 15 - End PagePDF
November 15 - From the Editor
November 15 - House Vote ChartsPDF
November 15 - Howard Dean: Outsider Seeks Campaign Trail's Inside Track
November 15 - John Edwards: Substance the Issue for a Newcomer
November 15 - John Kerry: The Veteran of War and Washington
November 15 - Joseph I. Lieberman: Moral Message From a 'Solid Democrat'
November 15 - Representatives' Key Votes
November 15 - Richard A. Gephardt: Voters' View of a Proud Insider: Savvy or Stale?
November 15 - Senate Vote ChartsPDF
November 15 - Senators' Key Votes
November 15 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
November 15 - The Democratic Presidential Challengers: Who Are These Guys?
November 15 - Wesley K. Clark: The General Who Doesn't Fall in Step
November 15 - Editor's Notebook: Congress Unfiltered
November 15 - A GOP-Redefined Filibuster Raises Questions, Stirs Debate
November 15 - CQ's Cochran Wins Dirksen Award
November 15 - Environmentalists Blast 'Disturbing' Difference In Language on Harassment of Sea Mammals
November 15 - What's Ahead: Week of Nov. 17
November 15 - Frist Sheds Low-Key Style For High-Octane Finish
November 15 - Talkathon a Practice for 2004
November 15 - Senate Takes Page From P.T. Barnum, With Santorum in Center Ring
November 15 - Judicial War Far From Over
November 15 - Strategies on Judicial Nominations for 2004
November 15 - Medicare Drug Deal at Hand
November 15 - 'Temporary' Tax Breaks Usually a Permanent Reality
November 15 - Pace Intensifies for Wrapping Up Unfinished Bills Into Omnibus
November 15 - Regula to Labor-HHS Naysayers: Don't Tug on Superman's Cape
November 15 - Omnibus Energy Conference Finally Yields Results
November 15 - Energy Omnibus: What's In, What's Out
November 15 - Grass-Roots Groundswell of Opposition Delivers Internet Tax Setback to Senate
November 15 - Internet Tax: Governors in the Senate
November 15 - Mindful of Florida's Clout, Conferees Drop Cuba Travel From Transportation Bill
November 15 - Highway Bill Put Off Until 2004 Thanks to Ongoing Disagreement Over Distribution of Funding
November 15 - Inhofe Proffers Revamped 'Clear Skies'
November 15 - VA-HUD: Anxious Vets Await Extra Funding
November 15 - Chairman: 'No Business as Usual' For Feuding Intelligence Panel
November 15 - Growing Chorus Tells Bush To Get Out of Iraq Sooner
November 15 - Fights Over Policy, Not Hardware Shape Defense Bill's Passage
November 15 - Senate Clears Military Construction
November 15 - Syria Sanctions Well on Way To President
November 22 - Between the LinesPDF
November 22 - Bills to WatchPDF
November 22 - End PagePDF
November 22 - House Vote ChartsPDF
November 22 - Senate Vote ChartsPDF
November 22 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
November 22 - Editor's Notebook: An Imperfect Art
November 22 - Breaux Stands to Finish on Top Whatever His Career Plans
November 22 - Titanium Suppliers Stand Tough On Defense Bill Trade Provisions
November 22 - Drug Imports Bone of Contention For Gutknecht, Emerson in Medicare
November 22 - What's Ahead: Week of Nov. 24
November 22 - White House Budget Director Bolten Earns Hill Kudos for Low-Key Style
November 22 - Medicare Deal Goes to Wire in Late-Night House Vote
November 22 - Parties Agree Medicare Has Political Legs
November 22 - GOP Squabbling Nearly Derails Year-Ending Omnibus Bill
November 22 - House Supports Thomas on Tax and Trade Grab Bag, But Senate Quickly Demurs
November 22 - Regional Issues Leave Energy Bill a Hair Too Unwieldy for Senate
November 22 - MTBE Trips Filibuster Trigger
November 22 - Pet Provisions Across the Nation Would Fall With Energy Bill
November 22 - Energy Bill's Bulging Tax Package Rewards Production, Conservation
November 22 - Tax Winners in the Energy Conference Report
November 22 - Forest-Thinning Bill Is Cleared After Negotiators Resolve Issues Outside of Blocked Conference
November 22 - Deals on Nuclear Waste and Weapons Allow Energy-Water Bill to Clear
November 22 - D.C. Funding Will Include Voucher Trial
November 22 - Omnibus to Be Final Vehicle For VA Boost
November 22 - Senate Clears FAA Reauthorization After Months of Stalling and Close Shave in Privatization Dispute
November 22 - Financial Privacy Rules Set To Clear
November 22 - Outsourcing Complicates Spending Bill
November 22 - Scandals Lead to House Passage of Mutual Funds Oversight Bill, But That Could Be It for the Year
November 22 - Airlines, Others Find Pension Relief in Bill
November 22 - House Passes Flood Claim Reduction Bill
November 22 - Anti-Spam Measure Benefits From End-of-Session Desire To Please Voters Back Home
November 22 - African-American Museum Project Takes a Giant Step
November 22 - Bills Show High Priority for Veterans' Issues This Session
November 22 - Surface Transportation Bill Seeks Funding
November 22 - $3.7 Billion Measure Focusing On a Much Smaller Slice of Life
November 22 - Kennedy Center Renovation To Get Increased Scrutiny
November 22 - Legislation Refracts Larger View On Contact Lens Purchases
November 22 - Deal on Intelligence Authorization Includes Enhanced FBI Powers
November 22 - Investigation Into Prewar Intelligence Plays Up Committees' Differences
November 22 - Alternate Proposals to Mideast Peace Could Detract from Bush's 'Road Map'
November 22 - Bush Given Sanction Power Against Syria
November 22 - Conferees Agree on AIDS Funds, Move Closer to Final Deal On Foreign Aid Spending Bill
November 29 - Between the LinesPDF
November 29 - Bills to WatchPDF
November 29 - End PagePDF
November 29 - House Vote ChartsPDF
November 29 - Senate Vote ChartsPDF
November 29 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
November 29 - Editor's Notebook: What Counts
November 29 - For Want of a Panel, the Money Is Stalled
November 29 - Hatch Aide Put on Administrative Leave Following Leaked Democratic Memo
November 29 - Feud With Democrats Over Judges Keeps Frist's Cloture Score Down
November 29 - Thomas' Tax Bill May Not Be So Dynamic
November 29 - Medicare Plan Faces Rough Ride Through the Reality Mill
November 29 - GOP Wins Battle, Not War
November 29 - The Medicare Drug Debate's Long History
November 29 - Late-Night Medicare Vote Drama Triggers Some Unexpected Alliances
November 29 - Pelosi Puts Leadership on the Line With Drive to Unify Democrats
November 29 - Long Back-and-Forth House Vote Ran Afoul of Democrats, not Rules
November 29 - GOP Fast-Tracks Its Own Agenda; Stalls All That's Left for Democrats
November 29 - MTBE Plan Incites Democrats, Six Republicans to Nix Energy Bill
November 29 - Why the Energy Bill Blacked Out
November 29 - Anti-Spam Bill Readied for Bush Might Not Stop Junk E-Mail But Puts Consumers in Charge
November 29 - Ban Extended On Firearms Made of Plastic
November 29 - Senate Clears Credit Report Blocking Bill
November 29 - Higher Pay for NASA's Top Scientists in Senate-Passed Measure
November 29 - House, Senate Negotiators Hope To Clear Pension Bill in December
November 29 - National Flood Insurance Extended
November 29 - Transportation Safety Board Reauthorization Cleared
November 29 - Bill to Ban Interstate Transport Of Large Cats Advances
November 29 - Measure Closing Loophole For Officers' Benefits Clears
November 29 - Nuclear Bomb Sites Could Get Special Park Designation
November 29 - Organ Donation Aid Picks Up Interest in Senate

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