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September 6 - Between the LinesPDF
September 6 - Bills to WatchPDF
September 6 - End PagePDF
September 6 - House Vote ChartsPDF
September 6 - Senate Vote ChartsPDF
September 6 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
September 6 - Editor's Notebook: Doubts and Debts
September 6 - Dooley's Endorsement of Staff Chief May Not Be Enough to Win District
September 6 - Linder Backs Change in E-Mail Rules, Warning Panel Not to 'Punish Everybody'
September 6 - Art Endowment's Outreach Effort Slowly Wins New Hill Support
September 6 - Senate Aims to Press for Torts Amid Spending Bill Crush
September 6 - What's Ahead: Week of Sept. 8
September 6 - GOP Starting to Waver On Support for Iraq
September 6 - Latest Iraq Supplement Soars to New Heights
September 6 - Estrada's Exit Renews GOP's Judicial Resolve
September 6 - Always Considered an Awkward Fit, Janklow's Future in Washington Remains Up in the Air
September 6 - Narrow Approval Margins For School Vouchers Causes Delay for D.C. Bill
September 6 - GOP's Texas Targets
September 6 - Texas GOP Outlasts Renegades, Prepares for New Congressional Map; Democrats Put Their Hope in Court
September 6 - Less Ambitious Alternatives Shadow Medicare Drug Bill
September 6 - New Laws for a Safer Nation: Much Done, Much to Do
September 6 - Many Approaches to Homeland Security
September 6 - Northeast Blackout Ups Pressure For Electricity Reliability Standards
September 6 - Bush Threat to Veto Reversal Of New Media Ownership Rules Has Few Lawmakers Quaking
September 6 - Democrats Take On New Overtime Rules; Parties Jostle for Primacy on Education
September 6 - Compromise on Amtrak Funding Sets Transportation Bill on Course
September 6 - Members Likely to Get Raises
September 6 - VA-HUD Spending Bill: No. 2 in Cost, but Some Programs Are Top Priorities With Lawmakers
September 6 - Pension-Insurance Deficit, Ailing Companies Leave Congress With No Easy Choices
September 6 - 'Partial Birth' Procedure Ban Advances
September 6 - Stall Expected On Victims' Rights Bill
September 6 - Air Tanker Deal Turns Spotlight On Murky Procurement Process
September 6 - Roberts Sets October Deadline For Iraq Prewar Intelligence Review
September 6 - Bills Signed
September 13 - Between the LinesPDF
September 13 - Bills to WatchPDF
September 13 - C-J-S Spending ChartPDF
September 13 - D.C. Spending ChartPDF
September 13 - End PagePDF
September 13 - House Vote ChartsPDF
September 13 - Senate Vote ChartsPDF
September 13 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
September 13 - VA-HUD Spending ChartPDF
September 13 - Editor's Notebook: The Job Machine
September 13 - Bipartisanship Rings Faintly on Sept. 11
September 13 - Gingrich, Foley Urge Permanent Status for Homeland Panel
September 13 - Ose Gathers Notable Support For EPA Restructuring Plan
September 13 - Senate Hallway or Bust: Of VPs, Status and Statuary
September 13 - What's Ahead: Week of Sept. 15
September 13 - 'Jobs, Jobs, Jobs' Mantra Returns to Haunt GOP
September 13 - Manufacturing Lobbyists Find Renewed Sense of Purpose
September 13 - Bush's Iraq Spending Request Puts Focus on Budget Priorities
September 13 - Iraq Funding Will Come Slower Next Time Around
September 13 - Campaign Finance Law's Future Uncertain After Day in Court
September 13 - Back and Forth in Court on Fundraising Rules
September 13 - Ways and Means Approves 'Faith-Based' Initiative Measure; Passage Imminent by House
September 13 - Presidential Aspirations Have Democrats on Defensive in Southeast Senate Races
September 13 - School Vouchers Program Divides Senate Democrats as D.C. Bill Moves to Floor
September 13 - Against the Grain on the Labor-HHS-Education Bill
September 13 - Labor-HHS Bill Survives Rough Senate Debate
September 13 - Student Aid Amendment Approved in Labor-HHS Bill
September 13 - Medicare Conferees Can't Be Rushed, Says Thomas, Noting 'Real Progress'
September 13 - Despite Broad National Implications, Transportation Bill Stuck at Crossroads
September 13 - A History of Transportation Bill Gridlock
September 13 - Unhappy Marriage: Transportation Bill in Trouble After Link With Treasury
September 13 - Pension Amendment Unlikely on Transportation-Treasury Bill
September 13 - Domenici Pushing to Create Energy Bill That Stands a Chance
September 13 - Bank-Friendly Credit Reporting Bill Passes House; on Fast Track in Senate
September 13 - Bill Threatens California Privacy Law
September 13 - Grassley Attends to Concerns on Work Hours, Child Care to Advance Welfare Rewrite
September 13 - Legislators Hesitant to Expand Law Enforcement Authority as Comity Wanes on the Hill
September 13 - End to Tobacco Subsidy Finalized
September 13 - House Judiciary Panel Approves Justice Department Reauthorization
September 13 - House Panel Moves to Stop Punitive Bail Practices
September 13 - Senate Democrats Promise To Fight Nuclear Weapons Plan
September 13 - Senate Finance OKs Medicaid Expansion
September 13 - Senate Will Take Up FCC's Media Ownership Rules
September 13 - Under Fire From Angry Vets, Divided GOP Yields Ground
September 13 - The Reservists Dilemma
September 13 - Funding for Afghan Campaign, Reconstruction Called Too Thin To Block Resurgence of Taliban
September 13 - Postwar Iraq: A Hard Path to Stability
September 13 - From 'Cradle of Civilization' to Dictatorship
September 13 - Efforts to Stabilize Foreign Nations Brought U.S. Kudos, Resentment
September 20 - Between the LinesPDF
September 20 - Bills to WatchPDF
September 20 - End PagePDF
September 20 - House Vote ChartsPDF
September 20 - Senate Vote ChartsPDF
September 20 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
September 20 - Editor's Notebook: Conference Calls
September 20 - Endorsements Mount in Presidential Race
September 20 - Congress to Shut Down House Corrections Office
September 20 - Continuity Debate Continues
September 20 - What's Ahead: Week of Sept. 22
September 20 - Compromise Crucial For Medicare Conferees
September 20 - Medicare and Education Bills Share Some Legislative Routes
September 20 - Players in the Medicare Conference
September 20 - Senate GOP Finds Silver Lining In Year-End Spending Package
September 20 - Closer Scrutiny Expected On Latest Supplemental
September 20 - Details of New Spending Request Arrive
September 20 - Debate Over Revenue Offsets Appears Last Hurdle to Success For Trimmed Faith-Based Bill
September 20 - Costly Capitol Visitor Center Survives In $3.5 Billion Conference Agreement On Legislative Branch Spending
September 20 - Pension Woes Push Lawmakers Into Legislative Trade-Offs
September 20 - Stay Tuned: FCC Deregulation Temporarily Thwarted By Dorgan Amendment, Senate
September 20 - Energy and Water Spending Bill Leaks Animosity as It Heads to Conference
September 20 - Even 'Environmental' Earmarks A Euphemism for Pet Projects
September 20 - Domenici Adds Nuclear Tax Credits To Win Support Among Conferees On Revived Energy Legislation
September 20 - Interior Bill Nears Senate Passage; Both Parties Back Added Money For Forest Fire Suppression
September 20 - Chambers Expected to Approve Homeland Security Conference Report That Retains Employee Flexibility
September 20 - Longer-Term Extension Urged For Surface Transportation Law Facing Dense Political Calendar
September 20 - House Passes Internet Tax Ban for States
September 20 - Social Security Bill Advances With Changes
September 20 - Director of National Intelligence: Hill Backs Idea, but Will It Sell?
September 20 - Conferees Send 'Very Strong Signal' In Rushing Through Defense Bill
September 27 - Between the LinesPDF
September 27 - Bills to WatchPDF
September 27 - DefensePDF
September 27 - End PagePDF
September 27 - Homeland SecurityPDF
September 27 - House Vote ChartsPDF
September 27 - Legislative BranchPDF
September 27 - List of CaucusesPDF
September 27 - Senate Vote ChartsPDF
September 27 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
September 27 - Transportation-TreasuryPDF
September 27 - Editor's Notebook: High Anxiety
September 27 - Locals Only, Please: Maryland's Senators Take On Bush Pick for Circuit Court
September 27 - Search Is On for Filched Antiquities In Move to Buy Back Senate History
September 27 - Bush Mulls Pros, Cons Of Steel Import Tariffs
September 27 - Chances of Veto-Less Term for Bush Dim as Feistiness Grows on Hill
September 27 - What's Ahead: Week of Sept. 29
September 27 - Caucuses Bring New Muscle to Legislative Battlefield
September 27 - Surge in International Caucuses Changing Free-Trade Debate
September 27 - Republican Study Committee Revels in Conservative Clout
September 27 - Congressional Caucuses, A to Z
September 27 - EU Demands Add Urgency to Overhaul of Tax Code
September 27 - GOP's Appropriations Wrap-Up Slips Into Well-Worn Groove Of CRs and Omnibus Bills
September 27 - Congress Clears Bill to Fund Itself, Includes Cuts for Police, Architect
September 27 - D.C. Appropriations Bill Languishes in the Senate Over Private-School Vouchers
September 27 - Senate Tobacco Alliance May Go Up in Smoke
September 27 - Companies Differ on FDA Guidelines for New Products
September 27 - Final Deal on Omnibus Energy Bill Hinging on Electricity Regulation
September 27 - Alaska's Lightning Rod: Lisa Murkowski
September 27 - GOP Leaders Turn Up the Heat on Getting Medicare Bill Passed
September 27 - Congress Again to Extend Expiring Welfare Programs As Rewrite Remains Elusive
September 27 - Gas Tax Debate Dominates as Surface Transportation Bill Gets a Five-Month Extension
September 27 - Privatization Language Trips Up Aviation Bill, Pitting Some in GOP Against Bush Administration
September 27 - Despite Congress' Best Efforts, Separate Court Rulings Put 'Do Not Call' Registry on Hold
September 27 - Financial Privacy Legislation Approved by Senate Committee After Shelby Changes Course
September 27 - White House Pushes Increased Prosecution of Crimes Despite Apprehension on Hill
September 27 - Homeland Department Gets the Dollars, Along With a Number of Strings
September 27 - Details of Rep. Platts' Homeland Security Bill
September 27 - Senate Adds Money to Fight Wildfires; Alternative to Fund-Shifting Urged
September 27 - Administration Hustles To Overcome Stalemate On Forest-Thinning Plan
September 27 - Fraudulent Spammers Penalized In Latest Senate Judiciary Bill
September 27 - Leavitt's EPA Confirmation Closer, But Democrats Extend 'Holds'
September 27 - New Mall Monuments Debated
September 27 - Traditional Gun Issue Opponents Join on Background Check Bill
September 27 - Graduate, International Study Grants Approved in Committee
September 27 - New Copyright Royalty Regulation Established in Bill
September 27 - Runaway Children's Center Subject of Reauthorization Bill
September 27 - Iraq Supplemental Will Pass, But Many Say Well Is Going Dry
September 27 - Lawmakers Tone Down Anti-U.N. Rhetoric
September 27 - Congress Clears Bare-Bones Defense Appropriations Bill
September 27 - Defense Authorizers Losing Authority
September 27 - Defense: Big Tickets and the Small Print

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