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June 7 - Between the LinesPDF
June 7 - Bills to WatchPDF
June 7 - End PagePDF
June 7 - House Vote ChartsPDF
June 7 - Senate Vote ChartsPDF
June 7 - Editor's Notebook: Watch Your Back
June 7 - Souder's Crusade for the Kids
June 7 - Supermajority Amendment Wearing Down Its Backers
June 7 - Faith Initiative Backer Backs Away From GOP
June 7 - Hill Support Grows for Museum Of African-American History
June 7 - What's Ahead: Week of June 9
June 7 - Plans for Targeted Benefits Deepen Medicare Debate
June 7 - Generous Government Proposition Could Hurt Seniors in the Long Run
June 7 - Tying Benefits to Income a Tap Dance on Politically Deadly 'Third Rail'
June 7 - With Entitlements, Congress Has a Difficult Time Discriminating by Income
June 7 - Democrats Regenerating for Long Haul to a Majority
June 7 - For Most States -- and Voters -- Once-a-Decade Redistricting Is Fine
June 7 - GOP Scrambles to Limit Damage of Child Tax Credit Controversy
June 7 - Hoping to Avoid Repeat of Last Year, Appropriators Push for Agreement With White House on Spending Plan
June 7 - Judicial Nominations Fight Moves to Senate Rules Panel as Frist Takes On the Filibuster
June 7 - Flag Desecration Amendment Provokes Patriotic Fervor But Little Senate Action
June 7 - New House Member: Randy Neugebauer (R-Texas 19)
June 7 - Newest West Texas Lawmaker Looks to Build Consensus, Keep 'Spirit of Ronald Reagan'
June 7 - Initiatives to Ensure Congress Carries On After a Catastrophe Get Cool Receptions
June 7 - Campaign Finance Case On Fast Track
June 7 - Prospects Dim for 'Clear Skies' as Industry Joins List of Foes
June 7 - The Four-Pollutant Conundrum
June 7 - Clean Air: Going the Regulatory Route
June 7 - Court Challenge a Sure Thing For 'Partial Birth' Abortion Ban
June 7 - Rulings on Congressional Power
June 7 - Roe Provision Likely to Go
June 7 - 'Family Friendly' Bill to Foster Comp Time Flexibility Gets Laid Off House Schedule
June 7 - Nuclear Power Is Next Target For Senate Energy Debate
June 7 - Energy Supply and Demand
June 7 - Ashcroft Urges Expanded Power To Prosecute as He Mends Fences With House Judiciary Members
June 7 - Chambers Set to Pass FAA Authorization
June 7 - Gambling Bill: House Decides To Hold 'em
June 7 - FCC Media Ownership Changes Prompt Senate Plans for Opposition, But House Leaders Not Prepared to Act
June 7 - Generic Drug Compromise Reached
June 7 - House Gives Unanimous Approval to Electronic Check Processing
June 7 - Foreign Policy Credibility Gap Worries Many in Congress
June 7 - Absence of Weapons in Iraq Pulls Democrats Together
June 7 - House Squares Off With Rumsfeld Over Change in 'Buy America' Policy
June 7 - White House Carries the Day on Base Closure Issue
June 7 - Provisions of 2003 Reconciliation Law
June 14 - Between the LinesPDF
June 14 - Bills to WatchPDF
June 14 - End PagePDF
June 14 - House Vote ChartsPDF
June 14 - Senate Vote ChartsPDF
June 14 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
June 14 - Editor's Notebook: Chamber of Deals
June 14 - Legislation Delves Into Thorny Question: States' Immunity vs. Intellectual Property
June 14 - DeLay Campaigns for Closer Taiwan Ties Even as White House Woos China's Hu
June 14 - From a Small Senate Office, Some Big Democratic Talent
June 14 - What's Ahead: Week of June 16
June 14 - Challenged: GOP's Resolve To Hold the Spending Line
June 14 - Gridlock Has Come to Be Part of Appropriations Process
June 14 - Military Construction: Little Disagreement Expected on Spending Priorities
June 14 - Agriculture: Budget Not Included In Growing Season
June 14 - Commerce, Justice, State and the Judiciary: Contentious Topics Have Gone Away
June 14 - Defense: 'Fast' Bill Could Stall on Two Programs
June 14 - Energy and Water Development: Plenty of Debate Expected on Projects
June 14 - Foreign Operations: Overseas Aid for '04: Back to Status Quo
June 14 - Homeland Security: Panels Revamped To Move New Bill
June 14 - Interior: Tough Choices, But No Major Cuts
June 14 - Labor, Health & Human Services, Education: The Most Expensive Is Closest to Home
June 14 - Transportation, Treasury: Security Revamp Led to Catch-All Bill
June 14 - Veterans, Housing, NASA, EPA: Competition for Cash Has Many Contestants
June 14 - District of Columbia: Cuts to Budget Would Affect Favored Programs in City
June 14 - Legislative Branch: Modest Increase Likely For Security, Visitor Center
June 14 - Flap Over Child Tax Credit Heats Debate on 'Sunsets'
June 14 - How House Democrats Got Their Groove Back
June 14 - Appeals Court Nominee Pryor Leaves Democrats Respecting His Frankness, Not His Views
June 14 - GOP Bids to Claim Victory on Democrats' Signature Issue
June 14 - Bush Drug Plan Leaves Democrats Nursing a Co-Opted Agenda
June 14 - Medicare Prescription Bill May Take On a Passenger In Capitol Hill Journey
June 14 - Senate Vote on New Reactor Policy Is a Big Win for Nuclear Industry
June 14 - Class Action Bill Stands Chance For Passage, But Differences Remain Between House, Senate Versions
June 14 - Bill Expands Role of States in Head Start
June 14 - Closed Markup For Homeland Security Panel
June 14 - Hotly Challenged Exemption For State-Regulated Wagering Still in Internet Gambling Bill
June 14 - Outsourcing of Flight Control, Expanded D.C. Airport Slots Headline FAA Bill Conference
June 14 - FTC Wants Spam Laws Tightened
June 14 - House Members Pledge More For Coast Guard Authorization
June 14 - Regulation of Health Plans Approved by House Panel
June 14 - Senate Expected to Take Up Popular Spectrum Trust Fund Bill
June 14 - Senate Judiciary Approves Crime Victims' Rights Proposal
June 14 - Warner Again Pitches Plan For NATO Mideast Buffer
June 14 - Peace Initiatives' Progress
June 14 - A Win for Bush Foreign Aid Plan As House Panel OKs Creation Of Millennium Challenge Agency
June 14 - House Debates Trade Sanctions For Myanmar
June 14 - Military Bill's Budget Is Tight In House Panel
June 14 - Democrats Embrace Bill For Disabled Military Retirees
June 14 - Foreign Assistance Act Revised To Include Land Mine Victims
June 14 - House Bill Boosts Information Sharing
June 14 - CQ Outlook: Is Homeland Security Keeping America Safe?
June 14 - Pentagon Tiptoes Into Its Role Of Defending From Within
June 14 - News Media Draw Battle Plans To Cover the Home Front
June 21 - Between the LinesPDF
June 21 - Bills to WatchPDF
June 21 - End PagePDF
June 21 - House Vote ChartsPDF
June 21 - Senate Vote ChartsPDF
June 21 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
June 21 - Editor's Notebook: The All-American Deal
June 21 - McCain's 'Pork' Resolution Annoys Appropriations Chairman
June 21 - Too Many Companies, Too Much Money Makes Repeal of Import Duties Law Dicey
June 21 - 'Unfunded Mandates' Law Not on Hill's Front Burner
June 21 - Democratic Ad Bytes Bush On Supreme Court Vacancy
June 21 - What's Ahead: Week of June 23
June 21 - Democrats Play to Win Critical Veterans' Vote
June 21 - Veterans Bill Tests Rapport Between Smith, Evans
June 21 - A Celebrity Senator Moving to the Democratic Center
June 21 - House Republicans Divided Over International Tax Plan
June 21 - Estate Tax Still Grounded
June 21 - With DeLay Setting a Partisan Tone, House Stands Firm on Child Credit
June 21 - Smooth Sailing in the Early Going Belies Coming Appropriations Storm
June 21 - Court Ruling OKs Limits on Contributions
June 21 - Legislative Branch Bill Short-Funded
June 21 - Medicare Overhaul on Horizon, But Real Questions Are Deferred
June 21 - Conservatives See Shades of LBJ in Bush Medicare Overhaul
June 21 - An Early Start in Both Chambers For Labor-HHS-Education Spending Bill
June 21 - Panel Strips Program Funds For Country-of-Origin Labeling From House Agriculture Bill
June 21 - House Homeland Security Bill Advances Despite Frustration With Agency's Failure to 'Justify'
June 21 - Obey Expresses Outrage As Conservation Takes a Big Hit In Interior Spending Bill
June 21 - Surprise Reversal of Ownership Ruling Leaves FCC Chief in Uneasy Position
June 21 - 'Spam' on Senate Floor Menu
June 21 - Hatch Has Tough Job Ahead of Him To Gain Understanding and Support For Asbestos Compensation Bill
June 21 - Democrats Vow to Block Expanded State Control In House Head Start Bill
June 21 - Baker Seizing His Chance To Push Revamped Oversight Of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac
June 21 - AmeriCorps Measure Approved in Both Chambers
June 21 - Bill Would Allow SEC to Hire Without Civil Service Procedures
June 21 - Child Abuse, Adoption Measure Cleared for Bush Signature
June 21 - Small-Business Health Plans Exempted in House-Passed Plan
June 21 - Bill Touting Civics Education Breezes Through Senate
June 21 - House Passes Legislation Revamping IRS Procedures
June 21 - Senate Committee Sends Along Check Processing Bill
June 21 - Tough Conference Looms For Defense Authorization
June 21 - Rumsfeld Faults Civil Service Rules For Problems in Defense Hiring
June 21 - House Military Construction Bill Runs Into Tight Spending Caps, Emerges 'Woefully Underfunded'
June 21 - Defense Panel Struggles With Shortfall in Funding For Overseas Campaigns
June 21 - Intelligence Committees Struggle With How to Handle Iraq Aftermath
June 28 - Between the LinesPDF
June 28 - Bills to WatchPDF
June 28 - End PagePDF
June 28 - House Vote ChartsPDF
June 28 - Senate Vote ChartsPDF
June 28 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
June 28 - Editor's Notebook: Test of Principles
June 28 - Being No. 1 in Both Chambers Is Rare for Congressional Bills
June 28 - Recent History of HR 1 and S 1
June 28 - Lawmakers May Resume Capitol Dome Tours
June 28 - Optical Technology Company Gets Boost In House Committee Report on ID Cards
June 28 - A Political Timetable Awaits the Incomplete War in Iraq
June 28 - On Iraq, Bush Has a Full Reservoir of Trust
June 28 - Will Iraq War Matter in '04?
June 28 - Iraq War Creates New Challenges Abroad
June 28 - Republicans of Two Minds on Refundable Tax Credits
June 28 - Chronology of Tax Credits Made 'Refundable' to Low-Income Families
June 28 - High Court Ruling on Internet Filters Acknowledges Power of the Purse
June 28 - Capitol Police, Architect Put on Short Fiscal Rations In Legislative Branch Bill
June 28 - Style, Experience Praised as Senate Confirms Bolten to Head Budget Office
June 28 - Senators Uneasy With Proposal to Alter Filibuster Rule on Judicial Nominations
June 28 - Bob Stump, Best Known for Veterans Support, Mild Manner, Dies at 76
June 28 - Tributes to Longest-Serving Senator Laud Thurmond's Capacity to Change
June 28 - James Strom Thurmond
June 28 - Compromise Will Come Hard In Medicare-Overhaul Conference
June 28 - Hour by Hour, Vote by Vote, GOP Breaks Tense Tie on Medicare
June 28 - Medicare Bills Differ in the Details
June 28 - Homeland Security Bill Passes House Despite Partisan Differences
June 28 - Panel OKs Coast Guard Bill
June 28 - Both Chambers Ready to Tackle Contentious Labor-HHS Bill
June 28 - Appropriators Spread the Pain as Austere Spending Bill Cuts Agriculture Programs
June 28 - Senate Looks to Interior Bill as Timely Vehicle for Debate on Forest Management Policy
June 28 - House Bill Calls for Creation of New Regulating Agency for Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae
June 28 - Plethora of Plans Available To Address Amtrak Question But Little Consensus Exists
June 28 - House Committee Advances Bill That Would Implement Program Favoring Frequent Fliers
June 28 - Senate Committee Toughens Media Ownership Restrictions in Second Swipe at FCC
June 28 - Hatch Pushes Hard for Accord On What Claimants Would Get From No-Fault Asbestos Fund
June 28 - Bill Would Let Space Agency Offer Big Bonuses, Higher Pay
June 28 - Bill Would Let Space Agency Offer Big Bonuses, Higher Pay
June 28 - House Poised for Floor Debate On 'Project Bioshield' Vaccines
June 28 - Special Ed Funding Debate Put Off
June 28 - NHTSA Reauthorization Bill Includes Rollover Standards
June 28 - Senate Adds 'Deal Breaker' To Spectrum Auction Measure
June 28 - Senate Panel Adopts Hold On Some Mall Monuments
June 28 - Lawmakers Make Do With Diminished Defense Package
June 28 - Banking on a Supplemental
June 28 - House Committee Democrats Seize Opportunity to Make Changes to Veterans Health Bill
June 28 - House Uses Authorization Bill to Demand Sweeping Changes in U.S. Intelligence Community
June 28 - Military Construction Bills Synch Up

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