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May 3 - Between the LinesPDF
May 3 - Bills to WatchPDF
May 3 - End PagePDF
May 3 - Floor Vote ChartsPDF
May 3 - Editor's Notebook: In Search Of . . .
May 3 - Senators Say Best Response to Castro Is Opening American Travel to Cuba
May 3 - Yet to Be Determined: Political Value Of Spitzer's Victory Over Wall Street
May 3 - Democrats Point to Iraq As Health Coverage Model
May 3 - What's Ahead: Week of May 5
May 3 - White House Doors Open for Lee Despite Often-Adversarial Stance
May 3 - Middle East 'Road Map' May Have Wrinkles for GOP
May 3 - Iraq Victory Leaves Little Taste For More Pre-Emptive Wars
May 3 - Deadlocked Tax Cut Proposals Expose Rift in GOP Ideology
May 3 - Moore's Warning for GOP: 'We're Watching You All'
May 3 - Budget Amendment Revived
May 3 - More Judicial Nominee Battles Likely As Wins Fuel Both Parties' Resolve
May 3 - Less-Than-Hard Ruling on Soft Money Sets Off Race to Supreme Court
May 3 - White House Plan One of Many To Fix Money-Bleeding Amtrak
May 3 - Key Amtrak Overhaul Proposals
May 3 - Senate Braces for Floor Battle Over Omnibus Energy Bill
May 3 - Looking Out for Louisiana
May 3 - House Passage of IDEA Overhaul Moves Funding Debate to Senate
May 3 - Another Push for New Flights at Washington-Area Airport Roils FAA Reauthorization
May 3 - Democrats, Environmental Groups Say White House Wildfire Plan Would Sacrifice Forests for the Trees
May 3 - Lawmakers Warn That U.S. Cannot Afford to Fall Behind In Nanotechnology Research
May 3 - Smith Plan for Veterans' Health Heats Already Turbulent Issue
May 3 - Veterans Panel Examines Shared Duties
May 3 - Senate Poised for NATO Invitation To Seven Eastern European States
May 3 - House Passes Bush Anti-AIDS Plan; Democrats Challenge GOP Changes
May 10 - Between the LinesPDF
May 10 - Bills to WatchPDF
May 10 - End PagePDF
May 10 - House Vote ChartsPDF
May 10 - Senate Vote ChartsPDF
May 10 - Editor's Notebook: Improv at the Capitol
May 10 - Combest Staff Is Beneficiary Of a Short-Timer's Generosity
May 10 - Memories of Senate 'War' Surface As Frist Contemplates Filibuster Changes
May 10 - Bush Fly-In Launches Democratic Charges of Political Opportunism
May 10 - McCain Cannot Warm To Warming Uncertainty
May 10 - What's Ahead: Week of May 12
May 10 - A New Level of Acrimony in Parties' War of Procedure
May 10 - Democrats Take Careful Aim When Attacking Nominees
May 10 - A Non-Precedent Precedent on Filibusters
May 10 - GOP Counts on Floor Debate to Reshape Senate Tax Plan
May 10 - Young's Proposed Shift of Funds From Defense to Domestic Accounts Must Get Past Republican Hawks
May 10 - Hard-Line Budget Cutter Daniels Announces Departure From OMB; May Seek Indiana Governorship
May 10 - Murky Campaign Finance Ruling Puts 'Soft Money' Raising on Hold
May 10 - Flag Protection Amendment Stirs Again
May 10 - House Panel OKs Federal Personnel Bill
May 10 - GOP Pension Bills Favor 'Defined-Contribution' Plans
May 10 - Medicare Reimbursement Formula Has Doctors on Defensive Again
May 10 - Senate OKs Expanded Power To Spy on Foreign Terrorists; Critics Call Scope Too Broad
May 10 - Senate Ethanol-Boosting Provision Faces Bipartisan Coalition of Foes
May 10 - Bipartisan Hope for Hydrogen
May 10 - GOP May Spread Faith-Based Legislation Over Several Social Policy Bills
May 10 - House Subcommittee Paves Way for Battle To Retain HOPE Program
May 10 - Chambers Agree on Need For More Air Cargo Security, But No Accord Yet on Details
May 10 - Senate Pushes For Quick Markup Of Bill Promoting Nanotechnology As the Next Big Thing
May 10 - Rail Disaster Victims Measure Would Provide Special Services
May 10 - Wildfire Bill Goes to House Floor
May 10 - House Bill Hits Web Gambling Through Credit Card Companies
May 10 - Congress Lumbers Toward Developing an Agile Military
May 10 - Rumsfeld's Personnel Plan Questioned
May 10 - Environmental Exemptions Prove to Be Tough Sell for Military
May 10 - Panel Insists House Will Be Heard In Drawing Middle East 'Road Map'
May 10 - House Committee Sets Sights On Insurers in Effort to Boost Veterans' Health Care Funding
May 10 - House Updates Military Act's Compensations
May 10 - Senate Backs NATO Expansion
May 10 - For U.S. and Oil Producers: A Lubricated Diplomacy
May 10 - Global Markets Have Uneven History With Strategic Commodity
May 10 - Bipartisan Senate Bill Sets Up New Attack On Greenhouse Gases
May 17 - Between the LinesPDF
May 17 - Bills SignedPDF
May 17 - Bills to WatchPDF
May 17 - End PagePDF
May 17 - House Vote ChartsPDF
May 17 - Senate Vote ChartsPDF
May 17 - Editor's Notebook: Teflon II
May 17 - Texas Legislators' Walkout an Act That Wouldn't Play in Washington
May 17 - What's Ahead: Week of May 19
May 17 - DeLay Causes Stir on Gun Bill
May 17 - Finding a Wall-to-Wall Solution To an Industry's Trash Problem
May 17 - For Business, Tax Conference Will Be All Damage Control
May 17 - GOP Struggles With State Aid In Effort to Pass Tax Package
May 17 - White House Bonds With Moderates For Victory on Dividend Cuts
May 17 - Edwards Has the Style, Seeks to Prove Substance
May 17 - Sen. John Reid Edwards of North Carolina
May 17 - Edwards' Key Votes
May 17 - Edwards' Inner Circle
May 17 - Bid to Curb Nominee Filibusters Tests Limits of GOP Risk-Taking
May 17 - Louisiana's Russell Long Dies at 84; Populist Senate Finance Chairman Championed Medicare, Social Security
May 17 - Debt Limit Increase Critical As Nation Nears Default
May 17 - Bioterrorism Bill Advances With Hybrid Funding Plan
May 17 - Parties Seek Bicameral Compromise On Child Vaccine Compensation Bill
May 17 - Extension of Unemployment Benefits Bedevils Republican Lawmakers
May 17 - House Pension Reforms Called 'Modest' by GOP, 'Grudging' by Democrats
May 17 - Battle Over Washington Airport Dominates Aviation Bill Debate
May 17 - Accident or Incident?
May 17 - Technical Corrections Bill Pushes New Airport Security And Screening Programs
May 17 - White House Touts 'Safer' Surface Transportation Bill While Panel Calls for Cash
May 17 - Senate Omnibus Energy Bill On Hiatus Until After Recess But Its Tax Conundrum Isn't
May 17 - Electronic Check Measure Approved by House Panel
May 17 - Grassley Pushes Medicare Provision
May 17 - Senate Bill Would Prevent Genetic Discrimination
May 17 - White House Wants Congress To Extend Ban on Internet Taxes
May 17 - Bill to Boost Funds and Services For Libraries, Museums Approved
May 17 - Drug Office Reauthorization Includes Homeland Security
May 17 - Measure Would Prevent Schools From Requiring Medication
May 17 - Steady Squeeze on CIA May Open Sept. 11 Records
May 17 - Mutual Needs, Benefits Still Prevail In U.S.-Saudi Relationship
May 17 - Rumsfeld Wins a Few in Overhaul Initiative, But Victory for Federal Programs Is Elusive
May 17 - Political Expediency Takes Over As Senate Passes AIDS Relief Bill
May 17 - Business Break For Veterans Questioned
May 17 - Bills Signed
May 24 - Between the LinesPDF
May 24 - Bills to WatchPDF
May 24 - End PagePDF
May 24 - House Vote ChartsPDF
May 24 - Senate Vote ChartsPDF
May 24 - Editor's Notebook: Making Connections
May 24 - Republicans Looking to Trim Waste May Find They Are on a Snipe Hunt
May 24 - Unenforceable Breast Cancer Law Still Waiting for Congressional Fix
May 24 - It's Memorial vs. Monk Seal In New Battle of Midway
May 24 - Jeffords Defends His Positions
May 24 - Is 'There Oughta Be a Law' a Real Answer to 'Spam'?
May 24 - Capitol Takes Cautious Approach To Filtering Lawmakers' E-Mail
May 24 - Prohibitions on Mass Mailings
May 24 - Tax Cut Package Clears Amid Bicameral Rancor
May 24 - Who Benefits From New Rates For Dividends, Capital Gains
May 24 - Appropriators Weigh Tapping Defense to Get Domestic Bills Moving
May 24 - OMB Nominee Bolten Eyed as a Repairman Of Bush-Appropriator Rift
May 24 - Senate Clears New Debt Limit As Treasury's Deadline Nears; Limited Debate Speeds Passage
May 24 - Campaign Law In Place After Ruling Stayed
May 24 - House to Vote On Desecration Amendment
May 24 - Pay Raise for Federal Judges, Optional Courtroom Cameras Approved by Senate Judiciary
May 24 - Health Care a Defining Issue For Democratic Candidates
May 24 - Provisions of the Democratic Health Care Plans
May 24 - Spending Tradition Lives On as Would-Be Nominees Trumpet 'Health Care for All'
May 24 - House Take on Forest-Thinning Bill Has No Chance, Say Senate Foes
May 24 - Hatch May Lose on Risky Move to Push Through Asbestos Legislation
May 24 - Misuse of Genetic Information Is Target of Senate Privacy Bill
May 24 - HOPE Program Funding Gets House GOP Support Despite White House Stand
May 24 - One Airport Could Ground Aviation Bill
May 24 - Plan Changes States' Cut of Highway Fund
May 24 - House Panels' Turf Battle Drops Internet Gambling Bill In Rules Committee's Court
May 24 - Permanent Ban on Internet Taxes Poised for Quick House Approval, But Senate Has Its Own Demands
May 24 - Under the Gun, GOP Hustles to Clear Just-in-Time Extension of Federal Jobless Benefits
May 24 - Class Action Bill Moves to Uncertainty
May 24 - Republicans Aim to Stiffen Fraud Law
May 24 - Child Abuse Prevention Bill Approved
May 24 - Judiciary Panel Votes to Boost Patent and Trademark Fees
May 24 - Drug Office Reauthorization Delayed by Advertising Dispute
May 24 - House Bills on Bank Expansions, Checks and 'Swaps' Approved
May 24 - House Judiciary Approves Regulation of Sports Agents
May 24 - House Passes Measure Aiding Homeless Children
May 24 - Chambers Agree on Funding, Not on Pentagon Operations
May 24 - Pentagon Seeks More Waivers From Environmental Laws
May 24 - Air Force 767 Lease Deal Has Backers, But Opponents Call It a Boeing Bailout
May 24 - Senate Panel Pares Back Goals, Sets Funding Priorities for 2004
May 24 - 'New' Aid Plan Looks Familiar
May 24 - International AIDS Programs Authorized for $15 Billion As Lawmakers Search for Funding
May 24 - Veterans Funding Legislation Sparks Unusually Partisan Fight
May 31 - Between the LinesPDF
May 31 - Bills to WatchPDF
May 31 - End PagePDF
May 31 - Vote ChartsPDF
May 31 - Editor's Notebook: The Reader's Pact
May 31 - DeLay Unscathed Following Texas Redistricting Uproar
May 31 - Aviation Bill's Charter Provision Would Improve Rural Access
May 31 - Party Lines in Senate Clearest in Fifty Years
May 31 - What's Ahead: Week of June 2
May 31 - GOP Turns to Cheney To Get the Job Done
May 31 - Cheney Casts Deciding Vote on Six Key Issues
May 31 - GOP Infighting: Not Fatal
May 31 - Jeffords' 'I' Helps GOP Moderates Gain Senate Leadership's Ear
May 31 - Gephardt's Uneven History Left Behind for 2004 Run
May 31 - Rep. Richard Andrew Gephardt of Missouri
May 31 - Gephardt's Inner Circle
May 31 - Gephardt's Key Votes
May 31 - Presidential Challengers and Their Tussle for Funding
May 31 - Growing Deficit Numbers Lack Campaign Resonance
May 31 - Democrats Launch Attack on GOP's Child Tax Credit
May 31 - Liberals, Conservatives Both Bracing for a Supreme Court Vacancy
May 31 - Can Chairmen Bury Tax Feud to Work Together on Medicare?
May 31 - Chambers' Priorities in Evidence as Panels Act on Medicare Bills
May 31 - GOP Rewrite of Head Start Program Guaranteed Quick, Stiff Resistance
May 31 - Controversial Cuts Pay For Defense Panels' Add-Ons
May 31 - Waste in Nunn-Lugar Program Prompts Calls for Clampdown
May 31 - 'Doha Round' of Trade Agreements Imperiled by Battle Over Subsidies

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