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October 3 - House Backs Justice Authorization
October 5 - Between the LinesPDF
October 5 - End PagePDF
October 5 - House and Senate VotesPDF
October 5 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
October 5 - Status of Major LegislationPDF
October 5 - Editor's Notebook: Party Lines
October 5 - Appropriators Parry Bush Move To Bypass Printing Office
October 5 - Bush Says New Jerusalem Designation Is 'Advisory'
October 5 - House GOP Makes Time on Legislative Calendar To Write Resolutions Blaming Senate for Deadlock
October 5 - No Bargain Hunting For Medicare Supplies?
October 5 - What's Ahead: Week of Oct. 7
October 5 - Not Even Rumblings of War Shake Loose an Energy Policy
October 5 - Better Braced for Oil Shocks
October 5 - Moderates Vow to Keep Working On Homeland Security Deal
October 5 - Democrats Scramble to Recover From Sen. Torricelli's Downfall
October 5 - Lack of Leverage Over Torricelli May Hurt Democrats in Long Run
October 5 - Election Overhaul Measure On Brink of Approval After Two Years, Many Setbacks
October 5 - The Late Patsy Mink, Liberal Stalwart, Still Favored to Win in November; Two Elections to Replace Her Seen
October 5 - Formulation of Long-Term Stopgap Is Yet to Be Determined
October 5 - Senate-Passed Bill Has Tax Increase For Expatriates, Breaks for Military
October 5 - House Shoots Down Bill Allowing Religious Groups To Fund Political Campaigns
October 5 - Despite Airlines' Pleas for Help, Extensive Bailout Looks Unlikely
October 5 - Transportation Spending Bill Destined To Offer Less Road-Building Money
October 5 - Punitive Damages Issue Leaves Terrorism Insurance Bill Teetering
October 5 - Drug Benefit, Other Issues Put Medicare Giveback Bill In Serious Jeopardy
October 5 - Justice Department Authorization Signals 'New Era of Oversight,' Tighter Control of FBI Security
October 5 - Bill to Curb Online Betting Passes in House
October 5 - Kidnapping Prevention Bill Goes to House
October 5 - Gun Lawsuit Restrictions Spurned by Panel Democrats
October 5 - House OKs Temporary Renewal Of Farmer Bankruptcy Protection
October 5 - Welfare Extension Sought
October 5 - Bill Forgiving Student Loans Gets Nod From House
October 5 - House Bill Eases Tree-Cutting Restrictions to Fight Wildfires
October 5 - Senate Democrats in Disarray After Gephardt's Deal on Iraq
October 5 - Evolution of the Resolutions
October 5 - Daschle's Grip on Majority Could Slip In Tussle Over Iraq, Homeland Votes
October 5 - Defense Bill Action Could Be Delayed To Avoid Pre-Election Veto of Veterans Law
October 12 - Appropriations ChartPDF
October 12 - Between the LinesPDF
October 12 - End PagePDF
October 12 - House and Senate VotesPDF
October 12 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
October 12 - Status of Major LegislationPDF
October 12 - Editor's Notebook: Anxiety Levels
October 12 - OMB Burns Midnight Oil Trying to Plan For Homeland Security Department
October 12 - White House Communications Aide Joins SEC as Adviser to Embattled Chief
October 12 - GOP May Have to Write Off Chance at Montana Senate Seat
October 12 - Ulterior Motive Suspected In Department Revamp
October 12 - What's Ahead: Week of Oct. 14
October 12 - Congress Now Faces Voters Anxious About the Economy
October 12 - GOP Offers Tax Break Package To Ease Pain of Stock Losses
October 12 - Bad News Due as Voters Have Their Say
October 12 - House GOP Leaders Frustrated In Drive for Longer-Term CR
October 12 - Short-Term Relief for Highways
October 12 - Homeland Security Department Adrift in Appropriations Doldrums
October 12 - Senate Stumbling Blocks
October 12 - Election Upgrades Could Prove Expensive For States Seeking Federal Help
October 12 - Bill to Rescind Bush's Release Of Presidential Records Withers
October 12 - Courts Leave New Jersey Senate Race As Is
October 12 - Soft-Money Rules Challenged By Campaign Finance Sponsors
October 12 - No Deals Reached This Year To Salvage Environmental Bills
October 12 - Bold Health Care Agenda Falls To Politics and Tight Budgets
October 12 - Senate Aviation Security Bill Offers Minimal Aid to Airlines
October 12 - Armed-Pilots Bill Bogged Down
October 12 - Issue of Punitive Damages Still Thwarts Compromise On Terrorism Insurance Bill
October 12 - 'Webcaster' Royalty Bill Passes in House
October 12 - High Court Examines Copyright Law
October 12 - Senate Judiciary Panel Agenda Hostage to Parties' Showdown Over Bush Appellate Nominees
October 12 - Bingaman Puts Hold on FDA Nomination
October 12 - Water Projects Bill Likely Dead for Year
October 12 - If VA-HUD Bill Passes House Intact, Key Differences With Senate Could Make for Sticky Conference
October 12 - Gumaker Lawsuit Bill Postponed
October 12 - House Child Abduction Bill Absorbs Related Measures
October 12 - GOP Objection Blocks Vote On Shaw's Social Security Bill
October 12 - Concerns Linger for Lawmakers Following Difficult Vote for War
October 12 - Byrd's Beloved Chamber Deaf To His Pleas for Delayed Vote
October 12 - Congressional Support May Not Count For Much With U.N. Security Council
October 12 - Broad Resolution Allows Bush To Set Terms of War Without Review
October 12 - House Approves Defense Spending Plan That Allows for Controversial 767 Leases
October 12 - Military Construction Bill Cleared but on Hold, Awaiting Stalled Defense Authorization
October 12 - Goss Tries to Keep Intelligence Bill From Snagging on Sept. 11 Probe
October 12 - Peace Corps Funding Bill Advances
October 12 - Sudan Bill Clears After Compromise
October 12 - Joint Resolution to Authorize Use of Military Force Against Iraq
October 19 - Between the LinesPDF
October 19 - End PagePDF
October 19 - House and Senate VotesPDF
October 19 - Status of AppropriationsPDF
October 19 - Status of Major LegislationPDF
October 19 - Editor's Note: Lame Excuses
October 19 - Consumer Groups Complain As SEC Executes Corporate Fraud Rules
October 19 - Rep. Cox Seeks to Create New Office To Ensure Global Access to Online News
October 19 - In Recess: Week of Oct. 21
October 19 - Thomas Wants to Halt Medicare Cuts for Doctors
October 19 - Parties Use Judicial Standoff To Play to Core Constituents
October 19 - Judiciary Chairman Leahy Shrugs Off GOP Barbs
October 19 - GOP Declares Victory Despite Unfinished Business
October 19 - Senate Control Could Change Hands Even Before the 108th Congress
October 19 - Senate Approves Resolution To Curb New Tax Cuts And Entitlement Programs
October 19 - Thinking Outside the House: Democrats Guess at Gephardt's Plans
October 19 - GOP Looks to New Batch of Leaders To Carry Mantle of Retiring Icons
October 19 - Thomas Defies GOP Leaders, Dooms Tax Cut Bill Aimed at Aiding Investors
October 19 - Senate's Failure to Resolve Personnel Management Issue Stalls Homeland Security Bill
October 19 - Despite Giving Strong Support, Legislators Worry Election Overhaul Will Amount to an Unfunded Mandate
October 19 - Energy Conference Leaves Town Still Stuck on Electricity
October 19 - Washington-Area Sniper Shootings Prompt Lawmakers, White House To Consider Weapon 'Fingerprinting'
October 19 - Compromise by the White House Gives Terrorism Insurance Legislation Solid Chance of Passage This Year
October 19 - Bills to Ban Flights Over Stadiums Likely to Languish Until Next Year
October 19 - Deal to Boost Port Security Resolves Most Issues -- Except How to Pay for It
October 19 - Community Health Centers Reauthorized
October 19 - No Action on Medicare Bills Before Election
October 19 - EPA May Set New Air Pollution Rules During Hill Recess
October 19 - McClellan Confirmed as Head of Food and Drug Administration
October 19 - Medical Device Review Bill Cleared
October 19 - New Commuter Student Visa Bill Expected to Be Signed by Bush
October 19 - Bill Would Give Agents Power To Stop More Drivers at Border
October 19 - North Korea Presents Congress With New 'Axis of Evil' Issues
October 19 - U.N. Resolution a Step Closer
October 19 - Rumsfeld Defense Plan on Track As Senate Clears Spending Bill
October 19 - Battle Over Independent Sept. 11 Probe Keeps Intelligence Authorization in Limbo
October 19 - Conservatives' Security Concerns Keep Odds Slim for Relaxing 'Dual Use' Technology Controls
October 19 - Peace Corps Authorization Idle in House
October 26 - Appropriations ChartPDF
October 26 - Between the LinesPDF
October 26 - End PagePDF
October 26 - Public LawsPDF
October 26 - Status of Major LegislationPDF
October 26 - Editor's Notebook: Anyone Out There?
October 26 - Out-of-Towners Get a Shot At Leading Pro Forma Sessions
October 26 - Taylor Back in Montana Senate Race, Calling Attention to Negative Ads
October 26 - Military Pay Raise Proposal Still Snagged in Conference Because of Veterans' Benefits Provision
October 26 - SEC Funding in 2003: Feast or Famine?
October 26 - Senate Politics Shaken Anew By a 'Death in Our Family'
October 26 - Wellstone Obituary: Proud Voice for 'Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party'
October 26 - No National Theme Prevails In Race to Control Congress
October 26 - Senate Races: Melting in the Middle
October 26 - House Races: An Election Bucking Tradition
October 26 - Both Candidates in Tight Iowa Race Keep Distance From Their Parties' Ads
October 26 - Governor Races: It's the Economy, Governors
October 26 - Leadership PACs on the Rise
October 26 - Simplifying the Tax Code Is Key to Overhaul Proposals
October 26 - The Tax Code: Scrap or Simplify?
October 26 - Will Bush Generic Drug Proposal Boost GOP's Health Care Image?
October 26 - Hatch Substitute Amendment To 'Virtual' Pornography Bill Pushes Constitutional Envelope
October 26 - Deal to Extend Current Welfare Law May Come During Lame-Duck Session, But Broader Changes Would Be Delayed
October 26 - Homeland Bill Deadlock Fails to Derail Restructuring of Immigration Agency
October 26 - Senate Chairs Set to Subpoena EPA Documents
October 26 - Webcasters Looking to Senate For Deal That Would Trim Music Royalty Payments
October 26 - White House and Kremlin Want End to Cold War Trade Law
October 26 - Bush's Missile Defense Victory Signifies Changing Times
October 26 - Missile Defense a Multi-Layered Program
October 26 - Ohio Veteran Attaches $1.8 Million To Defense Budget for Biotech Gadget
October 26 - Bills Signed

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