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March 2 - Between the LinesPDF
March 2 - Bills to WatchPDF
March 2 - End PagePDF
March 2 - House and Senate VotesPDF
March 2 - Editor's Notebook: Domestic Dilemmas
March 2 - Ridge Rebuffs Congressional Efforts To Gain Departmental Oversight
March 2 - Tobacco Farmer on the Hill Tugged Both Ways by Industry
March 2 - Daschle's Cautionary War-on-Terrorism Comments Could Energize Disheartened Democrats, Analysts Say
March 2 - Markey Has Right Moves, Gets Wrong Results
March 2 - What's Ahead: Week of March 4
March 2 - Risk Enough for All In Walker v. Cheney
March 2 - Either Side Could Prevail On the Legal Merits, Scholars Say
March 2 - Judge John D. Bates
March 2 - Campaign Finance Bill Evokes Opportunity and Trepidation
March 2 - Airtime Provision Stripped
March 2 - Issue Ad Limits Could Set New Tone But Create New Challenges
March 2 - House Narrows Stimulus Agenda As Unemployment Benefits Run Out
March 2 - Blunt Now Sole Candidate For GOP Whip
March 2 - Budget Work Takes a Back Seat To Parties' Symbolic Gestures
March 2 - Resolution Lore
March 2 - Election Overhaul Bill Stalls In Partisan Disagreement Over Voter Fraud vs. Access to Polls
March 2 - House Sends Broadband to Senate With Wink and Nod to FCC
March 2 - FCC Chairman Powell's Star Quality Strong Asset in Regulation Battles
March 2 - A Closer Look at Deregulation
March 2 - CQ Essay: 'New Era' for Communications Short-Lived
March 2 - Energy Issues Separate Senate Democrats From Many of Their Traditional Supporters
March 2 - Deposit Insurance Overhaul Proposals Lack Support From Key Members
March 2 - Bush's Bipartisan Welfare Proposal Paves Way for Congressional Action
March 2 - Welfare Plan Comparisons
March 2 - Bush's New Drug Discount Plan Criticized
March 2 - Lott Secures Delay of Pickering Vote As Foes of Circuit Court Nominee Appear to Have the Edge
March 2 - Lawmakers Say 'No Way' To Highway Funding Cuts Triggered by Revenue Drop
March 2 - Bankruptcy Rewrite Law Still Crawling
March 2 - Congress Gets Mixed Signals On Insurance
March 2 - Committee Approves Grants For Ailing Flight Businesses
March 2 - Committee Pushes for Speed On Unemployment Bill
March 2 - Dual-Use Technology Debate Revived
March 2 - 'Two Strikes' Bill Would Impose Life Sentence for Molestation
March 2 - Bill to Broaden Police Access To E-Mail Advances in House
March 2 - Bush's Decision on Steel Tariffs May Reheat Fast-Track Debate
March 2 - AIDS Funding Sharply Debated
March 2 - Bush Renominates Controversial State Department Appointee
March 2 - Bush Undecided on Funds For U.N. Family Planning Agency
March 9 - Between the LinesPDF
March 9 - Bills to WatchPDF
March 9 - End PagePDF
March 9 - House and Senate VotesPDF
March 9 - Editor's Notebook: The High Ground
March 9 - Daschle, Hoping to Defuse Remarks, Offers Resolution of Support for Troops
March 9 - Parker Loses Corps Post In Battle Over Earmarks
March 9 - Primaries by State
March 9 - Push for Antibiotics Ban Has Beef Group Crying Fowl
March 9 - What's Ahead: Week of March 11
March 9 - The Crusader Program's Tale of Survival
March 9 - Carlyle's Political Heavyweights Bring Insight, Draw Criticism
March 9 - Hill Warning: Respect Level From White House Too Low
March 9 - In Search of Lost Power
March 9 - Unemployment Benefits Provide Catalyst to Pass Recovery Bill
March 9 - Daschle Trying to Beat the Clock On Campaign Finance Bill
March 9 - Key Areas of Contention
March 9 - Balloting System Revamp Sags in Senate Over I.D.'s; Chances Dim for Fall Potency
March 9 - California Incumbents Appear Safe Bets In November
March 9 - Sen. Thompson Says No To Another Six Years, Roiling Tennessee Politics
March 9 - Borski Departure Forestalls One Pennsylvania Incumbent Duel
March 9 - CBO Sees Short-Term Surpluses But Does Not Count Stimulus Bill
March 9 - House 'Cardinal' Callahan Retiring
March 9 - Production vs. Conservation: Senate Girds for Energy Battle
March 9 - Democrats Say Bush's Investor Protections Do Not Go Far Enough
March 9 - Setting Rules for 401(k) Plans
March 9 - Hollings-Powell Face-Off Heats Up As Senate Subcommittee Considers Tauzin-Dingell Broadband Measure
March 9 - Divisions Over Amtrak Threaten Reauthorization, Keep Rail's Future Cloudy
March 9 - Hatch Launches Plan B As Democrats Remain Unyielding On Pickering's Judicial Nomination
March 9 - Deposit Insurance Bill Moves On But Faces Strong Resistance To Higher Premiums and Coverage
March 9 - House Farm Bill Gets a Boost Thanks to CBO Math Problem
March 9 - CBO's 'Slight' Underestimate
March 9 - Class Action Limits Face Difficult Trial
March 9 - Dual-Use Export Bill Advances
March 9 - House Panel OKs Plan to Shift Utah Town Into Nevada
March 9 - John Podesta Hired by Nevada To Fight Nuclear Waste Dump
March 9 - Life Term for Second Offense In Child Sex Crime Measure
March 9 - Bush Breaks With Position, Moves to Protect Steel Industry
March 9 - Weaving a Deal on Fast Track
March 9 - Colombia Aid Restrictions Reconsidered As Focus Shifts to War on Terrorism
March 9 - Occidental Petroleum Lobbies For Benefits From Both Parties
March 16 - Between the LinesPDF
March 16 - Bills to WatchPDF
March 16 - CQ's Guide to the CommitteesPDF
March 16 - End PagePDF
March 16 - House and Senate VotesPDF
March 16 - Editor's Notebook: Assessing Motives
March 16 - Ayes of Texas Not Upon House Members
March 16 - Graham's Regulations Agency Bearing Up, Thank You
March 16 - Oil Companies Hope for Break in Libyan Sanctions As Bush Asks for Deal on Lockerbie Victims' Claims
March 16 - Senate Pushing for More Special Education Funding
March 16 - What's Ahead: Week of March 18
March 16 - Muffled Message Imperils Democrats' Senate Edge
March 16 - Conrad in Budget Spotlight With Little Room to Maneuver
March 16 - GOP's Budget Resolution Draft Follows Past Years' Path
March 16 - House GOP Forces Treasury's Hand By Delaying Vote on Debt Ceiling
March 16 - Treasury Secretary Issues Dire Warning: Government Checks Would Stop
March 16 - Foes of Campaign Finance Bill Threaten Last Stand in Senate
March 16 - Filibusters: Nonstop Action
March 16 - Energy Bill Sputtering in Senate As Politics Clash With Policy
March 16 - Fuel Economy Nearly Untouched
March 16 - Creating a Paper Trail
March 16 - Senate at Serious Disadvantage As Farm Bill Heads to Conference
March 16 - Planting in the Dark
March 16 - Pickering's Defeat Escalates War Over Confirmation Process
March 16 - Past Rows Over Nominees
March 16 - Sensenbrenner Leading the Charge For Immediate INS Overhaul
March 16 - Bill to Extend Residency Program Passes House After Six-Month Wait
March 16 - Appropriators' Challenge: Make Up FAA Revenue Lost in Air Travel Slump
March 16 - Beleaguered Accounting Industry Faces Avalanche of Legislation
March 16 - Pension Overhaul Legislation Approved by House Ways and Means In Fight to Control the Issue
March 16 - House Passes Class Action Curbs, But Uncertain Future Awaits Hotly Partisan Issue in Senate
March 16 - 'Born Alive' Bill Would Protect Babies Born at Any Stage
March 16 - Securities Fraud Bill Unveiled
March 16 - House Passes 'Two Strikes' Law For Repeat Child Molesters
March 16 - Democrats Dubious About Missile Defense Management
March 16 - Usually Quiet Senators Step in From Sidelines
March 16 - Bush's Missile Defense Plan Harks Back to Father's 'Layered' Approach
March 16 - Mideast Conflict Between Israel, Palestine Has Congress Weighing Aid Options
March 16 - Democrats Balk at Direction -- and Cost -- Of Proposed Nuclear Arsenal Strategy
March 16 - Bush Asks for $5 Billion Boost In Aid to Developing Nations
March 16 - Powell Urges 'Flexible' Colombia Aid
March 23 - Between the LinesPDF
March 23 - Bills to WatchPDF
March 23 - End PagePDF
March 23 - House and Senate VotesPDF
March 23 - Editor's Notebook: Our Preoccupations
March 23 - 'Ex-Clintonite' Label on Resume Of Mixed Value to Candidates
March 23 - Helms Pushing for Arms Deals To Be Exclusive Property of Senate
March 23 - Strange Bedfellows Gingrich and Foley Offer Plan To Replace House Members in Emergency
March 23 - Two-Hour Meeting Rule Causes Trouble in Senate
March 23 - Analysts See a Seismic Shift In Health Policy Debate
March 23 - Insurance Liability Stalls Talks
March 23 - Campaign Finance Passage Ends a Political Odyssey
March 23 - Bill Says Its Own Provisions May Be Challenged in Court Right Away
March 23 - Taxpayer Bill of Rights Faces Difficult Future After Addition Of Measure to Ease Political Filing
March 23 - Acrimony Over Judicial Confirmations Begins to Spill Into Other Issues
March 23 - Debt Limit Left Hanging; Federal Books May Require Some Juggling
March 23 - Conrad's Budget Plan Approved in Committee But Faces Tough Fight on Senate Floor
March 23 - Supplemental Spending Plan May Unleash Battle Over Control
March 23 - Deal Reached On Voting Revamp Debate
March 23 - Hearing on INS Restructuring Yields Few Agreements
March 23 - Byrd Holding Up Visa Bill
March 23 - Lawmakers Might Put Some Muscle Behind Call for Ridge Testimony
March 23 - House Panel Approves Measure To Strengthen Nation's Port Security But Scope of Plan Falls Short of Senate Plan
March 23 - Senate Crunches Numbers on Farm Bill, But Big Changes Expected in Final Version
March 23 - Livestock Plan Goes to 'Meat Grinder'
March 23 - Disparate Tacks on Pension Rewrite Highlight Struggle for Control
March 23 - Daschle Vows Quick Floor Vote On Tough Question of Oil Drilling In Alaskan Wildlife Refuge
March 23 - No Chance for Tauzin-Dingell In Senate, Despite Wide Support For Expansion of Broadband
March 23 - Bush Medical Privacy Plan Renews Debate
March 23 - OIRA Directs Guidelines on Data Quality
March 23 - House Bill Would Fund Research On Protection of Fuel Pipelines
March 23 - Parental Consent Bill Moves in House
March 23 - Church, Not State, Guides Some Lawmakers on Middle East
March 23 - Sept. 11 Intelligence Probe Likely to Stumble Forward After Senate Panel Approval
March 23 - House Panel Pushes Afghan Aid Despite White House Opposition And Absence of Action in Senate
March 23 - Bush Pushes To Speed Up Foreign Aid
March 23 - White House Sends Message To N. Korea
March 30 - Between the LinesPDF
March 30 - Bills to WatchPDF
March 30 - End PagePDF
March 30 - Editor's Notebook: Changing Your Tune
March 30 - Lieberman's Call for Enron Communiques Doubles Troubles for White House
March 30 - O'Neill May Have to Follow Vilified Predecessor's Lead in Shifting Funds
March 30 - Senate's Only Doctor Pens Reference on Bio-Terrorism
March 30 - Silicon Valley Marketing High-Tech Solutions For the Nation's Embarrassing Security Lapses
March 30 - Gubernatorial Hopefuls Head Home From the Hill
March 30 - New Homeland Security Duties Spotlight Service's Juggling Act
March 30 - Port Legislation Tries to Balance Tight Security and Smooth Commerce
March 30 - Latest Supplemental Request Hits a Freer-Spending Hill
March 30 - As Groups File Lawsuits, Bush Spurns Signing Ceremony For 'Flawed' Fundraising Law
March 30 - Welfare Law's Big Question: Has Success Been Real?
March 30 - Behind-the-Scenes Negotiations Giving New Momentum To Expanded Bio-Terrorism Bills
March 30 - High-Tech Lobbyists Rally Around Efforts to Scuttle Stock Options Tax Changes
March 30 - Stock Options Primer
March 30 - Medicare, Social Security Report Urges Quick Congressional Action
March 30 - ANWR Drilling Damage Noted In Geological Survey Report
March 30 - Senate Mum on Bush Nominees
March 30 - Conservative Firebrand Helms Tempers His Image in Final Term
March 30 - Afghanistan War Effort to Consume Nearly $50 Million Per Day From Requested Emergency Funds
March 30 - Bush's Fast-Track Agenda
March 30 - Fast Track Losing Support in House As Last Year's Backers Reconsider
March 30 - Bush Steel Tariffs Bite Back

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