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October 7 - What's Ahead
October 7 - Gramm: Clinton's Fed Appointments 'Finished'
October 7 - Nikes May Swoosh Through Duty-Free
October 7 - A Hand From Specter
October 7 - CQ's Take on Debates
October 7 - Reid Blocks Yucca Ads
October 7 - An Immovable President Meets Irresistible Pork
October 7 - McCain's Anti-Pork Speeches Play Well on Stump, Fall Flat in Senate
October 7 - Tax Proposals Could Hitch Ride On Year-End Spending Bill
October 7 - The Likeliest Survivors
October 7 - Panel Likens Missing E-Mail To Watergate
October 7 - Shuster Calls Action 'Overkill' After Ethics Panel Reproves Him For Misconduct, Rules Violations
October 7 - Yates Dead at 91; Illinois Democrat Was House Institution
October 7 - Well-Timed Push on H-1B Bill Gives Businesses All They Asked
October 7 - Drug Re-Importation, Cuba Sanctions Addressed in Compromise Agriculture Bill
October 7 - House Panel Approves Groundwork For Medicare Giveback Bill, With Lobbies Tugging From Both Sides
October 7 - Hill Reauthorizes Program Of Visa Waivers for Traveling Between U.S., 29 Nations
October 7 - Negotiators Reach VA-HUD Deal That Embraces Most Clinton Priorities But Keeps Some GOP Policy Riders
October 7 - Chambers Pass Interior Bill With Big, Bipartisan Increase In Funding for Public Lands
October 7 - Both Parties View Prospective Veto Of Energy-Water Spending Bill As Leverage in Presidential Race
October 7 - CJS Conferees Haggle Over Peacekeeping, Tobacco, Immigration; Ban on Honoraria for Judges Retained
October 7 - Transportation Bill Provides Big Spending Increase for Airports, Tightens Drunken Driving Standard
October 7 - House Passes Conference Report On Sex Trafficking, Compensation For Victims of Terrorism
October 7 - House Passes Measure To Help States Process Backlog of DNA Evidence
October 7 - Hate Crime Language Fails In Defense Bill
October 7 - House Backs HIV Testing of Alleged Rapists
October 7 - Auto Safety Oversight Bill Advances to House Floor But Faces Holds in Senate
October 7 - Treasury-Postal Bill Advances As Side Deal Adds More Money For IRS, Anti-Terrorism Efforts
October 7 - Bankruptcy Overhaul Hung Up Over Provision Affecting Liability Of Certain Abortion Protesters
October 7 - AIDS Funding Formula May Change
October 7 - Auto Dealer Arbitration Bill Stalls in Senate Judiciary
October 7 - Bill Calls for GAO Review Of New Federal Rules
October 7 - Bill Would Allow Medicaid To Cover Breast, Cervical Cancer
October 7 - Internet Privacy Protection Bill Appears Dead for the Year
October 7 - Move to Reduce Stock Fees Approved by House Commerce
October 7 - Senate OKs Aid for Rural Areas Dependent on Timber
October 7 - Substitute Electronic Crime Bill Adopted by Senate Judiciary
October 7 - Conferees Agree to Expand Military Retirees' Medical Benefits
October 7 - Deal on Radiation Exposure
October 7 - Intelligence Bill Conferees to Focus On Senate-Proposed Sanctions In Drug-Trafficking Cases
October 7 - Milosevic's Ouster Likely to Spur End of Sanctions on Yugoslavia, But Lawmakers Split on Economic Aid
October 7 - Byrd Pushes to Give Steel Firms A Cut of Anti-Dumping Fines
October 7 - House Ties Debt Relief for Russia To Cessation of Missile Sales
October 7 - Third World Debt Relief Still Stalled
October 14 - What's Ahead
October 14 - It Keeps Growing, and Growing. . .
October 14 - Outgoing Senators Share Some Wealth
October 14 - Seriously Humorous
October 14 - Shelby Spins Out
October 14 - The Challenge of Support
October 14 - Decision Time: Issues Facing the Next President
October 14 - The Surplus And the Baby Boomers
October 14 - Information Technology's Anxious Side
October 14 - The Many Shades of Trade Policy
October 14 - Education: High Expectations, Limited Means
October 14 - Health Care Costs Poised To Surge Again
October 14 - Defining, Asserting the National Interest
October 14 - A Strange Calm on Capitol Hill As GOP Opts for Unrushed Exit
October 14 - Go Home and Fight or Stay and Vote: Embattled Incumbents' Dilemma
October 14 - White House Draws Hard Line On Stopgap Spending Bills in Effort To Budge GOP in Policy Disputes
October 14 - GOP Leaders Seek to Maneuver Tax Cut Bills Past Conservatives Who Object to Surge in Spending
October 14 - Panel's Limited Immunity Grant May Not Shield Shuster From Federal Prosecution
October 14 - Rep. Vento Remembered As Friend of Environment And 'the Little Guy'
October 14 - Hill Clears Auto Safety Measure With Some Concessions to Industry
October 14 - Senate Clears Crime Bill Reauthorizing Violence Against Women Act and Criminalizing Trafficking in Persons
October 14 - Clinton Promises His Signature On Compromise VA-HUD Bill
October 14 - Clinton Warns Republicans Of Need to Involve White House In Final Talks to Rescind Medicare Cuts
October 14 - Agriculture Spending Measure Heads for Senate Floor As Clinton Indicates Support
October 14 - Senate Passes Energy-Water Bill After Stripping Out Restrictions On Management of Missouri River
October 14 - Commerce, Justice, State Spending Remains Hung Up on Immigration, Tobacco, FCC Licensing Proposals
October 14 - 'Mini-Omnibus' Treasury, Postal, Legislative Branch Spending Bill Clears With Phone Excise Tax Repeal
October 14 - Bankruptcy Bill Heads for Final Vote; Veto a Near Certainty Over Omission Of Provision on Abortion Protesters
October 14 - Conferees Reach Accord On Needle Exchange Issue, Freeing D.C. Spending Bill
October 14 - Pipeline Safety Bill Dies in House
October 14 - House Clears Bill To Extend Visa Waiver Program
October 14 - House Clears Bill To Stabilize Rural Town Payments
October 14 - House Passes Bill to Help Cover Poor Women's Cancer Treatment
October 14 - Move to Raise H-1B Visa Fees Heading to President
October 14 - NASA Reauthorization Cleared by Senate
October 14 - Defense Authorization Bill Clears In Debate Tinged by Mideast Crises
October 14 - Intelligence Bill Clears Despite Concerns About Classified Leaks Penalties
October 14 - Conferees Agree on Increase In Foreign Aid, Still Grapple With Abortion-Related Restrictions
October 14 - GOP Cautious on North Korean Thaw
October 14 - Senate Clears Bill Allowing Syrian Jews Residency in U.S.
October 14 - Senate Votes to Revive Expired High-Tech Export Law for a Year
October 14 - Clinton Cites Missouri, California Provisions In Vetoing Energy-Water Appropriations Bill
October 21 - What's Ahead
October 21 - High-Tech May Not Mean High Support
October 21 - Republicans Expected to Welcome Back Floor Votes
October 21 - Traficant May Get 'Beamed Out' of Democratic Caucus
October 21 - Neither Party Likely to Win Clear-Cut Control of Agenda
October 21 - House Control Teeters
October 21 - Glittering Prize in State Elections: Control of House Redistricting
October 21 - GOP Likely to Hold Senate
October 21 - A Wider Net, a Record Haul
October 21 - GOP May Lose Governorships
October 21 - Initiatives: Vouchers, Tax Cuts
October 21 - Consensus Builds to Wrap Up War of Words on Spending Bills
October 21 - Fate of Tax Cut, Minimum Wage Package Rests on Reaching Deal With Clinton On Education and Health Issues
October 21 - Baucus Sued By His Former Chief of Staff
October 21 - Congress Sends Project-Laden VA-HUD Measure to Clinton
October 21 - The Old College Try Pays Off
October 21 - Senate Poised to Clear Bankruptcy Overhaul Bill; Clinton Uncaps Veto Pen
October 21 - Agriculture Spending Bill Sent to Clinton
October 21 - Senate Acts To Reauthorize Oil Reserve
October 21 - Everglades Restoration Bill Glides Through House, Heads for Difficult Conference
October 21 - Tempers Flare as Democrats Push To Add More Education Funding To Labor-HHS Measure
October 21 - Commodity Exchange Reauthorization Passes House, but Senate May Stall Over Swaps Exemption Issue
October 21 - Medicare 'Giveback' Bill Advances; White House Objects Strongly To Amount of Money for HMOs
October 21 - House Clears Bill to Extend Shared Risk for Space Launches
October 21 - House Passes Grain Regulations
October 21 - Senate Passes Bill Updating Rules for FTC Merger Reviews
October 21 - Supreme Court Refuses to Hear D.C. Congressional Rights Case
October 21 - Three Bills Cleared to Clinton Would Benefit Veterans
October 21 - Congress Adds Modestly To Clinton's Pentagon Budget
October 21 - Bill Mandates Widespread Polygraphing At Nuclear Laboratories
October 21 - Armenian Resolution Vote Canceled at Clinton's Request
October 21 - Foreign Aid Conferees at Impasse
October 21 - Panel Plans Hearing on Gore's 1995 Arms Deal With Russia
October 28 - What's Ahead
October 28 - Majority and Mortality, a Morality Play
October 28 - Funny Thing Happened to GOP Tax Bill in Negotiations
October 28 - Need a Building Named? 'Suspension' Bills Fill Calendar
October 28 - Symbolism and Stalemate Closing Out 106th Congress
October 28 - Insurers' Queasiness About Costs Helped Sink GOP Prescription Drug Bill
October 28 - Coalition of Interests, Budget Surplus Won New Benefits for Military Retirees
October 28 - A Rising Republican's Quest for Balance
October 28 - Ballooning the Bottom Line: Blame Enough for Two Parties
October 28 - Tax, Wage Bill Hurtles Toward Veto After GOP Adds Disputed Policy Riders
October 28 - Labor-HHS Spending Measure Is Likely Candidate for Omnibus
October 28 - Senate Clears Reauthorization Of 1965 Older Americans Act In States-vs.-Nonprofits Compromise
October 28 - President Adds Medicare Payment Bill To List of Prospective Vetoes
October 28 - Senate Hands Clinton CJS Bill; Immigration Issues at Heart of Veto Threat
October 28 - Rural TV Improvement Measure, Low-Power FM Radio Restrictions Hitch Ride on CJS Spending Bill
October 28 - Water Resources Bill Resurrected As Negotiators Divert Provisions That Faced Senate Opposition
October 28 - Commodity Law Rewrite Push Intensifies
October 28 - Tax Bill Rider Seeks to Block Suicide Law
October 28 - Senate Girds for Showdown Vote On Bankruptcy Overhaul Measure; Other Key Changes May Move Separately
October 28 - McCain Seeks Deal With White House On Blocking Children's Access To Internet Pornography
October 28 - Broad Bill to Foster Home Ownership Passes House but Stalls in Senate As Time for Compromise Runs Out
October 28 - Bond Program Would Pay for Rail Corridors
October 28 - Oil Reserves Sole Subject Of Energy Bill
October 28 - Anti-Poverty Package Caught Up In Clinton's Threat to Veto Overarching Tax Relief Package
October 28 - Congress Clears Measure To Restore Estuaries
October 28 - GOP Drops Contempt Measure Against Watchdog Group
October 28 - Health Research Package Clears
October 28 - House Clears Bill to Extend Coastal Barrier Program
October 28 - House Defeats Bill to Expand Math and Science Education
October 28 - Senate Clears Grain Rules Bill After Watershed Dam Deal
October 28 - Aid for Russia
October 28 - Foreign Aid Bill Gives Clinton Requested Debt Relief Funding
October 28 - Dissension in Senate Stalls Anti-Terrorism Bill
October 28 - Export Control Bill Is Up in the Air
October 28 - Tougher Sanctions on Sudan Are Unlikely to Get Past Senate

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