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September 2 - Ahead
September 2 - Strong Contenders in Minnesota's 4th
September 2 - High Beams on SUV Safety
September 2 - Lawmaker's Russia Dealings at Issue
September 2 - Lieberman: Speed It Up
September 2 - Taking the Measure Of a Chairman Rangel
September 2 - Cost of IRS Overhaul Has Former Backers Wary
September 2 - Oversight Board Overdue
September 2 - Conciliatory Congress Faces a Noncommittal Clinton
September 2 - With Budget Clock Ticking, GOP Will Have to Pick Its Battles
September 2 - Forest Fires in Western States Ignite Partisan Debate on Hill
September 2 - NIH Decision to Allow Federal Stem Cell Research Puts GOP in a Quandary
September 2 - Bill to Protect Religious Groups In Land-Use Disputes Is Cleared for Clinton's Signature
September 2 - Administration Threatens Veto Of Transportation Spending Bill If Truck Safety Rule Is Stalled
September 2 - U.N. Peacekeeping in Trouble As Cost and Controversy Grow
September 2 - U.S. Lawmakers Prod U.N. Leaders To Meet Cost-Cutting Goals
September 2 - Leaders Push Trade Aid For Colombia
September 2 - Clinton Defers Decision on Missile Defense
September 2 - Clinton Signs Bill for AIDS Trust Fund
September 2 - Gore Calls 'Working Families' His Priority as He Accepts Democratic Nomination
September 2 - Clinton Vetoes Estate Tax Repeal, Calling Bill 'Fiscally Irresponsible'
September 9 - Ahead
September 9 - Tauzin's Tire Hearing Creates Buzz
September 9 - Bilbray's Power Fight
September 9 - Campbell Bill Has Catch
September 9 - Uninsured Americans Linger On Congress' Waiting List
September 9 - The Medicaid-Welfare Trap
September 9 - Liberals Play Up Election's Impact on Supreme Court
September 9 - GOP Not Battle-Ready
September 9 - Reconciliation Bill: Last Chance For a GOP Tax Victory?
September 9 - The Elusive Estate Tax Repeal: Close, but No Override
September 9 - Strategic Discord Among Republicans Continues to Impede Spending Bills
September 9 - Tire Recall Forces Hill to Ask How It Should Get Involved
September 9 - Traffic Safety Spending
September 9 - House Passes Child Support Bill Amid Growing Reservations About 'Charitable Choice'
September 9 - Senate Committee Votes to Ban Water-Polluting Gasoline Additive; Critics Warn of 'Ethanol Mandate'
September 9 - Senate Passes Energy-Water Bill Without Resolving Issue Of Missouri River Water Release
September 9 - Bill Would Expedite Process For Recognizing Tribes
September 9 - Bond Vows to Rein In HUD on Grants
September 9 - Bush's Medicare Drug Plan: State Grants, Private Insurance
September 9 - House Passes Rail Pension Bill Without Fuel Tax Repeal
September 9 - Lott Places Craig on Senate Finance Committee
September 9 - New Rules Would Prevent States From Redirecting Medicaid Funds
September 9 - Senate Passes Bill to Step Up Pipeline Safety Program
September 9 - Suit Claims '527' Disclosure Law Is Unconstitutional
September 9 - China Trade Bill Nears Its Finale As Senators Spurn Amendments
September 9 - Lott Supports Andean Aid Legislation
September 9 - Senate Passes Military Aid Measure
September 9 - Hastert Agrees to Remove Estate Tax, Pension Provisions in Quest for Deal On Minimum Wage, Business Tax Cuts
September 9 - Clinton, Assessing Fall Agenda, Says GOP's Emphasis on Tax Cut Is Unfair and Irresponsible
September 16 - Ahead
September 16 - Congress Likes Mitchell for Peace Prize
September 16 - Nursing Homes Hoping for More Money
September 16 - Debt Reduction Woes
September 16 - GOP Defends the Scouts
September 16 - Rep. Forbes Loses Seat
September 16 - GOP Leaders' Promise to CATs May Help Bills Pass by a Whisker
September 16 - GOP's Hope for Graceful Exit Rides on Debt Reduction Plan
September 16 - Debt Reduction Plan: Speed Boost For Year-End Spending Bills?
September 16 - GOP's Eleventh-Hour Search For Tax Provision Vehicles
September 16 - House Failure to Override Veto Of 'Marriage Penalty' Is Likely Last of Such Fights This Year
September 16 - Overhaul of Taxes on Foreign Income Wins Bipartisan House Majority, But Its Senate Future Is Unclear
September 16 - House OKs New Process For Transition
September 16 - Rep. Bateman Eulogized as 'Valued Leader'
September 16 - GOP Eager to Show Voters Progress in Cutting Drug Costs
September 16 - Senate VA-HUD Measure Yields To Most White House Demands
September 16 - Hollywood's 'Culture of Carnage' Blasted by Lawmakers, Candidates
September 16 - Patients' Rights Debate May Linger Into 107th Congress, but Medicare Expected to Gain Desired Funding
September 16 - House Passes 'Mini-Omnibus' Bill Combining Spending for Congress, Treasury, Postal Service; Veto Likely
September 16 - House Passes $42.4 Billion NASA Bill Including Curb on Space Station's Cost; Agency's First Reauthorization Since '92
September 16 - Delays in Senate May Prevent 'Even Start' Enactment in Time To Stand as Goodling's Legacy
September 16 - Tire Hearings Seen Leading To Speedy Passage Of Highway Safety Legislation
September 16 - House Subcommittee Moves Bill Raising Threshold for Permission To Tap E-Mail, Cell Phones
September 16 - Congress Expected to Act Quickly On Forest Fire Damage, but Attacks On Administration Policy Continue
September 16 - D.C. Spending Bill Passes in House With Riders to Ban Youth Smoking, Restrict Needle-Exchange Programs
September 16 - Vote to Expand Hate Crimes Law May Back House GOP Leaders Into Politically Uncomfortable Corner
September 16 - Senate Passes Bill to Stabilize U.S. Payments to Rural Areas Affected by Decline of Logging
September 16 - Arbitration in Auto Contracts Would Be Voluntary Under Bill
September 16 - CFTC, SEC Reach Agreement To Share Oversight Duties
September 16 - Computer Security Given Low Marks
September 16 - House Panel Moves to Get Out of Music Disputes
September 16 - Panel OKs Bill To Ban College Sports Betting
September 16 - Senate Proposal Would Allow Judges to Accept Honoraria
September 16 - China Trade Bill Remains Intact As Senate Rejects Arms Sanctions
September 16 - Foreign Aid Spending Bill May Hit Snag Over Call to Increase Funds to Colombia
September 23 - Ahead
September 23 - Impeachment Issue Still Dogs Rogan
September 23 - Smith Leads Effort to Protect Everglades
September 23 - . . . and Honors Territorial Guard
September 23 - Stevens Moves to Block Pension Contribution Increase . . .
September 23 - Proudly Worn Party Label Missing in Key Contests
September 23 - School of Hard Knocks
September 23 - The 75 Percent Dissolution
September 23 - GOP Tries to Patch Its Divisions As Spending Bill Strategy Collapses
September 23 - Debt Reduction and IRA Bills Struggle for Senate Traction After Emphatic Passage by House
September 23 - Senate Panel Races to Beat WTO Clock, But Grassley's Changes to Foreign Tax Bill Mean More Negotiations Ahead
September 23 - Drive for H-1B Visas Could Provide Vehicle for Other Immigration Bills
September 23 - Juggling Business' Agenda And Immigrants' Interests
September 23 - Auto Safety Bill Highlights
September 23 - Criminal Penalties Considered As Both Chambers Hurry Action On Highway Safety Measures
September 23 - Despite Oil Price Jitters on Hill And on Campaign Trail, Stockpile Bill Remains Stuck
September 23 - Catchall Treasury-Postal Bill's Defeat Upends GOP's 'Mini-Omnibus' Plan And Heartens Opponents of Pay Raise
September 23 - Imminent Deal on Lands Proposal Could Clear Interior Spending Bill, But Policy Riders May Prompt Veto
September 23 - CJS Spending Bill Will Bypass Senate Floor
September 23 - House Votes To Repeal Music Measure
September 23 - End-of-Session Time Pressure Clouds Reauthorization Picture For Commodity Exchange Act
September 23 - Bill to Protect Electronic Privacy Sparks Panel Debate on the Scope Of Surveillance Conducted by Police
September 23 - Commerce Panel Approves Bill To Curb Violent TV Shows During Family Viewing Hours
September 23 - Everglades Restoration Project Nears Senate Passage Despite Concerns Over Federal Role
September 23 - Bill Would End 'Reciprocal Compensation'
September 23 - Funding for Special Education Gets Increase From Panel
September 23 - House Moves to Relax Immigration Rules
September 23 - Huge California Water Program Approved by House Panel
September 23 - Long-Term Care Bill Becomes Law
September 23 - No Charges Against Clintons In Whitewater Probe
September 23 - No Ethics Violations Found in Brown Probe
September 23 - Panel to Federal Agencies: Obey Court Rulings
September 23 - Senate OKs Health Programs
September 23 - Technology Research Bill Passed by Senate
September 23 - White House Opposes Amount For Police Block Grants
September 23 - After the China Bill: Fresh Start For the Trade Expansion Debate
September 23 - PAC Man Bites Back
September 23 - Trade With China: The Next Steps
September 23 - Foreign Affairs Committees' Military Aid Authorization Wrests Back a Bit of Power
September 23 - Hill Rally Asks Debt Relief for Poor Nations
September 23 - Senate Ratifies International Adoption Pact
September 23 - Grams Ends Hold on Seven Nominees
September 23 - Hate Crimes Law, Nuclear Worker Payments Stall Defense Bill
September 30 - Ahead
September 30 - Billions Being Shipped to Farm Country
September 30 - Congress Will Raise Caps Quietly
September 30 - Gorton Campaign Besieged by Outside Groups
September 30 - Recognition of Armenian Genocide Provokes Fight
September 30 - Hastert and the Limits Of Persuasion
September 30 - A Different Sense of Urgency
September 30 - GOP Leaders' Move Toward Center Yields Gradual Progress on Bills
September 30 - Community Renewal Package Buckles Under the Weight Of Scores of Senate Add-Ons
September 30 - EU Willingness for Separate Talks On U.S. Exporters' Tax Break Reduces Urgency of Hill Action
September 30 - Panel OKs Bill To Restructure Rail Pensions
September 30 - Senate Clears Presidential Transition Bill
September 30 - House Panel Approves Restoring $21 Billion in Medicare Cuts
September 30 - Bill Reauthorizing Programs To Help Battered Women Sweeps Through House
September 30 - FDA Approves RU-486 Days After House Passes Bill To Highlight Late-Term Abortions
September 30 - Partisan Wrangling Over Immigration Unlikely to Block Senate Passage Of High-Tech Worker Visa Bill
September 30 - Democrats Aim to Attach Immigration Proposals To Already Packed CJS Bill
September 30 - Senators Pan Entertainment Industry's Plan to Shield Children From Violence, But Legislation in Doubt This Year
September 30 - Interior Spending Bill Heads For House Vote After Deal On Lands Fund, Policy Riders
September 30 - Veto Likely for Energy-Water Spending Bill Despite Election-Year Pressure From Missouri
September 30 - House GOP Unveils Plan to Ease Cuba Embargo, Drug Import Rules In Strategy to Move Agriculture Bill
September 30 - House Panel Spurns Industry Objections, Approves Potential Criminal Penalties For Misleading Regulators on Auto Safety
September 30 - Limits Voted On Tracking Of E-Mail
September 30 - Senate Passes Everglades Restoration
September 30 - Senate Passes D.C. Measure; Conferees' Biggest Challenge Will Be Social Policy Riders
September 30 - Bill Would Raise Standard On Deportation Evidence
September 30 - Bill Would Stop Telemarketers From Blocking Caller ID
September 30 - Children's Health Programs Cleared
September 30 - House Rejects Superfund Exemption for Small Businesses
September 30 - Reno, Freeh Chastised Over Handling of Lee Case
September 30 - Study Finds FAA's Problems With Electronic Attacks Persist
September 30 - Two Major Issues Settled On Transportation Spending
September 30 - Congress Backs Clinton's Push For Yugoslav Leader to Step Down
September 30 - Political Clamor Drowns Out Military Readiness Questions
September 30 - 7 Ambassadorial Nominees Approved
September 30 - House Passes Stiffer Penalties For Dual-Use Export Violations
September 30 - House Pressures Palestinians To Continue Peace Negotiations

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