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July 1 - Fourth of July Recess
July 1 - Clinton Needs Permission to Release Oil
July 1 - Congress Likely to Accept Pay Raise This Year
July 1 - Democrats: Let Robb Do It
July 1 - Smith Unseats Cook, But May Not Hold Utah District
July 1 - Bill Thomas, Immoderate Workhorse of Ways and Means
July 1 - GOP Drug Plan Prevails
July 1 - '527' Measure Sent to Clinton As Analysts Play Down Significance
July 1 - Urgency, Secrecy Carry the Day As Congress Clears Supplemental
July 1 - Beam Me Up, Mr. Speaker!
July 1 - Revival of 'Marriage Penalty' Reduction Moving as Year's First Reconciliation Bill
July 1 - Mineta Likely To Win Easy Confirmation
July 1 - By Reaffirming Miranda Ruling, Supreme Court Underscores Its Willingness to Police Congress
July 1 - Senate Passes Labor-HHS Bill With Grab Bag of Provisions
July 1 - GOP Concession on Patients' Right to Sue Is Unlikely to End Managed-Care Impasse
July 1 - Doctors' Unionization Bill Wins Easy Passage in House But Lacks GOP Sponsor in Senate
July 1 - Agriculture Spending Bill Debate Centers on Sugar Price Supports
July 1 - GOP Leaders Yield on Relaxing Sanctions Against Cuba
July 1 - Bill to Direct More Child Support To Poor Families Is Approved Despite Privatization Worries
July 1 - House Passes Energy and Water Bill That Addresses Soaring Fuel Prices But Funds No New Water Projects
July 1 - Senate Panel Approves Bill To Begin Restoring Everglades Despite Concern About Costs
July 1 - House-Passed CJS Spending Bill Allows Enforcement of Gun Deal, Retains Cuts in U.N. Peacekeeping
July 1 - Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization Ready for House, Senate Floor Action
July 1 - Approval of Bill to Protect Medical Records' Privacy Sets Up Potential Fireworks
July 1 - Supreme Court Abortion Ruling Complicates GOP Efforts To Craft 'Partial Birth' Ban
July 1 - House, Senate Panels Approve Bills To Ease Rules on Futures Trading, But Jurisdictional Issues Loom
July 1 - Ongoing Space Station Debate Holds Up NASA Reauthorization
July 1 - Class Action Lawsuit Overhaul Heads for Senate Floor With Democratic Filibuster Likely
July 1 - Bill to Restrict FCC's Oversight Of Mergers Advances in House
July 1 - House Passes Bill to Expand Secret Service's Authority
July 1 - House Votes to Extend Section 12 Of Bankruptcy Code for Farmers
July 1 - Managed-Care Industry Urges An Overhaul of Medicare+Choice
July 1 - Online Gambling Curbs Approved
July 1 - Senate Passes Power Grid Reliability Measure
July 1 - Supreme Court Declines to Hear Illinois State Title IX Challenge
July 1 - Hill Takes a Hands-On Approach To Tightening Nuclear Security
July 1 - House Foreign Aid Spending Bill Retains Provisions Opposed by Clinton
July 1 - Foreign Aid and U.S. Schools
July 1 - Attempting to Sidestep Gramm, Helms Splits Foreign Aid Authorization Bill Into Four
July 1 - Senate Sends Conference Report On Military Construction Spending To an Expected Clinton Signature
July 1 - National Security May Make Senate China Road Tricky; Ways and Means Backs Vietnam Trade Incentives
July 8 - What's Ahead
July 8 - Administration Mining New Regulations
July 8 - Voting Drops When Higher Office Beckons
July 8 - Business Pushes for Top Spot On Republican Tax Agenda
July 8 - Business Tax Legislation In the GOP-Controlled Congress
July 8 - Hang 'Em High -- Chairmen Raise Cash for the Arts
July 8 - Supreme Court Term Dominated By Confident Rulings Limiting Scope Of Federal and State Governments
July 8 - Lawmakers Over the Years Chip Away At Transportation Regulation
July 8 - Lawmakers Wary of Unfriendly Skies Weigh Revisiting Airline Regulation
July 8 - With Airline Merger at Center Stage, Members Push for Rail Competition
July 8 - Two Surgeon Lawmakers Take Great Pains To Legislate Tobacco Their Own Way
July 8 - With AIDS a Pandemic in Africa, Congress Weighs Money Demands
July 8 - Chilly Mood on Hill Toward Israel Could Damage Peace Plan Aid Package
July 8 - Clinton: 'Time Is Running Out For Congress to Meet Its Obligations To the American People. . . .'
July 15 - From The Editor
July 15 - Faith Package Fails in Senate
July 15 - Neutrons Get Nixed in Energy Bill
July 15 - Defining 'Reconciliation'
July 15 - Istook Objects
July 15 - DCCC Rakes in New Money As Business Hedges Its Bets
July 15 - Kennedy's DCCC Priorities
July 15 - GOP's Plan: Surrender Now, Save Strength for Elections
July 15 - Estate Tax Repeal Hits Dead End Even as Its Constituency Grows
July 15 - Republicans Preparing To Speed Marriage Tax Cut Bill To Clinton
July 15 - House Panel Approves Bill to Allow Workers to Invest More Money In Tax-Free Retirement Accounts
July 15 - Democrats Decry Low IRS Funds In House Treasury-Postal Bill
July 15 - GOP Leaders Back Clinton's Request To Spend More on Enforcing Gun Laws
July 15 - Weary of Juvenile Justice Logjam, Members Move Provisions Separately
July 15 - Roth's Prescription Drug Plan Is Met With Reserve From GOP, Encouragement From Clinton
July 15 - House Agriculture Spending Bill Passes With Contentious Provisions On Food Safety, Environment
July 15 - Curbs on Kosovo Deployment Will Be Main Point of Contention In Defense Authorization Conference
July 15 - Western Senators Back Down On Road-Building, Snowmobiling Provisions in Interior Spending Bill
July 15 - EPA Issues New Water Quality Rules Just Before Enactment of Rider Aimed at Blocking Implementation
July 15 - Democrats Say No Way To Social Policy Riders In D.C. Spending Bill
July 15 - Senate Panel's Energy-Water Bill Would Sharply Boost Spending for Defense Programs, Nuclear Security
July 15 - Internet Gambling Restrictions Edge Toward House Vote; States' Rights Remain a Concern
July 15 - Consumer Privacy Measure Succumbs in Senate Committee But Could Be Revived on Floor
July 15 - Northeast Lawmakers Seek to Add $10 Billion Amtrak Bond Measure To Tax Reconciliation Bill
July 15 - Clinton to Nominate Arkansan As Secretary of Veterans Affairs
July 15 - Electricity Bill Short-Circuits
July 15 - House Passes Bill to Change Cell Phone and Wireless Tax
July 15 - House Resources Panel Moves Against Watchdog Group
July 15 - Panel OKs Bill to Revamp Antitrust Law
July 15 - Contentious Conference
July 15 - House Passes Foreign Aid Bill With Increase for Debt Relief
July 15 - Israel Won't Sell Radar to China
July 15 - Holbrooke Warns of Collision Between Peacekeeping Needs And Spending Constraints
July 15 - Senate, White House Fail to Agree On Arms Proliferation Measure; China Trade Debate Up in Air
July 15 - Measure to Further Extend Anti-Missile System Tests Narrowly Loses in Senate
July 15 - Program Status
July 15 - Defense Bill Conferees Hold Details of Agreement Till Cost Trims Are Found
July 15 - Navy's Supporters on Hill Doubt Pentagon's Commitment To Address Fleet's Decline
July 22 - What's Ahead
July 22 - Clinton's Cyber-Proposal Won't Have Legs
July 22 - McCain Trying to Protect Internet Turf
July 22 - A Million for Pets
July 22 - DeLay Favors Lifting Limits
July 22 - Norwood to Make HMO Pitch
July 22 - Divide-and-Conquer Tax Cuts: GOP Sees Strategy Paying Off
July 22 - House Pension Bill Wins Big
July 22 - Tax Cut for Elderly Advances
July 22 - Compliance on the Hill
July 22 - Disability Act's First 10 Years And the Challenges Ahead
July 22 - Brightest Surplus Outlook Yet Doesn't Quell Partisan Squabbling
July 22 - Debt Relief's Dark Humor
July 22 - Sen. Paul Coverdell's Sudden Death Costs GOP One of its Top Strategists And Possibly One Seat in the Fall
July 22 - Spending Bill for Congress Is Passed by Senate; Must Be Reconciled With House Cuts
July 22 - Some Cuba Sanctions Blocked In House Treasury-Postal Bill
July 22 - Senate Passes Interior Spending Bill Without Several Veto-Bait Riders
July 22 - Senate-Passed Agriculture Bill Adds Heavily to Emergency Funds
July 22 - Senate Panel Reins In Spending For Peacekeeping, Tobacco Suit In Commerce-Justice-State Bill
July 22 - Popular Conservation Bill Under Withering Attack By Western Senators
July 22 - Resistance From Three Sides Slows Internet Gambling Ban, But Goodlatte to Seek Another Vote
July 22 - D.C. Spending Bill Moves; Democrats Call It 'Signable' If Riders Are Kept in Check
July 22 - High-Speed Internet Access Bill Appears Stalled Until Next Year By Regulatory and Business Concerns
July 22 - Angry Senate Democrats Shackle Energy-Water Bill
July 22 - Panel Approves Bill to Give Truckers Relief from Soaring Diesel Fuel Prices, But Further Action Appears Unlikely
July 22 - Senate Panel Gives Bipartisan Support To Older Americans Act Rewrite; House Still Stalled Over Job Program
July 22 - 'Spam' Control Bill Passes House Easily
July 22 - Bill to Aid Adoption of U.S. Dollar In Foreign Countries Is Rejected
July 22 - Bill to Fight Social Security Fraud Given House Panel Approval
July 22 - Child Support Bill Approved By House Panel
July 22 - Commodities Law Rewrite Advances
July 22 - Contempt Resolution Approved In Whistleblower Probe
July 22 - Danforth Absolves U.S. Officials In Deaths of Branch Davidians
July 22 - House Passes Bill to Authorize More Charity Postal Stamps
July 22 - Mineta to 'Make a Difference' As New Commerce Secretary
July 22 - Camouflage-Green Defense Bill Poised for President's Signature
July 22 - Trade Measure Won't Clear Until Fall; House Backers See a Risky Delay, Stave Off Annual Move Against China
July 22 - Foreign Affairs Conferees Named
July 22 - Los Alamos Classified Data Case Prompts Senate Bill on Spying
July 22 - Senate Ready To Take Up Adoption Treaty
July 29 - 20th Century GOP Tickets
July 29 - Bottom of the Ticket
July 29 - In The Spotlight
July 29 - Ahead
July 29 - Lott Pulls a New Trick Out of the Past
July 29 - Russians Preach Tax Relief to Republicans
July 29 - Gun Deal Still Under Scrutiny
July 29 - Web Preservation
July 29 - It's All Endgame As Lawmakers Hold Lawmaking Political Hostage
July 29 - On Hill and Trail: Stalemate
July 29 - Zell Miller (D-Ga.)
July 29 - Zell Miller (D-Ga.)
July 29 - State Delegation Profiles
July 29 - Republican Leaders Boxed In As Spending Measures Languish
July 29 - Bush's Pick Plays Well on Hill As Cheney's Stature Is Lauded By Lawmakers of All Stripes
July 29 - Tax Cut on Social Security Benefits For Affluent Seniors Passes House, Has Uncertain Future in Senate
July 29 - Legislative Branch Measure Held Up by House Leaders' Post-Conference Add-Ons
July 29 - Ways and Means Approves Overseas Taxation Measure In Attempt to Head Off Tariff War
July 29 - Medicare Providers Relieved To Find Hill Warm to 'Restoration'
July 29 - House Passes Bill to Help Revive Inner City, Rural Economies
July 29 - Coast Guard Authorization Passes Senate
July 29 - Senators Reach Agreement on Oil Reserve Bill
July 29 - Commodities Exchange Bills Emerge From Two House Panels; Next Challenge Is Compromise
July 29 - Methamphetamine Crackdown Approved After House Panel Addresses Constitutional Concerns
July 29 - Delaying Tactics Promised As Senate Panel Votes to Spend Energy Royalties on Conservation
July 29 - Bill to Increase Sentences For Smuggling Illegal Aliens Wins House Panel's Backing
July 29 - GOP Conferees Give In to Clinton On Labor-HHS Spending Level, But Intend to Fight Over Priorities
July 29 - Panel OKs Bill To Boost State Water Quality
July 29 - Sen. Smith Seeks Deal on Clean Fuel Bill
July 29 - Conflict Over Contraceptives Stalls D.C. Bill
July 29 - Panel Approves Bill on Rights Of Newborns
July 29 - GOP's Failed Bid to Bypass Debate On Treasury-Postal Spending Bill May Set Stage for Deal in Fall
July 29 - Charity Postal Stamps Bill Passed by Senate
July 29 - House Panel Advances Measure To Better Analyze Criminals' DNA
July 29 - House Passes Bill to Toughen Penalties for Child Molesters
July 29 - House Votes to Require Review Of Regulations' Economic Effect
July 29 - Overhaul of Grain Standards Act Progresses in House
July 29 - Panel Approves Bill to Subject OPEC to Antitrust Laws
July 29 - Roth Offers New Medicare Drug Plan
July 29 - Senate Backs Federal Workers' Long-Term Care Insurance Plan
July 29 - Senate Passes Bill To Combat Sex Trafficking
July 29 - Shuster Objects to Addition of Tax Cut to Railroad Retirees Bill
July 29 - Hill Republicans Target Gore In Attacks on Russia Policy
July 29 - Frustrated in Attempts to Attach Weapons Curbs to Intelligence Bill, Thompson Eyes China Trade Measure
July 29 - Hill Democrats Press Clinton To Postpone Initial Decision On Building Anti-Missile System
July 29 - Lopsided House Vote Maintains Vietnam Trade Incentives; No More Action Likely This Year
July 29 - House Passes Tough Curbs on Military Exports
July 29 - Senate Clears Project-Laden Defense Bill
July 29 - Senate Passes Increase in AIDS Funds
July 29 - White House Resists Bill on Anti-Terrorism
July 29 - Clintons, Pro-Israel Groups Blame Arafat For Failed Summit
July 29 - Senate Passes Adoption Treaty Bill
July 29 - Veterans' Benefits Bills Advance In Both Chambers
July 29 - Republicans Cite Achievements, Including Social Security, Medicare, Debt Reduction, Marriage Tax Relief
July 29 - Clinton Reproaches Republicans For Leaving 'Unfinished Business,' Saying 'There Is a Better Way'
July 29 - Bush's Center Strategy
July 29 - Sites Through The Ages
July 29 - The Philadelphia Story
July 29 - Bush's Monumental War Chest
July 29 - Rethinking the Primaries
July 29 - Facing the Electorate
July 29 - Changing of the Guard

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