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June 3 - What's Ahead
June 3 - Gates Hoping for Hill Help
June 3 - Lazio Successor Not Yet Anointed
June 3 - Congress Considers Taking a Role In Improving Quality of Counsel
June 3 - Federal Convicts on Death Row
June 3 - The Death Penalty: Shifting Perspectives
June 3 - Staking Out the Middle Ground: Rep. Lazio's Voting History
June 3 - Voting Record Gives Lazio A Claim on 'Moderate' Mantle
June 3 - Appropriations Beckon As Congress Returns From Recess
June 3 - Governors and Lawmakers Seek Compromise on Length Of Internet Tax Moratorium
June 3 - Senate Bill Leans on Military To Speed Up Pace of Change
June 3 - Bills Signed
June 10 - What's Ahead
June 10 - Archer Not Planning to Go Quietly
June 10 - Getting Acquainted in Jersey
June 10 - H-1B Delay Allows Opposition to Expand Attack
June 10 - U.S. Relations With Cuba: Beginning to Thaw?
June 10 - California's Vulnerable Seats Give Democrats Hope for Election Sweep
June 10 - Major Issues in the Campaign
June 10 - Rogan's Run: The GOP Fights For a Crucial Swing District
June 10 - NEA in the Cross Hairs
June 10 - NEA and the Art Of Pleasing Congress
June 10 - House Votes to Kill Estate Tax; Backers Weigh Senate Strategy
June 10 - Politics of Parsimony Slows GOP Efforts To Move Spending Measures
June 10 - House Panel Votes to Use Any Unanticipated Surplus To Pay Down Public Debt
June 10 - McCain Catches Leaders Off Guard With Campaign Finance Victory
June 10 - Funding of Faith-Based Groups Spurs New Civil Rights Debate
June 10 - House Committee Approves Frugal VA-HUD Measure, Expecting More Money Later
June 10 - Conferees' Open Confrontation Over Managed-Care Overhaul Clouds Outlook for Pre-Election Deal
June 10 - House GOP Readies Plan for Drug Benefit
June 10 - Coast Guard Signals Distress Over Years of Spending Shortfalls; House Panel Promises a Lifeline
June 10 - Senate Transportation Bill Likely to Block Implementation Of Truck Safety Initiative
June 10 - Progress on 'E-Signatures,' Internet Tax Ban Slows Despite Industry Pressure
June 10 - Antitrust Ruling on Microsoft Appears Unlikely to Prompt Legislative Changes This Year
June 10 - House Braces for More Slow Going On Labor-HHS Spending Bill As GOP Leaders Scramble for Support
June 10 - House Markup of CJS Bill Sets Stage for Long Struggle Over Unpopular Cuts
June 10 - Bill to Combat Money Laundering Faces Tough Sell in Senate
June 10 - Fear of Excess Regulation Delays Cyber-Security Bill
June 10 - Fire Management Policies Must Change, Says GOP
June 10 - Utah Land Bill Support Erodes
June 10 - A Host of Amendments
June 10 - Senate Effectively Votes to Block Unilateral Nuclear Cuts by Clinton
June 10 - House-Passed Defense Spending Bill Adds $4 Billion to Clinton Request
June 10 - Finance Committee Members Agree Not to Slow China Bill, But Lott Has Yet to Set a Vote
June 10 - Panel's Controversial Report Is Expected to Galvanize Anti-Terrorism Policy Debate
June 10 - Aid Bill Impasse Agitates Helms
June 10 - Exit of WTO
June 10 - Pledge Wins Gregg's Release Of Funds for Sierra Leone
June 17 - What's Ahead
June 17 - Seniors Groups Preserving Privileges
June 17 - Walsh Moves to Keep Fighters in District
June 17 - Easing the Transition
June 17 - Electricity Not Buzzing
June 17 - GOP's Prescription Drug Bill: A 'Political Imperative'?
June 17 - Florida District Is One Front In Medicare Benefits War
June 17 - Choosing GOP Chairmen
June 17 - Rep. Crane's Next Challenge: Convince Colleagues He Can Lead
June 17 - Ways and Means: A Power in the House
June 17 - Support Grows for Curbing Secrecy of '527' Political Groups
June 17 - Leaders Continue to Weigh Options for Emergency Spending As Prospects for Single Package Fade
June 17 - GOP Leaders' Tax Strategy Streamlines the Path for Marriage Penalty Relief Bill
June 17 - House Labor-HHS Squeaker Questionable Win for GOP
June 17 - House Passes Interior Bill After Deleting GOP Restrictions On Monuments Designated by Clinton
June 17 - House Panel Approves CJS Bill After Pitched Battles Over Peacekeeping, Guns, Tobacco
June 17 - Senate Passes Lean Transportation Bill, Expecting It to Bulk Up in Conference
June 17 - Managed-Care Liability Issue Is in Congress' Bailiwick, Supreme Court Decides
June 17 - Congress Again Feeling Heat Over Surging Gasoline Prices
June 17 - Senate Clears E-Signature Bill As Gramm Gives In On Consumer Protections
June 17 - Energy, Water Spending Bill Moves in House
June 17 - Senate Panel Approves Bill That Would Fully Repeal Phone Excise Tax This Year
June 17 - House Panel Seeks Internet Privacy Study
June 17 - VA-HUD Bill Poised for Vote On House Floor
June 17 - Bipartisan 'Brownfields' Bill Introduced in Senate
June 17 - Cancer Treatment Bill Approved For Low-Income Women
June 17 - Deputy Commerce Secretary On Short List to Succeed Daley
June 17 - DNA Evidence Bill Advances in House
June 17 - FCC Says Rural Internet Access Bill Could Hinder Digital TV
June 17 - House Panel Approves Penalties For Violating Junk E-Mail Bans
June 17 - House Votes to Order Fraud Audit of Education Department
June 17 - Senate-Passed Defense Bill Differs Little From House's
June 17 - Latest Nuclear Security Breach All but Ensures Senate Will Vote To Curb Richardson's Authority
June 17 - Republicans Nix Global Court
June 17 - Lott Says He Won't Rush Into China NTR Vote With Perilous Amendments Afoot
June 24 - What's Ahead
June 24 - Budget Surplus Expected to Grow
June 24 - Dodd Loses Connecticut Chopper Fight
June 24 - Easing Up on 'Rogue' Cuba: New Label, New Policy
June 24 - Laws on Foreign Sanctions
June 24 - Big Earmarks on Campus
June 24 - Broadening of '527' Disclosure Bill May Doom It on House Floor
June 24 - GOP Hopes to Clear Supplemental With a $12 Billion Ceiling In Time to Avert Pentagon Cuts
June 24 - House Passes a Pair of Bills To Trumpet Republicans' Image As Guardians of the Surplus
June 24 - Looking for Closure on Managed Care, Conferees Reach Out to Norwood
June 24 - Parties Fighting Toward a Standoff Over Prescription Drug Benefits
June 24 - House, Senate Set Quick Pace For Overhauling Regulation of Commodities, Futures, Derivatives
June 24 - House Passes VA-HUD Spending Bill With Smoking, Smog and Gun Provisions
June 24 - House Votes to Block FCC From Regulating Content Of Non-Commercial Stations
June 24 - House Votes to Allow Justice to Tap Funds From Other Agencies for Tobacco Suit
June 24 - Aid Backed For Victimized Women
June 24 - House Panel Tightens Spigot On Energy-Water Spending, Hoping for More Money Later
June 24 - Senate Votes to Expand Federal Hate Crimes; Similar House Action Unlikely
June 24 - Senate Democrats Threaten To Kill Bankruptcy Overhaul
June 24 - Senate Panel Throws in the Towel On Sweeping Electric Deregulation, Settling for Scaled-Back Measure
June 24 - Senate Panel Easily Approves Interior Spending Measure With Rough Snowmobiling Ahead
June 24 - Senate's Labor-HHS Bill Commandeered as Vehicle For Political Power Plays
June 24 - House Panel's Approval May Be High-Water Mark for Overhaul Of Endangered Species Act
June 24 - Debt Relief Loses Momentum
June 24 - Leaders Settle on $1.3 Billion For Colombia's War on Drugs
June 24 - Senate May Vote on Requiring More-Stringent Testing Of Proposed Anti-Missile System
June 24 - China Trade Normalization Vote In Senate Pushed Into July
June 24 - House Rejects Withdrawal From WTO
June 24 - Supreme Court Strikes Down Sanctions at State Level
June 24 - House Passes Spending Bill For Legislative Branch After Rescinding Severe Cuts

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