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April 1 - What's Ahead
April 1 - Another Fine Loophole
April 1 - Dole Recalls the Good Old Days
April 1 - Asbestos Bill Cools Off
April 1 - It Keeps Growing, and Growing, and Growing . . .
April 1 - China Trade Winds Buffet Ways and Means
April 1 - GOP Hopes for Receptive Ears Across the Gender Gap
April 1 - House Sets a Costly Example For Senate's Supplemental
April 1 - Steady Progress and Tight Squeezes By Senate Budget Writers
April 1 - Senate GOP Moves Toward Politically Freighted Vote On Marriage Penalty Tax Relief
April 1 - Burton Seeks Special Counsel For E-Mail Case
April 1 - As in '96, Gasoline Tax Cut Proposal Not Playing Well Politically for GOP
April 1 - GOP Lashes Clinton Energy Policy As OPEC Eases Quotas Modestly
April 1 - Strategic Oil Reserve Law Expires, Limiting Clinton's Flexibility
April 1 - Senate Vote Falls Four Short, Killing Flag Amendment For 106th Congress
April 1 - New Corporate Incentives Bills Compete With Regulatory Relief As a Way to Spur Internet Access
April 1 - Physician Unionization Measure Gets House Judiciary Approval But Could Face Jurisdictional Hurdles
April 1 - Managed-Care Target Date Slips as Conferees Wrangle Over Scope, Liability, Appeals Process
April 1 - Budgeting for Earnings Limit
April 1 - Optimistic New Solvency Figures Push Overhaul of Entitlements Farther Down Hill's Priority List
April 1 - Education Savings Account Bill Stalls When GOP Moderates Push School Construction Plan
April 1 - Repeal of Ban on Interest For Business Accounts Gets Good Start in House
April 1 - Rural TV Improvement Bills Advance
April 1 - Senate Passes Asset Seizure Overhaul Bill
April 1 - 'Partial Birth' Abortion Ban Heads for House Floor Over Democrats' Objections
April 1 - Conferees Prepare to Meet Over E-Signature Bill
April 1 - Gephardt Not to Be Outdone By GOP in Pitch to Tech Industry
April 1 - Gore Supports Residency Bill For Cuban Boy
April 1 - Hill to Scrutinize Mars Failures
April 1 - Industry Seeks Fresh Approach To Rewriting Export Controls
April 1 - Payments to the U.N.
April 1 - U.N. Security Council Cool To Debt Payment Proposal Despite Wooing by Helms
April 1 - Putin's Victory in Russia Revives Push for Action On Nuclear Arms Control
April 8 - What's Ahead
April 8 - America, From Sea to Sovereign Sea
April 8 - Artists' Anthem
April 8 - Campaign Aid Gives Gates Windows Seat on Congress
April 8 - Lott vs. the Hill's Spenders: No-Win Battle for GOP?
April 8 - Stall on Supplemental Spending Leaves Host of Sticky Issues
April 8 - The Bills
April 8 - Where the Money May Go
April 8 - DEFENSE
April 8 - Foreign Operations
April 8 - INTERIOR
April 8 - LABOR-HHS
April 8 - VA-HUD
April 8 - Prompt and Parsimonious
April 8 - Elian Case Forces a Fresh Look At Cuban-American Influence
April 8 - Tax Time Again Finds GOP Pushing Revenue Measures To Legislative Front Burner
April 8 - GOP Deplores Microsoft Ruling, Urges Gates to Support Party
April 8 - Origin of the Sherman Act
April 8 - Scaled-Back Education Flexibility Bill Faces Veto Threat Along With Showdowns Over Side Issues
April 8 - Senate Vote Shows Sentiment Is Strongly Against GOP Plan For Rollback of Gasoline Tax
April 8 - Tapping Fears About Fuel Supply, Senate Votes to Allow Drilling For Oil in Alaskan Wilderness
April 8 - Congress Tries Two Paths To Bypass Administration's New Organ Allocation Rules
April 8 - Abortion Rights Supporters On Defensive Again as House Votes To Ban 'Partial Birth' Procedure
April 8 - E-Signature Bill Readied For Conferees
April 8 - McCain Seeks Longer Hiatus For Web Taxes
April 8 - Managed-Care Conferees Struggle for Consensus On External Review Process
April 8 - House Passes Bill to Ease Home Ownership After Adding Pricey Project for Ohio District
April 8 - House Panel Approves Bill To Punish Trafficking of Humans and Assist Victims
April 8 - Committee OKs Visa-Free Travel Measure
April 8 - Bills Would Let FDA Curb Tobacco
April 8 - Internet Gambling Ban Approved by House Judiciary
April 8 - Labor Secretary Absolved Of Corruption Allegations
April 8 - Mutual Fund Reporting Bill Passed in House
April 8 - Before the House Votes
April 8 - With Date Set for China Trade Vote, Battle for Public Opinion Heats Up
April 8 - Bipartisan Group of Legislators Urges Election Date in Haiti
April 8 - No Deal on African, Caribbean Trade
April 8 - Rep. Callahan Tries to Block Israeli Radar Sale to China
April 8 - Senators Want Tougher Stand Against War in Chechnya
April 15 - What's Ahead
April 15 - Competing for Tech Support
April 15 - In Defense of a Controversial Law
April 15 - Ready to Serve in the 107th
April 15 - A Senator by Any Other Name . . .
April 15 - The Shrinking Navy: Build-Down to Breakdown?
April 15 - After Heavy '99 Spending, Will GOP Runners Hit the Wall?
April 15 - Budget Resolution Gives GOP A Better Chance on Tax Bills
April 15 - Budget Resolution in Brief
April 15 - Marriage Penalty Tax Bill Is Stalled by Senate Leaders' Impasse Over Amendments
April 15 - House Celebrates 'Tax Day' With a Menu of Bills
April 15 - Senate Panel Approves Organ Transplant Compromise
April 15 - Bills Would Make No-Visa Travel Permanent With 29 Industrial Nations
April 15 - Fearing for Highway Funds, GOP Senators Help Squelch Lott Plan to Cut Gasoline Tax
April 15 - Bankruptcy Overhaul Slips Past Lott's Deadline, but Votes Are Expected in Early May
April 15 - States, Traditional Retailers Beat Back Effort to Extend Internet Tax Moratorium
April 15 - Community Development Deal Still Stymied by Differences Over Philosophy of Poverty Relief
April 15 - Bruising Markup Process Yields 1965 Education Act Reauthorization
April 15 - Prescription Drug Proposal Unveiled by House GOP; Democrats Say It Overlooks Middle Class
April 15 - Tech Companies Raise Concerns Over Visa Bill's Provisions To Protect American Workers
April 15 - House Passes Incentives For States to Strengthen Penalties for Gun Crimes
April 15 - Managed-Care Conferees Agree on Appeals Principles; Key Details Remain Unresolved
April 15 - House Clears Asset Seizure Bill to Clinton
April 15 - House Passes Compromise Rural TV Bill
April 15 - Bill Requires Government to Show Seized Property Was Used in Crime
April 15 - Boxing Reform Bill Sent Back To House for Final Passage
April 15 - House Seeks to Limit FCC Plans For Low-Power Radio Stations
April 15 - House Votes to Allow Interest On Business Checking Accounts
April 15 - Panel Troubled by NASA Management
April 15 - Buttonholing the Undeclared: China NTR Foes Hit the Hill
April 15 - Multi-Front NTR Lobbying Effort Seeks to Boost Public Support
April 15 - With Textile Dispute Settled, Negotiators Near a Deal On African, Caribbean Trade
April 15 - Russian Duma OKs START II; U.S. Hopes for Better Odds For Anti-Missile Negotiations
April 15 - To Assist Computer Exports, House Bill Seeks to Bypass Broader 'Dual Use' Measure
April 15 - GOP Criticizes U.S. Policy On Aid to North Korea, Demands More Oversight
April 15 - Adoption Treaty Approved by Senate Panel
April 15 - Bill Would Tie Russia's Debt To Missile Sale
April 22 - What's Ahead
April 22 - A Potential Conflict for Journalists
April 22 - Africa Trade Bill Still Needs Tinkering
April 22 - Gephardt Gets a Misguided Thank You
April 22 - Casting a Critical Eye on Food: Nothing New for Kucinich
April 22 - Consumer Worries Force Farmers To Rethink Engineered Seed
April 22 - Reluctant Congress Drafted Into Bioengineering Battle
April 22 - Building a Better Tomorrow For Military Housing
April 22 - Pressure Surges to a New High To Legislate Electric Deregulation
April 22 - Who Wants What
April 22 - Free-Speech Concerns Complicate Hill Debate On Attacking Junk E-Mail
April 22 - Clinton Rejects Taiwan Request For Four Aegis Destroyers
April 22 - Military Analysts See No Bumps In Congress for F-22, Despite Plane's Testing Progress Lagging
April 29 - Intelligence Markup Gives NSA Increase
April 29 - Senate Will Let House Go First On China NTR
April 29 - Clinton Calls Nuclear Waste Bill 'Step Backward' That Would Halt New EPA Radiation Standards
April 29 - What's Ahead
April 29 - More Aid on Way to Farm Country
April 29 - No Consensus Yet on Online Trading
April 29 - Searching High and Low for Campaign Funds
April 29 - Why DeLay Hates Castro
April 29 - Deep Partisan Differences Cloud Education Bill's Future
April 29 - From Gun Control to Web Surfing: Side Issues in the ESEA Debate
April 29 - Congress Studies Model Programs For Answers to Effective Coverage
April 29 - Decline in 'Space Available' Care Adds to Pressure for Prescription Benefit
April 29 - Four Bills on Retirees' Health Care Differ in Approach and Cost
April 29 - Health Care for Aging Vets: The Price of a Promise
April 29 - Likely Questions At Elian Hearings
April 29 - Subdued GOP Prepares to Probe Handling of Elian Custody Case
April 29 - GOP Leaders Ready to Move Spending Bills Onto Fast Track, With Some Meaty Measures First
April 29 - 'Marriage Tax' Relief Stalls in Senate
April 29 - GAO Unable to Substantiate Many '98 Stories of IRS Abuses
April 29 - Victims' Rights Amendment Supporters Beat a Tactical Retreat
April 29 - Supreme Court Hears Case That Could Affect Dozens of 'Partial Birth' Abortion Laws
April 29 - Nuclear Waste Veto Likely To Be Sustained
April 29 - Senators Grapple With Ethics Of Human Stem Cell Research In Hearings on Federal Role
April 29 - Assisted-Suicide Ban Approved With 'Safe Haven' for Pain Relief; Wyden Vows to Block Passage
April 29 - Comparing Hours
April 29 - Longer Shifts, 'Black Boxes' To Monitor Drivers' Hours Heat Up Truck Safety Debate
April 29 - Panel Approves Easing Rule on Small Mergers
April 29 - Clinton Boxed In by GOP, Russia As He Pursues Anti-Missile Deal

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