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February 5 - The Senate
February 5 - Shuster Raises a Flap Over Airline Taxes
February 5 - Watts Watch: Term Limits 'Not an Issue'
February 5 - What's Ahead
February 5 - McCain's Campaigning Shortens Time on Hill
February 5 - BUDGET: A Legacy of Budget Surpluses And Thriving Markets
February 5 - BUDGET: One Who Gets Credit
February 5 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Term Limits Movement Strikes Out in New Direction
February 5 - Democrats Balk at Early Bill
February 5 - TAXES: Quick Fix for 'Marriage Penalty' Held Up by Partisan Jostling
February 5 - BUDGET: GOP Leaders Push for 2-Year Budget Cycles
February 5 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Rep. Vento To Retire; Cites Health
February 5 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Traficant Says He'll Take On Justice Probe
February 5 - BANKING: Conference-Unfriendly Riders Trail Senate Bankruptcy Bill
February 5 - Congress Steps Into Legal Struggle Between Gun Industry, Localities
February 5 - HEALTH: For Managed Care Conferees, Insurer Liability Is Just One Of Many Obstacles
February 5 - Key differences between the House (HR 2990) and Senate (S 1344) managed care bills:
February 5 - HEALTH: Senators Question Adequacy Of FDA, NIH Protections For Genetic Therapy Patients
February 5 - LAW JUDICIARY: Panel Approves Liability Curbs For Busineses
February 5 - ENVIRONMENT: Interest Groups Weigh In As Congress Seeks Solution To Gasoline Additive Pollution
February 5 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Satellite, Cable Providers Scrap Over Federal-Backed Loans To Expand Rural TV Choices
February 5 - ENERGY: Senators Seek Compromise on Nuclear Dump
February 5 - NOTEWORTHY: Bill to Curb Child Abuse And Aid Crime Victims Clears
February 5 - NOTEWORTHY: Clinton Expected to Sign Ban on 'Date Rape Drug' Possession
February 5 - NOTEWORTHY: Food Stamp Card Bill Clears
February 5 - NOTEWORTHY: House Passes Liability Limits for Makers of Durable Goods
February 5 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: More Money, Better Oversight Urged to Thwart Terrorism
February 5 - Vulnerable Embassies
February 5 - Tenet Beset Over Deutch Case
February 5 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Administration Says House Vote To Shore Up Taiwan Relations Endangers U.S. China Strategy
February 5 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Warner May Use Supplemental To Pressure European Nations To Fulfill Kosovo Aid Pledges
February 5 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Third World Debt Relief Plan Unveiled
February 5 - NOTEWORTHY: Deal Reached On Vieques
February 5 - NOTEWORTHY: Peterson Warns Vietnam To Sign Trade Agreement Soon
February 5 - NOTEWORTHY: Russian Nuclear Material Vulnerable to Theft, Study Says
February 5 - NOTEWORTHY: Senate Moves to Revamp 'Dual-Use' Export Regulations
February 12 - ON CAPITOL HILL: What's Ahead
February 12 - What's Ahead
February 12 - INTERNET POLICY: Seeking a Meeting of the Minds on E-Taxes
February 12 - JUDICIAL NOMINATIONS: GOP Blocking en Bloc?
February 12 - BUDGET: A Budget Glossary
February 12 - BUDGET: Delivering a Budget Without Breaking It
February 12 - BUDGET: Clinton Seeks Extra $4.4 Billion To Fight Drugs, Keep Peace
February 12 - BUDGET: Taxing Bipartisanship?
February 12 - : Clinton's Tax Proposals
February 12 - BUDGET: Daring to Be Optimistic
February 12 - BUDGET: The President's Opening Bid
February 12 - BUDGET: President Would Add $2.9 Billion For Science, Technology Research
February 12 - POLITICS: Temperamental Journey: What Makes McCain Grate
February 12 - POLITICS: A Hard Road To Higher Office
February 12 - POLITICS: McCain: Voting Record Shows A Reliable Republican
February 12 - SOCIAL POLICY: Bringing Up Father: Senate to Join Debate Over Outreach Efforts
February 12 - ENERGY: Senate GOP's Compromise On Nuclear Waste Storage Fails to Win Veto-Proof Majority
February 12 - NOTEWORTHY: Crackdown on Hackers Promised
February 12 - DEFENSE: Clinton's Boost to Pentagon Budget Seen on Hill as Just a First Step
February 12 - High-Tech Weapons
February 12 - TRADE: Unrest Over Clinton's Policies, Possibly Adverse WTO Ruling Complicates China's Trade Status
February 12 - NOTEWORTHY: Outlook for East Timor Questioned
February 12 - NOTEWORTHY: Panel Accuses Energy Department Of Trying to Run Nuclear Agency
February 12 - NOTEWORTHY: Senators Decry Chechnya War, Ask Clinton to Pressure Kremlin
February 19 - : The Senate
February 19 - A Redistricting Free-for-All In the Digital Age
February 19 - Davis and Bentsen: Party Point Men In the Quest to Redraw Boundaries
February 19 - Few States' Redistricting Procedures Depart From the Legislative Path
February 19 - The Hidden Election: Day of the Mapmaker
February 19 - SOCIAL POLICY: Bipartisan Support Propels Social Security Bill
February 19 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Former Aide Won't File Suit Against Baucus
February 19 - BUDGET: House and Senate Republicans About $20 Billion Apart on Discretionary Spending Limit
February 19 - Dominant Voices
February 19 - SCIENCE: Senate Argues Promise and Peril Of Human Stem Cell Research
February 19 - Congress Appears Ready to Allow Additional Foreign Workers To Fill High-Tech Jobs
February 19 - LABOR EMPLOYMENT: GOP Fails to Muster Majority For Bill to Reimburse Groups That Win Regulatory Cases
February 19 - SOCIAL POLICY: Home Ownership Bill Advances In House Despite Criticism From HUD, Advocates for Elderly
February 19 - LAW JUDICIARY: House Passes Bill to Limit Damages Against Businesses, Drawing Sharp Veto Threat
February 19 - TECHNOLOGY: Republicans Castigate NASA For Relying on Russia To Build Space Station Module
February 19 - APPROPRIATIONS: Clinton Transportation Plan's Higher Fees and Funding Shifts Roundly Thrashed in Senate
February 19 - HEALTH: Second Opinions Abound As House Seeks an Approach To Medicare Prescription Benefit
February 19 - : EPA Protecting Its Web Site
February 19 - : Goodling Literacy Program Would Get Funding Boost
February 19 - : House Agriculture Committee Approves Satellite TV Loan Bill
February 19 - : House Panel Approves Reduction In Stock Transaction Fees
February 19 - : House Passes Bill to Promote Information Technology Research
February 19 - AGRICULTURE: Senate Panel To Mark Up Crop Insurance
February 19 - : House E-Signature Conferees All Come From Commerce
February 19 - TRADE: Gramm Puts Muscle Behind 'Dual Use' Export Rewrite
February 19 - DEFENSE: Security Boast At Energy 'Nonsense'
February 19 - DEFENSE: Pentagon's Chief of Testing Reinforces Bipartisan Movement To Postpone Anti-Missile System
February 19 - TRADE: House Members Offer Proposals To Make Expanded Trade With China More Palatable
February 19 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Albright and Holbrooke Find Republicans a Tough Sell On U.N. Mission to Congo
February 26 - ON CAPITOL HILL: What's Ahead
February 26 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Issues Held Hostage in War Between Action, Gridlock
February 26 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Prescription Drug Coverage Dragged Quickly Into the Fray
February 26 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Senate Leaders' Parliamentary Ploys
February 26 - INDUSTRY REGULATION: The Administration's Proposal
February 26 - INDUSTRY REGULATION: Washington's Repetitive Stress Over Ergonomics Rules
February 26 - INDUSTRY REGULATION: Ergonomics Debate: a Brief History
February 26 - POLITICS: Bush's Struggle Reminds GOP Of the Virtue of Self-Reliance
February 26 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Charges of Religious Bias Paralyze House Efforts To Choose a Chaplain
February 26 - ENERGY: 'Oil Shock' to Parts of Economy Begins to Reverberate Politically
February 26 - LAW JUDICIARY: Bill to Federalize Asbestos Cases Pits GOP and Industry Against Democrats and Trial Lawyers
February 26 - HEALTH: Case Before Supreme Court Is Likely to Influence Debate On Managed Care Overhaul
February 26 - COMMERCE: Hearings on Online Trading Put Industry, SEC on Notice To Curb Alleged Abuses
February 26 - HEALTH: Providers, Lawmakers Differ With Clinton's Approach to Reporting of Medical Errors
February 26 - TECHNOLOGY: Conference Set On Satellite Privatization
February 26 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Senators Unveil Satellite TV Subsidy Bill
February 26 - EDUCATION: GOP Moves Private School Savings Bill
February 26 - LAW JUDICIARY: Clemency Notification Bill Approved
February 26 - : Crop Insurance Markup Delayed As Disagreements Persist
February 26 - : Senators Introduce Anti-Hacking Bill
February 26 - : Subcommittee Treads Lightly In Quizzing Corps of Engineers
February 26 - DEFENSE: Pentagon's Wish List Goes Heavy On Traditional Spending
February 26 - FOREIGN RELATIONS: Debate Over Trade Status Newly Stoked by China's Tough Stance on Taiwan
February 26 - COMMERCE: Senate 'Dual-Use' Export Bill Hinges on Which Department Would Get Primary Authority
February 26 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Senate's Increasing Unease Over Kosovo, Colombia Policy Imperils Clinton's Supplemental
February 26 - DEFENSE: Anti-Proliferation Forces See Broad Benefits From Bill Targeting Russia's Aid to Iran
February 26 - : Appeals Court Upholds Rejection Of War Powers Lawsuit
February 26 - : Deutch Apologizes for Breach; Probe of CIA's Actions Continues
February 26 - : Senate Hopes to Act Quickly On Spy Investigations Measure
February 26 - : WTO Ruling Costly for U.S. Exporters

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