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October 2 - MANAGED CARE: GOP Leaders in Tight Spot As Managed Care Vote Nears
October 2 - What's Ahead
October 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: Nine Bills, 19 Days: Mission Impossible?
October 2 - POLITICS AND PROTESTS: The World Descends on Seattle
October 2 - 'DON'T WRITE IT OFF': House Democrats Need To 'Go Country' in 2000
October 2 - LAPTOP MAN EMERGES: Senate's Enzi Scores With Export Measure
October 2 - GOP's Health Care Tax Cuts
October 2 - The Many Faces of 'Reform'
October 2 - Hitting Them Where They Live
October 2 - Doctors and GOP, Longtime Allies, Part Company on Managed Care
October 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: It's Blame First, Deal Later In Hill's Bitter Fiscal Finale
October 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: Labor-HHS Bill Again on Course For Collision With Clinton
October 2 - EDUCATION: House Panel Makes Progress On Deal To Reauthorize Title I Education Program
October 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: Transportation Measure Adopted Despite Objections From Shuster Over Use of Aviation Trust Fund
October 2 - TRANSPORTATION: Bill Would Free Road Projects From Court-Ordered Delays, Allow More Spending on Rail
October 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: Energy-Water Spending Bill Clears After House Leaders Dredge Up An Additional $1.1 Billion
October 2 - Chart: Energy and Water Bill Highlights
October 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: Agriculture Bill With Farm Relief Passes in House Despite Dismay Over 'Back Room' Deal-Making
October 2 - LAW & JUDICIARY: Juvenile Crime Bill Conferees To Meet as Optimism Rises For a Deal on Gun Control
October 2 - Chart: Juvenile Crime Bills Compared
October 2 - House Passes Fetal Protection Bill, But Abortion Foes Throw Weight Behind Other Legislative Priorities
October 2 - BANKING: New Strategy Debated for Banking Bill
October 2 - COMMUNICATIONS: Disputes Persist On Satellite TV Legislation
October 2 - ENVIRONMENT: Republicans Move Ahead With Limited Superfund Plan Including Small-Business Relief
October 2 - Chart: VA-HUD Spending Highlights
October 2 - Crop Insurance Bill Passes House
October 2 - LAW & JUDICIARY: Victims' Rights Amendment Advances
October 2 - Business and Society Notes
October 2 - Senate Confirms Fed Nominee; Ex-Im Nominee in Trouble
October 2 - Clinton Cites Social Policy Riders In Veto of D.C. Spending Bill
October 2 - Specter Runs Into Resistance Over Attempt To Subpoena Reno
October 2 - Sweepstakes Rules Measure Approved by House Panel
October 2 - TRADE: Approach of World Conference Re-Energizes Free-Trade Debate
October 2 - Where the Trade Bills Are
October 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: Compromise on F-22 Production Frees Defense Bill for Floor Votes
October 2 - Stronger Oversight Urged For Counterproliferation Programs
October 2 - Richardson Relents
October 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: House GOP Head Count Too Low To Clear Foreign Aid Spending Bill
October 2 - Chart: Foreign Operations Spending
October 2 - DEFENSE: Members Increasingly Criticize Clinton's Policy Toward Iraq, But Disagree on Alternatives
October 2 - DEFENSE: Senate Prepares To Take Up Nuclear Test Ban Treaty; Ratification Still a Long Shot
October 2 - State Department Authorization Still Stalled Over Abortion
October 2 - U.S. Toughens Stance on East Timor
October 2 - VETO MESSAGE: Clinton Rejects D.C. Spending Bill's 'Unwarranted Intrusions' in Local Decisions
October 2 - Chart: Bills To Watch
October 2 - Chart: Status of Appropriations
October 9 - What's Ahead
October 9 - The Long Way to Wellington
October 9 - UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Legislative Remedies for Republicans' Managed Care Headache
October 9 - ASSISTED SUICIDES: MDs and the GOP: More Tension Ahead?
October 9 - BLILEY VS. COBLE: Dispute Over Database Protection No Love Match
October 9 - HEALTH: GOP's Fragile Unity Fractures In Managed Care Decision
October 9 - HEALTH: Momentum, for the Moment
October 9 - Chart: Key Managed Care Provisions
October 9 - Medical Savings Accounts, Insurance Tax Breaks Pass House
October 9 - HEALTH: Liability: Courts in the Lead
October 9 - LAW & JUDICIARY: Uproar Over Rejected Jurist May Doom Other Nominations
October 9 - APPROPRIATIONS: As More Spending Bills Move, GOP Weighs Cutting All 13 To Keep Social Security Vow
October 9 - TAXES: Roth Urged To Scale Back His Tax Extenders Proposal, Rethink Stand-Alone Status
October 9 - Ewing Says He Won't Run Again
October 9 - Specter's Subpoena Request Gets Blocked Again
October 9 - BANKING: United at Last, Financial Industry Pressures Hill To Clear Overhaul
October 9 - Banking Deal Appears at Hand As White House Reissues Veto Threat
October 9 - EDUCATION: House Bill To Revamp Title I Still Faces Pile of Amendments
October 9 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Passes Labor-HHS Bill Billions of Dollars Richer Than House Version
October 9 - SOCIAL POLICY: House Drops Reauthorization Of Older Americans Act After Jobs Program Outcry
October 9 - TRANSPORTATION: Senate Passes FAA Bill, Setting Up Tough Conference Over Treatment of Trust Fund
October 9 - Final Transportation Spending Bill Gives Clinton More Money But Limits Options for Spending It
October 9 - A Legislative Emergency?
October 9 - Chart: Transportation Spending Highlights
October 9 - Chart: Agriculture Spending Highlights
October 9 - APPROPRIATIONS: VA-HUD Bill Poised To Clear After Conferees Increase Funding For Rental Subsidies and FEMA
October 9 - REGULATION: House Panel Resumes Work On Electricity Deregulation Despite Calls To Slow Down
October 9 - TECHNOLOGY: E-Signature, Trademark Bills Advance
October 9 - Conference on Juvenile Crime Awaits House Negotiations
October 9 - House Clears Farm Bankruptcy Bill
October 9 - House Votes To Extend Deal To Share Aerospace Insurance
October 9 - Panel Votes To Reauthorize Coastal Management Grants
October 9 - Bill Orders Safety Board To Aid Train Wreck Victims' Families
October 9 - House Passes Increase in Aid To Victims of Child Abuse
October 9 - DEFENSE: Senators Struggle To Put Nuclear Treaty Back in Bottle
October 9 - Treaty Provisions
October 9 - APPROPRIATIONS: Republicans Wheedle the Votes To Clear Foreign Operations Bill, But Veto Is Likely Over Aid Levels
October 9 - APPROPRIATIONS: Defense Bill Conferees Agree To Fund Some F-22 Production But Also Require More Testing
October 9 - Correction: Export Controls
October 9 - Nuclear Agency Eruption
October 9 - Chart: Bills To Watch
October 9 - Chart: Status of Appropriations
October 16 - BUDGET: Buying Down the Debt: Policy by Stalemate
October 16 - What's Ahead
October 16 - FISHING BUDDIES: The Massachusetts-Alaska Alliance
October 16 - THE DEAL THAT WASN'T: For Lott and Daschle, War Means Mutually Assured Destruction
October 16 - BACK-SCRATCHING: Seeing a Political Advantage Through a Budget Loophole
October 16 - Web Site of the Week
October 16 - BUDGET: The Weapon of Choice
October 16 - Budget Experts Follow the Paper Trail Of Social Security Trust Funds
October 16 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Treaty Vote a 'Wake-Up Call'
October 16 - Treaty Rejection Casts a Shadow Over Non-Proliferation Efforts in Asia
October 16 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Harsh Words, Sharp Maneuvers Mark Campaign Finance Debate
October 16 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Senate Task Force Disbanded; Probe of Justice Department Handed to Judiciary Panel
October 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: GOP Pushes for Second Stopgap Bill, Maneuvers To Clear Labor-HHS Spending
October 16 - EXECUTIVE BRANCH: Independent Counsel Closes Babbitt Inquiry
October 16 - LABOR: Minimum Wage Bill's Prospects Uncertain as Opinions Form Over Timetable, Tax Provisions
October 16 - Chart: Membership Changes, 106th Congress
October 16 - POLITICS: Porter's Retirement Gives GOP 16 Open House Seats To Defend, Reorders Appropriations Chairmanships
October 16 - BANKING: Compromises Give a Big Boost To Financial Services Rewrite
October 16 - Chart: Emerging Financial Services Accord
October 16 - LAW & JUDICIARY: Leaders' Quest for Compromise On Gun Control Legislation Yields No Breakthroughs
October 16 - HEALTH: House, Senate Make Progress on Bills To Rescind Some Medicare Cuts While Avoiding Major Overhaul
October 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: To Expedite Farm Relief, Senators Reluctantly Clear $69 Billion Agriculture Bill
October 16 - HEALTH: Senate Leaders Dig In Heels Against Making Concessions To House Managed Care Bill
October 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: Clinton Condemns Interior Bill For Environmental Riders, Freeze on Spending for Arts
October 16 - ENVIRONMENT: House Panel Moves Modest Superfund Bill
October 16 - TECHNOLOGY: Panel Approves E-Signature, Trademark Bills
October 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: Final VA-HUD Bill Adds Hurricane Aid And Extra Money for Rental Subsidies
October 16 - Chart: VA-HUD Spending Highlights
October 16 - HEALTH: Ways and Means Approves Expansion of Disability Benefits As Search for Offsets Continues
October 16 - EDUCATION: House Panel Gives and Takes, Setting Tighter Federal Regulations, Giving States Title I Flexibility
October 16 - TRANSPORTATION: House Passes Bill To Create Separate Agency for Oversight Of Truck and Bus Safety
October 16 - 'Date Rape' Drugs Targeted In House-Passed Measure
October 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: House, Senate Pass Revised D.C. Measure
October 16 - Bill To Ban Assisted Suicide Heads to House Floor
October 16 - Organ Transplant Bill Approved
October 16 - Business and Society Notes
October 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: Defense Spending Bill Clears, Swathed In Camouflage Green
October 16 - Army Speeds Up Plans To Travel Lighter, Hit Harder
October 16 - Chart: Defense Spending Highlights
October 16 - Bills Signed
October 16 - Chart: Bills To Watch
October 16 - Chart: Status of Appropriations
October 23 - What's Ahead
October 23 - 'WE FEEL GOOD': Facing Uncertain Odds, Gambling Industry Draws an Inside Straight
October 23 - 2000 Agenda Looks Very Familiar
October 23 - LEGISLATING 101: Lott Will Be Engineer of the Disability Train
October 23 - BANKING: Financial Services Bill In the Final Stretch
October 23 - Financial Services Accord
October 23 - BANKING: Who Wins if Barriers Fall?
October 23 - Decades of Efforts To Change The Glass-Steagall Act
October 23 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Campaign Finance Crusaders Regroup After Latest Defeat
October 23 - APPROPRIATIONS: GOP Finds Hastert Strategy Paying Off in Fiscal Showdown
October 23 - 'Lesser of Two Evils'
October 23 - TAXES: Senate Tax Extenders Bill May Be 'Tempting Vehicle' For Floor Amendments
October 23 - LABOR & EMPLOYMENT: House Stymied On Minimum Wage Increase
October 23 - APPROPRIATIONS: CJS Compromise Speeds Toward A Final Confrontation
October 23 - Chart: Commerce-Justice-State Spending
October 23 - EDUCATION: House Passes Title I Overhaul Bill Minus Vouchers and Broad Block Grants
October 23 - HEALTH: House, Senate Panels Approve Bills To Rescind Some Medicare Cuts, But Democrats Object to Financing
October 23 - TRANSPORTATION: Conferees Hope To 'Unlock' Aviation Trust Fund Money To Meet Long-Term Needs
October 23 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Clears Interior Bill, Setting Stage for Post-Veto Talks On Policy Riders, Funding Levels
October 23 - APPROPRIATIONS: Negotiators Search for Consensus On D.C. Policy Riders, Other Items In Labor-HHS Spending Measure
October 23 - HEALTH: HHS Sets Out Modified Rules For Giving Sickest Patients Priority for Organ Transplants
October 23 - SOCIAL POLICY: As Senate Passes 'Partial-Birth' Ban, One Side Sees Victory Within Reach, The Other Sees a Campaign Issue
October 23 - Product Liability Bill Debated
October 23 - Justice Department Bent Rules On FALN Clemency, Hatch Says
October 23 - Panel Votes To Curb President's Ability To Designate Monuments
October 23 - House Bill Would Give Agencies More Computer Security Options
October 23 - Ways and Means Approves Bill To Assist Low-Income Fathers
October 23 - APPROPRIATIONS: GOP Determined To Yield Little In Talks on Vetoed Foreign Aid Bill
October 23 - HEALTH: Conferees Face Struggle To Pay For Popular Measure To Expand Health Benefits for Disabled
October 23 - Defense Bill Back on Table
October 23 - DEFENSE: GOP, Richardson Eyeball to Eyeball Over Nuclear Security Again, With Little Time Left for a Blink
October 23 - NOMINATION: Helms-Inspired Controversy Over Moseley-Braun Nomination Is a Rare Break With Tradition
October 23 - Bills To Execute Adoption Treaty Differ Over Agency Jurisdiction
October 23 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Sanctions Relief Bill To Go Alone
October 23 - Trade Bills Poised To Move in Senate
October 23 - Indyk Expected To Reprise Role As Ambassador to Israel
October 23 - Puerto Rico Governor Urges End To Live Fire by Navy on Vieques
October 23 - Religious Freedom Commission Calls for More Sudan Sanctions
October 23 - VETO MESSAGE: Clinton Says Foreign Operations Bill Endangers National Security By Shortchanging Diplomacy
October 23 - Chart: Bills To Watch
October 23 - Chart: Status of Appropriations
October 30 - What's Ahead
October 30 - '.US' VS. THEM: House Seeks To Shield Voters From Porn
October 30 - THE ELECTION TEST: Can Appointed Senators Go the Distance?
October 30 - Is Senate Becoming More Partisan Than House?
October 30 - POLITICS AND PRINCIPLES: A Pork-Defining Issue
October 30 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: GOP Gains Sense of Victory By Avoiding Big Missteps
October 30 - APPROPRIATIONS: Hill Digs Deeper Than Ever Into Bag of Budget Tricks
October 30 - The Republicans' 1 Percent Solution: Where the Cuts Would Hit Hard
October 30 - Chart: Appropriations Issues
October 30 - SOCIAL POLICY: Social Security: Next Salvo
October 30 - TAXES: Marital Status and Taxes: Irreconcilable Differences?
October 30 - The Marriage Penalty: A Brief History
October 30 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: In the Lull After Chafee's Death, A Sigh of Uncertainty
October 30 - Government Reform Panel Grants Immunity to Huang
October 30 - Standoff on Nominations Intensifies
October 30 - TAXES: Senate Passes Tax 'Extenders'; House To Vote
October 30 - Judges Dismiss Suit Seeking To Redraw South Florida Districts
October 30 - Nebraska's Barrett Will Retire From Strongly Republican 3rd
October 30 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Passes Labor-HHS Bill, Looks to Post-Veto Revisions
October 30 - Chart: Labor-HHS Spending Highlights
October 30 - SOCIAL POLICY: Democrats Set Stage for a New Attempt To Enact Medicare Prescription Coverage
October 30 - Bills To Rescind Cuts Advance
October 30 - HEALTH: Clinton Issues Medical Privacy Guidelines
October 30 - HEALTH: Managed Care Conference Yet To Meet
October 30 - Chart: Interior Spending Highlights
October 30 - SOCIAL POLICY: Doctor-Assisted Suicide Ban On Sen. Nickles' Priority List Following Passage by House
October 30 - REGULATION: House Subcommittee Moves Electricity Deregulation Bill With Big Issues Unresolved
October 30 - BANKING: Banking Bill Conference Grinds Along
October 30 - Federated Makes Deadline
October 30 - TECHNOLOGY: House Passes Bill To Protect Names on Web
October 30 - APPROPRIATIONS: Conferees Ease Policy Riders In D.C. Bill
October 30 - Bill To Restore Estuary Habitats Approved by House Resources
October 30 - Domenici Seeks To End Aviation Impasse
October 30 - House Votes To Oppose Tariffs On International On-Line Sales
October 30 - Bill To Expand Cancer Treatment For Low-Income Women Moves
October 30 - Child Abuse Prevention Bill Wins Senate Judiciary Approval
October 30 - House Bill Attacks Deception In Sweepstakes Mailings
October 30 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: GOP's Crackdown on China Weakened by Party's Divisions
October 30 - TRADE: Third-World Trade Bill's Prospects Intertwine With Minimum Wage And Bankruptcy Measures
October 30 - APPROPRIATIONS: Abortion Curb Remains Key For State Bill
October 30 - APPROPRIATIONS: GOP Leaders Agree To Fund Wye River Aid
October 30 - Helms Relents on Moseley-Braun Vote
October 30 - House Democratic Women Challenge Helms on Treaty
October 30 - VETO MESSAGE: Clinton Objects to Provisions On U.N., Community Policing In Commerce, Justice, State Bill
October 30 - Chart: Bills To Watch
October 30 - Chart: Status of Appropriations

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