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May 1 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: The China Policy Syndrome: U.S. Struggles To See Clearly
May 1 - An Annual Trade Ritual That Won't Die Easily
May 1 - Bracing for China's Potential Military Might
May 1 - MEDICARE: Drug Lobby on Medicare Bills: First, Do No Harm
May 1 - APPROPRIATIONS: Paying for the Kosovo Air War: How Much Is Too Much?
May 1 - LAW & JUDICIARY: Senate Panel Adopts Flag Amendment
May 1 - POLITICS: Democrats Discount Coattails As Gore Bandwagon Starts Slowly
May 1 - A Polite Hearing For Civility Plan
May 1 - ETHICS: Justices Reject Broad View of Gratuities Law
May 1 - Filibuster Keeps Its Grip On Social Security 'Lockbox'
May 1 - SOCIAL POLICY: Archer, Shaw Push Private Accounts As Social Security Overhaul Stalls
May 1 - HEALTH: Debate on Patients' Protection Bursts Into Open as Rep. Ganske Gives GOP Draft to Reporters
May 1 - BANKING & FINANCE: House, Senate Bankruptcy Bills Leave Showdowns for the Floor
May 1 - LAW & JUDICIARY: Lott, Other Gun Control Foes On Defensive in Aftermath Of Colorado School Killings
May 1 - Correction: Juvenile Crime
May 1 - HEALTH: Medical Privacy Legislation Snarled by Disagreements Over State Pre-emption, Patient Consent
May 1 - REGULATION: Clinton, Tobacco Foes Cheer Court's Decision To Hear Case on FDA's Authority
May 1 - TECHNOLOGY: Competition Heats Up for Cable As House Votes To Let Satellite TV Transmit Local Programming
May 1 - COMMERCE: Cloture Vote on Y2K Liability Is a Win for Bill Opponents, But No One Is About To Yield
May 1 - House Breaks Logjam On Flood Control Measure, Drops Doolittle's Diversion Plan
May 1 - Amid Pomp, Clinton Signs 'Ed-Flex' Measure Into Law
May 1 - Gambling Restrictions To Be Proposed
May 1 - Lawsuit Dropped After CEO Of Netscape Quits Internet Panel
May 1 - Route 66 Preservation Bill Approved by House Committee
May 1 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Congress Set To Provide Money, But No Guidance, for Kosovo Mission
May 1 - GOP's Abiding Distrust of Clinton Doesn't Stop at Water's Edge
May 1 - FOREIGN POLICY: Hill Applauds Clinton's Move To Ease Some Trade Sanctions Against Iran, Libya and Sudan
May 1 - DEFENSE: Pentagon's Ongoing Record Of Billions in Lost Inventory Leads Hill To Demand Change
May 1 - Intellligence Budget Boosted
May 1 - Chart: Bills To Watch 106th Congress -- First Session
May 1 - From the Editor
May 1 - POCKET-PICKING: Financial Sleight of Hand In the House
May 1 - FLEXIBLE PRECEDENTS: Speakers' Decisive Votes
May 1 - HASTERT WATCH: Real Power in the House
May 1 - What's Ahead
May 1 - TRANSPORTATION: Small Airports' Ambitions Steer Transportation Bill
May 1 - On-Budget or Off? Aviation Trust Fund Has Lawmakers Calculating
May 8 - From the Editor
May 8 - MAJORITY RULES: Why Democrats Can't Get a Foothold On the 'Amendment Tree'
May 8 - REPLACING LIVINGSTON: Louisiana's Generational Choice for the House
May 8 - Saxton Defends Aide
May 8 - What's Ahead
May 8 - HEALTH: Progress or Bust: The Push To Double NIH's Budget
May 8 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: Congress Still Skeptical Of 'Kinder, Gentler' IRS
May 8 - Sequel With a High-Tech Twist: Customs Service Hearings Ahead
May 8 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Votes To Double Clinton's Kosovo Emergency Spending Request
May 8 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: House GOP's Pliancy On Minimum Wage Rooted in Election Concerns
May 8 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Businesses Pour More Money Into the Democratic Pot -- Just in Case They Have a Winner
May 8 - HEALTH: GOP, Industry Try To Shift Attention From 'Patient Rights' to Aid for Uninsured
May 8 - BANKING: Senate Passes Banking Overhaul Bill Vulnerable to a Clinton Veto; House Version Divides Committees
May 8 - BANKING & FINANCE: House Passes Bankruptcy Overhaul Bill
May 8 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Comsat Merger Gets Panel's Approval, But GOP Has Yet To Address Customer Demands for Lower Rates
May 8 - COMMERCE: House Is Ready To Limit Y2K Suits, But Administration's Opposition, Skepticism in Senate Portend Trouble
May 8 - APPROPRIATIONS: NASA Reauthorization Bill Moving to Senate Floor Would Cap Space Station's Cost
May 8 - LAW & JUDICIARY: Juvenile Crime Bill Heads Straight To the Senate Floor And a Battle Over Gun Control
May 8 - Another Stopgap FAA Bill Expected
May 8 - New EPA Air Quality Proposals Viewed Warily by Many on Hill
May 8 - Panel Votes To Give Congress A Voice in U.N. Land Program
May 8 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Senate Measure Seeks Speedier Merger Rulings
May 8 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Milosevic's Growing Isolation Raises Hopes for Kosovo Solution
May 8 - Hill Sentiment on Rebuilding Kosovo: Don't Expect a Marshall Plan
May 8 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: 'We Have a Hard Life Here'
May 8 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Fallout From Nuclear Spy Probe May Include a Bigger FBI Role In National Security Cases
May 8 - DEFENSE: Senate Panel Seeks Tighter Lab Security
May 8 - Chart: Special Election Results
May 8 - Bills To Watch 106th Congress -- First Session
May 15 - From the Editor
May 15 - YAKETY YAK (DON'T TALK BACK): It's Not Only Rock and Roll, It's a Living
May 15 - CENSUS 2000: Down for the Count
May 15 - FIRE WHEN READY: NRA More at Home in the House
May 15 - What's Ahead
May 15 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: GOP's Great Expectations For '99 Fade to Modest Hopes
May 15 - LAW & JUDICIARY: GOP Casts a Kinder Eye On 'Huddled Masses'
May 15 - A More Immigrant-Friendly Tone Resounds on the Campaign Trail
May 15 - FINANCE: Open Outcry: Commodity Traders Seek Regulatory Relief
May 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: Fireworks and Finesse Mark Conference On Supplemental Spending Bill
May 15 - Brokering and Bravura: Byrd's Midnight Performance
May 15 - Congress Aims Extra Billions At Pentagon's Routine Costs
May 15 - Correction: Fundraising
May 15 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: Chinese Businessman's Testimony Breathes Some Life Into House Probe Of Democrats' Fundraising Practices
May 15 - ETHICS: House Panel Issues Warning To DeLay
May 15 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: Panel Stints On Legislative Branch Bill
May 15 - LAW & JUDICIARY: Seesaw Struggle Over Gun Control Imperils Senate's Juvenile Crime Bill
May 15 - Beyond the V-Chip: New Proposals For Restraining Media Violence
May 15 - HEALTH: Teaching Hospitals Lobby To Block Medicare Cuts
May 15 - Other Groups' Wish List
May 15 - COMMERCE: White House Seeks To Reshape Y2K Liability Legislation As Battle Moves to Senate
May 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Agriculture Spending Bill Avoids Burdensome Riders So Far; Democrats To Push for More Farm Aid
May 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Treasury-Postal Bill Advances, But Members Say It Shortchanges Courthouse Construction
May 15 - Senate Panel Votes To Ban Most Domestic On-Line Betting; Offshore Operations Spotlighted
May 15 - SCIENCE: NASA Bill Embroiled In Partisan Struggle Over Gore's Satellite Proposal
May 15 - TRANSPORTATION: Senate Panel To Examine Charges Of Administration Sluggishness In Carrying Out Highway Law
May 15 - TRANSPORTATION: Conferees Agree to Extend FAA For 2 Months; Shuster Gets June Vote On His Controversial 5-Year Plan
May 15 - ENVIRONMENT: Court Voids EPA's Rules On Air Quality
May 15 - FINANCE: 'Rigorous' Hearings Ahead For Summers
May 15 - DEFENSE: Bombing Mistake Intensifies Calls For Increased Intelligence Funding
May 15 - DEFENSE: House, Senate Panels Set Out To Beef Up Defense Budget, Going Beyond Clinton's Requests
May 15 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: Lawmakers Say Budget Shortfalls And Hoary Computer System Hobble U.S. Customs Service
May 15 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: GOP Members Go Own Way On Kosovo
May 15 - Foreign Relations Panel Staff Director Nance Dies
May 15 - Peace Corps Bill Cleared
May 15 - Chart: Bills To Watch 106th Congress -- First Session
May 22 - What's Ahead in Congress
May 22 - Dorms for Pages and Other Emergencies
May 22 - LET'S MAKE A DEAL: Banking Bills Evolve Behind the Scenes
May 22 - 'WE DON'T WANT THAT PICKED UP': Appropriations, Live: Too Frank for Some Members?
May 22 - RADIOACTIVE TOPICS: Yucca Mountain Compromise Glows Faintly in Distance
May 22 - Can the GOP Keep Budget Train on Track?
May 22 - Senate Clears Supplemental Spending Despite Misgivings About Cost, Riders
May 22 - Chart: Discretionary Spending
May 22 - The New Cardinals
May 22 - Central Figures in the Battles Ahead
May 22 - FY2000 Appropriations: Bill-by-Bill Outlook
May 22 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Republicans Face Loyalty Test In Pursuing Campaign Finance Overhaul
May 22 - APPROPRIATIONS: Delaying Capital Expenditures Allows House To Boost Funds For Members', Leaders' Offices
May 22 - Correction: Congressional Affairs
May 22 - TAXES: Bill To Expand Education IRAs Gets Committee's Approval As Senate Support Grows
May 22 - Chart: Membership Changes, 106th Congress
May 22 - High Court Upholds Minority Districts
May 22 - Missouri Rep. Clay To Retire, But Democratic Seat Is Safe
May 22 - Panel Suggests Replacement For Independent Counsel Law
May 22 - LAW & JUDICIARY: Gun Control Backers Get Upper Hand As Senate Passes New Restrictions
May 22 - Lott's Tactics Come Under Fire After Gun Control Vote
May 22 - How Tragedy Changed Votes
May 22 - News of Georgia School Shootings Undercuts GOP Strategy in House
May 22 - TECHNOLOGY: With Tech Industry's Backing Intact, Y2K Liability Bill Gathers Momentum
May 22 - TECHNOLOGY: Tough Conference, Possible Veto Await NASA Authorization Bill That Grounds Gore's Satellite Project
May 22 - SOCIAL POLICY: Aid for the Working Disabled Gets House Committee's Assent; Lott Steps Up Negotiations
May 22 - SOCIAL POLICY: House Subcommittee Votes To Double Foster Care Grants, Enhance States' Flexibility
May 22 - HEALTH: Managed Care Legislation Stalled By Dispute Over Whether To Package Patient Protections With Tax Breaks
May 22 - HEALTH: Reaching for Compromise, Senators Stitch Together New Medical Privacy Bill
May 22 - EDUCATION: Clinton Plan for Education Act Rewrite Galvanizes Debate Over Balancing State, Federal Responsibilities
May 22 - APPROPRIATIONS: Agriculture Bill Moves to House Floor, Where Fights Are Likely Over Farm Aid, Other Amendments
May 22 - Hearing Allows Doubters To Question Climate Programs
May 22 - House Votes To Put a Check On U.N. Land Programs
May 22 - Panel Votes To Toughen Penalty For Copyright Infringement
May 22 - Satellite TV Bill Wins Senate Passage
May 22 - Senate Panel Approves Curbs On Sweepstakes Mailings
May 22 - DEFENSE: Saying Military Is Spread Too Thin, House Panel Adds Billions to Budget
May 22 - Anti-Missile Defense Bill Clears
May 22 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Report on Chinese Nuclear Spying Boosts Odds for New Security Laws
May 22 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: Labor Issues Resurface in Customs Bill
May 22 - TRADE: Trade Measure Inches Forward In the House
May 22 - What the Supplemental Bill Does
May 22 - Chart: Bills To Watch 106th Congress -- First Session
May 29 - What's Ahead
May 29 - ETIOLOGY OF HILL JARGON: The Key to the Mysterious 'Lockbox'
May 29 - Weighty Issues
May 29 - LET'S GET OUT OF HERE: Anatomy of a Rebellion
May 29 - NO MORE MR. NICE GUY: Israel's Barak May Have To Learn GOP 'Lingo'
May 29 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: GOP's China Gamble: Back Trade, Attack Policy
May 29 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: With Cox Report's Release, Struggle for Consensus Begins
May 29 - Inside the Espionage Report
May 29 - Emphasis on Facts, Not Politics, Yields a Bipartisan 'Miracle'
May 29 - REGULATION: Truck Safety Movement Shifts Into Overdrive
May 29 - Truck Industry Circles the Trailers As Chafee Tries To Revise Excise Taxes
May 29 - Safety Standards Collide at the Border
May 29 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Republicans Grope for Strategy To Avert Collision Over Spending Bills
May 29 - Chart: Discretionary Spending
May 29 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: Prospective Presidential Pay Raise, First in 30 Years, Would Also Ease Other Officials' Salary 'Compression'
May 29 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Six Republicans Defy Hastert, Sign Petition for Earlier Debate On Campaign Finance Overhaul
May 29 - LAW & JUDICIARY: Flag Burning Amendment Yet Waves
May 29 - LAW & JUDICIARY: House GOP Embrace of Gun Curbs Not Yet Lock, Stock and Barrel
May 29 - The Speaker's Promise
May 29 - Correction: Juvenile Crime
May 29 - HEALTH: Aid for Working Disabled Snags Again as Gramm Balks Over Tax Implications
May 29 - APPROPRIATIONS: Agriculture Spending Bill Grinds to a Halt Under A Bushel of Amendments
May 29 - SOCIAL POLICY: Parties Differ Over Success of '96 Welfare Law
May 29 - EDUCATION: House GOP's Teacher Training Bill Offers Funds and Flexibility to States; Democrats Decry Lack of Guidelines
May 29 - HEALTH: Right to Sue, Other Provisions Stall Senate Medical Privacy Bill; Deadline Extension Floated in House
May 29 - SOCIAL POLICY: Bill To Help Foster Children Make Transition to Adult Life Heads to House Floor
May 29 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Transportation Bill Would Cap Big States' Share of Transit Funds; Airline Flier 'Bill of Rights' Dropped
May 29 - TRANSPORTATION: Shuster's Revised FAA Measure, Approved by House Panel, Raises Ire of Appropriators
May 29 - LAW & JUDICIARY: Panel Approves Bill To Speed Up Patent Process, With Tweaks To Protect Inventors' Ideas
May 29 - APPROPRIATIONS: Energy-Water Bill Tightens Spigot On Senators' Home-State Projects; Nuclear Security Funds Bolstered
May 29 - COMMERCE: Internet Copyright Bill Advances But Faces Sudden Challenge From Less Punitive Measure
May 29 - HEALTH: Medicare Overhaul Adrift As Senate Panel Delays Action Until Clinton Submits a Plan
May 29 - BANKING: GOP Thwarts Democrats' Effort To Toughen Privacy Protections In Financial Services Overhaul Bill
May 29 - FCC Ups Funding for Internet Access
May 29 - McCain Offers Compromise On Encryption Exports
May 29 - Bills Would Reauthorize CDFI, Aid Low-Income Entrepreneurs
May 29 - Constitutional Amendment On Victims' Rights Advances
May 29 - House Tries Another Tack On Religious Expression
May 29 - DEFENSE: Senate Adds $8 Billion to Pentagon Budget, Drops Effort To Realign Arms Labs
May 29 - Recess or Retreat?
May 29 - Appropriators Mark Up Defense Bill Along Lines of Authorization Measure
May 29 - Customs Bill Passes After Pay Debate
May 29 - House Condemns China Rights Abuses
May 29 - Long-Delayed Tariff Bill Heads Back to House Floor
May 29 - Senate Foreign Relations Panel Gets New Staff Director
May 29 - What the Education Flexibility Bill Does
May 29 - Chart: Bills To Watch 106th Congress -- First Session

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