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March 6 - From the Editor
March 6 - UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Test Ban, Sea Law and Women's Rights Top List of Treaties in Senate Limbo
March 6 - ONE MEMBER'S CRUSADE: Back on the Track Of Wine Warning Labels
March 6 - What's Ahead
March 6 - DEFENSE: 'Homeland Defense': Mobilizing Against Terrorism
March 6 - Citizen-Soldiers Take On A Formidable New Mission
March 6 - EDUCATION: Can 'Accountability' Get Struggling Schools on Track?
March 6 - Clinton's Report Cards for Schools: Who's Being 'Empowered'?
March 6 - BUDGET: GOP Leaders Push Strict Spending Caps, Untouchable Social Security Surplus
March 6 - Would Switching to Two-Year Budgets Mean Liberation -- or Abdication?
March 6 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Panel Approves Funds For Foreign Aid and Farmers; House's Bill Awaits Offsets
March 6 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Senators Mull Over a Limit on 'Soft Money' In Return for More 'Hard Money'
March 6 - LAW & JUDICIARY: Administration Opposes Renewal Of Independent Counsel Act, Citing Diminished Public Trust
March 6 - Anonymity of Senatorial 'Holds' Removed by Lott and Daschle
March 6 - DeLay Blames Misstatement On Faulty Memory, Not Perjury
March 6 - GOP's Mack To Join Ranks Of Senate Retirees
March 6 - Supreme Court Gratuities Case May Affect Congressional Rules
March 6 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Congress Considers How To Respond To a New Era of Cable Competition
March 6 - BANKING: Clash Over Community Reinvestment Threatens Senate Financial Services Bill
March 6 - EDUCATION: Flood of Democratic Amendments Stalls Senate's Efforts To Pass Bill On Flexibility in Education Aid
March 6 - AGRICULTURE: House Passes Measure To Rush Loan Guarantees To Beleaguered Farmers
March 6 - FINANCE: House Bill Would Extend Chapter 12
March 6 - HEALTH: Insurers Attack Proposals To Give Doctors More Control Over Treatment Decisions
March 6 - TRANSPORTATION: House Passes Bill To Ban Concorde, Retaliating Against European Move To Keep Out Older, U.S.-Made Jets
March 6 - TECHNOLOGY: Senate Backs Y2K Loans For Small Businesses; Liability Protections Advance
March 6 - BUSINESS REGULATIONS: Hearings Will Spotlight Consumer Misfortunes In Mail Order Sweepstakes
March 6 - Hearings on Olympic Scandal Scheduled for April in Senate
March 6 - Plane Crash Compensation Bill Passes
March 6 - Work Exemption for Amish Youth Passes House, Moves to Senate
March 6 - Bill Would Let Census Takers Retain Federal Benefits
March 6 - Measure Seeks To Protect Health Coverage for Disabled
March 6 - Panel Votes To Require Fees For Filming in National Parks
March 6 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: State Department Talks Tough to Beijing As GOP Assails 'Failed' Policy
March 6 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Members Seek a Diplomatic Way To Register Their Disapproval Of Mexico's Anti-Drug Record
March 6 - Abortion Rights Supporters Push To Restore U.S. Aid To U.N. Population Agency
March 6 - DEFENSE: Spence Faces Reluctant Leaders In His Quest for $8.7 Billion More In Defense Budget Authority
March 6 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: GOP: Embassy Security Plans Underfunded
March 6 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: House Passes Peace Corps Expansion Bill
March 6 - Anti-Missile Defense System Floor Action Delayed
March 6 - Members Seek To Extend Waiver Of Sanctions on India, Pakistan
March 6 - Republicans Call for OAS To Intervene in Haiti
March 6 - Chart: 2000 Primary Schedule
March 13 - From the Editor
March 13 - COMMONALITY OF INTERESTS: Congress' Travel Habits Are Wind Beneath The Wings of Passenger Bill of Rights
March 13 - IN THE RUNNING: The Eyes of Democrats Are Now Upon Texas
March 13 - PENNY-WISE: Anti-Saddam Money Remains Unspent
March 13 - This Week in Congress
March 13 - ENVIRONMENT: Suburban Sprawl And Government Turf
March 13 - In Land Development Decisions, States Say Quality Counts
March 13 - REGULATION: Protecting Medical Records: Privacy vs. 'Progress'
March 13 - COMMERCE: Cruise Lines' Favored Status Churns Up Resentment
March 13 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: GOP Strives To Show a United Front As It Moves Headlong Into Legislative Year
March 13 - BUDGET: GOP Consensus on Budget Blueprint Holds; Supplemental Spending Bill May Falter
March 13 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Hastert Backs Modest Rise in Panel Budgets
March 13 - Chart: Second Session by the Numbers
March 13 - Mack's Senate Seat Beckons To Florida Representatives
March 13 - EDUCATION: Overwhelming Passage of 'Ed-Flex' Bills Belies Past -- and Future -- Rancor
March 13 - Medicare Panel's Surprise Sticking Point: The Role of Budget Surpluses
March 13 - BANKING: House Panel's Struggle for Accord Moves Financial Services Rewrite
March 13 - TECHNOLOGY: Broadcast Deal Is a Hopeful Sign For Lawmakers' Efforts To Help Satellite TV Compete With Cable
March 13 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Pro-Encryption Bill Gains Traction, But Administration Reiterates Law Enforcement Objections
March 13 - TRANSPORTATION: Panel's Approval of Aviation Bill Portends Conference Acrimony Over Sharp Spending Increases
March 13 - Bill Would Bar Nursing Homes From Evicting Medicaid Patients
March 13 - House Passes Extension Of Chapter 12 Bankruptcy
March 13 - President Expected To Sign Farmers' Loan Guarantee Bill
March 13 - House Bill Would Strengthen Trademark Protection Overseas
March 13 - House Panel Moves Census Bills Despite Democratic Opposition
March 13 - Lawmakers Voice Support For Exxon-Mobil Merger
March 13 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Kosovo Vote, Though Won by Clinton, May Signal New Level of Hill Involvement
March 13 - TRADE: House Bill Catches Free-Traders Between Big Steel and a Hard Place
March 13 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Evidence of Chinese Nuclear Espionage Arms Critics of Clinton 'Engagement' Policy
March 13 - DEFENSE: Lawmakers Say Clinton's Plans For Combating Terrorism Lack Urgency and Coherence
March 13 - Arafat Statement Incites Senate Resolution Against Statehood
March 13 - Domenici Calls for $8.3 Billion In Added Defense Spending
March 13 - No Hill Progress on Embargo Despite U.S.-Cuba Ballgame
March 13 - Chart: Senate Committee Listings for the 106th Congress
March 13 - Chart: House Committee Listings for the 106th Congress
March 20 - From the Editor
March 20 - Changing of the Guard
March 20 - UNITED THEY STAND: Prospect of Pay Raise Fails To Rouse The Usual Opponents
March 20 - THE NAYS OF MARCH: End of the Honeymoon
March 20 - What's Ahead
March 20 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: How Will Congress Navigate The New Media Maelstrom?
March 20 - Mr. Wexler Goes to Washington -- And To Every Media Outlet
March 20 - AGRICULTURE: Cultivating a New Approach To Crop Insurance
March 20 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Keeping the Peace: Where and Why?
March 20 - Post-Cold War Interventions
March 20 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Gephardt and Gore Paint Centrist Picture As They Inaugurate 2000 Campaigns
March 20 - POLITICS: Chafee's Decision To Retire Lifts Democrats' Hopes For Picking Up a Senate Seat
March 20 - BUDGET: Republicans Unite on Fiscal 2000 Plan, Vow To Cut Taxes While Keeping Caps
March 20 - APPROPRIATIONS: Supplemental Spending Measure Bogs Down in Senate, Stranding Emergency Aid to Central America
March 20 - Democrats Press for Early Vote On Campaign Finance Bill
March 20 - Panels' Budget Requests Pared To Placate Fiscal Conservatives
March 20 - Reno Latest Witness To Oppose Independent Counsel Law
March 20 - HEALTH: Debate on Managed Care Legislation Diverges Along Familiar Lines
March 20 - MEDICARE: One Vote Short, Commission To Overhaul Medicare Disbands
March 20 - A Consummate Deal-Maker Comes Away Empty-Handed
March 20 - SOCIAL POLICY: As Lawmakers Push To Expand Federal Funding for Child Care, GOP Accuses States of Hoarding
March 20 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: House Members Bullish on Bill To Protect Stock Exchange And Other Database Purveyors
March 20 - REGULATION: Senate Rejects Federal Claim To Tobacco Settlement Money, Undeterred by Veto Threat
March 20 - Air Quality Ruling May Force Cities To Halt Transportation Projects, Lobby for Legislative Solution
March 20 - REGULATION: As States Deregulate Electricity, Former Energy Officials Urge Hill To Set Nationwide Standards
March 20 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: Bitter Census Debate Continues As GOP Pushes Legislation To Circumvent 'Sampling' Technique
March 20 - FAA Reauthorized for 60 Days by Unanimous Senate Vote
March 20 - FCC Chairman Pledges Changes; Lawmakers Keep Up Pressure
March 20 - Senate Spotlights Nursing Home Transgressions, Deficiencies
March 20 - Passengers' Rights Bills Meet Opposition From Airlines
March 20 - DEFENSE: Effort To Build Anti-Missile System Gets a Strong, If Symbolic, Lift
March 20 - Hurry Up and Wait: Despite Goading By Hill, a Long Process Lies Ahead
March 20 - Correction: Family Planning
March 20 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Republicans Demand Action On Chinese Nuclear Espionage Before Trade Issues Are Addressed
March 20 - TRADE: House Passes Steel Import Quotas Despite White House Veto Threat; Senators Plan Different Approach
March 20 - GOP Wary of Perceived 'Quid Pro Quo' With North Korea
March 20 - Members Criticize White House For Backing U.N. Policy on Iraq
March 20 - Panel Vote Favors Joint Training of Military Men and Women
March 27 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Conservative 'Culture War' Pauses for a Reality Check
March 27 - From the Editor
March 27 - BOMBS AWAY: Even the World's Only Superpower Can Run Short of Cruise Missiles
March 27 - HOW A BILL BECOMES A LAW: Power of E-Persuasion
March 27 - REWRITING HISTORY: What Did Bush Promise?
March 27 - Republican Schism Over Abortion Offers Democrats a Campaign Issue
March 27 - EDUCATION: Gender Equity in Sports: Will Hastert Go to the Mat?
March 27 - Courts Have Extended Sex Bias Law's Reach
March 27 - BUDGET: Unity and Wishful Thinking Yield GOP Budget Resolution
March 27 - Budget Plan Skirts Tough Decisions On Social Security Overhaul
March 27 - APPROPRIATIONS: Differences in Cost and Offsets Assure a Grueling Conference On Supplemental Spending Bills
March 27 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: House 'Civility' Retreat Has No Apparent Effect On Committee Funds Vote
March 27 - Corrections: Committee Listings
March 27 - BANKING: House Bankruptcy Bill Debate Centers on Credit Card Issuers
March 27 - TECHNOLOGY: Senate Panel Approves Bill To Limit Lawsuits Arising From Y2K Computer Problem
March 27 - TECHNOLOGY: Bills To Foster Satellite TV As Competition to Cable Move to House Floor
March 27 - ENVIRONMENT: Domenici Offers Plan To Cope With Commercial Nuclear Waste; New Mexico Storage Site Opens
March 27 - Airports Improvement Program Is Extended to May 31 by House
March 27 - Clinton Expected To Sign Farmer Bankruptcy Extension
March 27 - Encryption Bill Clears One Of Many Hurdles in House
March 27 - House GOP Pulls Census Bill, Promises a Return After Recess
March 27 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Members Rally Around Kosovo Mission Despite Misgivings About Strategy
March 27 - 'We Act To Prevent a Wider War; To Defuse a Powder Keg . . .'
March 27 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Lawmakers Say President Is Doing Little To Carry Out New Religious Freedom Law
March 27 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Stoked by Farm Interests, Anti-Sanctions Movement Builds in Both Chambers
March 27 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Panel Approves Big Increase In Funds for Embassy Security But Adds Contentious Provisions
March 27 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: House Votes To Extend China Panel
March 27 - Clinton Promises Africa Relief On Trade and Debt -- Again
March 27 - House Passes Tighter Rules for Burial at Arlington Cemetery
March 27 - Status of Major Legislation: 106th Congress -- First Session
March 27 - GOP Lawmakers Ask Clinton To Withdraw Troops from Haiti

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