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November 1 - With Just a Week Left, Many Bills Remain
November 1 - Oversight: Lack of Focus Leaves GOP in Learning-Curve Limbo
November 1 - GOP Oversight Target: Big Government
November 1 - Oversight's Legal Underpinnings
November 1 - Dingell: Once Hated, Now Emulated
November 1 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: GOP Fails To Transform Probe Into 'Clinton's Watergate'
November 1 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: With Reluctance, Thompson Brings Hearings to an Abrupt End
November 1 - Senate Campaign Finance Hearings: Testimony During the Week of Oct. 27
November 1 - LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Deal Smooths Path for Senate Exit; House Still Caught in Gridlock
November 1 - TRADE: Clinton Sways Few Democrats As House Sets Fast-Track Vote
November 1 - Decided Democrats
November 1 - THE ECONOMY: Despite Stock Market Gyrations, Washington Paints Rosy Picture
November 1 - 'Circuit Breakers': Black Monday's Child
November 1 - BANKING: House Financial Services Bill Faces Hurdles Before Floor
November 1 - APPOINTMENTS: Senate Confirms Fed Nominees
November 1 - TAXATION: IRS Bill Poised To Pass House; Senate Says There's No Rush
November 1 - TRANSPORTATION: Plenty of Blame, but Not Money, Marks Highway Bill's Demise
November 1 - ENVIRONMENT: House Passes Bill To Create Nuclear Waste Storage Site
November 1 - AGRICULTURE: House Passes Grazing Bill With Small Fee Increase
November 1 - APPROPRIATIONS: Agriculture Bill Clears Senate
November 1 - APPROPRIATIONS: Controversial Interior Bill Heads for Clinton's Desk
November 1 - Corrections
November 1 - APPROPRIATIONS: Clinton Likely To Cut Little From Transportation Bill
November 1 - COMMERCE: FCC's Newcomers Under Scrutiny
November 1 - Fiscal 1998 Transportation Spending
November 1 - LABOR: Privacy of Medical Records Under Hill Microscope
November 1 - Privacy Bills Pending
November 1 - VETERANS AFFAIRS: House Panel Calls for Action On Gulf War Health Care
November 1 - APPROPRIATIONS: National Tests Still Sticking Point As GOP Leaders Pull Out of Deal
November 1 - Educators Put Clinton Proposal For Exam to Their Own Test
November 1 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Religious Freedom Amendment Doesn't Have a Prayer in '97
November 1 - APPROPRIATIONS: Clinton Veto Pen Is Ready As He Signs VA-HUD Bill
November 1 - IMMIGRATION: Visa Program Gets Boost
November 1 - EDUCATION: Democrats Block Savings Bill
November 1 - SECTION NOTES: $750 Million Hemophilia Fund Approved by House Panel
November 1 - SECTION NOTES: House Passes Bill To Change Veterans' Burial Rights
November 1 - SECTION NOTES: House Passes COLA For Veterans
November 1 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Defense Bill Poised To Clear Despite Threat of a Veto
November 1 - Defense Authorization
November 1 - FOREIGN POLICY: Breakfast With Jiang Changes No Minds
November 1 - FOREIGN POLICY: Panel Gauges Russian Response To NATO Expansion
November 1 - FOREIGN POLICY: Parties Find Common Ground In Iran Sanctions Bills
November 1 - APPROPRIATIONS: Abortion Compromise Eludes Foreign Aid Conferees
November 1 - MILITARY CONSTRUCTION: Senate Votes To Override Vetoes of 36 Projects
November 1 - SECTION NOTES: Clinton Chooses Reservist As Air Force Secretary
November 1 - SECTION NOTES: Gen. Gordon Confirmed For Intelligence Post
November 1 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Confirms Foley, Fowler As Ambassadors
November 1 - ELECTION '97: North and South, Voters Look In Same Direction -- Taxes
November 1 - Ballots: Gay Rights to Patients' Rights
November 1 - OBITUARY: California Rep. Capps Dies of Heart Attack
November 1 - Correction
November 1 - Status of Major Legislation 105th Congress
November 1 - Status of Appropriations Fiscal 1998
November 1 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: No Deficit To Kick Around Anymore
November 8 - Congress Into Overtime As Target Date Passes
November 8 - Tobacco Industry Courts the Hill With Compromise, Conciliation
November 8 - Tobacco PAC Contributions
November 8 - Costly Mix of Soldiers and Cigarettes Has Pentagon Saying No to Tradition
November 8 - No Sanctuary in the Capitol
November 8 - TOBACCO POLITICS: U.S. Looks to Canada's Example In Efforts To Curb Tobacco Use
November 8 - COVER STORY: Carlton: Small-Town Lawyer With a Big-Time Voice
November 8 - ADJOURNMENT: Storm Over Fast Track Means A Slow Track to Finish
November 8 - Countdown to Adjournment
November 8 - SENATE: Senate Conservatives Begin To Plot The Dividing Lines of 1998
November 8 - Who's Who Among Senate Conservatives
November 8 - Key GOP Issues
November 8 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Three House Panels Serve Notice: Probe Is Far From Over
November 8 - ETHICS: Panel Dismisses Complaint Against Rep. DeLay
November 8 - Gingrich Decision To Postpone Vote Follows Week of Hill Arm-Twisting
November 8 - TRADE: Clinton Loses First Opportunity After All-Out Fast-Track Push
November 8 - Caribbean Bill Defeated
November 8 - TAXATION: IRS Overhaul Sails Through House, But Reality Check Waits in Senate
November 8 - Line-Item Veto: Veto Pen Comes Down Hard On a Small Alabama Town
November 8 - SECTION NOTES: Crosscurrents Threaten To Sink Financial Services Compromise
November 8 - SECTION NOTES: Group of Democrats Criticizes Clinton Plan To Aid Indonesia
November 8 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Passes Bankruptcy Bills To Help Farmers, Schools
November 8 - TRANSPORTATION: Agreement To Rescue Amtrak May Be Around the Bend
November 8 - COMMUNICATIONS: Hold on Internet Taxation Faces Heavy Opposition
November 8 - Fiscal 1998 Interior Spending
November 8 - SECTION NOTES: Narrow Product Liability Bill Gets Thumbs Down
November 8 - SECTION NOTES: Republicans Say They May Cut White House's Budget
November 8 - SECTION NOTES: Riders Confound Plans To Move Stripped-Down D.C. Bill
November 8 - SECTION NOTES: Senators, Clinton Agree on Plan For Safer Air Bags in Cars
November 8 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Lee Nomination, Splits Give GOP Pause on Affirmative Action
November 8 - APPROPRIATIONS: Census Issue Delays Conferees As Obey Stalls Proceedings
November 8 - DRUGS: Republicans Close to Deal On Streamlining FDA
November 8 - EDUCATION: Recess Bell Rings on School Bills But GOP Vows To Fight On
November 8 - HOUSING: Seven Programs for Homeless Merged Into Block Grants
November 8 - APPROPRIATIONS: Opposition Growing as Clinton Cuts More Home-State Items
November 8 - APPROPRIATIONS: Compromise on National Testing Breaks Labor Bill Stalemate
November 8 - Goodling's Obsessions Test Cohorts
November 8 - SECTION NOTES: House Passes Funding Increase For Charter Schools
November 8 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Renews Drug Czar Office, Institutes More Requirements
November 8 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Votes To Hire Lawyers To Help in Teamsters Case
November 8 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Clears Inflation Increase In Veterans' Benefits
November 8 - SECTION NOTES: Solicitor General Nominee Wins Praise at Hearing
November 8 - FOREIGN POLICY: House Vents Anger at China In Largely Symbolic Bills
November 8 - China Bills
November 8 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Bill Clears Despite Threat Of Veto Over Depots
November 8 - FOREIGN POLICY: House Poised To Pass Sanctions Against Those Who Aid Iran
November 8 - APPROPRIATIONS: GOP Moderates Spurn Deal On Abortion Provision
November 8 - INTELLIGENCE: Bill To Fund Spy Agencies Wins Final Passage
November 8 - SECTION NOTES: Clinton Picks Army Secretary To Be VA Secretary
November 8 - SECTION NOTES: Conferees Complete Action On Export-Import Bank Bill
November 8 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Confirms 23 As Ambassadors
November 8 - ELECTION '97: 'Soft Money' Helps Propel GOP To Victory in Key Races
November 8 - For Gingrich, Very Sweet Victories
November 8 - Voters Just Said No
November 8 - New Member: Vito J. Fossella R-N.Y. (13)
November 8 - SECTION NOTES: Firestone Says Yes to Special In Capps' California District
November 8 - SECTION NOTES: GOP Hierarchy Taps Comptroller To Take On Moseley-Braun
November 8 - SECTION NOTES: Kim's Treasurer Sentenced In 1992 Campaign Case
November 8 - SECTION NOTES: Reform Party Files Lawsuit Over Campaign Financing
November 8 - SECTION NOTES: Rockefeller Passes on Race For Bumpers' Senate Seat
November 8 - PRESIDENTIAL STATEMENT: Clinton Urges House Members To Follow Senate's Lead
November 8 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: This Session's Big Deals May Look Puny by '98
November 15 - Editor's Note
November 15 - COVER STORY: The 'Comeback Kid': Down but Not Out
November 15 - ADJOURNMENT: Partisanship Returns To Hill, Limiting Legislative Output
November 15 - SECTION NOTES: Boehner To Sue McDermott Over Tape of Phone Call
November 15 - SECTION NOTES: Labor Probe Law Firm Charged With Conflicts of Interest
November 15 - SECTION NOTES: Shuster-Lobbyist Relationship Prompts House Ethics Probe
November 15 - TRADE: Trade Agenda Left in Limbo By Failure of Fast Track
November 15 - Pacts Pending
November 15 - Is Clinton's Loss Foreign Leaders' Gain?
November 15 - LINE-ITEM VETO: Clinton Veto Halts Attempt At Line-Item Override
November 15 - SECTION NOTES: 'Reverse Mortgage' Scam Bill Fails To Beat Deadline
November 15 - SECTION NOTES: House Clears Bill Authorizing New Quarters, Dollar Coin
November 15 - SECTION NOTES: House OKs Amendments To Bankruptcy Code
November 15 - SECTION NOTES: Mortgage Insurance Measure Will Wait for Next Session
November 15 - SECTION NOTES: Omnibus Banking Bill Stalled By Committee Differences
November 15 - ENVIRONMENT: Westerners Adjust Their Sights And Take Home Some Wins
November 15 - Hard Times Ahead in Senate
November 15 - TRANSPORTATION: Amtrak Deal Comes Together In Final Minutes of Session
November 15 - State-By-State Breakdown of Highway Money
November 15 - TRANSPORTATION: Battle Over Highway Funding Ends With Stopgap Bill
November 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: Scrapping School Voucher Plan, Congress Clears D.C. Bill
November 15 - COMMERCE: Round 1: Bliley Wants Release Of Tobacco Industry Papers
November 15 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Phone 'Clone' Bill Gets Senate OK
November 15 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Independent Counsel Law Draws a Fickle Audience
November 15 - Complex and Often Confusing Ways To Appoint Independent Counsels
November 15 - Independent Counsels: The Investigations
November 15 - DRUGS: FDA Measure Looks Healthy After GOP Concessions
November 15 - Most Provisions Kept in FDA Bill
November 15 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Democrats Block Formal Vote As Lee Nomination Fails
November 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: Commerce-Justice Funding Goes Down to the Wire
November 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: Congress Clears Labor Measure
November 15 - Fiscal 1998 Labor-HHS-Education Spending
November 15 - HUMAN SERVICES: President Expected To Sign Foster Care Adoption Bill
November 15 - SECTION NOTES: Children's Literacy Measure Passed by House
November 15 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Confirms Waxman As Solicitor General
November 15 - SECTION NOTES: Veterans' Benefits Rights Bill Cleared by Senate
November 15 - SECTION NOTES: Veterans' Burial Rights Bill Cleared in Senate
November 15 - SECTION NOTES: Vote on Satcher Delayed Until 1998 by Senate
November 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: GOP Relents on Abortion Curb But Blocks IMF, U.N. Money
November 15 - FOREIGN POLICY: House Passes Iran Sanctions, But Bill Stalls in Senate
November 15 - DEFENSE: Cohen Unveils Cost-Cutting Plan To Raise Money for Weapons
November 15 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Seeks Reports on Diplomats Accused of Crimes
November 15 - SECTION NOTES: Hill Clears Reauthorization Of Export-Import Bank
November 15 - SECTION NOTES: House Calls for Strike at Iraq As Last Resort on Inspections
November 15 - SECTION NOTES: House Passes Final China Bill, Radio Free Asia Funding
November 15 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Resolution Raps Russia For Religious Discrimination
November 15 - DEMOCRATIC PARTY: Labor's Clout May Be Fleeting Despite Fast-Track Victory
November 15 - Gephardt: Fast Track to Spotlight
November 15 - RETIREMENTS: McHale Won't Run for Fourth; Dellums Expected To Quit
November 15 - PRESIDENTIAL NEWS CONFERENCE: Clinton Says He Is Still Confident Of Fast Track's Ultimate Passage
November 15 - Status of Major Legislation 105th Congress
November 15 - Status of Appropriations Fiscal 1998
November 15 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Civil Rights Pendulum Swings Against Lee
November 22 - LEADERSHIP: Gingrich, Aides Rediscover Unity, But Coup Attempt Still Echoes
November 22 - COVER STORY: Electric Power Competition: Slow Burner, Lots of Heat
November 22 - Revenue From Power Sales
November 22 - Plans for Competition, State-by-State
November 22 - COVER STORY: Utility Group Takes to Airwaves With Ads Aimed at Lawmakers
November 22 - TRANSPORTATION: Emotional Issues Are Playing Big Role in Airbag Debate
November 22 - REGULATION: Federal-State Tobacco Dispute May Land in Congress
November 22 - APPROPRIATIONS: President Vetoes Projects In Interior, Agriculture
November 22 - Editor's Note
November 22 - HEALTH: Managed Care Faces Showdown Over Federal Regulation
November 22 - Pending Bills on Managed Care
November 22 - LAW/JUDICIARY: More Challenges to Clinton Nominees Cause Judicial Stalemate
November 22 - Fiscal 1998 Commerce-Justice-State Spending
November 22 - RECESS NOTES: Despite Veto Threat, Clinton Signs Defense Bill
November 22 - RECESS NOTES: High-Tech Coalition Offers List of Priorities
November 22 - RECESS NOTES: Teamsters Head Disqualified From Seeking Re-Election
November 22 - RECESS NOTES: FDA Streamlining Measure Signed by Clinton
November 22 - RECESS NOTES: Foster Care Adoption Bill Signed Into Law
November 22 - RECESS NOTES: Intelligence Authorization Gets Clinton Signature
November 22 - CALIFORNIA: House GOP's Electoral Fortunes May Lie in the Golden State
November 22 - Dellums: Journey of an Outsider
November 22 - Departing the Hill
November 22 - Pension First, Then Sentence
November 22 - Correction
November 22 - NEVADA: Rep. Ensign Will Make Run For Reid's Senate Seat
November 22 - Status of Major Legislation 105th Congress
November 22 - Status of Appropriations Fiscal 1998
November 22 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Reno Could Burst Critics' Balloons
November 29 - Editor's Note
November 29 - COVER STORY: Lawmakers Gingerly Step Into the Information Age
November 29 - Technology Has Its Limits
November 29 - Mr. Smith E-Mails Washington: Constituents On Line
November 29 - ELECTRONIC CONGRESS: Phone Banks To E-Mail
November 29 - INFORMATION: Web Sites, Networks and E-Mail Help Hill Kick the Paper Habit
November 29 - Studios Beam Members From Hill to Hometown
November 29 - ELECTRONIC CONGRESS: C-SPAN: From Novelty To Institution
November 29 - ENVIRONMENT: 'Greenhouse' Issue Heats Up As Kyoto Talks Approach
November 29 - Options, Legislative and Presidential
November 29 - Who's Going
November 29 - Environmental Terms
November 29 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Battle Over Lee Could Escalate With Recess Appointment
November 29 - Cost To Campaign
November 29 - ELECTIONS: New Study Confirms Big Jump In 1996 Campaign Spending
November 29 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Congress Shaking Its Money-Maker

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