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December 2 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Bosnia Resolutions To Be Considered
December 2 - Bill Would Open Windows On Lobbying Efforts
December 2 - Highlights of Lobby Bill
December 2 - CORRECTION: Bob Dole profile.
December 2 - ETHICS: FEC Suit Turns Up Heat On GOPAC, Gingrich
December 2 - SECTION NOTES: Allegations Dismissed Against Daschle
December 2 - SECTION NOTES: Durenberger Gets Fine, Probation
December 2 - Problems in Opening Round Could Signal Bigger Woes
December 2 - RECONCILIATION: Budget Veterans Square Off In the Search for Common Ground
December 2 - Democratic Coalition Comes Together To Build Leverage for a Budget Plan
December 2 - RECONCILIATION: The Negotiators
December 2 - SECURITIES: Deal Set on Investor Lawsuit Bill, But Will Clinton Sign It?
December 2 - SECURITIES: Fields' Bill Pushes Big Changes
December 2 - SECURITIES: Congress Shields Donations Tool
December 2 - Republicans Concede Missteps In Effort To Rewrite Rules
December 2 - ENVIRONMENT: Key Environmental Votes
December 2 - AGRICULTURE: Under Fire From All Sides, Tobacco Program Thrives
December 2 - ENVIRONMENT: Panel Approves Bill On EPA Authority
December 2 - ENVIRONMENT: A Rare Bipartisan Unity Marks Senate Overhaul of Water Act
December 2 - Industry Assesses Impact Of Delay of Bill
December 2 - TRANSPORTATION: Senate Votes To Terminate ICC, Rejects Block to Rail Mergers
December 2 - PUBLIC LANDS: Panel Approves Measure On Grazing Overhaul
December 2 - PUBLIC LANDS: Patent Standoff May Be Ending
December 2 - TRANSPORTATION: Bill for Gradual Privatization Of Amtrak Passes House
December 2 - Treasury-Postal Spending (chart)
December 2 - SECTION NOTES: Clinton Signs Highway Bill, Despite Reservations
December 2 - SECTION NOTES: Panel OKs Repeal of Provision To Encourage Carpooling
December 2 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Votes To Repeal Law On Saccharin Warnings
December 2 - SECTION NOTES: President Signs Bill To Lift Ban On Alaska Oil Exports
December 2 - Panel OKs Restrictions On Legal Immigrants
December 2 - IMMIGRATION: Major Provisions
December 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Surprises Leadership, Rejects VA-HUD Agreement
December 2 - VA-HUD-Independent Agencies
December 2 - WELFARE: School Lunch Fight Bogs Down Overhaul Agreement
December 2 - RECONCILIATION: Medicaid Differences Portend Tough Budget Talks Ahead
December 2 - RECONCILIATION: Clinton, GOP Are Far Apart As Medicare Talks Begin
December 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: Veto Looming as Negotiators Agree on Commerce-Justice
December 2 - Commerce-Justice-State Spending (chart)
December 2 - SECTION NOTES: 9th Circuit Court Breakup Delayed in Senate Panel
December 2 - SECTION NOTES: Anti-Terrorism Bill May Be Headed for House Floor
December 2 - SECTION NOTES: Earnings-Limit Bill Endorsed By House Ways and Means
December 2 - Congress Reluctantly Acquiesces In Peacekeeping Mission
December 2 - The Balkans' Dealmaker
December 2 - The Balance of War Powers
December 2 - Steps in Peacekeeping
December 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: Clinton Accepts Defense Bill In Bid for Bosnia Funds
December 2 - VIETNAM: Dornan Fights McCain, Military Over MIA Investigations
December 2 - Forbes Candidacy Producing Eye-Opening Poll Showings
December 2 - CAMPAIGN '96: Gramm Still Struggling Uphill To Light Up New Hampshire
December 2 - Hatfield Opts To Retire in 1996, Ending Long Electoral Career
December 2 - Congressional Departures (chart)
December 2 - RETIREMENT: In Surprise Announcement, Schroeder Joins Retirees
December 2 - ILLINOIS: Younger Jackson Easily Wins Democratic Nomination
December 2 - PARTY SWITCHES: Hayes Going to GOP
December 2 - SECTION NOTES: Court Order May Force Dole To Face Rivals in N.Y.
December 2 - SECTION NOTES: Gov. Weld of Massachusetts To Challenge Kerry in '96
December 2 - SECTION NOTES: Perot Party Gains in Maine, But Major Parties Complain
December 2 - SECTION NOTES: Sen. Simpson Reportedly Plans To Retire
December 2 - PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: Clinton Asks Nation To Back U.S. Role in Bosnian Peace
December 2 - Status of Appropriations: 104th
December 2 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: A Lesson of History: Truman and Clinton
December 9 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Budget, Bosnia Top A Difficult Week
December 9 - Gingrich's Woes May Damage Rank and File, GOP Agenda
December 9 - ETHICS: Call for Outside Counsel Ensures Gingrich Case Has Just Begun
December 9 - GOP's All-or-Nothing Approach Hangs on a Balanced Budget
December 9 - Contract Score Card (chart)
December 9 - SECTION NOTES: Charges Against Collins Will Be Investigated
December 9 - SECTION NOTES: Rep. Tucker Is Found Guilty Of Extortion, Tax Evasion
December 9 - SECTION NOTES: Wilson's Borrowing Rebuked, But Case is Closed
December 9 - Hill vs. Thomas
December 9 - Harsh Rhetoric on Budget Spells a Dismal Outlook
December 9 - Highlights of Clinton's Proposal To Balance Budget in Seven Years
December 9 - GOP Freshmen Split Over Details
December 9 - APPROPRIATIONS: GOP Scores Partial Success In Effort to Cut Spending
December 9 - SECURITIES: Bill Curbing Investor Lawsuits OK'd by Veto-Proof Margins
December 9 - Clinton and Congress Divided Over Farmers' 'Safety Net'
December 9 - AGRICULTURE: The Downside of Strong Markets
December 9 - Conferees Fighting the Clock As They Work on Details
December 9 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Conferees Favor 'Indecency' Standard
December 9 - ENVIRONMENT: House Unveils Bill To Upgrade Drinking Water Systems
December 9 - COMMERCE: In Bid To Save Marine Fleet, House Backs Subsidies
December 9 - PUBLIC LANDS: Amid Criticism, Panel Approves Utah Wilderness Legislation
December 9 - Senate Votes To Ban Procedure Despite Veto Threat
December 9 - EDUCATION: Sharp Ideological Divisions Mark Student Loan Battle
December 9 - Administration Offers Details For Medicare Negotiations
December 9 - RECONCILIATION: Clinton Plan Does Little To End Big Medicaid Disputes
December 9 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Flag Resolution Vote Delayed; Senate Outcome Uncertain
December 9 - RECONCILIATION: Clinton Refines Welfare Plan
December 9 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Ignores Veto Threat, Adopts VA-HUD Report
December 9 - APPROPRIATIONS: Clinton Expected To Veto Commerce-Justice Bill
December 9 - HUMAN SERVICES: Bill Allowing More Income For Seniors Passes House
December 9 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Senior Housing Bill Passes Senate
December 9 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Senate Judiciary Approves Split of 9th Circuit
December 9 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Stirrings in House To End Gun Ban
December 9 - Congress Torn Over Response As Deployment Begins
December 9 - Haiti Mission's Success Fading
December 9 - STATE DEPARTMENT: Helms in Deal To End Freeze On Arms Pact, Nominees
December 9 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Calls CIA Actions 'An Enormous Risk'
December 9 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Clears Extension Of Production Act
December 9 - Wyden, Smith Vie for Center
December 9 - Court Pushed Closer To Setting Minority-District Criteria
December 9 - RETIREMENT: The Legacy of Sen. Simpson: A Roster of Contradictions
December 9 - RETIREMENTS: Three House Veterans Join Departure List
December 9 - Number of Female Departures Means Loss of Seniority
December 9 - Panel To Hire Special Counsel In Gingrich Investigation
December 9 - PRESIDENTIAL VETO MESSAGE: Profound Differences' Cited In Veto of Budget Plan
December 9 - Public Laws
December 9 - Status of Appropriations: 104th
December 9 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: The Media Whirlwind Of Speaker Gingrich
December 16 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Budget Holds Up Plans For Adjournment
December 16 - Democrats Push To Expand Gingrich Investigation
December 16 - INVESTIGATIONS: Panel Presses Court Action On Whitewater Notes
December 16 - ETHICS: Waldholtz Admits Problems But Blames Husband
December 16 - Black Caucus Remains Resolute Despite Recent Setbacks
December 16 - SECTION NOTES: Electronic FEC Reports OK'd by Senate Panel
December 16 - SECTION NOTES: Last Hurdle Cleared On Lobbying Bill
December 16 - SECTION NOTES: Oversight Panel Approves Consolidating Accounts
December 16 - As Budget Talks Break Down, Finger-Pointing Escalates
December 16 - RECONCILIATION: Negotiators Get Some Wiggle Room With Revised Figures From CBO
December 16 - RECONCILIATION: Rubin's Footwork Frustrates GOP
December 16 - Interior Legislation Clears But Faces Veto Threat
December 16 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Overhaul Comes Down to Issue Of Broadcast Ownership
December 16 - With Eye on Clock, Conferees Start Work on Lawsuit Bill
December 16 - AGRICULTURE: Grain Supply Concerns Analysts, Bolsters Free-Market Cause
December 16 - AGRICULTURE: Panel Approves Bills To Ease Rural Lending Restrictions
December 16 - RECONCILIATION: Congress, White House Close On Farm Spending Cuts
December 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: D.C. Measure at an Impasse Over Education Proposal
December 16 - COMMERCE: Shipbuilding Bill Advances
December 16 - ENVIRONMENT: Panel Approves Revision of Law On Water Use in California
December 16 - SECTION NOTES: Conferees Preserve Maritime Panel
December 16 - SECTION NOTES: Extra Trademark Protection Passed by House
December 16 - SECTION NOTES: Gingrich Backs Legislation To Allow Land Purchase
December 16 - SECTION NOTES: House Votes To Repeal Law On Saccharin Warnings
December 16 - SECTION NOTES: Panel OKs Bill To Exempt D.C. From Government Shutdown
December 16 - SECTION NOTES: Administration Opposes Yucca Mountain Bill
December 16 - SECTION NOTES: House Approves Bill To Allow Recovery of Legal Fees
December 16 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Clears Legislation On Workers' Commute
December 16 - SECTION NOTES: Senate OKs Bill To Battle Counterfeit Products
December 16 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Panel Begins Debate On Property Rights Bill
December 16 - Partisanship Takes Toll On Lewis and Stokes
December 16 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Flag Amendment Supporters Vowing To Fight On
December 16 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Flag Debate: What They Said
December 16 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Counterterrorism Bill Moves After Months of Dispute
December 16 - RECONCILIATION: Governors Looking for the
December 16 - CORRECTION: Late-term abortions.
December 16 - HUMAN SERVICES: Overtime Pay Change Approved by Panel
December 16 - INDIANS: Senate Panel OKs Bureau Overhaul
December 16 - HUMAN SERVICES: Increase in Earnings Limit Approved by Committee
December 16 - SECTION NOTES: Bill To Toughen Penalties For Prison Escapes OK'd
December 16 - SECTION NOTES: House Bill Would Give States Aid for DNA Testing
December 16 - SECTION NOTES: House OKs Stiffer Punishment For Child Pornographers
December 16 - Congress Takes Symbolic Stand On Troop Deployment
December 16 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Missile Defense Provisions Likely to Draw Veto
December 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: Abortion Imbroglio Stalls Foreign Aid Bill
December 16 - STATE DEPARTMENT: Senate Slashes Agency Budgets, Confirms 18 Ambassadors
December 16 - STATE DEPARTMENT: History and Provisions of Start II
December 16 - SECTION NOTES: Congress Protests Sentencing Of Chinese Dissident
December 16 - SECTION NOTES: Israel's Peres Urges Syria To Resume Peace Talks
December 16 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Votes To Toughen Curbs On Trade With Iran
December 16 - In Senate Races, Both Parties Shoot for Magic Numbers
December 16 - Democrats Face Southern Exposure (chart)
December 16 - Strong GOP Roster Still
December 16 - Senators on '96 Ballot:
December 16 - Democratic Hopefuls Give No Ground In Increasingly Republican South
December 16 - GOP Looks Strong in West
December 16 - In Midwest, Some Competitive Races
December 16 - Democrats Focus on Northeast
December 16 - CALIFORNIA: Republican Wins Mineta Seat
December 16 - NEW MEMBER PROFILE: Tom Campbell, R-Calif. (15)
December 16 - ILLINOIS: Jesse Jackson Jr. Wins House Seat
December 16 - NEW MEMBER PROFILE: Jesse L. Jackson Jr., D-Ill. (2)
December 16 - REDISTRICTING: Judges' Georgia Map Divides Black-Majority Districts
December 16 - Six More Add Names
December 16 - SECTION NOTES: All Major Candidates File In New Hampshire
December 16 - SECTION NOTES: Firms Admit Illegal Gifts To Kim's Campaign
December 16 - Status of Appropriations: 104th
December 16 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: In Presidential Game, Only Time Will Tell
December 23 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Congress Departs but Work On Budget To Go On
December 23 - Congress Breaks for Holidays; Partial Shutdown Continues
December 23 - LEADERSHIP: Gingrich Struggling To Control Revolts Among the Troops
December 23 - LEADERSHIP: Byrd Urges Return of Civility
December 23 - House Votes To Ban Book Advances
December 23 - Former Federal Prosecutor To Head Gingrich Probe
December 23 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Senate Clears Bill On FEC Filings
December 23 - ETHICS: White House Agrees To Give Whitewater Notes to Panel
December 23 - An Era Comes to a Close
December 23 - Budget Battles Set To Continue After Christmas Cease-Fire
December 23 - Bipartisan Group Unveils Budget
December 23 - Day by Day: Talks Wax and Wane As Anger, Miscues Punctuate Week
December 23 - SECURITIES: House, Senate Quickly Override Veto of Bill Limiting Lawsuits
December 23 - SECURITIES: Loyal Dodd Leads Veto Override
December 23 - Spate of Squabbles Leaves Bill's Fate Still Uncertain
December 23 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Key Agreements, Remaining Problems For Telecommunications Conferees
December 23 - Property Rights Bill Advances But Faces Uncertainty
December 23 - PRODUCT LIABILITY: Passage Delayed Until Next Year
December 23 - DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Congress Clears Stopgap Bill
December 23 - TRANSPORTATION: ICC Bill Clears; Veto Possible
December 23 - Interior Spending (chart)
December 23 - SECTION NOTES: Committee Approves Trust For Presidio Army Base
December 23 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Votes To Let EPA Exempt Landfills From Water Laws
December 23 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Committee Approves Bass Act Reauthorization
December 23 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Passes Bill To Make Farm Credit Easier
December 23 - SECTION NOTES: Subcommittee OKs Increase In Park Entrance Fees
December 23 - Clinton Vows To Veto Overhaul Measure
December 23 - WELFARE: Conference Report Highlights
December 23 - CORRECTION: Lewis and Stokes Relationship
December 23 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Conservative Republicans Deal Setback to Terrorism Bill
December 23 - PENSIONS: Retiree Tax Bill Clears Senate
December 23 - SECTION NOTES: Agencies' Funding Caught In Battle Over Budget
December 23 - SECTION NOTES: Clinton Vetoes Spending Bill For Veterans, Housing
December 23 - SECTION NOTES: House Clears Protection For Senior Housing
December 23 - SECTION NOTES: Mandatory Restitution Passes Senate
December 23 - SECTION NOTES: VA Medical Projects OK'd By House Panel
December 23 - Spy Budget Cleared for Clinton; Plan for New Agency Curbed
December 23 - INTELLIGENCE: Senate Presses Iran, Libya
December 23 - APPROPRIATIONS: Stalled Spending Bill Leaves Israel Facing Financial Hit
December 23 - Senate Starts on START II
December 23 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Bill With Troops' Pay Raise Clears; Veto Likely Over Missile Policy
December 23 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: ABM Language Disputed
December 23 - Defense Authorization (chart)
December 23 - Congressional Departures (chart)
December 23 - CORRECTIONS
December 23 - RETIREMENT: Texas' de la Garza Won't Seek 17th House Term
December 23 - All but Two Illinois Incumbents To Seek Re-Election to House
December 23 - SECTION NOTES: March Vote May Produce Successor to Tucker
December 23 - SECTION NOTES: Ohio Ballot Status Unclear For Perot's Reform Party
December 23 - PRESIDENTIAL VETO MESSAGE: Conservationist Concerns Mark Clinton's Veto of Interior Bill
December 23 - PRESIDENTIAL VETO MESSAGE: Public Health and Environment Cited in Veto of VA-HUD Bill
December 23 - PRESIDENTIAL VETO MESSAGE: Clinton Points to Lack of Money For Technology, War on Crime
December 23 - PRESIDENTIAL VETO MESSAGE: Investor Risk Is Major Concern In Veto of Litigation Overhaul
December 23 - Status of Appropriations: 104th
December 23 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: In Congress, All Quiet On Free-Trade Front

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