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November 4 - WHAT'S AHEAD: House, Senate Facing Three Key Deadlines
November 4 - Rank and File Raise Pressure For Campaign Overhaul
November 4 - LOBBYING: Panels Meet To Allay Conflicts Over Gift and Lobby Bans
November 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: Legislative Branch Bill Clears, Will Not Go to Clinton Soon
November 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: Spending on Congress (chart)
November 4 - GOP Leaders Seek Agreements As Deadlines Drive Action
November 4 - THE BUDGET: GOP Rifts Delay Spending Bills
November 4 - RECONCILIATION: Senate's Last-Minute Changes Kept Floor Action Lively
November 4 - RECONCILIATION: A Flurry of Amendments
November 4 - RECONCILIATION: House, Senate Banking Panels Ready To Agree on Thrifts
November 4 - SECURITIES: Panel OKs Bill On Dividends
November 4 - Clashing Needs: Budget Cuts Vs. Money for Food Stamps
November 4 - RECONCILIATION: Allotments Cook Up Controversy
November 4 - AGRICULTURE: Panels Studying Conservation
November 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: Popular Home-State Projects Propel Energy, Water Bill
November 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: Energy-Water
November 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: D.C. Measure Passes House, Policy Mandates Included
November 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: Conferees Approve Interior Bill With New Mining Provision
November 4 - ENVIRONMENT: GOP Sweetens Superfund Bill For Small Business
November 4 - ENVIRONMENT: Provisions of Superfund Bill
November 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Easily Clears Transportation Bill
November 4 - TRANSPORTATION: Committee Votes On Gas Tax
November 4 - COMMERCE: Panel Approves Authorizing Bill To End Interstate Commission
November 4 - REGULATION: Federal Regulatory Review Advances in House
November 4 - SECTION NOTES: Committee Approves Overhaul of FAA
November 4 - SECTION NOTES: Endangered Species Rewrite Introduced in Senate
November 4 - Vote on Late-Term Abortions Signals Attack on Roe
November 4 - Gingrich's Abortion Strategies
November 4 - Medicare Conferees Face Some Major Differences
November 4 - RECONCILIATION: Down, but Not Out
November 4 - RECONCILIATION: Key Welfare Money Provisions Remain in Budget Bill
November 4 - HOUSING: Chicago Relocation Takes Top Priority in Markup
November 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: GOP Moderates Join Democrats In House To Keep EPA Intact
November 4 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Law Enforcement Criticized In Subdued Waco Hearings
November 4 - PENSIONS: Bill Removes Taxes On Ex-Residents
November 4 - SECTION NOTES: $50 Million Set Up for Groups That Help Homeless, Poor
November 4 - SECTION NOTES: Foreign Adoption Made Easier; Clinton Expected To Sign
November 4 - SECTION NOTES: Injured Migrant Workers Barred From Suing Their Employers
November 4 - SECTION NOTES: Penalty for Jail Breaks From Federal Prisons Doubled
November 4 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Rejects Raising Seniors Earnings Limit
November 4 - House, Senate Remain at Odds Over Family Planning Aid
November 4 - MIDEAST: Aid to Palestinians on Hold Pending House Action
November 4 - BOSNIA: House Opposes Peacekeeping Role, Delays Vote on Cutoff of Funds
November 4 - INTELLIGENCE: Drive To Reform CIA Intensifies As Ames Case Fallout Worsens
November 4 - INTELLIGENCE: Conference Stalls Over Iran Fund
November 4 - Beilenson, Studds Join List Of Democratic Departures
November 4 - CORRECTIONS
November 4 - REDISTRICTING: Federal Panel Rejects Georgia's District
November 4 - SECTION NOTES: California Confirms Perot Party Status
November 4 - SECTION NOTES: December Vote May Decide Successor to Mineta
November 4 - SECTION NOTES: NRCC Chairman Predicts Up to 30 New GOP Seats
November 4 - PROVISIONS: Job Training Bills Compared
November 4 - Budget-Reconciliation Conferees
November 4 - CORRECTION: Fiscal 1996 Transportation Appropriations.
November 4 - Status of Appropriations: 104th
November 4 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: A Powell Candidacy: Behind the Attacks
November 11 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Congress, Clinton Head to Showdown
November 11 - LOBBYING: Opposition From Within GOP Ensnares Gift-Ban Bill
November 11 - INCUMBENCY: Term Limits Vote Set for April
November 11 - PARTY SWITCHES: Mississippi's Parker Jumps To GOP
November 11 - A Speaker's Downfall
November 11 - Fight Over Interim Measures Previews a Bigger Battle
November 11 - Retroactive Cuts Appeal to GOP
November 11 - Short-Term Debt Extension OK'd
November 11 - A Different 'CR' This Time Around
November 11 - Istook Amendment's Wild Ride
November 11 - Effects of a Federal Shutdown
November 11 - Conferees Agree on Plan To Bolster Thrift Fund
November 11 - SPENDING POWER: Senate May Give In On Line-Item Veto
November 11 - Key Farm Policy Changes Advance in Conference
November 11 - ENVIRONMENT: United Front of Democrats Attacks Superfund Bill
November 11 - PRODUCT LIABILITY: Measure Advances To Conference
November 11 - Talks Begin To Show Progress, But Agreement Looks Elusive
November 11 - TRANSPORTATION: Senate Committee Acts On FAA, ICC Bills
November 11 - ENERGY: Final Alaska Oil Bill Advances to Senate
November 11 - TRANSPORTATION: Agreement Is Near On Highway Bill
November 11 - AGRICULTURE: House Panel OKs Relaxing Cropland Regulations
November 11 - SECTION NOTES: House Clears Bill on Oils With Edible Bases
November 11 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Committee Approves Bass Act Reauthorization
November 11 - Conferees Work Furiously To Overhaul Medicare
November 11 - Medicaid Compromises Emerging
November 11 - RECONCILIATION: GOP Produces Welfare Agreement, Urges Clinton To Sign On
November 11 - VETERANS: House Clears COLA Bill
November 11 - ABORTION: Late-Term Abortion Bill Delayed for Hearings
November 11 - HOUSING: Shift in Public Housing Powers Approved by House Panel
November 11 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Panel Would Study Impact Of Legalized Gambling
November 11 - CORRECTION: Immigration overhaul.
November 11 - HEALTH: Panel OKs Bill To Strengthen Organ Donor Programs
November 11 - SECTION NOTES: Committee Removes Hurdle On Flag Burning Vote
November 11 - SECTION NOTES: Older Americans Act Markup Postponed
November 11 - Loss of Rabin Casts a Pall Over Peace Process
November 11 - MIDEAST: An Informal, Effective Advocate
November 11 - BOSNIA: White House Tries to Head Off Hill Curbs on Peacekeeping
November 11 - SECTION NOTES: Abortion, Anti-Missile Policies Still Stall Defense Bills
November 11 - SECTION NOTES: Administration Voices Concerns About Iran Sanctions Bill
November 11 - SECTION NOTES: CIA Failed To Tell White House Spy Data Was Questionable
November 11 - Benefits From Powell Decision Spread Among Candidates
November 11 - ELECTION '96: Media Mania and Gen. Powell
November 11 - ELECTION '96: Gingrich: No Rush To Say No
November 11 - Democrats Warmed by a Touch Of Southern Hospitality
November 11 - Collins and Coleman To Retire; Democrat Attrition Continues
November 11 - CORRECTION: Rep. Jon D. Fox profile.
November 11 - RETIREMENTS: Congessional Departures (chart)
November 11 - SECTION NOTES: Clinton Wins Plurality In Local Straw Vote
November 11 - SECTION NOTES: Oregon Rep. Wyden Strong In Oregon Senate Poll
November 11 - PROVISIONS: Bill Targets Lobbying Law Loopholes
November 11 - PROVISIONS: Restrictions on Gifts
November 11 - Public Laws
November 11 - Status of Appropriations: 104th
November 11 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Parties' Varying Views Of the Political Stage
November 18 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Resolution Uncertain In Budget Impasse
November 18 - SPECIAL REPORT - Budget Battle Came Sooner Than Either Side Expected
November 18 - SPECIAL REPORT - Breathing Room Under Debt Ceiling
November 18 - SPECIAL REPORT - 'Train Wreck' Engineered by GOP Batters Party and House Speaker
November 18 - SPECIAL REPORT - Budget Showdown: Day by Day
November 18 - SPECIAL REPORT - TAXES: Conferees Reach Agreement On $245 Billion in Cuts
November 18 - SPECIAL REPORT - RECONCILIATION: Congress Readies Budget Bill For President's Veto Pen
November 18 - RECONCILIATION: Highlights of Conference Report
November 18 - House Votes To Toughen Gift Restrictions
November 18 - Waldholtz Faces Questions
November 18 - LOBBYING: Banned Items, From Trinkets to Trips
November 18 - Hunt Club Ahead of the Game In Gaining Power on Hill
November 18 - SECTION NOTES: Gingrich Probe Update Sought; New Allegations Filed
November 18 - SECTION NOTES: Rostenkowski Trial Set for May 15
November 18 - Depression-Era Programs Face Sweeping Changes
November 18 - RECONCILIATION: Longtime Programs Would Topple In Plan To Reap $12.3 Billion in Cuts
November 18 - RECONCILIATION: Roberts Rises From Defeat
November 18 - NUCLEAR WASTE: Long Battle Over Yucca Site May Be Coming to a Close
November 18 - APPROPRIATIONS: Conferees OK District Budget, Delay Other Provisions
November 18 - ENVIRONMENT: Superfund Rewrite May Wait Until '96
November 18 - APPROPRIATIONS: Dispute Over Mining Stalls Interior Bill
November 18 - ENVIRONMENT: Two Bills Approved To Cut Regulation
November 18 - Treasury-Postal Funding OK'd Without Lobbying Ban Rider
November 18 - CORRECTION: Amtrak funding.
November 18 - TRANSPORTATION: House Votes To Close ICC, Adopts Labor Amendment
November 18 - ENERGY: Alaska Oil Export Ban Cleared; President Expected To Sign
November 18 - TRANSPORTATION: Highway Measure Heads to Clinton
November 18 - GOP Scores on Medicare, But Foes Aren't Done
November 18 - HEALTH: Conference Agreement Entails Sweeping Medicare Changes
November 18 - RECONCILIATION: Scaled-Back Medicaid Savings Plan Emerges From Conference
November 18 - RECONCILIATION: Key Medicaid Provisions
November 18 - RECONCILIATION: Internal Squabbles Interfere With Welfare Overhaul
November 18 - RECONCILIATION: Provisions of Welfare Bill
November 18 - APPROPRIATIONS: Conferees Agree on Report For VA-HUD Spending
November 18 - Late-Term Procedure Hearings Move into Spotlight
November 18 - HUMAN SERVICES: Senior Programs Cut by Panel
November 18 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Mandatory Victim Restitution OK'd by Senate Judiciary
November 18 - House Votes To Block Clinton From Sending Peacekeepers
November 18 - APPROPRIATIONS: Congress Clears Defense Bill; Democrats Predict Veto
November 18 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Resists Senate Gambit On Foreign Operations Bill
November 18 - STATE DEPARTMENT: Helms Reports Compromise
November 18 - STATE DEPARTMENT: Holding Up the Process (chart)
November 18 - SECTION NOTES: Dornan Hits Pentagon Report On Unsolvable MIA Cases
November 18 - SECTION NOTES: Ex-Official Urges New Process For Intelligence Budget
November 18 - SECTION NOTES: House Passes Bill to Extend Defense Production Act
November 18 - Democratic Race Heats Up Special Election
November 18 - Four Democrats Lead Pack To Succeed Reynolds
November 18 - SECTION NOTES: Court Upholds 1994 Outcome In Alaska Governor's Race
November 18 - SECTION NOTES: Jacobs' Announcement Set for Nov. 18
November 18 - SECTION NOTES: Ohio Ballot Status Likely For Perot's New Party
November 18 - SECTION NOTES: Roberts Will Not Run For Kassebaum Seat
November 18 - SECTION NOTES: Specter White House Bid Appears On the Brink
November 18 - PRESIDENTIAL VETO MESSAGE: President Clinton Vetoes Continuing Resolution
November 18 - PRESIDENTIAL VETO MESSAGE: Temporary Rise in Debt Limit Is Vetoed by President
November 18 - Status of Appropriations: 104th
November 18 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: '95 Sounds May Echo Far Into Future
November 25 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Budget, Bosnia on Tap After Holiday Break
November 25 - COVER STORY: Sen. Dole's Dual Challenge And Defining Moment
November 25 - Time Beginning To Run Out On Crowded GOP Agenda
November 25 - CORRECTION: Waldholtz profile.
November 25 - LOBBYING: House Postpones Vote On Tougher Rules
November 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: Legislative Branch Bill Wins in Second Round
November 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: Spending on Congress (chart)
November 25 - SECTION NOTES: Abortion, School Issues Delay D.C. Measure
November 25 - SECTION NOTES: Clinton Signs Treasury-Postal, Legislative Branch Bills
November 25 - SECTION NOTES: Federal Highway Bill Cleared; Frees $6.5 Billion For Roads
November 25 - SECTION NOTES: New CBO Figures May Mean Further Farm Cuts
November 25 - 'Read My Lips'
November 25 - Reality of Tough Job Ahead Dampens Joy Over Deal
November 25 - BUDGET: 'CR' Ends Shutdown, Sparks Talks
November 25 - CORRECTIONS
November 25 - Business Lobbies Fighting Foreign Worker Curbs
November 25 - Hill Set for Full-Scale Debate On U.S. Peacekeeping Role
November 25 - BOSNIA: Clinton Faces Tough Selling Job
November 25 - INTELLIGENCE: Members Fear Fiscal Crackdown May Sap Spy Agency
November 25 - Dole Holding On to Lead As GOP Field Shrinking
November 25 - LOUISIANA: Republican Foster Easily Tops Fields in Governor's Race
November 25 - Democrats Play Gingrich Card In Election for Mineta Seat
November 25 - KANSAS: As Expected, Kassebaum Announces Retirement
November 25 - RETIREMENT: Jacobs Announces Retirement; Meyers To Decide Nov. 28
November 25 - SECTION NOTES: New Poll Finds More Demand For Third Choice in '96
November 25 - SECTION NOTES: Virginia's 3rd District Challenged in Court
November 25 - PRESIDENTIAL NEWS CONFERENCE: Clinton Announces Agreement To End War in Bosnia
November 25 - PRESIDENTIAL NEWS CONFERENCE: Clinton Praises Agreement
November 25 - REPUBLICAN RESPONSE: GOP Leaders Claim Victory
November 25 - Status of Appropriations: 104th
November 25 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Journalists Beware Of Dubious Polls

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