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July 1 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Onslaught of Bills Follows Recess
July 1 - Democrats Find Their Footing In Minority Party Trenches
July 1 - THE HOUSE: Laughlin's Switch and Ensuing Reward Prompt Uproar Among Those Spurned
July 1 - THE HOUSE: Past Party
July 1 - CORRECTION: Historical series.
July 1 - THE HOUSE: Party Ratios
July 1 - ETHICS: Justice Clears Packwood As Panel Questions Him
July 1 - Congress Gives Resounding Yes To Balanced-Budget Plan
July 1 - THE BUDGET: Medicare Cuts Yet To Be Fleshed Out
July 1 - THE BUDGET: 1993: A Nail-Biter for the White House
July 1 - THE BUDGET: Rescissions Bill Runs Aground
July 1 - THE BUDGET: Budget Totals (chart)
July 1 - UPDATE: Comparison of Budget Plans
July 1 - Proposed Spending by Function For
July 1 - THE BUDGET: Reconciliation
July 1 - BANKING: Panel Broadens 'Relief' for Banks; Delicate Balance Now Teetering
July 1 - BANKING: Some Concessions to Democrats
July 1 - Senate Passes Legislation To Curb Investor Suits
July 1 - BANKING: Seeking Safeguards For Credit Unions
July 1 - Interior Bill Pares Spending, Peels Away Some Agencies
July 1 - APPROPRIATIONS: Interior Cuts
July 1 - Surviving Food Policy Fights, Agriculture Bill Advances
July 1 - APPROPRIATIONS: Agriculture
July 1 - TRANSPORTATION: Panel Approves Bill, Rejecting Pleas for Labor, Transit
July 1 - Treasury-Postal Budget Squeeze Is Getting Much Tighter
July 1 - Court Upholds Law Protecting Species on Private Property
July 1 - ENVIRONMENT: Senate Plan Would Shift Costs, Narrow Scope of Superfund
July 1 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: At Bells' Request, House GOP Seeks Further Deregulation
July 1 - REGULATION: Senate Takes Up Overhaul Bill
July 1 - SPACE: 7-Year Space Station Plan Heads to House Floor
July 1 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Copyright Measure For Music OK'd
July 1 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Approved To Ease Way For Hunting on Refuges
July 1 - SECTION NOTES: Committee Approves Bill On Alaskan Land
July 1 - SECTION NOTES: Committee Approves Bill On Produce Trade
July 1 - SECTION NOTES: Presidio Park Measure Advances in House
July 1 - Bill Would Slash Commerce, International Programs
July 1 - APPROPRIATIONS: Going Out of Business
July 1 - APPROPRIATIONS: Commerce-Justice-State
July 1 - LAW/JUDICIARY: House Gives Hearty Approval To Flag Desecration Ban
July 1 - IMMIGRATION: Report Proposes Lowering Limit
July 1 - VETERANS: House Extends Guarantee Of Agent Orange Care
July 1 - HEALTH: Medicare Select Expansion Heads to President
July 1 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Affirmative Action On Back Burner
July 1 - Uproar Over Democrat's Switch Snarls House Foreign Aid Bill
July 1 - APPROPRIATIONS: Azerbaijan vs. Its Lobbyists
July 1 - BASE CLOSINGS: Californians Pressure Clinton To Reject Panel's List
July 1 - BASE CLOSINGS: The Hit List (chart)
July 1 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Senate Faces Floor Battles Over Arms, ABM Policy
July 1 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Extends Assistance To Palestinians
July 1 - SECTION NOTES: Deputy CIA Director Is Confirmed
July 1 - SECTION NOTES: GOP Attacks Clinton's Plan To Aid Peacekeepers
July 1 - SECTION NOTES: Markup on Cuba Sanctions Off to a Slow Start
July 1 - Court Takes a Harder Line On Minority Voting Blocs
July 1 - COVER STORY: Court Ruling Expected To Spark More Suits
July 1 - Supreme Court Rules Against Race-Based Redistricting
July 1 - Public Laws
July 1 - Status of Appropriations: 104th
July 1 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Amity Cloaks Dangers Of Split Government
July 8 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Protest Over Laughlin Likely To Continue
July 8 - LOBBIES: Senate Nears Consideration Of Gift Ban, Registration
July 8 - ETHICS: Packwood Hearings Up to Panel
July 8 - LOBBIES: Cohen's Lobby
July 8 - CORRECTION: Party ratio chart.
July 8 - LEGISLATIVE AGENDA: Senate Slows GOP's Progress To 'Contract's' Dotted Line
July 8 - CONTRACT SCORE CARD (chart)
July 8 - Collision Over the Supreme Court
July 8 - Members' Pet Projects Survive Despite Tight Fiscal Limits
July 8 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Appropriations
July 8 - TRADE: GOP Fast-Track Plans May Split Fragile Free-Trade Coalition
July 8 - Proposed Electronic 'V-Chip' Complicates the View
July 8 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Clashing Over Obscenity in Cyberspace
July 8 - Prayer Amendment Unlikely Despite Push From Right
July 8 - Major Decisions on School Prayer
July 8 - WELFARE: Putting Recipients to Work Will Be the Toughest Job
July 8 - WELFARE: States Experimenting With Ways To Help People Stay Off Welfare
July 8 - WELFARE: Fixing a Schedule
July 8 - Clinton Strains To Save Jobs At California Depot
July 8 - BASE CLOSINGS: Deadlines Ahead
July 8 - BOSNIA: The Arms Embargo Dilemma: Questions and Answers
July 8 - Dole Turns GOP Majority Status Into Front-Runner Position
July 8 - PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN: Dole in the 104th
July 8 - PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN: The Nixon Connection
July 8 - PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN: After Years of Building Consensus Dole Takes Uncompromising Stance
July 8 - Status of Appropriations:
July 8 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: GOP Moves the Ball - Perhaps Too Quickly
July 15 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Long Days Planned To Clear Backlog
July 15 - ETHICS: Demand for Public Hearings On Packwood Increasing
July 15 - Witnesses Asked To Testify About Gingrich Book Deal
July 15 - THE HOUSE: Democrats Refine the Tactics Of Minority Party Power
July 15 - SECTION NOTES: Brooks Abandons Challenge To Harman's Election
July 15 - SECTION NOTES: Lawmakers' Pay Raises Endangered Again
July 15 - THE HOUSE: Corrections Bills Not Always Known When They're Seen
July 15 - Furor Over First Spending Bills Promises a Stormy Summer
July 15 - Rescissions Bill May Finally Move
July 15 - New Spending Caps (chart)
July 15 - TAXES: Democrats Hope Tax-Raising Rule Will Come Back To Haunt GOP
July 15 - TAXES: Taking the Republicans to Court
July 15 - Opponents Whittle Away At Dole's Overhaul Bill
July 15 - REGULATION: Foes Put Dole on the Alert
July 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Approves Energy Bill Lauded by Both Parties
July 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: Energy-Water Development
July 15 - Work on Interior Bill Drags On With Hot Issues Still To Go
July 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: The Rulers Ruled Out
July 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: Treasury Bill Advances, Minus Controversial Gun Provision
July 15 - Treasury-Postal Spending (chart)
July 15 - Panel Votes To Allow Purchase Of Vitamins With Food Stamps
July 15 - AGRICULTURE: Committee Studies Policy Change
July 15 - DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Highway Spending Plan Advances
July 15 - ENVIRONMENT: VA-HUD Bill May Jeopardize Superfund Plan, Oxley Says
July 15 - SECTION NOTES: House Passes Bill To Boost Conservation at 900 Bases
July 15 - SECTION NOTES: Military Vessels Would Meet Clean Water Standards
July 15 - SECTION NOTES: Presidio Trust Approved By Resources Panel
July 15 - SECTION NOTES: Resources Panel Advances Bill On Wildlife Refuges
July 15 - SECTION NOTES: SBA Loan Guarantee Programs Redesigned by Senate Panel
July 15 - Panel Reshapes VA-HUD Bill To Mirror GOP Aims
July 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: HUD's Allies Rally 'Round
July 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: Winners and Losers
July 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: Cuts All Over - Except the VA
July 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: Fights Loom Over Space Spending
July 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: Labor, HHS Panel Takes Aim At Clinton Initiatives
July 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: Labor-HHS-Education
July 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: Programs Under Attack
July 15 - House Panel Bill Cracks Down On Legal and Illegal Entry
July 15 - IMMIGRATION: Key Features of Smith's Bill
July 15 - Clinton Acts on Prayer Issue
July 15 - ABORTION: Bill To Ban Late-Term Procedure Bogs Down in War of Words
July 15 - HEALTH: Bill Would Renew Ryan White Act
July 15 - HEALTH: Clinton Signs Bill To Expand Managed Care for Seniors
July 15 - LABOR: Subcommittee OKs Pension Fund Bill
July 15 - WELFARE: GOP May Link Welfare Reform To Budget To Limit Dissent
July 15 - Clinton's Move To Normalize Ignites Furor on Hill
July 15 - VIETNAM: Vietnam: Different Perspectives
July 15 - VIETNAM: Seeking a Final Accounting
July 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: Scaled-Back Foreign Aid Bill Wins House Approval
July 15 - Foreign Aid Spending (chart)
July 15 - BOSNIA: Embargo Opponents Claim Initiative
July 15 - CUBA: House Panel Approves Measure To Curb Foreign Investment
July 15 - BASE CLOSINGS: Angry Clinton Accepts List, Seeks to Privatize Jobs
July 15 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Senate Panel Earmarks Money For Nuclear Weapons Tests
July 15 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Panel Completes Defense Bill
July 15 - INTELLIGENCE: Ethics Panel Lets Torricelli Off Hook for Disclosure
July 15 - Lugar Hopes Straight Talk Will Separate Him From the Pack
July 15 - PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN: Richard G. Lugar
July 15 - PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN: Senate Races (chart)
July 15 - PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN: Lugar's Proving Ground
July 15 - PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN: Dornan: Lost in the Crowd?
July 15 - PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN: How Lugar Voted
July 15 - PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN: CQ Vote Studies (chart)
July 15 - MISSISSIPPI: Gov. Fordice Likely To Face Molpus
July 15 - Revised Challenge Filed In Louisiana Case
July 15 - Status of Appropriations: 104th
July 15 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: GOP Tactic Makes Case for Civility
July 22 - WHAT'S AHEAD: House To Begin Push Before Recess
July 22 - King Cotton's Legions Get Ready For Battle Royal on Subsidies
July 22 - The Land of Cotton
July 22 - AGRICULTURE SPECIAL REPORT: Major Agricultural Issues
July 22 - AGRICULTURE SPECIAL REPORT: Farm Bill's Initial Round Of Markups Goes Easily
July 22 - Tobacco Conflict Smoldering As Critics Step Up Assaults
July 22 - AGRICULTURE SPECIAL REPORT: Quotas, Subsidies Keep Prices Level
July 22 - Audit Uncovers Financial Chaos In Chamber's Record-Keeping
July 22 - Senate Passes Spending Bill For Legislative Branch
July 22 - APPROPRIATIONS: Spending on
July 22 - ETHICS: Jury Selection Is Under Way
July 22 - ETHICS: Whitewater Hearings Pose Risks For Republicans, Democrats
July 22 - GOP Senators Limit Chairmen To Six Years Heading Panel
July 22 - ETHICS: Boxer Squares Off With GOP Over Packwood Hearings
July 22 - ETHICS: Rostenkowski Case Is Weakened
July 22 - LOBBYING: Gift Ban, Reporting Rules Heading to Senate Floor
July 22 - 'Senator Sam' and the President's Men
July 22 - Senate Committee's Priorities Spare Some Social Programs
July 22 - APPROPRIATIONS: Discretionary
July 22 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Clears Rescissions Bill After Months of Wrangling
July 22 - TRADE: House Passes Measure Urging Clinton To Pressure China
July 22 - Procedural Overhaul Fails After Three Tough Votes
July 22 - REGULATIONS: Senators Roll Back Restrictions Proposed by Regulatory Overhaul
July 22 - REGULATIONS: Bill Would 'Sunset' Regulations
July 22 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Interior Bill Would Curb Environmental, Arts Spending
July 22 - APPROPRIATIONS: Interior
July 22 - APPROPRIATIONS: Empowering the Rank and File
July 22 - APPROPRIATIONS: Treasury Spending Bill Passes But Takes On New Baggage
July 22 - APPROPRIATIONS: Deficit-Cutters Seek 'Lockbox'
July 22 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Passes Agriculture Bill; Clinton Threatens To Veto
July 22 - APPROPRIATIONS: Partisan Dispute Breaks Out On Transportation Bill
July 22 - Transportation Spending (chart)
July 22 - SPACE: Space Station, Earth Mission Still Big Targets for Budget-Cutters
July 22 - ENVIRONMENT: Businesses May Escape Cleanup Costs
July 22 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Regional Bells Ring GOP Theme With Calls for Deregulation
July 22 - TRANSPORTATION: Congress Closer To Cutting Subsidies to Amtrak
July 22 - ENVIRONMENT: Republicans Aim To Pre-Empt Babbitt's Land Regulations
July 22 - ENVIRONMENT: Utah Acres OK'd As Wilderness
July 22 - SECTION NOTES: Limits on Mexican Truck Size Approved by Senate Panel
July 22 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Gives D.C. a Break On Highway Funds
July 22 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Panel Approves Boxing Legislation
July 22 - TRANSPORTATION: Commercial Ships Get a Break, Boaters Get a New Rule
July 22 - Panel Approves VA-HUD Bill, Shaping Policy With Cuts
July 22 - APPROPRIATIONS: Selective Funding
July 22 - APPROPRIATIONS: National Service Gets Little Support
July 22 - APPROPRIATIONS: VA, HUD, Independent
July 22 - CORRECTION: VA-HUD Appropriations.
July 22 - APPROPRIATIONS: Bill's Abortion Funding Limits Attest to GOP Control
July 22 - New Immigration Restrictions Easily Clear First Hurdle
July 22 - IMMIGRATION: Amendment Highlights
July 22 - Using Vouchers for Medicare May Help GOP Cut Costs
July 22 - HEALTH: Modest Insurance Revision Has Bipartisan Support
July 22 - Hearings Into Waco Assault Expose Marked Division
July 22 - Clinton Comes to Defense Of Affirmative Action
July 22 - Flag Resolution's Future Murky In More Divided Senate
July 22 - APPROPRIATIONS: Panel Reins In Commerce, State, But Boosts Crime Fighting
July 22 - ABORTION: Panel Approves Stiff Penalties For 'Partial-Birth' Procedure
July 22 - THE ARTS: Senate Panel Offers Support To Besieged Endowments
July 22 - WELFARE: Senate Leadership Plan Widens States' Authority Further
July 22 - LABOR: Measure Would Ban Promotion Of 'Targeted' Investments
July 22 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Approves Change In Teen Labor Law
July 22 - SECTION NOTES: Senate OKs Bill To Ease Foreign Adoption Rules
July 22 - Allies' Response to Serb Attack Fails To Assuage Congress
July 22 - FOREIGN POLICY: Richardson Solidifies His Role As Roving Trouble-Shooter
July 22 - APPROPRIATIONS: B-2 Foes Plan New Offensive On the House Floor
July 22 - APPROPRIATIONS: Military Construction (chart)
July 22 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Panel OKs $11.2 Billion For Military Construction
July 22 - SECTION NOTES: Committee's Resolution Calls For Peace on Cyprus
July 22 - SECTION NOTES: House Panel Will Consider Base-Closing Objections
July 22 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Deletes Pension Break From Intelligence Bill
July 22 - PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: Clinton: Mend, Don't End, Affirmative Action
July 22 - Status of Appropriations: 104th
July 22 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Race-Based Districts Squeeze Democrats
July 29 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Hill Faces Tough Week Before Summer Break
July 29 - Senate Bans Lavish Gifts From Interest Groups
July 29 - LOBBIES: Gift Provisions
July 29 - LOBBIES: Senate Passes Tighter Rules On Registration, Disclosure
July 29 - LOBBIES: AARP's Federal Funds Endangered
July 29 - LOBBIES: Lobby Provisions
July 29 - APPROPRIATIONS: Conference Panel Signs Off On First Spending Bill
July 29 - ETHICS: Much Questioned, Little Resolved In Testimony for Foster Probe
July 29 - ETHICS: Murdoch To Talk About Book Deal
July 29 - ETHICS: Panel To Resume Packwood Case
July 29 - As They Cut, Appropriators Add a Stiff Dose of Policy
July 29 - Fighting Crime at All Costs
July 29 - Medicare Vote Will Be Tight
July 29 - BANKING: Cleft Between Agents, Big Banks Mires Glass-Steagall Rewrite
July 29 - Energy Agency Fares Better In Senate Spending Bill
July 29 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Keeps Labor Protections In Big Defeat for Leadership
July 29 - APPROPRIATIONS: Interior Bill Advances in Senate After Arts Funding Debate
July 29 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Panel OKs Treasury Bill, Preserving Economic Council
July 29 - APPROPRIATIONS: Treasury-Postal
July 29 - APPROPRIATIONS: Giving Up on the 'Drug Czar'
July 29 - Foes Bristle at TV Industry Plan For Equipment Compatibility
July 29 - TELECOMMUNCATIONS: Two United About Divisive 'V-Chip'
July 29 - COMMERCE: House Action Eases the Way For Export of Alaska Oil
July 29 - COMMERCE: Panel Approves EDA Change
July 29 - ENVIRONMENT: New Liability Limits Proposed For Superfund Site Cleanup
July 29 - COMMERCE: Copyright Bill Advances
July 29 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: House Committee Approves Bill To Ease Federal Purchasing
July 29 - AGRICULTURE: Farm Credit Bill Advances
July 29 - CORRECTION: Farm Politics: Special Report
July 29 - SECTION NOTES: House Panel Approves Yucca Facility
July 29 - SECTION NOTES: House Subcommittee Eases Nuclear Storage Process
July 29 - SECTION NOTES: Panel OKs Spending Plan For D.C. Highways
July 29 - SECTION NOTES: Science Committee Approves Mission to Planet Earth
July 29 - GOP Moderates Exert Power To Temper VA-HUD Bill
July 29 - APPROPRIATIONS: The Competition
July 29 - APPROPRIATIONS: EPA Evades Limits, But Not Cuts
July 29 - APPROPRIATIONS: The HUD Funding Maze
July 29 - APPROPRIATIONS: Deal With GOP Freshmen Eases Commerce-State Bill Approval
July 29 - APPROPRIATIONS: Freshmen 'Have To Get' Commerce
July 29 - APPROPRIATIONS: Legal Services' Prospects Unsure
July 29 - House Opponents Savor Gains; Senate Outlook Is Unclear
July 29 - HEALTH: Senate Votes To Reauthorize Ryan White AIDS Program
July 29 - Waco Probe Focuses on Wisdom, Not Legality, of FBI Action
July 29 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Dole, Canady Propose Rollback Of Affirmative Action
July 29 - APPROPRIATIONS: Delving Into Realm of Policy, Panel OKs Labor-HHS Bill
July 29 - CORRECTION: Labor-HHS Appropriations
July 29 - CORRECTION: National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities
July 29 - In Stinging Rebuff To President, Senate Votes To Lift Arms Ban
July 29 - BOSNIA: Bosnia's Weapon in the U.S.
July 29 - BOSNIA: Past Maneuvers
July 29 - Senate Bill Boosts ABM Effort, Draws Line on Nuclear Cuts
July 29 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Ores to Plowshares?
July 29 - Conflict Looms Over B-2 and F-22 As Bill Heads to House Floor
July 29 - APPROPRIATIONS: Defense Spending (chart)
July 29 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Bill Omits B-2, Peacekeeping
July 29 - SECTION NOTES: CIA Says None of Its People Had Role in Slayings
July 29 - SECTION NOTES: Committee Supports Decisions Of Base-Closing Panel
July 29 - SECTION NOTES: House Votes To Bar Funds For Embassy in Hanoi
July 29 - PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN: Taylor and Fletcher Struggle To Be Seen as Contenders
July 29 - PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGNS: Forbes Throws Hat Near the Ring
July 29 - Status of Appropriations: 104th
July 29 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Audit Reveals Dangers Facing Party in Power

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