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June 3 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Contentious Issues On Tap After Break
June 3 - Clinton Holds His Veto Power Over Heads of Republicans
June 3 - CLARIFICATION: Legislative Service Organizations.
June 3 - ETHICS: Packwood Defense Fund Grows With His Finance Panel Power
June 3 - CLARIFICATION: Bliley stock holdings.
June 3 - OBITUARY: Margaret Chase Smith: A Principled Voice
June 3 - THE BUDGET: Conference's Biggest Task: Bridging Gap on Tax Cuts
June 3 - THE BUDGET: The Arduous Budget Talks of 1990 May Offer a Map to the Road Ahead
June 3 - THE BUDGET: House, Senate
June 3 - Longstanding Cropland Policy Is Fertile Field for Debate
June 3 - AGRICULTURE: Acreage Equation Equals Confusion
June 3 - Senators Move To Prevent Cable-Telephone 'Teams'
June 3 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: A Dispute Over 'Dialing Parity'
June 3 - Veto Threatened
June 3 - SPACE: Fierce Competition for Funding Could Ground Space Station
June 3 - Pressure Builds for Retreat On Affirmative Action
June 3 - LAW/JUDICIARY: A 30-Year Experiment
June 3 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Courts Establish Boundaries
June 3 - Final Battle of Vietnam War May Be Fought in Congress
June 3 - Milestones in U.S.-Vietnam Relations
June 3 - FOREIGN POLICY: Bosnian War Propels Congress, Clinton Toward Own Battle
June 3 - An Underdog But Undeterred, Specter Stakes Out His Turf
June 3 - PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN: Treatment of Hill an 'Albatross'
June 3 - PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN: The Republican Liberal of 1980
June 3 - PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN: Gingrich's 'Petition' Comment Sets Off Further Speculation
June 3 - 1993-94 Campaign Finance
June 3 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Budget Reconciliation A Collision Course
June 10 - In Memoriam
June 10 - APPROPRIATIONS: Trimming Legislative Fat Inspires Cries of 'No'
June 10 - ORGANIZATION: GOP Adds Seats To 4 Panels
June 10 - ETHICS: Bliley Investments Go to Blind Trust
June 10 - SECTION NOTES: Floor Action Guaranteed On Lobbying Bills
June 10 - SECTION NOTES: Rep. Tucker Faces New Indictments
June 10 - CQ 50th ANNIVERSARY: Fulfilling the Great Society
June 10 - Tax Cuts Dominate Agenda As Conference Begins
June 10 - THE BUDGET: The Question: Is Ending a Tax Break The Same as Raising Taxes?
June 10 - House Appropriations Calendar (chart)
June 10 - APPROPRIATIONS: Clinton, GOP Hope for Compromise On the Vetoed Rescissions Bill
June 10 - APPROPRIATIONS: Vetoes - A History of Conflicts
June 10 - BANKING: Bliley's Glass-Steagall Reversal Pleases Insurance Industry
June 10 - APPROPRIATIONS: Discretionary
June 10 - APPROPRIATIONS: Marching Orders Primarily One Word: Reduce
June 10 - SPENDING POWERS: Clinton Criticizes Republicans For Line-Item-Veto Delay
June 10 - Compromise Holds as Bill Hits Senate Floor
June 10 - COMMERCE: Patents Bill Advances
June 10 - CORRECTION: Farm Acreage Set-Asides.
June 10 - Opposing Forces Prepare For Farm Bill Debate
June 10 - House Leaders Hold Out For Tougher Measure
June 10 - ENERGY: Department Likely To Survive As Focus Moves to Cutbacks
June 10 - INTERIOR: Fisheries Transfer Gets House OK
June 10 - SPACE: Space Station Authorization Approved by House Panel
June 10 - States Guard Their Borders As Medicaid Talks Begin
June 10 - The Blossoming of Medicaid
June 10 - State Spending Per Enrollee (chart)
June 10 - State Medicaid Statistics (chart)
June 10 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Senate Passes Bipartisan Bill To Combat Terrorism
June 10 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Stretching the Long Arm of the Law
June 10 - House Panel Approves Measure To Prohibit Flag Burning
June 10 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Flag Protection v. Free Speech
June 10 - IMMIGRATION: Influx of Newcomers to U.S. Puts Pressure on Policies
June 10 - EDUCATION: Bill Detaches Loan Associations And Ends Over 50 Programs
June 10 - HUMAN SERVICES: Senate Democrats Put Forward Alternative Welfare Plan
June 10 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Legal Services May Be Saved By Its Republican Critics
June 10 - Congress Bucks White House, Devises Its Own Bosnia Plan
June 10 - STATE DEPARTMENT: House Approves Overhaul Of Agencies, Policies
June 10 - STATE DEPARTMENT: An 'Invitation To Struggle'
June 10 - STATE DEPARTMENT: Panel Pares Helms' Hit List
June 10 - FOREIGN AID: Bill Slashing Overseas Aid Gets Bipartisan Support
June 10 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: More Muscular Pentagon Bill Heads to House Floor
June 10 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Streamlining the Pentagon
June 10 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Panel Lops 'Non-Defense' Funds
June 10 - MILITARY CONSTRUCTION: House Panel Votes To Boost Spending for Housing
June 10 - PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN: White House Hopefuls May Be Multiplying
June 10 - SENATE: Two Enter Contest For Simon Seat
June 10 - PRESIDENTIAL VETO: President Clinton's Veto Of Rescissions Bill
June 10 - CORRECTION: House Vote 341
June 10 - CORRECTION: Senate Vote Caption 221
June 10 - Status of Appropriations: 104th
June 10 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Despite Lure, Gingrich Just Nibbling the Bait
June 17 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Budget, Environment Top Busy Week
June 17 - GOP Sets the 104th Congress On New Regulatory Course
June 17 - ENVIRONMENT SPECIAL REPORT: A Mature 'Green' America Spawns Grass-Roots Anti-Regulatory Rebellion
June 17 - ENVIRONMENT SPECIAL REPORT: Environmental Laws Face Revisions
June 17 - ENVIRONMENT SPECIAL REPORT: A Not-So-Simple Tradeoff: Regulations vs. Jobs
June 17 - ENVIRONMENT SPECIAL REPORT: Two Members, Two Approaches To Competing Demands
June 17 - APPROPRIATIONS: Panel Approves Bill To Cut Congressional Operations
June 17 - Spending on Congress (chart)
June 17 - THE HOUSE: Panel Moves To Privatize House's Mail Operations
June 17 - ETHICS: Financial Reports Show Members Still Take Lobbies' Free Rides
June 17 - ETHICS: Leaders' Financial Summaries
June 17 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Proposal for Independent Panel Catches Many by Surprise
June 17 - SECTION NOTES: Ethics Panel Cites Armey For Use of Letterhead
June 17 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Dismisses Complaints Against Hatch, Gorton
June 17 - THE HOUSE: Rules Panel Reaches Agreement On 'Corrections' Calendar
June 17 - Clinton Shifts Tactics, Proposes Erasing Deficit in 10 Years
June 17 - THE BUDGET: Clinton Budget Proposal Compared With House, Senate Plans
June 17 - THE BUDGET: Details of the Clinton Proposal
June 17 - BANKING: Glass-Steagall Bill To Be Paired With Regulatory Relief
June 17 - BANKING: Bill Freeing Banks of Numerous Rules Would Be Their Biggest Victory in Years
June 17 - TAXES: Ways and Means Approves Bill Closing Expatriate Loophole
June 17 - Rejecting Further Regulation, Senate Easily Passes Bill
June 17 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Pressler Stumbles, Gets His Footing And Wins High Praise From Colleagues
June 17 - Freshman Republicans Attempt To Fence Off Farm Subsidies
June 17 - AGRICULTURE: A Fight Over Peanuts
June 17 - Subcommittee OKs Deep Cuts In Research, Preserves WIC
June 17 - APPROPRIATIONS: Bill Would Slash Spending But Save Energy Agency
June 17 - APPROPRIATIONS: A Message on Waste Cleanup
June 17 - APPROPRIATIONS: Energy-Water
June 17 - APPROPRIATIONS: Interior Draft Plan Preserves Core Programs, Cuts Others
June 17 - TRANSPORTATION: Road Bill Vaults First Hurdle
June 17 - SECTION NOTES: Representatives Introduce Act To Abolish Farm Subsidies
June 17 - SECTION NOTES: Subcommittee Scales Back Tuna Conservation
June 17 - TRANSPORTATION: Proposals To Benefit Employees Hinder Amtrak Privatization
June 17 - Ruling Rocks Foundation Of Affirmative Action
June 17 - SUPREME COURT: Excerpts From Court Decision
June 17 - HUMAN SERVICES: Senate Agriculture Committee OKs Food Stamp Overhaul
June 17 - HUMAN SERVICES: GOP Rift Delays Action on Welfare
June 17 - Clinton Budget Resurrects Health Care Proposals
June 17 - LOBBYING: Simpson Zeroes In on AARP And Its Tax Exemption
June 17 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Complaints Slow Panel Action On Anti-Terrorism Bill
June 17 - LABOR: Panel Debates Job Training Bill, Postpones Further Action
June 17 - IMMIGRATION: Measure Heightens Border Vigilance
June 17 - LABOR: Panel OKs Bill To Nullify Clinton's Striker Order
June 17 - SECTION NOTES: House Votes To Continue Indian Child Abuse Act
June 17 - SECTION NOTES: Indian Relocation Program Gets House Approval
June 17 - SECTION NOTES: Panel OKs Further Funding For Federal AIDS Program
June 17 - VETERANS: Bill Expands Care For Agent Orange
June 17 - House Votes To Sweep Aside Clinton's Priorities
June 17 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Secret Weapon: Old-Time Arm-Twisting
June 17 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Abortion Curb Approved
June 17 - MILITARY CONSTRUCTION: Build Housing, Not Museum, House Tells the Army
June 17 - APPROPRIATIONS: Pared-Back Foreign Aid Bill Heads for House Floor
June 17 - APPROPRIATIONS: Foreign Aid
June 17 - APPROPRIATIONS: This Year, Aid Is a Weapon
June 17 - BASE CLOSINGS: Air Force Besieged Over Plan To Retain Five Depots
June 17 - SECTION NOTES: Dole Postpones Resolution On Troops in Bosnia
June 17 - SECTION NOTES: GOP Presidential Candidates Back Tougher Cuba Embargo
June 17 - SECTION NOTES: Two Clinton Nominees Advance Toward Confirmation
June 17 - Democrats Look for Candidates Who Don't Mind Tough Odds
June 17 - CAMPAIGN '96: Target States for House Democrats
June 17 - SECTION NOTES: Four Southern Democrats Quit Campaign Team
June 17 - SECTION NOTES: Gov. Thompson Terminates Thoughts of White House
June 17 - PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: Clinton Presents Proposal For Balanced Budget
June 17 - TOWN MEETING: Clinton, Gingrich Emphasize Common Ground in N.H.
June 17 - Status of Appropriations: 104th
June 17 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Voter Optimism Is Key To Poll Participation
June 24 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Appropriations, Budget Again Top Priorities
June 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Passes $1.7 Billion Bill To Fund Legislative Branch
June 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: Second Vote: Making Amends
June 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: Appropriating Time
June 24 - Groups Tied to Gingrich, Dole Reveal Who Gave How Much
June 24 - A Quicker Way and Special Day For Erasing Debatable Rules
June 24 - THE HOUSE: Dirksen Center's Kornacki Chosen House Historian
June 24 - ETHICS: Gingrich Will Pay For Book Tour
June 24 - LOBBYING/PERQUISITES: Armey Demands Senate Passage Before Acting on Gift Ban Bill
June 24 - Vietnam and the Voices of Dissent
June 24 - Last-Minute Maneuvers Forge A Conference Agreement
June 24 - THE BUDGET: Forecasts:
June 24 - Final Budget Resolution Compared With House, Senate Plans
June 24 - THE BUDGET: Keeping Tax Cuts Conditional
June 24 - BANKING: Disputes Over Regulatory Relief May Put Bill on 'Crash Course'
June 24 - BANKING: Provisions of Bank Bill
June 24 - TRADE: China MFN Status Clears Hurdle
June 24 - SECURITIES: Senate Takes Up Measure Relaxing Fraud Law
June 24 - In Farm Debate, GOP Risks Cultivating Enemies
June 24 - Spending For Commodities (chart)
June 24 - Highway Legislation Detours Into States' Rights Issues
June 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: Cooperation and Conflict On Appropriations Turf
June 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: Rejecting Clinton's Flood Plan, Panel Approves Energy Bill
June 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: Partial Reprieve for Research
June 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: Energy-Water
June 24 - REGULATION: Bill To Scale Back Process Gets Bipartisan Nod
June 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: Interior Measure Takes Aim At Democratic Programs
June 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: Interior
June 24 - Two House Chairmen Press For Superfund Overhaul
June 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: Panel Proposes Strict Limits On Treasury, Postal Funds
June 24 - COMMERCE: SEC Boosts Plan For Utilities
June 24 - ENVIRONMENT: Tuna Protection Gets Approval
June 24 - Panel OKs Pesticide Provisions, Puts Off Controversial Action
June 24 - Sunbelt Senators Revolt Over Welfare Formula
June 24 - HUMAN SERVICES: Welfare
June 24 - HEALTH: Defeat of Foster Nomination May Have Lingering Effect
June 24 - HEALTH: The GOP Split
June 24 - HEALTH: Panel Targets 'Partial-Birth' Procedure
June 24 - Anti-Terrorist Measure Heads to House Floor
June 24 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Senate, House Bills Compared
June 24 - HEALTH: Medigap Expansion OK'd by Conferees
June 24 - LOBBYING: Simpson Takes Aim at Grants To Some Tax-Exempt Groups
June 24 - LABOR: Panel Approves Bill Promoting Voluntary Workplace 'Teams'
June 24 - LABOR: Panel Approves Migrants Bill
June 24 - LABOR: Bill To Shift Job Training To States OK'd by Panel
June 24 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Approves Bill on Adoption Of 'Illegitimate' Children
June 24 - SECTION NOTES: Panel OKs More State Flexibility In Handling Child Abuse
June 24 - Panel Votes To Slash Depots Despite Air Force Protests
June 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: Military Construction Bill Keeps Most Pet Projects
June 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: Military
June 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Prepares for Fracas Over Who Gets Aid
June 24 - FOREIGN POLICY: Bills Would Allow Aid to PLO
June 24 - SECTION NOTES: Deputy Defense Secretary Sworn Into Office
June 24 - SECTION NOTES: Ethics Committee Takes Up Torricelli Case
June 24 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Panel Approves Deputy CIA Chief
June 24 - Status of Appropriations: 104th
June 24 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Affirmative Action: Walking a Fine Line

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