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May 6 - WHAT'S AHEAD: GOP Plans Third Try On Product Liability
May 6 - Industry, Politics Intertwined In Dole's Regulatory Bill
May 6 - Dole's Bill: An 'Aggressive' Position
May 6 - The Money: Who Gave To
May 6 - A Tug From the Right
May 6 - LEADERSHIP: Gingrich To End News Briefings
May 6 - THE HOUSE: GOP Puzzles Over How To Right Wrongs on 'Corrections Day'
May 6 - ETHICS: As Panel Resumes Probe, Gingrich Leaves GOPAC
May 6 - SECTION NOTE: Rep. Mel Reynolds Facing Four More Charges
May 6 - With Cuts Ahead, GOP Works To Build a Sense of Urgency
May 6 - THE BUDGET: Medicare Trust Fund
May 6 - THE BUDGET: Medicare's Woes, While Nothing New Are Politically Charged This Year
May 6 - APPROPRIATIONS: Conference Begins 'Tough Job' On Fiscal '95 Rescissions
May 6 - BANKING: D'Amato Flexible On Lending Issue
May 6 - Dole Retrenches in Defeat, Plans Narrower Bill
May 6 - PRODUCT LIABILITY: Business PACs Pick Their Cause
May 6 - PRODUCT LIABILITY: Groups' Contributions (chart)
May 6 - House Committee Leaders Back Senate Provisions
May 6 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Comparing House,
May 6 - TRANSPORTATION: Panel Votes To Lift Speed Cap Before Backing Highway Bill
May 6 - ENERGY: House OKs Spending Increase For Hydrogen Research
May 6 - TRANSPORTATION: Committee Votes On Trust Funds
May 6 - Foster's Answers Keep His Bid For Surgeon General Alive
May 6 - NOMINATIONS: Excerpts From Testimony
May 6 - CORRECTION: Abortion policy
May 6 - Republicans May Clip Wings Of Exchange Programs
May 6 - FOREIGN RELATIONS: Government-Financed International
May 6 - FOREIGN RELATIONS: A Democratic Legacy
May 6 - CORRECTION: Defense budget.
May 6 - RUSSIA: Clinton Under GOP Pressure To Get Results in Moscow
May 6 - SECTION NOTES: Clinton's New Policy on Cuba May Boost Sanctions Bills
May 6 - SECTION NOTES: Committee Approves Deutch To Become CIA Director
May 6 - SECTION NOTES: House Asks Clinton to Give Visa To Taiwan's President
May 6 - SECTION NOTES: President Failing to Obey Law On Mexico Aid, Gingrich Says
May 6 - SECTION NOTES: Supporters of Additional B-2s Unfazed by Negative Report
May 6 - Alexander Campaign Counts On Power of Persuasion
May 6 - PRESIDENTIAL RACE: Lamar Alexander -- Republican of Nashville, Tenn.
May 6 - PRESIDENTIAL RACE: Baker: A Major Influence
May 6 - PRESIDENTIAL RACE: Alexander's Races (chart)
May 6 - PRESIDENTIAL RACE: Staff and Offices
May 6 - PRESIDENTIAL RACE: Highlights as Governor
May 6 - PRESIDENTIAL RACE: The Candidate: In His Own Words
May 6 - PRESIDENTIAL RACE: Tennessee's Favorite Sons
May 6 - PROVISIONS: Paperwork Reduction Bill
May 6 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Working-Class Decline: Dueling Explanations
May 13 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Budget To Dominate In Both Chambers
May 13 - Congressional Staff Members New to Power, Not to Hill
May 13 - COMMITTEES: Former Aides Return to Hill After Stint in Private Sector
May 13 - ELECTION RESULTS: House Addresses Challenges To '94 Votes, Settles One
May 13 - SECTION NOTES: Bryant Moves To Force Vote on Gift Ban
May 13 - SECTION NOTES: Gingrich's Manuscript Ready for Delivery
May 13 - SECTION NOTES: Second Complaint Reportedly Filed Against Daschle
May 13 - Crossing the Line in the Dust
May 13 - Daring Budgets Would Create Vastly Smaller Government
May 13 - Comparing House, Senate Paths To a Balanced Budget by 2002
May 13 - Caustic Four-Day Scrap Portends A Long Haul in the Senate
May 13 - Democrats Protest Budget Figures As House Panel OKs Resolution
May 13 - Medicare: Throwing Down the Gauntlet
May 13 - The Budget Process
May 13 - Rescissions Negotiators Restore Some Cuts in Social Programs
May 13 - BANKING: Committee Approves 'Narrow' Glass-Steagall Rewrite
May 13 - Florida Sugar Growers Edgy As Farm Bill Debate Nears
May 13 - AGRICULTURE: Three Pillars Support Prices
May 13 - AGRICULTURE: A Fight From One of Florida's Own
May 13 - AGRICULTURE: Farm Subsidies May Survive Despite Proposed Cuts
May 13 - Senate Passes Narrower Bill, A Portent for House Goal
May 13 - PRODUCT LIABILITY: Malpractice Reform: What's Next?
May 13 - PRODUCT LIABILITY: Highlights of Liability Bill
May 13 - Rewrite of Clean Water Law On Verge of House Passage
May 13 - ENVIRONMENT: Gay Slur Fires Tempers
May 13 - Resources Panel OKs Controls On Coastal Water Fishing
May 13 - ENVIRONMENT: Senators Introduce Restraints On Endangered Species Act
May 13 - TRANSPORTATION: Panel Advances Highway Bill, Adding Wage Amendment
May 13 - TRANSPORTATION: House Votes To Shut Down 23 Coast Guard Stations
May 13 - COMMERCE: Amendments Stall Bill On Interstate Waste
May 13 - SECTION NOTES: House OKs Reauthorization Of Striped Bass Act
May 13 - SECTION NOTES: House Panel Approves Sale Of Alaska Power Agency
May 13 - GOP Planning To Topple Wall Of Rules Around Workplace
May 13 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: Panel Quickly Approves Bill To Phase Out Arts Funding
May 13 - NOMINATIONS: Pending Vote on Foster Places Sen. Frist in Quandary
May 13 - EDUCATION: Committee Votes To Eliminate 'Goals 2000' Review Board
May 13 - SECTION NOTES: Agent Orange Treatment May Be Expanded
May 13 - SECTION NOTES: Ways and Means Joins In Medicare Battle
May 13 - Republicans Poised to Slash International Programs
May 13 - FOREIGN AID: Gilman Under Party Pressure
May 13 - RUSSIA: GOP, Calling Summit a Failure, Threatens To Curb Aid
May 13 - FOREIGN RELATIONS: Clinton Opposing Embassy Move
May 13 - BASE CLOSINGS: Commission Expands List Of Facilities To Be Cut
May 13 - The Revised Hit List (chart)
May 13 - SECTION NOTES: Lawmakers Support Hiring Private Housing Firms
May 13 - SECTION NOTES: Proposed Defense Budget Follows Clinton Plan
May 13 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Confirms Deutch As CIA Director
May 13 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Resolution Urges Clinton To OK Visa
May 13 - Governor's Race Offers GOP First Test Since '94 Sweep
May 13 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Presidents Often Get Just One Chance
May 20 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Senate To Continue Work on Budget
May 20 - APPROPRIATIONS SPECIAL REPORT: Today's Appropriators Preside Over a Shrinking Empire
May 20 - APPROPRIATIONS SPECIAL REP0RT: Lord of the Long Knives
May 20 - APPROPRIATIONS SPECIAL REPORT: Liberal in a Lean Season
May 20 - Appropriations At a Glance (chart)
May 20 - APPROPRIATIONS SPECIAL REPORT: Agriculture - Examining Program Values Anew
May 20 - APPROPRIATIONS SPECIAL REPORT: Commerce, Justice, State - Drastic Adjustments on Horizon
May 20 - APPROPRIATIONS SPECIAL REPORT: Defense - Familiar Faces Hold Purse Strings
May 20 - APPROPRIATIONS SPECIAL REPORT: District of Columbia - Managing the Nation's Capital
May 20 - APPROPRIATIONS SPECIAL REPORT: Energy and Water Development - Pragmatists at the Helm
May 20 - APPROPRIATIONS SPECIAL REPORT: Foreign Operations - Foreign Aid on the Block
May 20 - APPROPRIATIONS SPECIAL REPORT: Interior - Contrasting Approaches on the West
May 20 - APPROPRIATIONS SPECIAL REPORT: Labor/HHS - Rebellion Against GOP Line Possible
May 20 - APPROPRIATIONS SPECIAL REPORT: Legislative Branch - Tightening Congress' Own Belt
May 20 - APPROPRIATIONS SPECIAL REPORT: Military Construction - Quality of Life is Top Priority
May 20 - APPROPRIATIONS SPECIAL REPORT: Transportation - Warning Signs Up For Road Projects
May 20 - APPROPRIATIONS SPECIAL REPORT: Treasury/Postal - Putting Out the Small Fires
May 20 - APPROPRIATIONS SPECIAL REPORT: VA/HUD - Huge Bill Has Some Inviting Targets
May 20 - Next Move Is Packwood's In Ethics Inquiry
May 20 - ETHICS: Sanctions in Senate History
May 20 - ETHICS: Packwood: The Charges
May 20 - ETHICS: Senate Panel Plans Broad Probe Of Whitewater This Summer
May 20 - Congressional Salaries: To Freeze or To Cut?
May 20 - PRIVILEGES: Salaries of
May 20 - ORGANIZATION: GOP Conference Will Consider Limits on Seniority System
May 20 - Gingrich Plans New Calendar For 'Corrections Day'
May 20 - SECTION NOTES: Allegations Leveled At Bonior by Group
May 20 - SECTION NOTES: Bonior Files New Complaint Against Gingrich
May 20 - SECTION NOTES: Rep. Kleczka Arrested On DWI Charges
May 20 - SECTION NOTES: Ruling Casts Doubt On 'Lying' Cases
May 20 - Braced for Austerity, House OKs GOP Budget Resolution
May 20 - THE BUDGET: A Look at Budget Process
May 20 - THE BUDGET: The Alternative Budgets
May 20 - THE BUDGET: The Debt Ceiling 'Hammer'
May 20 - THE BUDGET: Parties Square Off Over Student Loans
May 20 - THE BUDGET: Taxes, Defense Are Flash Points As Senate Prepares To Vote
May 20 - THE BUDGET: Budget Totals (chart)
May 20 - THE BUDGET: Reconciliation
May 20 - THE BUDGET: New Spending Caps (chart)
May 20 - THE BUDGET: Function-by-Function
May 20 - House OKs Conference Report On Fiscal '95 Rescissions
May 20 - APPROPRIATIONS: Fiscal 1995
May 20 - SPENDING POWER: House Pushes Negotiations On Line-Item Veto
May 20 - TRADE: Developing Nations Benefit in Bills
May 20 - Bill Gets Panel's Approval But Isn't Home Free
May 20 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Panel Sets Up Clash
May 20 - ENVIRONMENT: Water Bill Wins House Passage, May Not Survive in Senate
May 20 - ENVIRONMENT: Five Days of Clean Water Debate Yields Many Winners, Many Losers
May 20 - Senate Passes Removal of Ban On Exports of Alaska Oil
May 20 - INTERIOR: Panel OKs Review Of Park Service
May 20 - Senate Underscores the Power Of States To Refuse Trash
May 20 - TRANSPORTATION: Effort To Boost U.S. Shipping Back for Another Round
May 20 - REGULATION: House Makes Push For Freeze
May 20 - REGULATION: Panel Approves Bill on Review of Existing Regulations
May 20 - COMMERCE: House Subcommittee Approves Pipeline Safety Cuts
May 20 - SECTION NOTES: Panels Approve Agreement On Radioactive Waste
May 20 - SECTION NOTES: Patent-Test Modification Approved by Panel
May 20 - Governors Group Sidelined In Welfare Debate
May 20 - HUMAN SERVICES: Senate Finance Is Poised To Approve Shifting of Welfare Control to States
May 20 - GOP Factions Aim To Abolish Or Shrink Beleaguered HUD
May 20 - JUDICIARY: Under Bill, Some Injunctions Would Require Three Judges
May 20 - HEALTH: Medicaid Cuts Overshadowed, But Concerns Are Growing
May 20 - HEALTH: Medicaid Expenditures (chart)
May 20 - LABOR: Job Training Overhaul Wins Bipartisan Approval
May 20 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Seeking Medicare Board's Advice Fails in House
May 20 - SECTION NOTES: Proposal To Kill 'Goals' Board Meets No Opposition
May 20 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Passes Expansion Of Medicare Select Plan
May 20 - Plan To Keep Shipyard Afloat Stokes Political Battle
May 20 - NAVY PROCUREMENT: Shipbuilders and
May 20 - NAVY PROCUREMENT: Shipbuilder Smith Goes to Washington
May 20 - FOREIGN AID: Panel Adopts Helms' Plan To Kill Three Agencies
May 20 - FOREIGN AID: State Department's Comeback Kid
May 20 - STATE DEPARTMENT: Panel Approves Overhaul Bill
May 20 - MILITARY PERSONNEL: House Panel Approves Bill To Upgrade Housing
May 20 - INTELLIGENCE: New CIA Staff Chosen To Ease Strained Relations With Hill
May 20 - Buchanan Hopes His Vote Will Give Him a Voice
May 20 - PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN: Patrick J. Buchanan
May 20 - PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN: Staff and Offices
May 20 - PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN: Citizen Buchanan Mostly Known For What He Says - And How
May 20 - PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN: Keyes: Revivalist on the Right
May 20 - LOBBYING: 'Contract With Family' Welcomed Cautiously by House GOP
May 20 - LOBBYING: 'Contract With the American Family'
May 20 - PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: Gingrich Visit Piques Interest; Gramm, Wilson Hit Snags
May 20 - THE BUDGET: House Resolution Hit List To Balance the Budget
May 20 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Parties Must Unite On Entitlements
May 27 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Budget Issues Await After Recess Break
May 27 - Conflict of Interest Questions Raised by Bliley's Holdings
May 27 - Taking Stock of Bliley (chart)
May 27 - Conflicting Interests
May 27 - CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT: Ruling Pressures Congress To Address Term Limits
May 27 - CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT: States' Rights Loses in Close Vote
May 27 - CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT: Supporters Vow To Fight On
May 27 - LSOs Are No Longer Separate, But the Work's Almost Equal
May 27 - OBITUARY: Aspin's Career a Balance Of Highs and Lows
May 27 - INSIDE CONGRESS: Lobbyists Losing Right To Roam
May 27 - SECTION NOTES: Gingrich Signs Book Deal
May 27 - SECTION NOTES: Senators Revive Ban On Lobbyists' Gifts
May 27 - The Gulf of Tonkin Incident
May 27 - THE BUDGET: Senate Adopts Blueprint, Settles For Conditional Tax Cut
May 27 - THE BUDGET: Highlights of Senate Plan
May 27 - THE BUDGET: A Pressure Group Splinters
May 27 - THE BUDGET: Republicans Against Gramm
May 27 - Senate Clears Rescissions Bill After Talks With Clinton Fail
May 27 - CORRECTION: House Budget
May 27 - SECURITIES: Banking Committee Approves Bill To Curb Fraud Suits
May 27 - GOP Dealing Wins the Votes For Deregulatory Bill
May 27 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Committee-Approved Changes
May 27 - Panel Approves Measure To Privatize Amtrak
May 27 - REGULATION: Pesticides Bill Advances In Agriculture Panel
May 27 - COMMERCE: House Commerce Approves Pipeline Safety Cuts
May 27 - COMMERCE: Texas Waste Site Gets Panel OK
May 27 - CORRECTION: Shipping subsidies.
May 27 - COMMERCE: House Unveils Plan To Abolish Department of Commerce
May 27 - SECTION NOTES: House Committee Approves Bill On Merchant Marine
May 27 - SECTION NOTES: House National Security OKs Conservation Bill
May 27 - Senate's Plan Falls in Line, Shifts Welfare to States
May 27 - HUMAN SERVICES: Senate Plan Has Fewer Block Grants, Fewer Limits Than House Bill
May 27 - HUMAN SERVICES: At Odds Over Proposals
May 27 - ABORTION: Opponents Gaining Ground in House
May 27 - HUMAN SERVICES: With Child Care Bill, Panel Aims To Influence Welfare Debate
May 27 - NOMINATIONS: Foster Clears One Hurdle, Hopes for Floor Vote
May 27 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Senate Gets Started on Bill To Combat Terrorism
May 27 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Solid Support Propelling Ban On Flag Burning in House
May 27 - LABOR: Job Training Grant Approach Approved by House Panel
May 27 - EDUCATION: GOP Plan Would Close Doors Of Department in a Year
May 27 - HOUSING: Housing Aid Bill Gets Panel OK
May 27 - Democratic Unity Stalls GOP Juggernaut
May 27 - FOREIGN POLICY: 'This Legislation Is the Wrong Way'
May 27 - FOREIGN POLICY: Panel Votes To Ease Curbs on Pakistan
May 27 - FOREIGN POLICY: Foreign Aid Sacred Cows
May 27 - INTELLIGENCE: Experts: CIA Needs Reform But Not a 'Czar'
May 27 - INTELLIGENCE: Examining Oversight
May 27 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: House Panel's Bill Spurns Clinton's Priorities
May 27 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Members Spar Over ABM Constraints
May 27 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Social Issues Front-and-Center
May 27 - SECTION NOTES: Administration to Allow Visit By Taiwan's President
May 27 - SECTION NOTES: Army and Marine Leaders Win Senate Approval
May 27 - Freshmen Walk Tightrope To Satisfy Voters
May 27 - KENTUCKY: Democrat Patton To Face Forgy In Bid for Governor's Seat
May 27 - SECTION NOTES: House GOP Fundraising Already Matches 1993
May 27 - SECTION NOTES: Johnston Rules Out Race For Louisiana Governor
May 27 - SECTION NOTES: Pell Says He May Yet Seek a Seventh Term
May 27 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Preserves Checkoff For Presidential Races
May 27 - SECTION NOTES: Thornton Sets Own Limit: Three Terms In A Row
May 27 - SUPREME COURT: Excerpts From Decision In Term Limits Case
May 27 - THE BUDGET: Senate Resolution Hit List To Balance the Budget
May 27 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Disenchanted America Still Cool to Congress

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