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September 1 - WHAT'S AHEAD Budget Negotiators Get Jump on Talks
September 1 - Californians Feel a Backlash Against Congressional Clout
September 1 - California's Heterogeneous Cast
September 1 - Gulf Crisis, Recession Fears Erode Chances for Deal
September 1 - Then And Now (chart)
September 1 - The Clock Is Ticking
September 1 - Who Should Get U.S. Food Aid? Congress Wants To Decide
September 1 - U.S. Food Aid (chart)
September 1 - Panel Democrats Set To Ask Real Souter To Stand Up
September 1 - Senate Judiciary Panel Members Have Agendas of Their Own
September 1 - Legal Flash Points
September 1 - Members Rally Around Flag As Bush Solicits Support
September 1 - Crisis May Spur Second Look At Defense Spending Cuts
September 1 - Map-Drawers Must Toe the Line In Upcoming Redistricting
September 1 - Minority Districts (chart)
September 1 - The Courts Warily Find Their Way Into the 'Political Thicket'
September 1 - THE CENSUS: Final Count Will Shift Seats To Far West, Southeast
September 1 - Arizona House Candidates (chart)
September 1 - ARIZONA: Mecham Comeback Attempt Enlivens Primary Scene
September 1 - A Struggling Few
September 1 - OKLAHOMA: Governor's Races Go To Runoffs;
September 1 - ALASKA: Sturgulewski To Face Knowles
September 1 - JOINT NEWS CONFERENCE: Bush, Mulroney Meet in Maine, Praise U.N. Action on Iraq
September 1 - GULF CRISIS: Bush Briefs Members on Gulf Policy; Democratic Leaders Voice Support
September 1 - PERSIAN GULF: Bush Asks Allies To Share Cost of Crisis Effort
September 1 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Not Just Another TV Show
September 8 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Congress To Be Busy In Final Month
September 8 - Bush Ladles Gravy for GOP On Mashed-Potato Circuit
September 8 - Fundraising Muscle (chart)
September 8 - Bush's Dinner Featured 'Soft Money'
September 8 - GOP Perestroika
September 8 - Negotiators Restarting Talks Amid Optimism, Harmony
September 8 - Gingrich Plays His Own Tax Card
September 8 - Tight Squeeze on Spectrum Tunes Out New Uses
September 8 - Private Sector Sets Pace
September 8 - ANWR May Be Latest Hostage Of Middle East Oil Crisis
September 8 - Politically Resonant Decisions Loom Over Housing Aid
September 8 - For Kemp, Time To Deliver
September 8 - Financing A $70,000 Home (chart)
September 8 - New Programs: Highlights
September 8 - Child-Care Measure Is a Venue For Windfall for the Elderly
September 8 - How Earnings Test Works (chart)
September 8 - Child Care Compromise
September 8 - Hill Support Remains Firm, But Questions Surface
September 8 - SECTION NOTES: Korea Fighter-Jet Deal Goes to Capitol Hill
September 8 - SECTION NOTES: U.S. Talks Planned With Phnom Penh
September 8 - Budgets, Jobs and Abortion Are Big Issues in States
September 8 - From GOP Hopes in Arizona To the Abortion Issue in Wisconsin
September 8 - Wrap-Up of 20 Democratic-Held Seats
September 8 - CAMPAIGN NOTES
September 8 - Open Seat Changes Scene From Sleepy to Frenetic
September 8 - Chiles, Martinez To Face Off
September 8 - PROVISIONS: Housing Authorizations
September 8 - Who's Afraid of the Golden State?
September 15 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Budget Summit Sets Off Busy Schedule
September 15 - The Selling of a Budget Deal: Trial by Fire for Leaders
September 15 - FRANKING: Free Military Mail Bill Is Delayed
September 15 - Outline Begins To Take Shape As Deadlines Come and Go
September 15 - Recapping the Budget Talks
September 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Inches Toward Goal Of 10 Bills in Two Weeks
September 15 - Members Hope To Avert Crisis
September 15 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: Report Ups Cost of '88 Deals; Thompson Under New Fire
September 15 - DEFENSE INDUSTRY: Bills Would Ease Impact of Cuts
September 15 - TRADE: Senate Relaxes Security Controls On High-Technology Exports
September 15 - Conferees Reach Agreement On Urban Smog Provision
September 15 - The Deal on Smog
September 15 - TRANSPORTATION: Senate Promoting
September 15 - ENVIRONMENT: Panels Struggle To Balance Timber, Owl Interests
September 15 - ENERGY/ENVIRONMENT: Bill Would Scrap NRC Waste Rule
September 15 - ENERGY: Pipeline Measure Moves in House
September 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Passes Plan For Federal Pay
September 15 - Treasury, Postal Service Appropriations (chart)
September 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: Bill Would Ensure Crop Protection
September 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: Extraneous Items Snag D.C. Bill
September 15 - Cable Re-Regulation Measures Would Add Few Strings
September 15 - Cable Re-Regulation
September 15 - COMMERCE: Bill Is Wake-Up Call for Hotels Without Sprinkler Systems
September 15 - FOOD SAFETY: Senate Would Let Agriculture Give Fish Stamp of Approval
September 15 - ENERGY: Bush Drops Objection to Bill Boosting U.S. Oil Reserves
September 15 - TRANSPORTATION: Airline Security Overhaul OK'd
September 15 - SECTION NOTES: American Indians Gain Federal Benefits
September 15 - SECTION NOTES: FCC Reauthorization Cleared by House
September 15 - SECTION NOTES: House Panel Aims To Protect Antarctic Environment
September 15 - SECTION NOTES: Measure Seeks To Inform Public About Beaches
September 15 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Seeks To Assist Winter-Wheat Farmers
September 15 - SECTION NOTES: Subcommittee Puts Limits On Flood Insurance
September 15 - Souter Skirts Touchy Issues Before Senate Inquisitors
September 15 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Bush Team Threatens To Veto House Version of Crime Bill
September 15 - Committee Offers Compromise On Long-Delayed NEA Bill
September 15 - EDUCATION: Trade School Aid Cleared by Hill
September 15 - House Subcommittee Approves Strong Antitobacco Measure
September 15 - Issue Entangles Defense Bill, Family Planning Measure
September 15 - EDUCATION: House Pay-for-Service Measure Bucks Volunteerism Concept
September 15 - HEALTH: Drug Treatment Bill Advances
September 15 - AIDS Programs Get No Increase In Senate's Labor-HHS Bill
September 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: Amendment Bolsters Funds For Crime, Persian Gulf
September 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: Farm Bureau Leads the Lobby Against Legal Aid Lawyers
September 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Panel Drops $2 Billion In Housing, Space Funds
September 15 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Would Open Books On Graduation, Crime
September 15 - SECTION NOTES: Conference Scheduled On Housing Bills
September 15 - SECTION NOTES: Minority Health-Care Bill Voted by House Panel
September 15 - Democrats Continue March Toward Big Defense Cuts
September 15 - Bush's Plan To Waive Egypt Debt Raises Questions About Israel
September 15 - Once Upon a Time
September 15 - Administration Wins Victory On Funds for Secret Wars
September 15 - Crowded 2nd District Field Makes Fall Runoff Likely
September 15 - What To Do About David
September 15 - Louisiana House Candidates (chart)
September 15 - Heated Senate Primaries Lead
September 15 - Dyson Holds On to Nomination;
September 15 - Grunseth Upsets Carlson,
September 15 - RHODE ISLAND: Sundlun Again To Meet DiPrete;
September 15 - ARIZONA: Mecham Soundly Defeated
September 15 - NEW YORK: Incumbents With Minor Foes
September 15 - WISCONSIN: Thompson Wins Primary Easily;
September 15 - CONNECTICUT: Morrison Nominated For Governor
September 15 - UTAH: Marriott Bid Flops; Snow Wins in 3rd
September 15 - CAMPAIGN NOTES
September 15 - DELAWARE and D.C.: Rep. Carper Romps; Norton Nominated
September 15 - VERMONT: GOP's Smith Wins; Sanders Looms
September 15 - PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: Gulf Crisis an Opportunity For a 'New World Order'
September 15 - DEMOCRATIC RESPONSE: Gulf Policy Gets Full Support; Allies Asked To Share More
September 15 - JOINT NEWS CONFERENCE: Bush, Gorbachev Call On Iraq To Withdraw From Kuwait
September 15 - CONFIRMATION HEARING: Senators Ask About Abortion But Souter Won't Answer
September 15 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Will High Court Retreat On Reapportionment?
September 22 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Time Running Short for Budget Accord
September 22 - Avalanche of Veto Threats Divides Bush, Congress
September 22 - The Nuances of Veto Talk
September 22 - Veto Bait
September 22 - SECTION NOTES: Antifranking Vote Doesn't Delay Military Mail Bill
September 22 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Ethics Committee Has 'Keating 5' Report
September 22 - Huge Automatic Cuts Loom As Summit Talks Stall
September 22 - Capital Gains Tax Cut Is Once Again Pivotal Issue in Deficit Bargaining
September 22 - Thrift Bailout: Financing on Hold
September 22 - TRADE: House Clears Textile Bill; Veto Override Unlikely
September 22 - TRADE: Bill To Track Foreign Investors Approved by House Panel
September 22 - BANKING: House Passes Bill To Up Premiums
September 22 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: Savings Suggested For S and L Bailout
September 22 - SECTION NOTES: Congress to Consider Czech Trade Accord
September 22 - SECTION NOTES: Fed OKs Stock Deals By Bank Company
September 22 - SECTION NOTES: Greenspan Cautious On Interest Rates
September 22 - SECTION NOTES: Mexico Trade Talks May Begin Soon
September 22 - Energy Interests Try To Avoid Getting Burned by Congress
September 22 - Energy Taxes
September 22 - Behind the Scenes
September 22 - APPROPRIATIONS: Trash War Dumped Into D.C. Bill
September 22 - Shadow Falls on Jackson
September 22 - INSULAR AFFAIRS: House Interior Approves Bill To Give Puerto Rico Choice
September 22 - Agriculture Appropriations (chart)
September 22 - APPROPRIATIONS: Food Program Bill Gets Panel's Nod
September 22 - COMMUNICATIONS: Congress Ready To Limit Ads On Children's TV Programs
September 22 - INDIAN AFFAIRS: Indian Health Bills Take Another Step
September 22 - SCIENCE: Committee Votes NASA a Raise, But Hill Is Unlikely To Pay
September 22 - ENVIRONMENT: Backhauling Bill Passes Senate
September 22 - SECTION NOTES: Bill on Barrier Islands Moves to House Floor
September 22 - SECTION NOTES: Business, Retirees Clash on Benefits
September 22 - SECTION NOTES: Changes in Patent Law Approved by Panel
September 22 - Liberal Tenets Hang in Balance As Conservatives Ascend
September 22 - Fracas Over Abortion Advice
September 22 - Key Cases: An Early List
September 22 - Bush's Nominees Lack Baggage That Reagan's Often Carried
September 22 - Beefing Up the Bench
September 22 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Anti-Abortion Forces Prevail In Pentagon Bill Skirmish
September 22 - NIH Bill Gets Through Markup But Is Facing Later Fights
September 22 - HUMAN SERVICES: Senate Treats Head Start To Hefty Increase
September 22 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Thrift Scandal Fails To Slow Bill To Limit Civil RICO
September 22 - SECTION NOTES: Arts Endowment Chairman Backs Senate Plan
September 22 - SECTION NOTES: Conferees May Be Closing In On Child-Care Bill
September 22 - SECTION NOTES: House Panel Moves Measure On Antibias Sanctions
September 22 - Congress, Bush Will Battle Over Policy, Not Money
September 22 - Money With a Message
September 22 - A Winning Personality
September 22 - Gloves Come Off As Congress Swipes at Administration
September 22 - Who Will Dole Out Gulf Donations?
September 22 - Incumbents Hear Rumblings Of Discontent at Home
September 22 - OKLAHOMA: Price and Walters Squeak By In Primaries for Governor
September 22 - MASSACHUSETTS: Fed-Up Voters Vent Frustration,
September 22 - WASHINGTON: Vulnerable Incumbents Prevail,
September 22 - PROVISIONS: House and Senate Farm Bills
September 22 - CONFIRMATION HEARING: Souter Faces More Questions On Abortion, Court Power
September 22 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: 'New World Order': Bush's Challenge
September 29 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Frenetic Pace Probable As Fiscal Year Opens
September 29 - Senate GOP Has a Big Problem:
September 29 - Breaking Free of Spending Limits
September 29 - Contributions To State Party
September 29 - SECTION NOTES: Campaign Finance Bill Moves to Conference
September 29 - SECTION NOTES: Voter Registration Bill Stalled in Senate
September 29 - Negotiators Drag Budget Talks Toward a Real Drop-Dead Date
September 29 - Tensions Build Among Rank and File As Budget Talks Go Down to the Wire
September 29 - President's Hill Troops Have Mutinied Whenever He's Issued Budget Orders
September 29 - Federal Disaster Scenarios Abound As Oct. 1 Nears Without a Budget
September 29 - SECURITIES: Congress Wraps Up One Bill To Increase SEC Authority
September 29 - TRADE: Committee Links China Status To Progress on Rights
September 29 - TRADE: Czech Trade Bill Gets Approval
September 29 - SECTION NOTES: House OKs Preference For U.S. Industries
September 29 - SECTION NOTES: President Tells Hill Of Mexico Talks
September 29 - SECTION NOTES: Riegle Joins the Debate On Deposit Insurance
September 29 - Timber, Spotted Owl Interests Find Middle Ground Elusive
September 29 - Bush's Modest Proposal
September 29 - The Timber Bureaucracy
September 29 - ENVIRONMENT: Clean Air Stuck in Conference Over Automobile Provisions
September 29 - ENVIRONMENT: Island Protection Passed by House
September 29 - Science Panel Losing Thrust In Drive To Shape NASA
September 29 - AGRICULTURE: Large Operators Said To Reap Benefits of HOuse Farm Bill
September 29 - House to Environmentalists: No More
September 29 - Senate Approves Revised Ban On Age Bias in Benefits
September 29 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: Fund-Transfer Bill Passed by House
September 29 - ENVIRONMENT: Opposition Applies the Brakes To Auto Fuel-Economy Bill
September 29 - OFFSHORE OIL: House Approves Drilling Bill
September 29 - ENVIRONMENT: House Panel OKs Bill To Protect Environment in Antarctica
September 29 - ENVIRONMENT: Indoor Air Quality Bill Passes Senate
September 29 - PUBLIC WORKS: Bush Concerns Are Bottling Up Approval of Water Projects
September 29 - EMPLOYMENT: Revision of Job-Training Act Passes Handily in House
September 29 - SMALL BUSINESS: House Authorizes Funding for SBA
September 29 - COMMUNICATIONS: Cable TV Re-Regulation Bill May Be Off Fall Lineup
September 29 - ENERGY: Alternative Energy Breaks Approved
September 29 - ENERGY: House Urges Bush To Use SPR Oil
September 29 - ENERGY: Octane Crackdown Bill Moves Ahead
September 29 - ENERGY: Pipeline Inspection Gains Panels' OK
September 29 - SECTION NOTES: Agriculture Funding Bill Passed by Senate
September 29 - SECTION NOTES: Aviation Security Bill Advances in House
September 29 - SECTION NOTES: Conservation Measures Passed by House
September 29 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Panel Approves Bill On Construction Safety
September 29 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Panel Backs Mineral Research
September 29 - SECTION NOTES: Tighter Rules Sought On Hazardous Waste
September 29 - SECTION NOTES: TV Decoders Sought For Hearing Impaired
September 29 - Conferees Trying To Blend Shelter, Social Services
September 29 - Abortion, Procedural Wrangles Sink Family Planning Bill
September 29 - NIH: Too Hot to Handle?
September 29 - A Casualty: 'Chastity Bill'
September 29 - Souter Gains 13-1 Approval of Judiciary Committee
September 29 - Civil Rights Act Poised To Clear, But Bush Veto Looks Certain
September 29 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Fight Over Death Row Appeals Stalls House Crime Bill
September 29 - HEALTH: Both Chambers Move on Bills To Regulate Medical Devices
September 29 - HEALTH: Panels Approve Bills To Help Minorities, Other Groups
September 29 - HEALTH: Senate Committee Approves Bill To Update Orphan Drug Act
September 29 - OBSCENITY DEBATE: Rep. Yates Prevails Over Whitten
September 29 - HEALTH: Radiation Victims Given Redress
September 29 - LAW/JUDICIARY: New Judgeships In the Hopper
September 29 - EDUCATION: Programs for Handicapped Approved by Conference
September 29 - APPROPRIATIONS: VA-HUD Spending Gets Backing
September 29 - VA-HUD Funds (chart)
September 29 - Senate Ratifies Two Pacts Limiting Nuclear Tests
September 29 - Keeping the Other Guy Honest
September 29 - KUWAIT CRISIS: Both Chambers Craft Resolutions Backing Bush's Gulf Policy
September 29 - A Smaller Saudi Arms Package
September 29 - De Klerk, Cristiani Receive Wary Welcome on the Hill
September 29 - Congress Braces for Fallout From State Measures
September 29 - What Does the Constitution Say?
September 29 - HAWAII: Mink Succeeds Akaka in 2nd (chart)
September 29 - NEW MEMBER PROFILE: Patsy T. Mink, D-Hawaii (2)
September 29 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Duke Aims Rhetoric At Voters' Anger

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